Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery – Charcoal

Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery – Charcoal

Buy Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery – Charcoal: Cell Phones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are google pixel 6a – 5g android phone – unlocked smartphone with 12 megapixel camera and 24-hour battery – charcoal features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Google pixel 6a adapts to you; it’s super fast and secure and powered by google tensor, the first chip designed by google just for pixel
  • Unlocked android 5g phone gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan[1]; works with google fi, verizon, t-mobile, at&t, and other major carriers
  • Pixel’s fast-charging all-day battery adapts to you and saves power for the apps you use most[2]
  • Take amazing photos with pixel’s 12 megapixel camera and tools like magic eraser[3], motion mode, and portrait mode
  • With google tensor, your phone launches apps fast, pages and images load quickly, and everything runs smoothly
  • When you plug it in, pixel 6a charges super fast[4]; with just a few minutes of charging, your phone gets hours of power (adapters sold separately)
  • Live translate helps you translate live video captions, private chats, and messages, and signs in up to 55 languages right on your cell phone[5]
  • With ip67 protection, pixel 6a can take a little water and dust[7], so you can take it almost anywhere you go
  • Privacy and security are built in to your phone; the titan m2 chip and the google tensor security core add an extra layer of hardware security to help make your pixel phone more resilient to attacks[8]
  • Please refer to the product description section below for all applicable legal disclaimers denoted by the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet points (e.g., [1], [2], etc.)
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Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery – Charcoal AMAZON

Buy Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery – Charcoal: Cell Phones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does this phone has 2 physical slots for sims?

The pixel 6a supports nano sim & esim, for more information on how to use dual sims on your google pixel phone please visit:

Did they fix the antenna reception issues?

Must have. It works great reception wise

Does the unlocked pixel 6a work with mmwave 5g on verizon?

The pixel 6a supports 5g if your carrier supports it. 5g network support differs by carrier. Visit to learn about which carriers support 5g on pixel phones. Make sure to check with your carrier for more details.

Is this phone globally unlocked? Can i use it in the eu with any network provider?

Yes, you can i use mine in the eu all the time.

What is the warranty on the phone?

1 year

Does this phone have heating issues?

I recently upgraded it to android 13, until now it’s as cool and fast

Does it come preloaded with amazon apps that cannot be removed?

It’s a google phone so no amazon apps…and most of the google apps on the phone are really useful for linking your account to your phone and they’re not aggressive and in your face

Does the pixel 6a support volte?


Will it work in nepal?

Should, but do not know. My last google phone worked with all phone systems.

Does this phone has 2 physical slots for sims?


Is this phone compatible with at&t’s network following the 3g shutoff? We purchased a pixel 4a 5g but it didn’t work despite the listing saying so.

The us unlocked pixel 6a works on all major carrier networks. Contact your carrier for details and see for more information.

Does a sim card come with the google 6a?

The answer is no. The sim card comes from your telephone service provider. If you currently have a phone and it is on an active phone service network, you can just move the sim card from your current phone to the new phone.

Can this phone be used in trinidad&tobago


What is the screen size?

Screen size pixel 6a : 6.1′′

Is the bootloader unlocked on this version?


This cameraphone is better than iphone 12?

That’s subjective but probably not

Does this phone has 2 physical slots for 2 sims?

The pixel 6a supports nano sim & esim, for more information on how to use dual sims on your google pixel phone please visit:

Is it 5g only, or can it fall back to 4g when 5g is unavailable?


Anybody tried it on xfinity mobile? The unlocked pixel 6 does not work on xfinity mobile per user review on amazon.

The us unlocked pixel 6a works on all major carrier networks. Contact your carrier for details and see for more information.

I’m from russia. Will i be able to use this product in my country, will there be any problems?

Hi there, the device listed here is a product intended for sale in the united states. Please be advised that such devices may not have been tested or certified in russia and may not operate in full compliance with local regulations and requirements. Devices intended for sale in the united states are not sold in russia, so while pixel devices function on many cellular networks, this product may be incompatible with the networks in russia. Ask your mobile phone carrier if the pixel 6a is compatible with its network and compliant with local regulations. If you need a device replacement or repair you may not be able to obtain support for a united states product if you are outside of the united states. For more information feel free to visit our google store help center.

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Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery – Charcoal AMAZON

Buy Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery – Charcoal: Cell Phones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
An excellent phone at an outstanding price

I picked up this pixel 6a to replace my aging essential phone (if anyone remembers those)… Needless to say, it’s an excellent replacement. The google tensor chip is incredibly fast and its ai smarts (especially the magic eraser feature) are truly magical. Features like these are really what make pixel devices stand out from the rest. (the excellent software experience is another pro in this regard.)
the new camera bump design is quite attractive and undoubtedly distinctive. Those who have seen a pixel 6 before will certainly know this is a pixel 6-series device with just a glance.
Although this device misses the glass back from the pixel 6, i personally find this a worthy tradeoff – despite being a fairly large device (with a 6.1 inch diagonal display), it’s actually noticeably lighter than the essential phone (which has a 5.7 inch diagonal display).
Battery life, particularly while not connected to the cellular network, is also excellent. I can easily get 2 days of full-time, daily driver use – and 4-5 with the extreme battery saver feature enabled. I don’t need to worry about charging this phone every night.

Overall, the pixel 6a is absolutely a worthy replacement for my essential phone – not to mention, i was able to pick up a practically new one through amazon warehouse for around $290, which is less than i originally paid for the essential phone several years ago. I hope i’ll be able to get another 5-6 years out of this phone, just as i did with the essential phone.

5Expert Score
A perfectly sized phone with all the integration and features you could want

The ai and app responsiveness is the best i’ve had. I used to own a motorola g play which had a snapdragon processor/soc and this is much faster. I love the google suite and coming from microsoft office i might be using google now for everything except for onedrive from microsoft. This is the best phone i’ve owned and i’ve always gone with the mid-range.

I’m also a programmer and had difficulty integrating with the windows apis but at a glance google seems very easy. I plan to write my first app with this phone.

5Expert Score
Great replacement for my pixel 4a 5g

This is an upgrade of my pixel 4a 5g. It came charged. Hooked up the supplied cable from my old phone to the 6a. The transfer was super easy and didn’t take all that long. I was worried about some of the reviews i had read but decided to give it a shot any way. I love the new phone. The in screen fingerprint reader works great!!! I used it all day long and put it on the charger when i went to bed. No problems. Overall, this is the perfect upgrade. It looks and works like my 4a but i like the idea of the new tensor chip with upgraded security. Best part, i got it with my capital one rewards. It didn’t come with a charger but charged fine on my quick charger for my thinkpad and then the next day overnight with usb charging. I highly recommend this phone. Pictures and videos are very good. I like the upgraded software for photo editing. Got the nineasy [3 in 1] case with kickstand. The buttons are a little stiff but hopefully will ease up some with use. Also came with a screen protector but i’m not using it. My phone was unlocked. Using it on consumer cellular. I’m an old fart and am home most of the time so i use my wifi for data most of the time. This isn’t a ‘flagship’ phone but it works great for me. $400 versus $1200…i can live without all the ‘bells and whistles’.

5Expert Score
Lives up to its reputation, especially after android 13 update

The pixel 6a really is a terrific phone. The 6.1′ screen size is nearly ideal and looks very good. The phone is packed with features, had 5g connectivity, great processor, 6gb of ram and 128gb of storage. There is no sd slot, so you can’t add storage, but for some that’s not an issue: you can upload photos to google photos or amazon photos. I did have a problem with the phone heating up quite a lot, but found you can disable 5g and the lte setting works just fine, i couldn’t tell the difference. That was before the android 13 update. With that update things seem better with the heating up, but i’m leaving 5g disabled for the time being. The pixel launcher doesn’t include tap-to-close screen, you have to use the power button and that’s a drag. However, you can install a free app that allows the feature (an essential for me), or switch to a launcher that allows it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to turn on or off fast charging, but the phone does have adaptive battery feature that seems ok right now. These my personal issues that may not matter at all to others. Great phone so far, one of the best of the seven or so i have owned. Be sure to install the android 13 update: mine showed up five days after i set the phone up.

5Expert Score
I feel the phone has many good features for its price.

I have enjoyed the pixel 6a phone. For the features it has, i think the prices is good. It is great that it recharges fast. It has good battery life. It would have been good if google would have included a charger but they don’t. Despite this, to me it has been a good phone.

5Expert Score
Great phone at a good price

Phone is snappy and takes great pictures. Happy to get it at a discount from msrp considering it is so soon after release. I have been using google phones from the days of nexus s and find that they are good value for the money.

5Expert Score
Working well

Haven’t had this long, but so far so good. It did not come with any instructions at all. So i have had to get them online. Otherwise, its a good phone. I had the 2xl pixel before this one.

5Expert Score
New phone, excellent everything

Upgraded from galaxy a50. This pixel is amazing. Price is also amazing. High end phone for budget phone price. Also 5 years of security updates so it will last longer. Very happy.

5Expert Score
Outdated already

Great phone, much more battery life than my pixel 3xl, but unfortunately the pixel 7 was released a few months after my purchase was made!

5Expert Score
King of the mid-range phones

This phone is great. I was actually between this phone and the iphone se 2022 and choosed this one because of the preoder deal where it came the pixel buds a-series for free. Before this phone i was daily driving an iphone xs and this phone has similar to a bit better daily performance which is not bad, much better battery life, faster charging, better photos and smarter better virtual assistance with much better features.

I’m not what you can call a power user, i use my phone to take and make call, cheking email, social media, and for music/media streaming which this phone has excelled at. Dont get me wrong, this phone isn’t for everyone. If you want top notch features dont expect to find them here but if all you need is a modern looking device with nice to have features, solid essentials and at least 3 years of softwre updates, this is it.

One quick pro that i see no one talking about is the fact that google sells original replacement parts throught

4Expert Score
Update, see below! Not oem unlocked phone as the description states!

Original review: this phone is not really unlocked. The oem unlock option is greyed out in developer options!

Update!!! The phone i received came with android 12 apr2022 version, which will not let you enable the oem unlock option in developer options. However, once i went to system updates and let it install android 12 jun2022 security update, factory reset the phone, connected to wifi (all without a sim inserted), i was able to enable the oem unlock option in developer options. I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars as i am sure many of us are trying to enable the oem unlock option and there are no instructions/messages from the supplier about the version issue. At least not one that i could find. I had to google around to find a solution.

4Expert Score
I like it

I replaced a google pixel 4a with the 6a when my 4a wouldn’t charge. The 6a has many similar features as the 4a, but they slightly changed a few things so that you have to search for the feature. I still tap the back of the phone looking for the fingerprint recognition spot. However, the screen spot does work 95% of the time. The 5g speed is nice and worked well internationally as well. The one complaint i have is that the battery life is well below the level that my 4a had. When my 4a quit charging, the battery life was still over 3 days per charge. The 6a battery life will last a day, but not 2 or 3 days. I liked the google pixel enough to buy another one. It works fine and does everything i want it to do.

4Expert Score
Very good phone for the money

I’m not what you’d call a power user, but this phone meets my needs very well. I’ve had no issues with the speed, display or memory on the phone. I don’t believe the battery life is as long as they say. It usually lasts about five to six hours if i use it to stream video. One annoyance i have is the location of the speakers. When i hold my phone, my finger covers one of them, muting the phone and buzzing my finger. When i put a case on the phone, it helped somewhat with that though. Overall very pleased with it.

4Expert Score
My first pixel.

Very nice. Much better than i was expecting. Smaller than i was expecting too. For a 2nd tier phone, it stands out. The camera is great. As a black person, i was happy to see it capture all the skin tones of me and my daughter. It was an easy tranfer between it and my motorola stylus (which was bigger). I will be getting the larger pro version for my next purchase. My wife and kids are apple fans. I have always liked android.

4Expert Score
Doesn’t come with plug only usb c to usb c cable

Disappointed no way to charge especially if this is your first pixel device – good for amazon had to order plug and/or an adapter. Adapter that comes with it is the wrong sex to use with usb 3 electrical socket and supplied cable. You would think google wouldn’t want you to regret the purchase because you have no way to charge even before setup. Google claims everyone should have had a plug like this already. I know many especially android/iphone/ipad users that are still on lightning or older android type cables. Phone seems to be ok haven’t used much. Much heavier than pixel 4a. Think it will take some getting use to.

4Expert Score
I like it so far!

I got the charcoal 6a with free $50 amazon gift card (so the phone was essentially $399), which amazon shipped with adequate padding.

On the first day, the phone got very hot and the battery drained pretty fast, but that was likely due to all the updates and setup going on in the background. No heat or battery problems in the following days, with the battery lasting safely through the whole day. I also turned off 5g, which may have helped with battery life/overheating.

Misc thoughts:
– i mostly use the phone for messaging, photos, and social media, so the 60hz display refresh rate doesn’t bother me (you can reduce animation speed in developer options to make it feel faster)
– the fingerprint reader has been reasonably responsive and accurate, even with a glass screen protector
– the phone feels easier to hold (lighter, narrower) than my previous 6.3’+ phones, which my wrists appreciate
– very solid basic android experience with limited bloatware pre-installed. Lots of cool features, like notification snoozing, now playing, and the material you theme
– the back of the phone does feel kind of slippery, but i got a case so that’s a non-issue now

i do miss the headphone jack, but these days i mostly use bluetooth earbuds with my phone anyway. I also wish google included a charger brick in the box, and that the phone came with those ‘plastic’ screen protector things out-of-box so i didn’t have to smudge fingerprints all over it before i got a case.

4Expert Score
Second time's the charm

I have never been someone who spends more than $100 on a phone and i tend to keep them long after most people have upgraded. So when i decided to get this phone (at $449 with a $50 gift card, nice deal) i was taking a big step. When it stopped having service within 12 hours i wasn’t happy. I was able to contact amazon for an exchange in the hopes i just got a lemon and so far, a week later, the replacement is working awesome. I haven’t updated adaptive connectivity service because with the first phone that’s when things went wonky, and while it could be a coincidence (and likely is since even a factory reset didn’t fix the connectivity problem) i don’t want to chance it (and from reviews it looks like that app is less than useful anyway). I take a lot of photos and i love the software features for that (magic eraser is pretty magical).
It’s not top-of-the-line but for $399 i wasn’t expecting a samsung galaxy 22, so i happy – or at least i’m happy with the second phone!

4Expert Score
Great value for money.

I’m not interested in having the best camera feature or the fastest video rating, just want to talk and text on the phone. This phone is satisfying all my basic phone needs. Great value for the money. Operating system updates and security features are a great benefit. Very satisfied with the google pixel 6a. Gave 4 stars because of minor deficiencies with fingerprint reader, battery life and cost. All could be better but much better than most other phones in this category.

4Expert Score
Heats up a little quick..

The only thing i don’t really like is it heats up a little fast when using it to play a game or are searching for something for a bit. It’s not bad enough for me to not like the phone though. Still think my 3a xl is a tad better in terms of battery.

4Expert Score
Very good mid level phone

Pros – fair price, smooth operation and perfect size for pockets. The camera is excellent for the price point.

Cons – some issues with fingerprint reader. While others have complained about non registered fingers opening phone, my issues have been with my registered finger failing. Usually works eventually though.

Overall a good phone for the price!

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