Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – Holiday, Multicolor, One Size

Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – Holiday, Multicolor, One Size Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – Holiday, Multicolor, One Size : Home & Kitchen

What are funko pop! advent calendar: harry potter – holiday features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • With a flick of his wand, harry potter is setting a scene for some holiday fun!
  • The harry potter funko advent calendar summons some beloved wizarding world companions to help you count down to your winter celebrations.
  • Open the tiny doors to reveal 24 unique funko pocket pops! Featuring harry and his friends.
  • Pocket pop! Collectibles vary in height depending on character.
  • The maximum figure height is approximately 1.87-inches tall.
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Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – Holiday, Multicolor, One Size AMAZON Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – Holiday, Multicolor, One Size : Home & Kitchen

Looking for specific info?

Are they a bunch of duplicates from previous years? Its super frustrating to have 4 or five of the same ones, just marketed differently.

Of course you will get many or most of the same characters, but for 2022 they should be decorating/dressed differently from previous years. Hope this helps.

Is the box dated?

No dates, just numbered boxes.

Are they the mini or the full sized ones?

These are the mini ones.

What’s the difference between the red ribbon and blue ribbon one?

The 2021 is the red and the blue one is the new 2022 advent calendar.

Will these be different versions from last year?

Yes they are

It shows 4 figures. What are the other 20 items?

Just google it, you’ll find them

Are they the same figures from last years harry potter funko pop advent calendar?


Is this a good gift for a friend’s child?

Yes, definitely!

Will these be all new characters? Different from previous years advent calendars?

Yes they’re different

Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – Holiday, Multicolor, One Size AMAZON Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – Holiday, Multicolor, One Size : Home & Kitchen

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Best one yet!!!!

I have gotten these for my bf for several years. A couple of years ago we vowed to stop buying them as it was nothing but harry with a couple other characters but just different outfits. It also seemed to have duplicates of previous years. Last year was better, as it had creatures and more variety. However, this year was sooooooooo much better. There was only only a couple of harry but almost everything seemed to be new. Just with they would make a voldemort, its been like 5 years and he still hasn’t been seen, so sad.

5Expert Score
This one has a fun variety

Like other people, i’ve gotten frustrated with the duplicate figurines i’ve received in the past. How many identical hps does anybody need? But while this particular calendar does have the standard group, it also contains characters i’ve never seen before – quirrell, lockhart, bellatrix lestrange, a threstral, and others. I did, however, receive two identical lockharts, which makes me wonder what was supposed to be there.

5Expert Score
Cute calendar

I’m a harry potter nut and this was so cute. I really looked forward to seeing what i was going to get each day. The only problem is the variety. I got five harry’s, two gilderoy’s, and two ron’s. They were all different but with so many characters in the books i would have liked to have more variety. All that aside i still love it.

5Expert Score
Much better than marvel advent calendar

Bought both harry potter and marvel advent calendar. As of day 18 into the calendar harry potter is far superior. There have been no duplicates and there have been many different characters from the books/movies. (unlike the marvel advent) the quality of the figures is great and my daughter has enjoyed opening it each day to discover what is new. I got it at a very reasonable price when it went on sale and am very happy that i purchased it. It has been a great addition to the holidays.

5Expert Score
Harry potter love

This was my second year buying. It is so much fun and has great characters with no repeats. I did have 1 funk with a paint spot where it didn’t belong but 1 mistake out of 48 funkos is a 5 star product for me!

5Expert Score
Great options for splitting

Got this so my girlfriend and i could split this. Each mini was different, but we did get the same character a few times. Each one was great and a good size for collecting. I would of wished that they diversified more of the characters for this.

5Expert Score
Wonderful gift for myself!

Beyond all expectations. I ordered this calendar after the new year’s holiday and opened all the windows right after i got it, but i am still very happy! I only have two identical harries, so there is a big variety inside my calendar.

5Expert Score
If you love harry potter, this is the advent calendar for you

We get the funkins harry potter have avent calendar every year. My kids love it. You love finding out what you’re going to get each day. It’s a fun way too. Count down to christmas and after we get all our characters i turn them into ornaments and hang them on the tree. Love getting this calendar and amazon made it easy to order and shipped it right to her house!

5Expert Score
Another fantastic advent calendar

We have purchased the hp advent calendars for the past few years and as always these are a blast to open. My wife enjoys having them to set up ‘scenes’ at her desk.

5Expert Score
Awesome advent

My kid that’s a huge harry potter fan loved it but was disappointed that there was no voldemort. Outside of that, it’s the best advent calendar my kid has received.

4Expert Score
Many duplicates, but still a fun advent calendar to open/collect

My family and i love these funko advent calendars and we have been collecting them for a number of years. This was our third harry potter one. Honestly, i do have to hand it to funko pops for their creativity and in their miniaturizing some of the standard sized funkos.
My only complaint with this one is why all the duplicates? 4 harry potters, 2 dracos, 2 gilderoy lockeharts, 2 hermione’s etc. Again, i understand they are using the standard sized funkos, but there are so many more characters and creatures to utilize.
That being said, at least they had a variety that was different from years past… So that is a plus.
Overall, this advent was still fun for us to open and try to guess what character it was and it still makes a great gift for a funky collector.

4Expert Score
So cute – but duplicates and missing some favs

This was so fun but i was surprised at how many doubles we received (4 harry potters, 2 hermiones, 2 lockarts, 2 draco’s etc) and how many main characters we did not receive (no snape, no voldemort, no mcgonigle, no luna and others). I guess i was thinking they all had the same set of characters but just came in random order. Most of them do not stand well or at all on their own either and will fall over at the slightest touch or bump on the table. But we were very pleased with the detail of each of the characters that we did get. I’d love to do this again next year but am wondering if it’s the same and so hesitant that we may just get a ton of the same ones again.

4Expert Score
Too many duplicates

There was too many duplicates. I bought myself a set and my mom a set. We both got the exact same ones (including the duplicates). I got 4 different harrys, 2 lockharts (i dropped one so only one is pictured) and 2 hermione’s. She got the exact same ones meaning it’s on purpose and not random like i thought it would be. Wish there was a wider variety of characters and that they wouldn’t intentionally put the same character over and over again even if they are slightly different. There’s also white paint on my mrs. Weasley’s hair which is strange to me. They also fall over so easily.

4Expert Score
Solid funko pop calendar

I think this is my third or fourth harry potter funko pop calendar. I love them. My only complaint (the same complaint i have every year) is that we do not need the same character with different outfits or holding something different when there are many many many more than 24 characters in the harry potter universe to fill a box. I don’t mind getting a harry every year – that’s to be expected. I *do* mind getting 3 harrys in one calendar.

4Expert Score
Many repeats (in different outfits)

Out of 24 windows i got four harry’s (all in different outfits), two hermiones, and two lockharts. So that’s a third of the box already. I wish you were at least guaranteed no repeats as i also got an owl, a dragon, and a goblin, which aren’t that interesting. The figures are adorable, though, and it was fun to go through the box.

4Expert Score
Super cute but duplicate characters

My teenage daughter was so excited to get this but at the end was a little disappointed because there were several duplicate characters, though each one was slightly different. She still likes it but there were so many more characters that they could have included instead of duplicating characters (there were 4 harry’s, 2 hermoines, 2 lockharts, 2 dracos). They had no hedwig, voldemort, snape, mcgonagall, dobby, neville longbottom or sirius black.

4Expert Score
Not the best advent calendar

Last year i got the office pop calendar and it was much better. This one had so many duplicate characters. There were 5 harry’s, 2 each of draco, hermione & gilderoy lockhart. Very disappointed! There are so many great pops they could have used instead of so many duplicates. It was ok for the sale price.

4Expert Score
Where’s ron?!

The funkos are really cute but i thought it odd that you don’t get a ron until the 22nd… You get two different lockharts, two different draco’s… A bunch of random characters, two hermione’s, four harry’s but only one ron… At the very end. Just seemed weird.

4Expert Score

My daughter enjoyed this. She had hoped for more creatures, there were a lot of repeated characters though it different outfits/stances. Otherwise i think it was a great purchase.

4Expert Score
Great calendar for fans

It was great to open daily! Only regret is too many of the same characters with different accessories or outfit but missing the main characters

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