Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up

Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up : Toys & Games
Gabby’s Dollhouse: Play inside your own dollhouse world with gabby’s dollhouse purrfect dollhouse! Standing over 2ft. Tall, this fantastical kids dollhouse is packed with exciting features to discover, including a dollhouse delivery tower, working cat-a-vator, sounds and so much more! With a 3.5-inch gabby girl collectible figure, pandy paws figure, furniture for each room, three accessories and two dollhouse deliveries, you can get straight to the fun right out of the box. Just like in the show, drop a delivery in the tower and press the button to retrieve it – unbox it to find a surprise accessory inside! Open the dollhouse and press the button on the front to hear songs, sounds and phrases from the show! With so many rooms and surprises to explore, use your imagination to play out endless adventures with gabby and her best pal pandy paws. Relax on the music room’s colorful couch and open the door on the tree to reveal a guest on the room’s backdrop. Hungry? Flip the table in the kitchen to turn it from breakfast to dinner! Take a ride in the cat-a-vator and slide it up to reach each floor. Help gabby wash her hands at the bathroom sink or find a colorful surprise in the toilet; let pandy paws get some rest under the play tent in the bedroom; get creative on the craft room’s easel and have fun on the playroom’s slide. When you reach the top floor, flip the roof back and play in the attic! Add more rooms to your toy house with the deluxe rooms (each sold separately) – slide the rooms directly into the dollhouse’s walls! For easy storage after a fun-filled day of pretend play, gabby’s purrfect dollhouse can close up with or without the deluxe rooms inside. This dollhouse is the ultimate gift for kids aged 3 and up. For one last surprise, scan the qr code inside one of the dollhouse deliveries to unlock a special reward in the free gabby’s dollhouse app (available on ios and android). Bring the magic of gabby’s dollhouse to life with gabby’s purrfect dollhouse!

What are gabby’s dollhouse features?

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  • Over 2 feet tall: with its cat-inspired shape and colorful details, gabby’s purrfect dollhouse looks just like the one from the show. It’s the ultimate setting for your exciting pretend play adventures!
  • Elevator and delivery tower: play on 4 floors and explore 7 different rooms! Drop deliveries in the tower, ride the cat-a-vator to each floor, discover hidden surprises on the room backdrops and more!
  • 15 pieces: play right out of the box with gabby and pandy paws, 2 dollhouse deliveries, 3 accessories and 8 furniture pieces, including a couch, slide, table that flips from breakfast to dinner and more!
  • 8 sounds and phrases: press the button in front of the dollhouse to hear music, sounds and phrases from the show, including the theme song! This exciting kids toy requires 3 aaa batteries (not included).
  • Toys for girls and boys ages 3 and up: gabby’s dollhouse dolls, doll house furniture, stuffed animals and kids toys are great gifts for birthdays and your holiday toy list 2021, for kids ages 3 and up.
  • Includes: 1 dollhouse, 1 gabby girl figure, 1 pandy paws figure, 8 furniture pieces, 2 dollhouse deliveries, 3 accessories, 1 instruction sheet
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Gabby’s dollhouse details:

Product dimensions

22.13 x 5.38 x 17 inches

Item weight

7.04 pounds

Country of origin


Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

3 years and up


3 aaa batteries required.


Spin master

Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up AMAZON Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Are these the same as walmart and target has for $55.00

I work for walmart and have been wanting to get my daughter one but we can’t even get them in stock. We have the spot on the shelf and the ad for them for $60 but they aren’t showing up on the trucks when they are supposed to. I have been checking every day for weeks. And multiple walmarts too as well as target with no luck.

How much fun is this

My daughter plays with this everyday. She loves it. She’s 3.

Viene todo lo que se ve ahí o no mi hija quiere la muñeca también y necesito saber ante ad pedirlo

Hola ! Todavía no la abrimos porque es un regalo para su cumpleaños. Cuando se duerma me fijo y te digo !

What is your weight in kg?

Hi estefania,
thank you for your question! The weight is 3.19kg. We hope this helps!

Do the doll house doors close with the added room attachments on them?

Yes they do, i was worried they wouldn’t too. It also was super simple to put together too, i was worried i would have to wait for my boyfriend to put it together. But nope the only thing you need a screwdriver for is the bottom to put batteries in.

Have they ever made the three other rooms that go with this dollhouse?

Hi there,

yes, we have released some deluxe rooms!

Cuando se construye se puede volver a desarmar?

Hola karla,
gracias por tu pregunta. Una vez construida, su cocina de juguete está lista para usar cuando su pequeño quiera cocinar. Para ello, la cocina debe estar montada. Esperamos que esto ayude!

Price gauging that’s messed up?


I am giving this as a gift. Will it be shipped in amazon packaging? I do not want the recipient seeing the contents

No it comes in the gabby’s doll house box with a picture of what’s inside. They will see it immediately so it will need to be wrapped. I had it sent to my mother’s house so that my daughter would not see it before her birthday….

When is this item expected to be back in stock?

We actually have several units in transit to the warehouse right now, as soon as they are checked in they will be shipped

Will there be more rooms to add in addition to the 3 already sold?

I’m kinda confused by your question. The house comes with 6 rooms, the “rooms” are just little cards you slide in, the floors are there yes. But the rooms are just flat cards you have to slide in. Not sure if this answered your question or not.

Cuanto mide de alto?


aproximadamente 17 pulgadas

Do all of the characters come with it?

This item comes with 1 dollhouse, 1 gabby girl figure, 1 pandy paws figure, 8 furniture pieces, 2 dollhouse deliveries, 3 accessories, and 1 instruction sheet.

When closed is it securely closed? So if im carrying it and tip it sideways will it stay shut?

Your dollhouse should stay shut. We advise to carry it as straight as possible.

Tienen disponibles?


Hacen envios a bolivia y cuanto tiempo tarda en llegar?

Shipping to bolivia appears to be approximately $75-$85 usd.

Cuales son las dimensiones de la caja?

gracias por tu pregunta. La dimensión de la caja es de 5,38 x 22,13 x 17 pulgadas. ¡esperamos que esto ayude!

Quiero saber cuanto pesa la caja por favor

Me peso 8 libras

Cuando tendran de nuevo disponible?

No conozco la respuesta

Is the food plastic (onion etc) or cardboard? Thanks

So the third row in the photo where it shows the items is all cardboard except the egg.
There are like 3 slices of bread and an egg food wise that is plastic. The onion, pickle, etc is the cardboard.

Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up AMAZON Gabby’s Dollhouse, Purrfect Dollhouse with 15 Pieces Including Toy Figures, Furniture, Accessories and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 and up : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Daughter loves it

My daughter really loves this doll house. We’ve since gotten some of the add on items too. I would not say it is super sturdy (some of the plastic connections wiggle loose) but it hasn’t broken with hard use.. Just needs to have some of the shelves put back into place now and then.

5Expert Score
Rated based on what my daughter would say

‘i love this sooooo much! It’s so fun! I just wish daddy would play more with me and let me tell him exactly who to be and what to say! I always make sure to tell him when he’s doing it wrong too!’

seriously… It’s not that well made but my daughter absolutely loves it. We have a front room we use as a play room and this manages to magically teleport all around the house. It’s weird. I actively avoid it and it finds me.

5Expert Score
Cute and fun dollhouse

We finally found this in stock…our little 7 year old granddaughters birthday is the end of october and has been asking for this for two years! She will be so excited!

5Expert Score
Es muy bonita!

Es para regalo!

5Expert Score
Gabbys dollhouse

This was a birthday present for our granddaughter! She absolutely loved it! She plays with it all the time with her sister and her brother!

5Expert Score
Takes up little space!

The house was easy to put together. Pieces snapped into place. The house is adorable, it’s narrow and can fit anywhere. Our four year old plays for hours with gabby’s house.
The only problem is the elevator in the house is difficult to use, it is not a smooth ride and the characters tend to fall off if not held in.
Overall a great house, would buy again.

5Expert Score
Perfect gift for my 4-year granddaughter and her siblings!

See above comments!

5Expert Score
She loves it.

My grandaughter loves this.

5Expert Score

My daughter has so much fun with this!

5Expert Score
My day love it.

Is great, but you need to buy the rooms and the characters.

4Expert Score
Daughter loves it.

I loved the attention to detail this dollhouse has. There are little things that make rooms unique (like the tree house doors that span 2 of the 6 rooms that line up with the image) and you can tell this was well planned out. Quality construction from my view. The few stickers you have to apply actually fit the space provided, perfectly. I wish the back drop scenes were not cardboard. Luckily they are tucked in well enough that my daughter hasn’t figured out that she could pull them out – let’s hope it stays that way. I like that when it is closed up it has a relatively small footprint. I would have liked to see something to add/do in the attic for cat rat.

And yeah – she loves it as does her brother.

4Expert Score
Great house

Cardboard pieces don’t stay in, but the house as a whole is pretty sturdy.

4Expert Score

A mi hija le encantó

4Expert Score
A bit pricey considering you have to buy the 'deluxe rooms' to make this product a winner.

My 8-year-old girl loves it. I’ve received several hugs and kisses out of the blue just because of the fact it brings her a lot of joy. In this respect, if you have a young one looking for a gabby’s playhouse, this was 5 star satisfaction on the part of my child’s enjoyment. Hero dad with accolades. The small catch, however, is that it takes 6 individual ‘deluxe rooms’ that will run you $10-15+ a piece fyi. My little girl is playing with it now and she has my old gaming computer and many games both pc and android tablet but has barely touched them since getting this and 2 deluxe rooms on her birthday. Note: it’s not very difficult to assemble but it’s not easy. They do include a big yellow card with a phone number on it for anyone struggling but if you take your time and follow the directions. Best regards

4Expert Score
Very cute dollhouse, arrived with a contents error

The dollhouse is colorful and cute, looks like the one in gabby’s dollhouse show. An odd mistake with ours was that it came with 2 sinks and no toilet for the bathroom. Not a big enough deal to ask for a replacement, but would have been good to have the full set as intended. Still, my daughter loves the show, and i’m sure she’ll get plenty of fun out of this toy.

4Expert Score
Granddaughter loves it!

Easy to assemble,granddaughter is 5 and loves this playset. Due to smaller parts best for over 4 years. Hours of play.

4Expert Score
6 yo loves gabby

I’m glad this dollhouse finally came down in price. It was a little confusing to put together, but not hard. It’s not sturdy so not really suited for kids who may be hard on it. My daughter keeps hers in the floor and is pretty gentle with it.

4Expert Score
It expansive but its good


4Expert Score
Missing pieces

Three pieces were missing. Three other pieces were doubled. The mirror and sink pieces don’t connect, had to glue them together. Assembly/packaging dept needs better quality control.

4Expert Score
Great product! Made my daughter and her friends really happy


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