Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Stratus , 39.5×28.25×29 Inch (Pack of 1)

Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Stratus , 39.5×28.25×29 Inch (Pack of 1) : Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Stratus , 39.5×28.25×29 Inch (Pack of 1) : Baby

What are graco pack and play on the go playard | includes full-size infant bassinet features?

  • Removable, full size bassinet provides the perfect spot for baby to catch a nap, at home and away
  • Automatic folding feet and wheels allow for a more compact fold, making it easy to store and perfect for travel
  • Durable frame this playard ideal for travel
  • Signature graco push button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle free. Toy bar features soft toys to amuse your little one
  • Product length:39.5 inches
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Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Stratus , 39.5×28.25×29 Inch (Pack of 1) AMAZON : Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Stratus , 39.5×28.25×29 Inch (Pack of 1) : Baby

Looking for specific info?

What mattress fits this pack n play?

For the safety of your child we do not recommend using any after-market mattress or extra soft buntings in our playards. Unlike cribs which have rigid sides, the playard has flexible sides and playard mattresses are specially designed to prevent suffocation. Using a thicker or a different sized mattress/pad may allow a child’s head to get between mattress/pad and the side of the playard causing suffocation.please find additional information including downloadable manuals and instructional videos on our website

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Do you use a sheet for this or are the pack n play sheets for an additional mattress you would buy separately?

My mother in law got us sheets for the pack and play. She got them at walmart. They fit the mat great. We don’t have a separate mattress just what came with the pack and play yard.

How long can an infant sleep in the bassinet? My baby is 3 months and about 14 pounds.

My baby is 8 months now. He is starting to crawl and lifting himself up by holding onto the bars, trying to cross over to our bed. So it’s time to remove the bassinet! You will know when it gets dangerous for them 🙂

Is the pad height adjustable, i.e. You can raise it for infants and lower it for older babies?

Yes, it can be set at the ‘bassinet’ height (as we are doing now) for babies under 15 lb and then set in the bottom for older/heavier babies.

Can i two year old lean on the side and tip it over?

It would be very difficult; 1.) it has a low center of gravity, most of the weight is in the folding floor section. 2.) the legs flare outward making the playpen very stable 3.) 2 year old’s are busy and curious , they would have to be able to climb out of the playpen and then pull it over on them.

Does this play yard contain flame retardants?

Dear tess, we can confirm that a graco pack n play that is both manufactured after january 1, 2014, does not contain a flame retardant additive in the upholstered pad. If additional information is required please graco consumer care at 800-345-4109 m-f 8:00-5:00 est.

I have a 5 month old over 15lbs. My bedroom is too small for a crib. Will he fit in the bassinet that comes attached to it? What is the weight restriction for the bassinet?

There isn’t an actual bassinet that comes with it. I may have called it the wrong thing… The mat sits up higher in a netting with support bars underneath. I chose this one without the bassinet feature because little ones outgrow it so quickly that i thought it wasn’t worth the extra cost. I have a two month old & i swaddle her using a blanket, wombie, or velcro swaddler and she does just fine. I also use a small cradle at night upstairs. My little one is over 11 lbs and in the 97th percentile for height. We have room for a crib, but we choose not to use one yet.

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If i use a graco quilted sheet, do you think that’s enough for my child to sleep in this on vacation for a week?

I usually take a comforter or quilt and fold it small enough to fit in the pack n play. This makes it very soft for my granddaughter to sleep. The pack n play is not padded much at all. I don’t think a quilted sheet would be enough ‘softness’. Hope this helps.

Why should i buy a separate mattress

Graco gives a hue warning that it is not safe to use any other mattresses except for the one they provide and only that. Babies have gotten stuck between supplemental mattresses and have died. The graco quilted sheets give enough padding on the given mattress to make it comfortable but safe. Baby mattresses are supposed to be firm.

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What are the dimensions of this when is packed and folded?

Thank you for your interest in the graco pack n play. The dimension of the pack n play when folded are: height 29′, width 10.5′ and depth 9.25′

What is the size of the playard? Product dimensions says 19.5 x27 x15.8 inches but product description says playard measures 29 by 28-1/2 by 40 in?

My measurements are the second set of numbers (29×28 1/2x 40)

Can i purchase just the bassinet for a graco pack & play ?

That would be a question for the manufacturers.

Does the mattress have straps that attach under the pack and play or is the velcro on the inside

Thanks for your interest in our products! The pack ‘n play portable playard mattress has velcro straps on the underside of the mattress so that it can be secured to the playard. For the safety of your child, we recommend that the mattress is secured with these tabs and that you never add any aftermarket mattresses or soft bedding to the playard. This playard uses standard sized sheets, the quick connect sheets will not fit. We hope this helps!

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Does it come with the box?

Not sure what you mean about the box. It comes packed in a box.

Is this playard the same size of other graco pack and play, or smaller?

It’s the same size as all the other pack n plays i’ve used. If it’s smaller, it’s only by an inch or so.

What is the height of the bassinet when installed from the ground?

Thank you for your interest in our products! The pack ‘n play® simple solutionstm playard is 39.5′ l x 28.25′ w x 29′ h. The bassinet assembly is about 15’ deep, from the top of the playard. It’s designed to be used by babies who cannot yet pull up, up to 15 lbs. Please visit our website for other information including photos, videos, and downloadable manuals.

Is the pad removable? Will a pack and play sheet fit this pad?

Yes, the mattress is removable. The pack n play playard sheets with the measurements of 27′ x 39′ will fit this product.

Will my 3-month old be able to sleep in this as-is, or do i also need to buy a mattress?

The pad isn’t squishy at all we purchased a mattress for her and placed it on the inside she wouldn’t sleep in it at all

Can the changer be used on the play yard without the bassinet?

Yes, the changer dies not require the use of the bassinet. It attaches to the main frame with its own poles and pegs.

Does this come with a pad or do i need to purchase mattress pad? Want it for my 2year old granddaughter for overnight visit

Yes it comes with a pad. When installing the pad be sure to refer to the manual that comes with it so you secure the pad properly for the safety of you loved little one. It is recommended for safety to not use an additional mattress only use the pad that is designed specifically for a pack and play. Answered by grandma betty (:

Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Stratus , 39.5×28.25×29 Inch (Pack of 1) AMAZON : Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard | Includes Full-Size Infant Bassinet, Push Button Compact Fold, Stratus , 39.5×28.25×29 Inch (Pack of 1) : Baby

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Searched for bassinet 4 long time – so happy with this! & can use long term as a crib/travel crib.

Works great – easy to fold and set up once you know the trick (sides first, then bottom when setting up; bottom then sides when folding & slide sides a bit up or down to make it easier to fold them). I bought this primarily to use as a bassinet (after lots of research) while my daughter stayed with us after having her baby (her other kids were sick and she and her husband did not want the baby to get sick too). Great height at bassinet level – she could see the baby and reach him easily from bed – and so much cheaper and more useful than those fancy bassinets that hang over side of bed or shake/twirl around. And it feels so much sturdier – we were afraid her 4 year old would take the baby for quite a spin in those – plus there is nothing to break or stop working on this. You don’t need that rocking or shaking to make a baby sleep – plus they’d eventually have to transition to a crib without all that anyway. Walking around a baby store we found those fancy bassinets did not have support on all sides so the sleeping surface could easily slightly tip to one side which we worried about. Guess that is why they have such low limits for the maximum baby weights. Again, we knew her toddlers would hold on to the sides to see the baby as well. This bassinet can be used for larger babies and even toddlers (without the bassinet insert) so we’ll get years of use as bassinet/crib/travel crib. Biggest deal is the baby sleeps great in here. We never missed for a second the other fancy packnplay accessories that double or triple the cost. We bought the quilted and regular sheet made especially for this packnplay but baby sleeps well without them too. Unsafe to add extra mattresses but those are not needed anyway. The reason we bought two – my daughter has one now in her open kitchen/living room so she has a safe place to put the baby out of the way of her rambunctious 4 and 2 year olds and where she can still keep an eye on the baby easily. I kept mine so i can do the same. I can easily move it down to my basement playroom myself pretty quickly when we play with the kids down there. To save on the price – check the different patterns as this pattern was much cheaper than the same one in a different pattern. Plus the price fluctuates so watch the price – we got one for $79 and one for $55. So to new moms and grandmoms – i am writing this only to help you out – i have nothing against all those fancy baby items – but there is so much baby stuff to buy – don’t get caught up in the hype – you really don’t need it and then it only becomes a problem to store. Buy only sensible items that you truly need and will work for you long term. If you want a bassinet that you can use now and later as a crib or travel crib this is a great option.

5Expert Score
Perfect for being able to pull out quickly and easy putting away!

Love this pac n play. I have used graco products since i had my first child 21 years ago. I bought this for when i babysit my niece. It’s easy to pop open and fold back up when she’s not here. Love the bassinet setting since she’s only 2 months old. Also i love being able to store her blankets and extra diapers underneath the mat. She loves the little stars and flower that hangs up. She talks to them and try’s to reach up to grab them. Very very easy to fold down and store in the closet too. All around a must have for anyone with a baby. Or anyone who has a baby that visits. Very sturdy too. It holds steady even when my 3 year old leans into in to see the baby.

5Expert Score
This is so perfect – if you have an airstream 22fb, it fits!

I am very in love with this – not just this one but all portable cribs like these. I first used one at a hotel and loved how compact it got. I almost gave this one 4 stars because folding it up is sometimes annoying because it is double jointed (unlike other’s i’ve used) but i feel like that might add to the stability or something. These all work kind of the same so it might not matter the brand – i just have had good experience with graco and at similar prices, i went for the little higher version. The best thing though, is that i have an airstream bambi 2020 22fb and this fits between the aisle. This is super important as we were wondering how we would be able to sleep with the baby traveling with us. This itself makes me love this.

5Expert Score
Excellent value and product!

I bought two of these for my childcare and i love them! I had purchased a different brand and wasn’t really that happy with it so i searched around and found this one. I absolutely love it! I can’t say enough about easy it is to set up and take down. The kids seem comfortable when they sleep too! I bought ones without a bassinet or changing accessory and love the simplicity of use. I would definitely recommend this pack and play to others. It wasn’t too high priced and is a very sturdy and nicely made pack and play.

5Expert Score
Another bed

Bought this for my daughter when she stays at my mothers house. It’s nice to not have to hurt your back with the bassinet attachment. The wheel attachment is also great so i can easily move her around.

5Expert Score
Pack n play

Making the decision to get a new pack-n-play was the best decision i could have made. It is so compact and easy to fold/unfold in comparison to the much older model i was using. The animal pattern on it super cute too!!

5Expert Score
Good product

Obviously it’s not a soft surface to sleep on but it’s safe for baby sleep and that’s all that matters. Easy to fold up and unfold. I usually have a terrible time putting pnp back up but this one is super easy!

5Expert Score
Easy to travel with

We love our pack and play. They are large, sturdy and easy to collapse and move. We take ours with us on vacation so baby always has a comfortable and safe crib on the go. We also use it around the house. Very convenient, highly recommend!

5Expert Score

For my 11 month old grandson

5Expert Score

Just follow the instructions and it will be super easy! If it is difficult to assemble or fold, most likely you’re not following the instructions (which come with drawings to make it easier).
It is pretty compact! Just perfect!

4Expert Score
Easy to put up

Easy to pull together and looks good. I only had one problem and that was with the changing portion. I felt that it was not sturdy enough. The rest of the pack and play was great

4Expert Score
Building instructions unclear

Instructions were weird for unfamiliar eyes, mostly with identifying parts (ex: ‘tube’ is actually a metal rod). A legend that identifies parts would make a huge difference. A bit complicated for portability but still convenient to have a folding playard.

4Expert Score
Great paknplay for the price!

My daughter has twins and i needed an additional pak & play for nap time since the babies are bigger now. For the price you can’t beat this one! I usually fold up a blanket or duvet and tuck it under the edges tightly to make the bottom a little softer. Easy to pop up and take down and doesn’t take much space to store.

4Expert Score
Bought as a replacement

After our cat ruined our very expensive one we bought this and it has worked great, easy to store, easy to use, baby loves it. I do recommend buying pack and play sheets though to make it softer for the babies

4Expert Score
Great little travel crib for the money

This pack and play is super cute, easy to use and great quality. We ended up buying a mattress topper to go in it because what it comes with is thin and a little lumpy. Overall good product!

4Expert Score
It works.

It works

4Expert Score
Boast more than it should

Coulda been easier to snap together but all and all great for the breakdown. Does not come with the additional basket.

4Expert Score
Changing shelf is awful

The changing ‘shelf/place’ is awful, it’s small and not flat, it’s impossible to make it flat. My baby was keep rolling to one side…i have one more pack n play, which is older and i bought it for the first baby, for more $$ and it had too much stuff which was useless…we are using it again, just because this ‘shelf’ is muuuuch better. Deep and flat, all you need from it.

4Expert Score
Hard sleeping pad

I bought this primarily for my baby to sleep in (for a few short months in my bedroom) the insert is hard as a rock no wonder why my baby was waking up every few hours to come into my bed

4Expert Score
Get this + graco pack and play mattress!

We are pretty familiar with graco pack n plays – this is our second. We ordered this one because we didn’t need the infant attachments. Our baby girl was 8 months old at the time and needed to transition out of the bassinet; she’s now in that climbing/crawling stage. We also have a small bedroom, which this pack n play fits perfectly next to our bed (we use this as a crib). Assembly/disassembly, storage, and portability is always a plus with pack n plays.

Our least favorite thing about them though is the ‘mattress’ pad, it’s pretty much a piece of cardboard with fabric. I did notice that it doesn’t stay flat onto the bottom, i could hear the ‘mattress’ hitting the metal on the bottom when moving around in it. We purchased the graco dream on me foam mattress for support and a little bit of elevation, putting baby down to sleep in there can feel like you’re reaching for miles, especially if you are on the shorter side like me.

On side note, i do think it’s a tad smaller (like a few inches) than the lx version that comes with the infant attachments/inserts. But no real complaints about that, just thought it was a small detail that may be worth noting.

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