Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 5-Cube, White

Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 5-Cube, White

Buy Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 5-Cube, White: Bookcases – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage: Furinno 11069 5 cube open shelf features simplicity and easy blend in with any home decor. It offers multiple colors to create your own storage space and also enhances your home. This series is made of e1 particle board and manufactured in malaysia. There is no foul smell, durable and the material is stable. A simple attitude towards lifestyle is reflected directly on the design of furinno furniture, creating a trend of simply nature. Care instructions: wipe clean with clean damped cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Pictures are for illustration purpose. All decor items are not included in this offer.

What are furinno luder bookcase / book / storage features?

  • Simple stylish design yet functional open shelf cube bookcase and suitable for any room.
  • Material: manufactured from engineered particle board.
  • Fits in your space, fits on your budget.
  • Sturdy on flat surface. Easy to assemble.
  • Product dimension: 19.48(w)x31.49(h)x9.44(d) inches.
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Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 5-Cube, White AMAZON

Buy Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 5-Cube, White: Bookcases – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 5-Cube, White AMAZON

Buy Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 5-Cube, White: Bookcases – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Honestly this is the best little bookshelf ever for a cheap price

I love this little bookshelf. I’ve bought two of them and recommended these to many people. I live in a one bedroom manhattan apartment and don’t have much room, but i love books and read a lot. So i needed something small and skinny/narrow to fit in small spaces but hold a fair amount of books. This is it! And it’s inexpensive! It’s fairly easy to assemble and fairly sturdy. But honestly, excellent quality and value for your money. The only thing i would recommend is to not put too many extra and heavy books on this other than stacked normally in the shelves. I over-stacked it with books, putting some in front of the books that i already had shelved and on top, and the back wood panel ended up warping a little bit and slightly bending. It was easily fixable with a couple extra middle nails and i moved the extra books i had added. It’s a small bookshelf and holds a fair amount of weight for its size and structure, but since it is small i wouldn’t overstack it with a lot of extra books. Otherwise, it’s honestly perfect. Great price and it’s perfect for small spaces like apartments and corners. Definitely recommend!

5Expert Score
Books books & more books

This item arrived in a timely manner & is as described. It was somewhat easy to assemble (more time consuming then hard to assemble) it is very sturdy & it came with a strong piece of strap & 2 nails so you can nail one end of the strap on the back of the shelf (top middle ways) then nail the other end as tight as you can & still able to hummer the second end of the strap & nail into the wall behind the shelf. With that in place you don’t have to worry as much about them claiming up the shelf & turning it over on them but it still leaves the very small problem of them falling off the shelf trying to climb to the top. It is a good value for your coins. Hope this helps,
ann 🙂

5Expert Score
So easy to use!

I ordered this product for my classroom and it was so easy to assemble. I actually use it on its side long ways instead of standing up tall. It says you need two people to assemble it but i was able to complete it by myself. I did need to have my tool bag handy. It was very easy to screw in everything and the directions are easy to follow.
The stickers with the letters were hard to find but they were there on most. There was one back panel that had a damaged corner but after i completed the set up you couldn’t even see it nor did it effect the sturdiness. Overall a great shelf.

5Expert Score
Great bookshelf!

It’s a great bookshelf and with the price i was afraid it was going to be short and tiny, but its tall and plenty can fit on this shelf. Instructions say do not put anything more than 10 lbs on each shelf.

Putting this together took me about an hour but that was because one part of the instructions doesn’t clearly state which side of the shelf (the smooth side or the rough side) should be facing towards you when installing, so i had the rough side up so i had to take a certain piece apart and reinstall it so all the shelves were right side up with the smooth part showing but it wasn’t too difficult to do.

Highly recommend this bookshelf.

5Expert Score
An excellent value

This unit was very easy to assemble. I have to say that the instruction sheet tells you of how many people it will take to build the shelf. Which in this case is one person. However, i found it a little awkward trying to hold a shelf in place as i screwed the screws into the wood. It was a bit of a balancing act. Nonetheless, the unit was completed in under the thirty minute time frame given by the instruction sheet. You can buy this shelving unit in more than one color. I chose white, but you have more options. Its a great addition to my room and is sturdy enough for practical uses. One more thing, you can also add other units of this family line to this particular shelf unit. This will give you that customization of your shelving unit. To increase the over-all size of your shelves.

5Expert Score
Good budget bookshelf

It’s not a perfect bookshelf, but what do you expect for less than $50.
Cons, the screws stick out like a sore thumb, but they did provide you some small white circle stickers to cover it, it’s still visible nonetheless, most of the holes for the screw doesn’t align, but if you force your way through it it’ll work just fine, the paint already chips off from the side and edges, it’s not really that noticeable from afar anyway.
Pros, it’s cheap, you get what you paid for, it’s not that heavy to move even if you’re just one person and you want to redecorate, you can choose to position it horizontally or vertically, it’s a great shelf for japanese mangas, they’re the perfect size, one person alone can build it.
So it comes with a lot of cons, but those are just little matters to me, it’s cheap and affordable and it looks great! I reccomend this product for manga collectors xd

5Expert Score
Pleased with purchase

Once assembled i was very pleased with how the shelves looked. I bought 3 and assembled them at the same time. My hand hurt by the end. I would recommend an electric screwdriver if assembling more than one shelf.

The instructions seemed slightly vague to me and i installed shelves upside down and had to take the unit apart and start over. It may have been avoided had i looked ahead and thought it through.

Definitely recommend!

5Expert Score
Easy to put together, small, no frills

I was looking for a very short bookcase and this one was perfect. All parts were included and it took me, by myself, 30 minutes to put together with a screw gun and a hammer. I mod podged wrapping paper to the backing before nailing it on to give it some flair. The nails included were nice and long (around 1.25”) which helped with the stability quite a bit. The stickers to cover the screws were not of good quality but i didn’t need them since the bookshelf is now under a kids loft bed. If you’re using this in a high profile area, definitely consider finding alternative screw hole covers or stickers or you will see copper screw heads. At this price, i can barely make it out of the grocery store with two frozen pizzas. Worth it.

5Expert Score
Small storage shelf unit for limited space

I measured carefully in our small bathroom to see if i could fit a small shelf unit in between the toilet and the bathtub. I had 13.5′ of space — and this 12′ x 12′ was perfect! The instructions in the box said it would take 30 minutes to assemble. I believe the item description said one hour. This 71-year old woman assembled it completely in 25 minutes with no help! One of the easiest diy kits i have purchased! Of course, for this price, it is not made from the best of materials. But it should do fine for my purpose – a place to store wash cloths, an extra towel and a bathrobe! Thanks so much! Ps: it also gives you a color option – i used white on the outside of the unit, blue on the inside walls, and white for the shelves. Be creative and do it your way!

5Expert Score
Terrible but, the seller helped me out

I was so excited to order this. However, when it came and i assembled it, it had some broken parts and definitely not what i was expecting (oil stains on the back panel). The product itself isn’t worth 2* but, i’m giving a 5* review as i let the seller know that what i received was defective. Instead of having me returning it and it going straight to the landfill, the seller let me know just to keep it.
While it’s been jerry rigged and definitely a lot smaller than expected as i was wanting it in my closet to help with organizing, it now sits in the laundry room. I can put my dryer ball’s, essential oils (for the dryer ball’s), laundry detergent, scent boosters and my oxyclean inside of the cubby. While it looks out of place and definitely not the best quality (definitely not worth $79 or even $50) i was able to still put it to use instead of it rotting away in a land fill.
I recommend spending the extra $50 and getting a better quality cubby.
I’m just thankful that the seller seemed to be aware of the issues and had a quick fix to this issue

4Expert Score
Decent little bookcase.

Finding small bookcases can be a challenge, this little guy fit the bill. It is as sturdy as you would expect something this inexpensive to be.


again, keeping in mind this was inexpensive.

The top half is separate and attached to the bottom half resulting in a, 1/8th in give or take, portion jutting from the otherwise smooth sides of the bookcase. Maybe not an annoyance for some, but would have liked that not ti be there.

The assembly stickers will peel off the ‘finish’ if not careful, we’ll, actually even if you are careful.


if you go over the dimensions, you will find them accurate and the color is nearly spot on with the bigger bookcase, which was a score as it is one of the few bookcases in this size range that came in it.

The shelves do not bow with the weight of my books. 🙂

4Expert Score
It’s a bookshelf!

For the price it’s honestly a really good shelf. It’s super cute too. I was pretty easy to put together honestly, and it seems pretty sturdy. It’s not exactly a heavy piece of furniture so keep that in mind. I also think there are some quality control issues too. With one of the shelves a hole was a little too big which make that part a little looser compared what it’s supposed to be like.

They also included some stickers to help hide the screws and they kinda work. Though the pinks are not the same. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for/looking at a glance chances are you’re alot less lightly to notice the screws with the sticker on it. Overall not too many complaints. It’s not the greatest for figures like i wanted but does what it’s intended very well and what figures i can fit they look very cute.

It’s definitely for smaller collections of books though as i kinda doubt it could fit even half of my books but if you’re on a budget/in a small space/or just want a cute little bookshelf then this is perfect!

4Expert Score
It does it’s job!

Honestly for the money i spent ( on sale $24 dollars) it was worth it . It is small & compact, pretty sturdy from what i can tell . I use it to store my books, and crystals. My only complaint was the assembly and the material it was made out of. I stripped one of the screws and a chunk of the corner came off . Luckily it was on the inside upper corner so you can’t really see, but it could of been prevented if the holes on the inside of the shelves were made bigger. The book case is made of particle board so it is easily scratched & chipped, which occurred very quickly due to the assembly process. They also give you black stickers to place over the holes on the side of the bookshelf which i didn’t find very aesthetically pleasing.

4Expert Score
Cheap and wobbly but affordable

You get what you pay for. They work and they look fine but how it’s assembled makes them cheap and unstable. They are also small so be sure you check dimensions.

Instructions can use an upgrade. Everytime i build one of these i inevitably get all the way done to find one or more shelves facing the wrong way with the wood side up instead of the painted side. A simple comment which way to face when attaching is all it would take in the instructions.

Instability- these are built in two pieces and then put together by useless cam locks and even more useless plastic pieces with tiny wood screws to try and hold it together in the back.
What is so difficult about just making those last two shelves as part of the whole thing so it’s one piece instead of a piece of crap??

At any rate if you need something cheap to do the trick then these are fine but keep in mind the top can pull off easily so i would avoid breakable things if possible

4Expert Score
It’s supposed to be a closet organizer but we used as a bedside table in the dorm.

Honestly? My daughter had seen a picture of someone else using one of these as a bedside table in a dorm and she said this was what she wanted so i got it for her. It’s not as sturdy as i would have liked as it’s put together using just screws there are no locking mechanism thingamabob‘s to make it more sturdy. My daughter was not able to put this together by herself looking at the instructions even though she’s been a straight a student almost since kindergarten and she’s now in her third year of college. Luckily for her i was there and i have some experience reading the diagram instructions and so i was able to help her put it together. It did not come with all of the hardware needed to put it together as far as tools goes it had all of the screws and what not but we had to have our own screwdriver. Personally i would not recommend this as a bedside table but because it’s what she wanted i did it and she is happy with it and that is what is important.

4Expert Score
Has it's purpose

This is not the heavy particle board in the cube shelves at big box stores. I almost returned it. The cabinet backs are a bit more than cardboard. Once you muddle thru directions- refer to blown up view alot!! Be sure you have the up and down side correct before screwing it down. This little support brackets on back are not pre-drilled so you have to muscle down with electric drill. Hand power wont cut it. So it stacks like you attach a top to bottom. So finished i’m satisfied. Is not for a baby or young child whatsoever! It is narrow and tips easily. Good little garage shelf for power tools or good in grown up office or whatever. I’d buy again. Maybe lol

4Expert Score
Great for the price!!

After reading the reviews i was a little nervous. But i took my time, made sure everything was aligned and the shelf was done in 15 minutes. I didn’t have any problems with screws poking through or the pink being scratched. I had plenty of the paper stickers to cover the screws. That’s the only reason i took off a star. I wish the screws would be flush against the shelf at least and the stickers were better quality. But it looks great on my office, and seems fairly sturdy.

4Expert Score
Almost perfect

I love this bookshelf. It is exactly what i was looking for for my office. I put it together in about 20 minutes with nothing but a screwdriver. Its super sturdy as well.
My only complaint is that one of the brackets that go on the back arrived broken, but i didn’t use them anyway. Also, i dropped a peice on the floor frm sitting in a computer chair and it made a significant mark. So potential buyers, make sure you’re careful because the wood is soft and will damage easily. Overall, i amm happy with this purchase.

4Expert Score
Its small. Eye sore screws

I should have looked at the reviews/ description more so that’s my fault. I assumed all cube storages were the same in size. Didn’t realize this was a small shelf. Not even sure what i want to do with it now.

Also the white stickers that are to cover the screws are almost pointless. I’ll more than likely buy some white paint for the screws. How hard is it to provide white screws ??? Or better coverings for the screws.???

4Expert Score
Nice little addition to the bathroom

This was just the right size to put in our bathroom. It was pretty easy to put together, but a small rubber mallet is useful. Some of the dowels that hold the shelves to the sides of the cabinet needed just a little bit more coaxing to get fit into the holes all the way. We took an extra step and used some wood glue on it to make sure it would stay sturdy. It looks nice and is a good fit for what we needed.

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