Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black

Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black : Everything Else

What are funight kn95 face masks 50 pack 5-ply breathable filter disposable face masks black features?

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  • Funight ventilation series kn95 face masks follow the gb2626-2019 respiratory protection standards. These standards require all masks to have a filtration efficiency of at least 95%, which means the material can filter out harmful molecules such as fine particles and dust.
  • Funight ventilation series kn95 face masks maintains a strict filtration efficiency standard while keeping the design comfortable and breathable. Each kn95 mask is composed of water column grade melt-blown fabric, which has been proven to be more efficient than cloth masks due to its electrostatic properties. Though this design, funight ventilation series kn95 mask has achieved breathing resistance that is 20% better than that of the gb2626-2019 standard.
  • Funight black face mask: increasing the width of the ear loop to 5.5 mm reduces pain on ear and makes it more comfortable. And the ultrasonic welding technology we use make the surfaces of two objects form a fusion between the molecular layers, without any rough stitches and thread ends, and make the ear hook stronger.
  • 5-ply layers of protective filtration – our kn95 mask are truly made of 5 layers with 2 non-woven outer layers as well as 2 melt-blown inner layers and a non-woven middle layer to absorb small moisture particles. Which is more protective than 3-ply disposable mask to help filter out 95% of particles.
  • Disclaimer: this kn95 mask is not an n95 mask. For more information about kn95 masks please see the following before you purchase:

Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black AMAZON Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is this product really as good as advertised?

Not in my opinion but the vendor was kind enough to respond indicating how the masks live up to the advertised description.

What is the height and width of the mask?

Height is 6.5 inches. Width from edge to edge is 8.5 inches (each flap is 4.25 inches.)

How long is the nose clip, in inches?

Total length is 3.5 inches…1 and 3/4 ‘ on each side..

How long can this product be used?

I found some info in the internet and they can be re-used 5 times each.

I use one each day, at the end of the day i place it inside a ziplock bag, seal it and the next day use a new one… An so on for 5 or seven days according to the needs. So i mark the bags from 1 to 5 or 7, after you use the last one, you can use again the first one.

They recommend in the info i found to use it as much as 5 times per mask. So if you buy 50 it will last 250 times.

Personally i pour some hand sanitizer in my hands after washing them and rub lightly the masks before placing them in the bags, lol. Hope this help you to feel better protected and not spending a lot.

Anyway, it also depends where do you work or the enviroment around you when you use them, i am alone almost all day in my office and very few interaction with other people that are requiered to wear masks.

Good luck, be safe.

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Is your material from china?

Yes, the packaging indicates that the masks are made in china, so i would surmise the material is also from china

If it doesn’t say niosh on it it’s no n95 approved?

Niosh no longer provides ratings of kn95 masks. However, the last list of tested and approved kn95 masks published was on 2/8/2021. On june 30 2021 the fda revoked that list. It’s still viewable online for what it’s worth.

How long can this product be used?

This is not a medical opinion. We did a little research and we use them for a week. Each night we spray the mask with 70% alcohol. They are holding up very nicely.

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?


What ages is this meant for?

I found this useful for ages 4-12. An adult with a narrow head may also fit this. These are very sturdy masks and very breathable.

How long can this product be used?

I was told by a health care worker where my mom is, that the 95’s are good/safe for 40 hours.
No need to double mask with these.

Why has the priced gone up from $7 for 50 to $55 for 50?

Price gouging due to the pandemic

Is the mask black inside?

The mask in black on the outside only; the inside is white.

Is this product good to use?

Absolutely! The fabric is of good quality and it fits with face without gaps on the side. It is definitely cost effective.

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

Package states: shelf life – three years (unopened).

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?


Does this protect from paint spray?

Not the fumes. No

How can i make sure this is a onetime order?

It appears that you selected automatic renewal purchase while placing your order instead of one time only. It’s the only thing i can think of. I would contact the vendor.

Is there really a 5-layer protective filter?

There are indeed 5 layers, i cut the open cover to slowly separate the thick layer in the middle

What is the difference between n95 mask and kn95 mask?

N95 and kn95 masks are rated to capture 95% of 0.3 micron particles. Kn95 is china’s equivalent to the us n95.

In which country were these masks made?


Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black AMAZON Funight KN95 Face Masks 50 Pack 5-Ply Breathable Filter Disposable Face Masks Black : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent value + 5-layer construction

I’m long winded, so i’ll give you the punchline first:

for the price, these masks:
1] are much better than i expected

2] have some amount of variation in strap length that doesn’t matter for my shape/size of face but could matter for small faces

3] have all the ‘right’ markings, although to me that’s no guarantee of a mask not being counterfeit

4] are lightweight and comfortable for my face

5] don’t seal wonderfully around the bridge of my nose when exhaling; fogs up glasses/sunglasses. Seems to seal fine when inhaling. In other words, low risk of outside air sneaking in unfiltered, highly likely unfiltered exhaled air from you would get out. Don’t wear these around your high risk grandma if you are trying to protect her from you.

6] definitely have 5 distinct layers (see picture).

Long-winded verson:
as with any commercial product nowadays, it’s hard to know what to expect after reading reviews. The most vocal and emotional reviewers are generally those that get a crappy product and are understandably upset. When i’m shopping for the best value version of any cheap, mass produced item, i fully expect there to be some percentage of products that made it out the door with defects.
That said, the box of funight masks that i just received are much better than i expected. I haven’t opened every single mask up, so there may be some in this box that have some of the issues mentioned in other reviews (ear straps that easily detach for instance), but so far so good. At this price, i’ll be happy if 3/4 of these don’t have defects.
I don’t claim to be a filtration expert, but i know enough about filtration media to know that the type of material matters much more than the amount. In this case, for anyone basing their choice on these masks having 5 layers as advertised, they do; i attached a picture of a section cut out showing all 5 layers seperated. I wouldn’t have been too surprised if they didn’t at this price, but hey, i’ll take it!
Also, all of the ‘correct’ markings (‘kn95’ and ‘gb 2626-2019’) are thermally compressed into the mask, not that i personally think that means anything. I can’t imagine there is some reason that counterfeiters can’t put the right markings on their masks; relying on that as an indicator of masks being legitimate makes about as much sense as looking for markings that say ‘counterfeit’ on counterfeit masks.
These funight masks are really comfortable for me, and do a great job of sealing around my face, except up over my nose, where they do allow some air to flow out and fog up any glasses/sunglasses i might be wearing. They’re no worse than the accordian/surgeon style masks i’ve worn previously though.
They are comfortable over my nose, but all masks i’ve tried that don’t have an extra strip of rubber/foam to help seal don’t do a very good job for me, even some very uncomfortably tight n95 masks don’t get this part right. For reference, i’d guess i have a medium size face/head for a man.
I have recently tried some 3m 9205+ masks that seal amazingly well over my nose while still being comfortable in that area. There are other drawbacks though; mainly price (about 4x the price of these funights) but also they aren’t nearly as comfortable to me as these kn95 style masks with earloops instead of full head straps. I use the 3m n95 masks if i feel the situation is more critical; i.e. I’m in a high risk area (crowded with lots of random people) or if i’m getting on an airplane.
I bought these funight masks to use in more ‘everyday’ situations that i don’t expect to be particularly high risk, but i’d like to be wearing something more effective than a cloth mask or a single or double layer accordion style mask.
The only quality control issue i’ve seen thus far is, as lots of other reviews have mentioned, the ear loop lengths vary noticeably from one mask to another. Thus far all of the lengths have been fine for me; none have been too tight; some have been a little loose but putting one twist in the ear loop has been enough to get it just right. The straps seem to have a lot of stretch, so the batch i have would probably be fine for someone with a larger head than me, but might be too loose for someone with a really small face/head.

5Expert Score
I can breathe!

Great, durable masks. Very comfortable and easy to breathe. The masks in the box come packaged in cellophane-wrapped packages. I did find that there is a slight odor, but if you take the mask out of the package and open it up overnight, the odor will disappear and be undetectable when you use it the next day. The only con is that the ear straps can sometimes break so handle with care.

5Expert Score
The most comfortable masks i've worn since 2020

They’re so comfortable, hopefully the filtration details are legit, and they look good. I wear glasses and i’m finding i don’t even need to adjust the nose wire at all! They’re tight against my face, don’t fog my glasses up, and they don’t hurt the bridge of my nose. I’m gonna get some more to keep ‘in stock’ in the car and house. I love these and i wish i had found them years ago!

5Expert Score
Face mask

Nice that masks are sealed in packages of 10. Fit the face and ears nicely and is soft against the skin.

5Expert Score
Good coverage and comfortable

Im 65+ and i still am not comfortable going out in crowds without some protection. These masks are comfortable and style wise can accessorize anything.

5Expert Score
Nice and light

I like them i prefer to wear them when i go to school. I wish they came individually wrapped like the white ones. But they are still okay

5Expert Score
Not for adults

I thought this would work for me as an adult with a small face. I’m always looping other mask ear loops to make them tighter and i wear a size small n95 at work. It is definitely too small on me, pulls on my ears, and moves around if i move my face at all. But it seems great quality and i’m sure is good for many kids!

5Expert Score
Kn95 disposable black mask

Although lightweight, foldable, breathable and good value, my glasses fog up during breathing even with nose clip.

5Expert Score
Nice masks! Would purchase again.

Good price for a good mask. A tiny bit tight on my ears, but i have a big head and prominent nose. Would def purchase again.

5Expert Score
Fits well

This is a well-fitting mask for my face. It’s lightweight and very comfortable to wear, even though it has 5 layers. I can breathe easily wearing the mask. There is no gapping and the mask lies flat on the sides. I’m glad i purchased these masks.

4Expert Score
Comfortable fit for a 5 year old

Straps are adjustable. Be sure not to slide the white parts all the way off as they won’t be able to slide back on the ear loops. Fit my 5 year old fine. Had to adjust the loops a bit as it was a bit slack. She said unlike her previous masks these were comfy.

4Expert Score
Good masks

These are good masks (a little bit stiff). I found them a little difficult to breathe through. I was told by someone locally that it was because they had so many protective layers. That’s a good thing so i will deal with that.

4Expert Score
I feel protected

I love the coverage on my face. I can wear my lipstick without smudging it. And i can breath.

4Expert Score
Work well

Had to buy for a trip. They worked really well. Just wish you could get a smaller quanity.

4Expert Score
Masks for the covid 19 pandemic are a travesty to the environment.

Mask waste is one of the worst things for planet earth since plastic water bottles.

The elastic strings that attach to the front of the mask and go around your ears do not break after 1-2 uses. The mask front still allows for breathing through your nose without forcing you to be a mouth-breather.

4Expert Score

A bit pricey but products are good.

4Expert Score

Met the bill!

4Expert Score

Very comfortable

4Expert Score
Good mask

I definitely like these masks better then other disposable ones. Good fit, breathable, and comfortable for all day wear. Would recommend

4Expert Score
Doesn't fit a small adult face snugly

This mask is fine if you’re at least a medium to large adult size. The mask is too large for a smaller adult face and doesn’t seal well around the sides.

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