Frigidaire Portable Countertop EFIC108-WHITE Maker, Freestanding, 26LB ice per Day, WHITE

Frigidaire Portable Countertop EFIC108-WHITE Maker, Freestanding, 26LB ice per Day, WHITE Frigidaire Portable Countertop EFIC108-WHITE Maker, Freestanding, 26LB ice per Day, WHITE : Everything Else

What are frigidaire portable countertop efic108-white maker features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Frigidaire white ice maker – produces 26 pounds of ice per day – and ice in as little as 6 minutes
  • Makes ice in 2 different sizes
  • Countertop design, easily portable, and see-through design allows you to watch as the ice is being made
  • Digital led control panel for all ice making controls
  • 2. 3 quart water reservoir capacity, for maximum ice making production; includes ice shovel
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Frigidaire Portable Countertop EFIC108-WHITE Maker, Freestanding, 26LB ice per Day, WHITE AMAZON Frigidaire Portable Countertop EFIC108-WHITE Maker, Freestanding, 26LB ice per Day, WHITE : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is there a specific wsy to clean it

There is a drain in the bottom. Drain water and i use a cloth with mild soap and water to wipe out interior. Very easy.

How small are the ice cubes?

About half the size of a regular cube. Also, they are hollow so i noticed they melt quickly. Still love it though.

Does this machine come with an ice scoop?

Yes it does. This ice machine is great

My igloo has quit freezing the ice. It is a little over a year old the thing that freezes the water shows to be freezing it but quits freezing it.

I have had multiple named products of this model. (rca, igloo, frigidaire, etc. They all lasted 365 days or less except my current one that has been running about 16 months. (rca) this product is actually made by the same company they all are, they just put a different name on them. They are really not designed to run constantly and really are a throw away item. After buying several, i tried to purchase the insurance. My ice maker lasted about 6 months, the insurance doesn’t kick in until a year (after the product warranty of 1 year) the “manufacturing” company was contacted in asia. They wanted me to pay to ship to them in asia. The postage was of course more than original cost. I didn’t want to keep a dead ice maker for another 6 months. My advice, skip the insurance, plan on buying about 1 a year or find a different kind of countertop ice maker.

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How long does it take to make ice?

13 minutes you’ll get your first drop enough to fill one glass. 30 minutes to make a complete batch

Is this unit 12 volt or only 120 volts?

12 volt and a fantastic addition to my home.

Is it best to use distilled or filtered water?

I was an ice salesman, back in the day. Filtered water will produce hard clear ice, that will last longer. Tap water will produce white cloudy inferior ice.

Is there a specefic way to clean it

I just get the excess water out and wipe down with clean towel .

Is there a warranty

Yes, manufacture 1 year

How loud is this ice maker?

I don’t have an instrument to measure the noise level but it is not very loud i have no trouble hearing the tv over it or talking to some one. When it get’s silent it’s time to empty the ice bin and let it continue. Hope this helps. Gs

How many large cubes shoot out every 15 minutes?

There are ten steel (?) posts, 2 rows of 5 each. The ‘large’ tubes (they form around the ‘posts’ so they actually are ‘tubes’) when all the water is used you will have about a quart of ‘ice tubes’.

Reading in the rating, alot of people refered to this as an igloo. Is is an igloo or a frigidaire?


this particular model is a frigidaire, igloo had a similar model number.

Does this work with 220v

No. It is 110

Does this have a warranty? I see some people say it died in the first year.

I’m not sure but i’ve had mine for almost 2 yrs. And it hasn’t malfunctioned !

Have run through ~24 hours – the ice still has a plastic taste – is there a way to get rid of this?

Hello, it took about 2-3 days for the taste to fully disappear, but you can run a little vinegar and water mixture through it as it says in the manual. But as least with the plastic flavor you know you got a brand new one instead of used. Lol!

Which ice maker is like hospital ice?

Well this ice maker makes smaller dome shaped cubes i love it….

Does this unit have freezing capabilites? I read on one site that it melts anywhere up to 18 hours? How about shut off value when tray full?

No freezing capability. Any melt water goes back into the reservoir and is made into more ice. Never made enough to fill it, not sure about an auto shutdown. But it only holds so much water anyway so it won’t likely overfill.

How much water does the reservoir hold?

Roughly one half gallon. Love mine.

Does ice melt back into machine

From what i’ve experienced the ice is getting used before melting, however on one of the machines we did have a power outage and the water was reused. Hope that helps. Seems like the machine keeps the ice cold enough for quite a while.

Where is the drainage port to the reservoir? On the side or on the bottom?

I absolutely love this product. I have this set up at my lake side home …. I am there on weekends. I will look at the ice machine and get back to your

Frigidaire Portable Countertop EFIC108-WHITE Maker, Freestanding, 26LB ice per Day, WHITE AMAZON Frigidaire Portable Countertop EFIC108-WHITE Maker, Freestanding, 26LB ice per Day, WHITE : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Better than my moldyopal!

I had enough of my ge nugget ice maker. It was louder than heck and moldy as can be. After taking it apart and discovering the mold was throughout the entire thing, i dumped it in the trash and bought this one for 1/6 of the price. I know it isn’t nugget ice. I miss my nugget ice. But! It works, it’s not getting louder by the day, and not drop of mold visible in my ice!

5Expert Score
Why did i wait so long?

I love ice in my drinks but have been using traditional ice trays for years—ice trays which no one except me ever seems to refill. I took a chance on this hoping that i could have an easy way of keeping my ice stock high. I should’ve purchased this years ago. Easy to use, very effective. I couldn’t be happier.

5Expert Score
Great for parties

I use so much ice so this was a must have. The noise level was not too bad. It makes a few ice cubes at a time so you have to plug it in and fill it 24 hours in advance if you’re serving a lot of people. I keep mine full and when it gets down to about 1/4 i’ve left, we refill it with bottled water so we always have ice on hand

5Expert Score
Works great so far

Had this ice maker a few months now. I use ice round the clock myself plus what my husband uses (far less). We turn it on for maybe 6 hours a day. It makes ice pretty fast. It generates heat so i placed it where that doesn’t matter. Someone needs to tend to machine about every half hour or so while running. It will shut itself off when full or out of water. We fill it with water about 4 or 5 times in the length of time we use it daily.

5Expert Score
We love our new ice maker!

Its easy to use. Read the manual and in 5 min. You are pushing the on button. In 8 more min you are hear ice cubes dumping into the bucket. You have a choice of small or large cubes. Works great.

5Expert Score
Love this is a machine

This makes ice so quick and it’s so quiet, i often forget i have it on. It’s a great addition to your fridge ice machine or alone. My fridge machine stopped working so i bought this and i love it. The ice cubes are just the right size!! Great buy!!

5Expert Score
Honest review

It is good. Easy to use. But the only issue i have it with is that it vibrates and makes my whole dining table shake and it is disturbing to me. Since it is my issue it would be weird to give it 4 stars. The ice makes it faster and clear. Doesn’t change the taste that much either. Just very slightly almost unnoticeable. So i would recommend it

5Expert Score
Great machine

Within minutes of setting it up it was making ice

5Expert Score

It’s perfect! Kinda loud while making ice but my mom had an igloo one in her camper and it’s the same. Super fast! A few minutes and i have ice. My only regret was not getting it sooner. Great red color, everything is exactly as described. Would buy again.

5Expert Score
Great product

I love this ice maker. It’s quick and quiet. It makes noise of course but nothing irritating. We use ours everyday.

4Expert Score
Works very well.

Works very well. I like my ice maker a lot. Would buy this item again.

4Expert Score
Very cute and effective

I really liked the ice maker. It worked as expected. I just wish the cord design was more flexible. My outlets are limited in my kitchen so trying to plug the ice maker into an outlet shared with another small appliance was challenging because of the design of the 3 prong cord.

4Expert Score
It's the use everyday appliance

I received a totally different color than what i ordered. Was light turquoise instead of grey. They replaced it quickly. It worked perfect for 10 months then died. They replaced at no charge since was still under warranty. Replacement still working great

4Expert Score
Great ice maker, but a little loud.

Love this, the only complaint i have is it is a little loud especially when dropping ice. I’ve been woke up once or twice.

4Expert Score
Defective unit. Amazon is replacing.

(27 apr 19) well, it’s apparent that i received a defective unit. I think i can count 2 and 3/4 ice pellets after almost 5 hours of operation. I’m anxious to see how customer service is. If you’re reading, mr/mrs customer service person, i’m gonna be extremely upset if you make me have to go through the process of boxing it up, and mail it off! I better get front door, service!

By the way, i just received 1 more ice pellet.

Lastly, the unit is much noisier than i anticipated. My intent is to use this in my rv when we camp. If i can just about hear a mouse fart in my sleep, i’m certain i’ll be able to hear every mode of this ice makers’ process.

I will update after i receive word from customer service.

Update #1. Amazon customer service is replacing the defective unit. I will update again after i receive the new new one.

Update #2 (may 11, 2019) i received my new, new ice maker and am very happy with it, along with amazon’s amazing customer service. They attempted to reach out to frigidaire, but frigidaire did not respond, so amazon sent me a new one. Being that the old one was defective, amazon did not want me to ship it back to them. I know it’d be easy to throw in the dumpster, but the little bit of tree-hugger in me, says i need to recycle it somehow. I’ll figure that part out.

P.s. The new, new ice maker is just as noisy as the old, new one, but i can live with it.

4Expert Score
Great ice maker

This bad boy makes ice incredibly fast!

4Expert Score
Great ice maker, but the directions were in french and it was missing the scoop!!!

As i stated above, directions were not in english, and it was missing the ice scoop!!
The ice maker works great, and the color matches perfectly!

4Expert Score
So far, it is working.

It is ok for home, if it works!!! It is no longer operating!!!

4Expert Score
This ice maker is not very loud and makes a good amount of ice quickly

My family uses a lot of ice and the ice maker in our fridge freezes over often. This ice maker is not very loud and makes a good amount of ice quickly. I have had to clean it twice out since owning it a few days after the first clean out from unpacking. The reservoir will catch anything that might fall in from scooping the ice changing the flavor even though the filter will keep it from going through. Shipping had the box tilted more than the 45deg i saw in other reviews so i waited 2 hours for chemicals to settle no issues on startup nice and quiet. Planing on using for trips takes up the same space as a small bread maker and gets used a lot more often. Would rate higher but the rate at which the unused ice melts turns the ice into clumps and having to find a way to store the ice scoop near and clean just annoying (a small clip hook anything would have been nice) inside the ice tray just ends up with a half full ice tray saying it’s full. So other then minor issues yes the ice melting is a small matter due to shape being easy to break up clumps and will just melt to reservoir and be refrozen quickly. The more ice it has and melts the cooler it gets the faster and more efficient it works.

4Expert Score
Convenient at home or on the road

Even with a filter on the refrigerator, our hard water makes ice with an unpleasant aftertaste. This portable cooler allows me to use bottled water to quickly produce cubes that don’t alter the taste or smell of my drink. We mostly use ice at mealtime, so i don’t keep this machine constantly running; i just turn it on about 20 minutes before i need the ice.

The machine itself isn’t that noisy, but the ice falling into the bucket creates a loud clunking sound (scared me a few times when i left it running after i went to bed). It has auto-stop once the ice bucket is full or the water gets too low, but i typically turn it off manually when i’m done for the night. The ice cubes eventually melt and the water drains back into the reservoir for next time. You don’t get a large volume of ice cubes in the bucket, so i think this maker is better suited to light household use rather than supplying a big party.

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