Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope, 12×55 HD Monocular for Adult with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens, Lightweight Monocular with Smartphone Adapter Suitable for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Hiking Traveling

Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope, 12×55 HD Monocular for Adult with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens, Lightweight Monocular with Smartphone Adapter Suitable for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Hiking Traveling

Yakibest.com : Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope, 12×55 HD Monocular for Adult with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens, Lightweight Monocular with Smartphone Adapter Suitable for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Hiking Traveling : Electronics

What are gosky piper monocular telescope features?

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  • 12× magnification & 55mm objective lens: this gosky monocular is equipped with 12×55 high power magnification, which is the best magnification for distance watching. It provides large field of view (352ft/1,000yds), extending your adventures to greater possibilities.
  • Premium fmc lens & bak-4 prism: the hd monocular telescope uses 18mm bak-4 optics prism and fmc (fully multi-coating) lens, which could increase the monocular’s light transmittance and unnecessary light reflection, delivering clear and sharp pictures.
  • Lightweight monocular & ipx7 waterproof: the comfortable and portable hand strap could prevent the lightweight monocular scope from slipping out your hand. The ipx7 nitrogen-filled design makes the monocular waterproof, fog-proof, dustproof and shockproof regardless of weather conditions.
  • Comfortable and intimate visual experience: the long eye-relief that comes from the twist-up eyecup provides you with incomparable, comfortable watching experience outdoors.
  • Smartphone adapter: comes with a newest-version quick alignment smartphone holder, which is suitable for almost all smartphones on the market. It would help you to get a close hd images without shaking during bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, traveling, wildlife, scenery, etc.
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Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope, 12×55 HD Monocular for Adult with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens, Lightweight Monocular with Smartphone Adapter Suitable for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Hiking Traveling AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope, 12×55 HD Monocular for Adult with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens, Lightweight Monocular with Smartphone Adapter Suitable for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Hiking Traveling : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Is this practical for star gazing/taking pictures of the moon with a phone?

You should get good results with a tripod and a phone adapter. The optics are excellent.

Is the tripod included as a part of the accessories of 12×55 ?

There was no tripod neither in advertisement, nor in package of my order.
Btw, monocular itself is an almost perfect device. Best of 7 different models purchased during last four years.

Can you take a picture with your iphone?

It’s a great product. I am totally satisfied with it, and with the pictures it allows me to take. Money well spent

Would this be the best ops for the money? And when i attach my phone will i see the bird on the screen? If i’m bird watching?

We have enjoyed using this. It is very simple and a good value. The image on the screen is clear. Not sure if it will work for something as small as a bird but it was good for a sailboat 100 yards away. Hope that helps?

12×55 model – is it provided with both lens covers?

Yes, lens covers provided for both ends.

Can this monocular be attached to a tripod?

Yes. The monocular can be attached to most standard tripods, tabletop tripods and monopods with universal 1/4inch screws.

Does it work with iphone x?

Yes. The smartphone mount works with all iphone models such as iphone x, 8 plus, 8,7 plus, 7, 6s plus, 6, se, 5s, 4s.

Why can’t my order be next day delivery ? Where there is an amazon store close by.

Remember, patience is a virtue.

Does this monocular come with the cell phone adapter?

Yes, the gosky 12×55 monocular i bought about two weeks ago came with a cell-phone holder which hooks your phone up so that the phone lens is over the eyepiece of the monocular. Practice doing it a few times and it is easy.

I’m looking for the best item to use on an alaska cruise, to view glaciers and wildlife from my balcony. Would this be the item for me?

Yes. This monocular has quite good optics. I receommend it for cruise and viewing wildlife. I also recommend our gosky 10×42 or 8×42 roof prism binoculars if you prefer binoculars which is light weight. Https://www.amazon.com/dp/b072qwd8gb. Thr 10×42 has higher 10x magnification than 8×42, but 8×42 has wider field of view and easier to hold steady.

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What protective case do i need to buy? I’m only seeing ones that are 12×50. Looks like this should be 55

I purchased a gosky. It comes with a pouch..

Does it work with iphone x?

Yes. It fits all iphone series.

Can this be used under water ?

I doubt it. The monocular is sealed and backfilled with nitrogen to prevent any fogging of the internal optics. It is advertised as waterproof, which i interpret to mean it can get wet, such as being outdoors in the rain. There is no mention of being waterproof to a certain depth or pressure or usable underwater. I recommend you contact gosky directly and inquire if they make any monulars for underwater use.

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How does this monocular work with the new 3 lens iphone ?

The iphone has a main lens which can work separately without other lens. You can find it by covering two your fingers on the lens to see which one works separately. Just align the monocular and the main lens only.

Is it compatible with iphone se 2nd generation since it is smaller?

Yes. The smart phone adapter opens up to a maximum width of 85 mm.

Is this model nitrogen purged (fogproof)?

Absolutely. It is completely sealed and 100% nitrogen filled waterproof and frog proof.

Is this monocular also infrared?

No, this does not see infrared.

Would this be good for an indoor concert and recording it ?

Yes. The close focus of this monocular is only 10ft. You can watch the player much closer and see more details with this monocular.
If you want to record it, we recemmend that you mount the monocular and phone on a standard tripod. So it can record it without image vibration and works like a compact camera with long focus range.
Hope it helps.

Zoom or fixed?

It is 12x magnification fixed. Most monoculars on the market have fixed magnification. The field of view of zoom monoculars are always smaller than fixed types.

Would this be good to see the moon and stars.


Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope, 12×55 HD Monocular for Adult with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens, Lightweight Monocular with Smartphone Adapter Suitable for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Hiking Traveling AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope, 12×55 HD Monocular for Adult with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens, Lightweight Monocular with Smartphone Adapter Suitable for Bird Watching Hunting Wildlife Hiking Traveling : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Powerful and clear!

I’m not an experienced user. This is the only optic i’ve used other than cheap binoculars i’ve played with as a kid. That said, the quality and clarity of this piece is quite an upgrade! The adjustment knob is slow and smooth, it feels great to use. The polymer housing (polypropylene?) is robust enough that it will probably survive an accidental drop, especially if the rubber lense covers are on. It comes with a hand strap that is padded and made of faux leather, that attaches with a nylon strap and is adjustable. I use mine with a 6′ telescoping monopod that attaches at the female threaded mounting point underneath. Nothing rattles or wobbles if i shake it or roughly handle it, everything seems to be of high tolerances. I was surprised by how powerful the lense is for such a small package! I may prefer binoculars for the comfort of using two eyes and having depth perception, but carrying binoculars of equal power would be at least twice the size and weight, and would be more awkward to carry with the monopod attached. So it’s not really fair to compare this to binoculars. Anyway, it’s a good product and i feel it was worth the money.

5Expert Score
Super clear and easy to use.

The most important thing to understand about any glass of this power is that the closer an object is the more unsteady your viewing will seem while holding it offhand. The farther away the object is the steadier it will be. I’ve spotted deer at 5 or 600 yds and it seemed shaky but i’ve also looked at mountains a mile or more away and everything was still. The glass quality is excellent for the price. It does get hazy and start to phase out around dusk. This monocular is fantastic for the money. It’s not high end vortex great, damn sure not swarovski, steiner or zeiss great but better than bushnell or low end vortex or barska or tasco and maybe on par with burris. I use a monocular because i was born blind in my right eye. Your experience may differ from mine.

5Expert Score
More than excellent for the price

I’ve been an avid amateur photographer most of my life, owning expensive well-known equipment as well as taking a flier on not so well known equipment, including a fair number of monoculars and binoculars. I was intrigued by the specs on this 12×55 gosky monocular and for the price thought it well worth ordering. I was surprised and quite pleased when it arrived. It’s essentially the right weight, size, brightness, ease of focus and accuracy of focus. It’s well-made and easy to hold while using the same hand to operate the top focus wheel, which is continuous, very smooth and does not rush through the places you may wish to stop the focus for the picture you want. I use amazon’s return policy and send things back that i don’t like, and in my opinion, this is a keeper.

The holder that comes with it for taking a picture with your smartphone through the monocular looked a little daunting, but when i got to the point of actually setting up my smartphone in it — when you’ve done it once it’s quite simple, and after you’ve tightened the unit at the right place so its center hole is properly over your phone’s camera lens (easy to do because you’re looking at your phone screen while positioning it), then the next time you want to take pictures, you put the phone in the holder, slip the entire unit over the rear lens and it’s in the right position for pictures. Then while it’s on the monocular, you’re always looking at your phone screen to see where the monocular is pointing and the way the monocular focus wheel is adjusting, as well as being able to manipulate your phone’s zoom, or any other photo/video feature on your phone to your liking in connection with the picture you’re about to take. You can of course do that either hand-held or with the monocular on your tripod.

In my view, the monocular alone is definitely worth the price and the five stars. In addition to gosky’s smartphone attachment, i’ve added two things to their package which i think enhance its use. They’re both purchasable on amazon. The first addition is to remedy what may be an issue for some (including me). The rear lens cap is completely removed from the monocular when it’s in use. (the front lens cap stays attached and drops down out of the way.) the issue is of course is what to do with the removed rear lens cap when using the monocular. For me, sooner or later, i’ll be distracted trying to get a picture, and when i’m done, i won’t have the slightest idea what i did with the cap. So i bought on amazon a small package of altura lens cap holder keepers which consist of an elastic circular strap that can be slipped around the front of the monocular and a nylon tether that reaches to the back lens cap and sticks to it with a small circular adhesive tab. Thus, you can just pull the cap off and let it hang from the monocular, or pull off the elastic strap with tethered cap and, for instance, put the elastic around your wrist. Altura lens cap holder keeper .

The second addition is a three-item package from camkix, consisting of: (1) a small hand-held button (bluetooth paired to your smartphone, iphone or android) attached to a wrist strap, that will activate the shutter for photo/video so you don’t have to press anything on your smart phone when it’s attached to the monocular (reducing any person-made vibration); (2) a 7 1⁄2 inch hand-held monopole that screws into the monocular for convenience, plus it can also be opened into a (surprisingly sturdy) table-tripod which can be used for a smartphone by (3) using the included screw-on holder for your smart phone (group pictures of friends, etc.), further, the smartphone can also be used that way on the monopole just by shutting the tripod. Camkix camera shutter & tripod .

5Expert Score
Clear vision

Easy to focus to get a clear view

5Expert Score
Quality for the price

I recently have purchased three monoculars. The one that appeared to be the most well built and impressive looking i sent back. The other one that claimed it was a 199.00 item but of course on sale was easier and clearer to focus and obviously not well built yet i kept and now stays in my car. The gosky dollar for dollar is the better buy. Very pleased with it. The hand strap is nice and i would rather have it then than a cheesy tri pod. The i phone holder is well built too. Glad to see for the money it was spent on the quality of the product instead other items.

5Expert Score
Favorite travel accessory

This is my second one and i use it for travel when a quick scope is needed. One hand operation makes it convenient (not while driving of course).

5Expert Score
Great for birdwatching- i love it!

It is not a telescope- some bad reviews mock the range. It works as advertised.
Since i got this i just love watching and photographing the birds in my back yard. I have no problems with the adapter. To be fair, after the trial run with my iphone x, i decided to swap it to an older phone (iphone 8) that we don’t use really so i’m not taking it in and out of the case and/or adapter. Best to adjust the phone/adaptor so it’s set, then take it off, plan/ use the monocular to decide where your best photo ops are going to be and then you just pop on the phone adapter. It takes some getting used to and yes, if you use your phones max zoom the slightest movement multiplies to wide distance and so you really need to prop yourself or use a tripod for stability. (these were taken without a tripod). Also the monocular eyepiece adjusts and while i prefer all the way out for my eyes, all the way up/closed/in works better for the phone. I also try not to overtighten the phone adapter onto the eyepiece and support it with my other hand, or the weight of the phone will twist the eye adjustment one way or the other. You can adjust the focus knob while using the phone, but it does take a bit of getting used to and honestly the iphone 8 camera seems to like the device better than the x, the x would occasionally go black screen like it wasn’t sure what to do.
Very very pleased overall. I’ve gotten some great shots in just a few days of playing with it.

5Expert Score
Works great, you'll enjoy

This is a great high quality product. Camera attachment works well. I bought a pistol grip to help hold it, made it quite easier, i’d suggest getting one, can find them for around $10.00 or so.

5Expert Score
Wonderful monocular kit!

Wonderful monocular kit! I just received this, & have only played with it a very short time, but so far i am very impressed with the quality of this monocular. I’m no expert, but the optics are very good! The monocular has some heft to it, but i like that. It looks and feels of excellent quality, and workmanship. I am expecting it to hold up for many years of use! Oh, and you will need a steady hand at the 12x power! A monopod, or tripod, or another way of helping to steady it may be necessary. It has very good clarity and smooth operation of the focus knob. The hand strap is a wonderful accessory for handling and using the monocular. I love that it’s included as part of the package deal. All included accessories are of nice quality. The carry case has a belt loop and holds just the monocular itself. It is nice, very durable material. I haven’t attached the hand strap yet, so not sure if it will fit in the case together, it might, but the smartphone adapter probably won’t fit very well. Actually, i purchased a separate larger carry case for the monocular and all accessories, with room for a small desktop tripod. So while the carry case that is included is good quality, i would only use it if i do not want to carry along the different included accessories, or anything else i may purchase to use with it. It is still nice though, and will probably work well for wearing via the belt loop, or hooking it on other gear using a separate carabiner. I think this kit is a great value for the price. I did quite a bit of shopping around and reading before i made this purchase, and i think i made a good decision!! Fast shipping, i received it in 2 days via prime. Very well packaged. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

5Expert Score
Couldn't be happier!

Ever since i found out monoculars were a thing, i have researched and looked for the perfect one. We live in an area that has lots of birds and backyard creatures. We love to feed them all and watch them. As soon as i received this monocular i set it up on my tripod and got to watching. I didn’t have any trouble hooking the smartphone attachment to my iphone 11 pro with a speck case. It goes on quickly and snaps right onto the monocular. I have attached a series of photos for you to get an idea of what it can do.

They are:
1. Iphone 11 pro 1x camera picture (taken next to monocular). Circled in red is the area we are looking at.
2. Iphone 11 pro 2x camera picture
3. Iphone 11 pro 1x camera with monocular. You can see the black circle due to monocular
4. Iphone 11 pro 2x camera with monocular. The circle goes away with this camera.
5. Iphone 11 pro zoomed in (it is around a 4x zoom, i found this was the best clarity) with monocular. You can zoom in even more, up to 10x, but clarity gets pretty fuzzy.

Overall we love this monocular and use it daily (it is sitting in the living room by the window). My kids love it. The only thing i wish we could do it buy additional attachments, so we can have one set up to my kids’ phones (iphone xr) as their camera configuration is different. They would love to be able to pop their phones on when i’m not home.

Note when i bought mine, it was the cheapest i have seen it go (2 months of watching). $104.99 plus $15 dollars off. Great deal!

4Expert Score
No response from customer support

I tried twice getting support with no response other than the auto generated email.
After using for the fourth time the strap on the case came apart.
I like the monocular but from what i see their support is lacking.

4Expert Score
Happy sky watcher

I am so happy with this little monocular telescope. I no longer need to set up my huge telescope just to do a quick look at the moon. I no longer waste time setting up anything and it’s easy to focus. Not as close as my huge telescope but i am satisfied with the images. It’s a breeze to pack camping too. I took away a star only because i struggle with attaching my iphone to it. Hopefully i can figure that part out.

4Expert Score
Very good for viewing wildlife

I mainly bought this for taking on hiking trips. To view wildlife and such. I compared the optical performance to my pentax 12x 50mm binoculars. The resolution is very close in quality, if not equal. The magnification is as advertised. My binoculars cost about 3 times as much! Very pleased with this part.
The phone attachment is a bit cumbersome to use and takes a bit too much time for my tastes. Once on works fine. But as others have noted you need a tripod or a monopod to take decent pictures. I used a monopod and was able to finally get clear focused images. With a remote shutter i was able to get even better-quality shots.
So in summary. Excellent for viewing. Very good optics. Excellent value and quality. Decent for phone photos. But i am dslr user and so i do not expect it be that good in quality.
4.5 out of 5

4Expert Score

Well built, nice rubber finish, easy to use, good clarity, easy to use cell phone adaptor. Thank you

4Expert Score
Can't beat this quality at this price

This is a nice little scope. For the price i would say this is a heck of a buy. I would put the glass and capabilities in the same group as the vortex viper line. I like to look at the stars and the moon to determine light gathering capability and with cell phone attached i was very impressed by the quality of the photos.
Some finer details about this scope which could be improved on are: adding a fine focus as this would definitely help objects at a distance. If you don’t have a tri-pod you are going to need to get one to take pics, there is no way you’re going to hold anything near 12x zoom still enough. This is not really a 55mm or even a 50 mm objective. Its smaller than both of those numbers and shouldn’t be called 55mm.
There were some negative reviews i read about the glass quality. You need to bear in mind you are not paying for burris, nightforce or swaros at this price point. You are however getting a quality scope at a very low price which i was able to use and see a lot of great detail on trees, animals out to 400 yards, and even the moon, which is around 240,000 miles away.
I would recommend this scope for hunting, camping, and general use. Get a tripod and use gosky’s picture taker that connects to your phone and you should be set. I didn’t use the picture taker for my pics, i just used a 5 sec delay.

4Expert Score
Very good optics for the price

I have one eye that can’t be corrected very close to 20/20 vision and because using a binocular the overlap with my good eye detracts from the overall viewing. I decided to try a monocular. I chose the gosky 12×55 for the power and the large objective lens plus it had a good report among other buyers. It does not disappoint. Clear and sharp for viewing birds, animals and scenery, etc.
I gave it 4 stars because after viewing with it in focus then bring it away from my eye to my side the back up to my eye i need to slightly refocus. There appears to be just a little slop in the focusing mechanism. This is not a deal breaker and i don’t know if this is unique to my monocular or not and may not be in one you purchase. Just so you know.
I purchased a shorty 15′ tripod to put on the table and view. That also works well in holding while standing making for more steady viewing. I am enjoying my purchase literally daily. For the price and quality i would purchase it again.

4Expert Score
Quality performance

I did extensive research before this purchase, and paid attention to valid comments/complaints. This scope is great and the quality is better than it’s price. Scope gives clarity in day and night settings, and reading the numbers off a street sign at 300 yards is no challenge. If your looking for a grab n go type ocular for under 500 viewing yards, or like seeing moon craters, this one is worth it.

4Expert Score
Nice setup

Use it all the time

4Expert Score
Great customer service

Original gosky 12×55 arrived with a defective focus wheel. After emailing a pic of defective focus wheel, they were quick to send a new monocular. New one is very satisfactory. Fantastic customer service.

4Expert Score
Great view but not for pictures

Great distance but i mainly wanted it to take pictures with my phone and that isn’t easy and very frustrating. Definitely would need a tripod.

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