Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint

Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint

Yakibest.com: Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint : Collectibles & Fine Art
Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint: During world war ii, the war effort required a lot of copper to make shell casings and munitions. In 1943 the penny was made out of zinc plated steel to save copper for this effort. This set of steel pennies is a great product for any ambitious coin collectors or history buffs.

What are full roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by us mint features?

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  • A full roll of circulated 1943 steel pennies
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Full roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by us mint details:

Package dimensions

3.1 x 0.85 x 0.8 inches

Item weight

0.33 ounces

Manufacturer recommended age

5 years and up

Is discontinued by manufacturer




Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint : Collectibles & Fine Art

Looking for specific info?

Why does the picture on the steel pennies look uncirculated

Because it probably is uncirculated, as a ‘come-on,’ to get you to purchase the roll. Dont get me wrong, i love amazon! I stand by amazon. But not everything on amazon is sold by amazon. My roll of pennies only had 3 or 4 that were in bad shape. And while not uncirculated, the rest were good/fine. Thanks

Are these reprocessed steel pennies like littleton coins sells or unmodified, original pennies?

Looking at the pictures they appear to be average steelies, they don’t have that shine that reprocessed steel pennies have.

For thr folks who don’t know: ‘reprocessed’ steel pennies have their zinc coating stripped away and any rust/pitting removed. Then the coins are related.

While reprocessed pennies look great. They are worthless. Great for display, but no resale value.

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Quiero saber si esos tenis son originales para colección

Cuales tenis

Rolled by bank in 43? Or u rolled them?

? It’s an older style paper roll. Definitely not from 43. All mine were in good condition. Did a bank roll them? Hellif i know.

Are these actually real steel pennies minted in 1943 someone had told me that these were actually alluminum i want to make sure?

These are real pennie’s minted in 1943 otherwise known as wwii pennie’s. Due to the metal shortages used to make ammunition. Therefore they made steel.

Are these pennies hand selected or randomly picked?

Randomly picked

Do you get p d s pennys


If i order how many pennies will i recieve?

50 pennies

Is the roll in the picture the roll i woud receive after purchasing?

you will receive 50 pieces of 1943 coins, but packaging will vary.
bobs coins

Are the pennies your selling different mint marks or just philly?

They include all 3 mint marks
thanks mike

Are they real?

Yes, all seems real, they are all in very good shape, except one, it’s in fair condition, i had one a little newer wheat copper penny in the roll, but it is in very good shape, i got 6 pennies seemed uncirculated.

How many rolls of pennies are there in each order? Has the roll been opened before?

50 pennies in wax roll and they have opened before

What is value of 1943 s uncirculated?

Look in red book $1.00-$6.00 depending on quality

Are all of the pennies magnetic?

Copper is not magnetic but the 1943 wheat back penny is made of steel so that year is magnetic i hope this helps

How much is a 1943 steel penny worth?

It varies depending on the coin rate the highest goes for as high as 10 dollars as low as 1 dollar

The penny shown inthe photo looks like a corroded original that has been replated with zinc. Is it?

The roll i got did not look like they have been replated,i think the picture is for advertisement,other wise they were in great shape only one with a small amount or corrosion/rust on it

Why dont amazon dont ship here in guam?

Ask amazon….i don’t work for them

Indian price


What is silver dime worth

This is for a roll of steel pennies from 1943 they are not silver

What is the rare penny of 1943 made of

They are made of steel

Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint : Collectibles & Fine Art

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Happy with purchase

Happy with purchase

5Expert Score

To give to a friend ass a gift

5Expert Score
All steal pennies

Great collection for coins

5Expert Score
As advertised

Came in the shotgun roll. All 3 mints as promised. Some were better than others but all are magnetic and not refurbished. They were exactly what i expected.

5Expert Score
Great pennies!

I bought 2 orders and 15 were in very very great condition and the rest were a little worn and i would say only 8 were very very worn. I love the pennies and always wanted one and now i have 100. Great product!

5Expert Score
As stated in description.

Item was as stated in description. Wish i would have bought a couple of single ones in better condition.

5Expert Score

Mine were very nice, came in a roll, fast delivery, good gift for anyone who collects coins.

5Expert Score
Great item. Great dealer. Thanks!

Item even better than described.

5Expert Score
Found this beauty

5Expert Score
Very good condition.

Good, clean, easy to read product. Considering the age i was very pleased.

4Expert Score

Okay on the coins, just like everyone else the cost is a little too high.

4Expert Score
Always wanted some steelies

I have been wanting some steel pennies for long time. I have some of those replated coins but not real steel cents. I was a tad leery buying this way but had a gift card so i looked at the different listings and chose this one. The item was delivered when promised via usps. I was prepared for some rusted coins but did not get any at all. About half were dark but a surprising number were shiny. A number of them were quite nice and had sharp details. I didn’t rate a 5 since they were rolled in one of those paper rolls as i was expected them in a plastic tube like the wheaties i got a few months ago. Maybe a drawstring bag. Packed in a padded envelope and not a box. However, that is not a big deal since i couldn’t put them back in the tube correctly and do not need any more boxes. Overall i am pleased with the coins and the price.

4Expert Score
Pretty much as advertised… But…

There’s 4 or 5 of them that are brighter than the rest. Most are decent but tarnished.. Which is to be expected. I didnt assume otherwise when i bought.

There was one 1941 copper lincoln in there.. The listing said 50 steel. There’s 49 steel and 1 copper.

These were bought purely for fun.. My dad had a small coin collection and i remember looking at the handful of steel pennies he had. Made me happy to see some again.

If you’re really into coins, you already know all of what to expect. This review is really for all of the rest of us.

4Expert Score
Don't expect perfection

These pennies came as described. They were circulated condition, a few were pretty clean, a few were pretty dirty and worn, and most were somewhere in between. The did come in a shotgun roll, which i took them out of. The two pictures of the two pennies by themselves are (in my opinion) the best and worst of the 50. Also a side note, the flash and the lighting makes them look a bit cleaner than they really are. Some of them are pretty dark, even black.

4Expert Score
The real macoys real steel.

I like it. Awhen you open up the delivery envelope i so appreciate that the seller placed the penneys in aclear plastic tube. He did not have anything to hide. Then since the penneys were suspose to be steel took a strong magnet and went up and down tge plastic tube yes steel penneys.i bought these for history and my thinking that the parents witness ad were around when these penneys were in their hands history just like finding dianasores in the ground proff there was dianasores.

4Expert Score
If you don't hoard steel pennies i'd recommend just buying a few steel pennies in xf+ condition

Basically as advertised, but was expecting them to be a bit more presentable. Most of them were heavily corroded. I’d say 4 were in decent shape with the zinc plating still intact while the rest of them didn’t have that. Approximately 15 others looked alright without the plating . I received one fake ’43 copper penny in my roll. I can’t lower my rating too much further than this, because they are in circulated condition. If you don’t hoard steel pennies i’d recommend just buying a few steel pennies in xf+ condition, because if you’re planning on putting a semi-presentable 43, 43d, and 43s in your album you probably will be disappointed.

4Expert Score
It is as advertised, circulated condition.

The condition of the roll is what you would expect from being in circulation. These coins have a tendency to rust. This is the only currency i know of made from steel.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score

Coins came on time and were in pretty good shape,afew had a little rust on them ,which i expected there steel

4Expert Score
Cheap product

Decent deal low quality majority of coins

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