Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners – Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote

Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners – Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote : Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners – Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote : Electronics
Gskyer Telescope: Gskyer 70mm astronomical refractor telescope this 70x400mm refractor telescope can be a good observation of celestial bodies and terrestrial objects – best for viewing lunar and planetary. Featuring all coated glass optical components, the travel telescope provides clean, crisp views. Developed with the traveler in mind, this travel telescope features a compact and portable design perfect for the on-the-go sky gazer. Specification: ● type: refractor ● objective lens: 70mm(2.75″) ● focal length: 400mm(f/5.7) ● mount: altazimuth ● eyepiece: low: 25mm(16x), high:10mm(40x) ● barlow lens: 3x ● max magnification: 120x ● finderscope: 5×24 with cross-hair lines ● zenith mirrors: 48°erecting bak4 prism ● tripod: 65cm(31.5″) height adjustable aluminum tripod warm tips: ●if it shows a blurred picture, please adjust focus using focus wheel. ●when observing an outdoor target with an astronomical telescope indoors, do not close the window to avoid the deformation of the image caused by the reflection of the window glass. ●use a telescope outdoors, please wait for the temperature of the product is the same as the outdoor temperature, the performance will be better. ●avoid accidentally taking the telescope into a larger temperature difference environment because the moisture in the air will condense on the objective.

What are gskyer telescope features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Quality optics: 400mm(f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture, fully coated optics glass lens with high transmission coatings creates stunning images and protect your eyes. Perfect telescope for astronomers to explore stars and moon.
  • Magnification: come with two replaceable eyepieces and one 3x barlow lens.3x barlow lens trebles the magnifying power of each eyepiece. 5×24 finder scope with mounting bracket and cross-hair lines inside make locating objects easily.
  • Wireless remote: free includes one smart phone adapter and one wireless camera remote to explore the nature of the world easily through the screen and take amazing celestial images.
  • Adjustable tripod: this telescope allows for many different viewing positions with a adjustable aluminum alloy tripod and a carry bag, the telescope and tripod can fit inside the bag for easy traveling and storage.
  • Satisfaction: two-year warranty. And technical support from our team of experts in 24 hours.
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Gskyer telescope details:

Product dimensions

24.8 x 4.92 x 8.46 inches

Item weight

5.64 pounds

Item model number

Az 70400



Country of origin


Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners – Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote AMAZON : Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners – Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Is this good for photographing an eagle 100 yards away

As long as the eagle is stationary, yes. This comes with a 10mm and 25mm eyepiece. I think the 10mm would work.

Is this user friendly as described ? Since im a beginner is this the right fit for me?

I set it up in 5 minutes. I observed the moon, venus and cassini twin stars (actually quad) with in 30 minutes on 25 mm. I have never owned a telescope in my life. The instructions are pictures describing what part goes where under them. How to set up your phone is a bit of a mess but i understood and decided to address that later. I was too excited to see venus, and then sad when it looked like a big star, lol. There is another way to set it up to see even closer images, so i’ll be experimenting. I want a bigger one now… Lol . I’m managing my expectations on the 3x with 10mm parts. I just want to see it all!

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I cannot see thru the telescope even after taking all caps off it is stil blank image?

We are having the same issue. It’s been properly set up but even after allowing it to come to temperatures outside, there is nothing we’re seeing. We’ve adjusted magnification, tried different lens, still blank. And yes, all the caps are off too. I have a curious, yet disappointment kiddo on my hands. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I can’t get the the telescope to lock in place when we find something to look at, how is this done?

You have to use the little knob that looks like a t and also the long handle bar (you turn the handle bar right to tighten and left to loosen.
They are both apart of the stand.

The user manual i received was in chinese. Could i get a pdf of the english version?

My manual had both chinese and english, look on the flip side and see if it’s in there. You could possibly go to there website and see if you can download it. Hope this helps.

Will this tell you the planets your seeing and stars names

If you have a map to locate the stars. The telescope does not talk.

How quick is this to set up? I would have to store it in it’s bag, and put it together each time it’s being used.

Set-up is quick after the initial assembly of the spotter scope bracket and scope. You do not have to remove it for the telescope to fit in the carrying bag. The telescope attaches to the tripod in the same manner as a camera tripod. Very simple! I haven’t tried the smart-phone camera bracket but it also looks easy to attach to the telescope.

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Can you see the rings around saturn (clearly)? Or does it just look like any other star on the sky even with this?

Unfortunately no…i bought this for my father for christmas and all we can see in decent quality is the moon. Any other planets just look like stars. We are going to return it and find something else.

Why can i only see blur i took of all the caps but still blurry can’t look at the moon

You have to adjust the zoom. There’s two knobs that control the zoom mounted under the back towards the lens you’re looking through. If i could send you a pic, you’d know exactly what i’m taking about.

Does the gskyer az70400 come with a moon filter?

No, it does not come with a moon filter. It comes with a 10mm 25mm 3x zoom , it works great during day time, we tried it at bight couldn’t see anything… I believe it was because we have to much “light” interference where i am in our park!

Can u see the space station

[extra notes] you won’t even need the telescope at times. Nasa website will give you time and location of iss fly-by. After you’re familiar with iss’s path and whatnot, i suppose you can set up your telescope to catch it with even closer look, i think the 25mm eye piece (that came with the tele) should do the trick. One german guy (jw astronomy) who seems to be specialise in spotting iss with his telescope and even cell phone, used the backdrop of the moon, planet (eg: jupiter), and the sun to help spot the iss when transitting, bright background seems to help seeing it easier. According to sky&telescope, here’s the copy of what it said how to spot iss…..


Can i see the planets with this?


I’ve been trying to get this to work for a week. Can’t get any stars into focus or views?

We haven’t had luck with starts but i think that my error more than the telescope, but try viewing the moon, it’s amazing and so much easier to focus on. I’m sure practice with a larger object might help figure if out how to range in on a star.

Can i use my smartphone holder to take pictures?

I use the holder to clamp my phone, and to take picture.

¿cuánto pesa el telescopio?

2 kilogramos

What other gskyer lens sizes are available than 10mm and 25mm?

I havent found any that fit this model

When the barlow lens is in, i cannot see anything when i insert the other 2 lenses into it. When i insert the other 2 direct, i can see things. Why?

I can think of two possible reasons:
the telescope may not be lined up with the spotting scope really well. Using the barlow means you’ll have a smaller filed of view so it pointing the telescope at the object you want is critical.
Also, i found i have to get my eye very close to the lens in the barlow to be able to see what i want.

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Assembled ok; but when i took the cap off end of the finderscope, a lens fell out; is there a separate part that secures it? Or is this defective?

Bummer! I think it is a defect!

Mine did not come with an adapter or wireless remote. How do i get these?

I had a defective part and their customer service promptly send me the replacement, i think you should contact them.

How good can you see saturn

Haven’t had a chance to see much yet. The moon and saturn are below the horizon currently where i’m at. So far i’ve only seen some trees from far away. Tried to see mars but just couldn’t get it focused. It’s a beginners telescope so i’m not expecting much.

Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners – Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote AMAZON : Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners – Travel Telescope with Carry Bag, Phone Adapter and Wireless Remote : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Aperture matters more than magnification

I bought this knowing nothing about telescopes and not knowing what i could expect to see through this thing.

Now i know more, i think this is a decent value, but it comes with a lot of cons.

In telescopes, the aperture size matters much more than magnification. The bigger the aperture, the better the image will be. This is a 70mm aperture (2.75 inches), which is about as small as you can get. It’s typical for an ‘entry-level’ telescope, and a decent value for the money if you want to get into stargazing without dropping 500 bucks or more on a bigger scope.

However, if i could do it over again, i would’ve spent more and gone with a better one.

First, as with all beginner telescopes, it is actually much harder to use than a more intermediate level one. This is something well-known in the amateur astronomy group i’ve joined, and they never, ever recommend buying a beginner telescope, especially for kids.

Because most kids like looking at stuff more than looking for it. And with this telescope, far more time is spent hunting for objects than actually looking at them.

My kid doesn’t have the patience or attention span for that, but i rather enjoy the challenge, so i do it. Which brings me to the next problem.

This is made for kids. As such, the stand is very short. Which means that all the time you spend hunting for things, you’ll having to be hunched over, crouched down, or kneeling on the ground.

And if you live in a place with a lot of light pollution, you won’t be able to see much more than stars, the moon, or the brightest planets. Even mars is difficult to see through this telescope, and you can’t make out any detail whatsoever on the surface.

You can make out some faint detail on jupiter, especially if you go away from light pollution on a clear, moonless night. And you can just make out saturn’s rings.

Venus, on the other hand, is very easy to see. Especially now, near the end of april 2020, it is the brightest it’ll be all year, so we’ve been looking at it every night. It’s too bright, even at its dimmest, to make out any detail, but you can see what phase it’s in.

Galaxies, most nebulas, and many star clusters are beyond the ability of this telescope, but that being said, i was able to see a planetary nebula called the ghost of jupiter last night.

For perspective, i’ve had a few weeks of use and practice, and feel comfortable with the telescope, and have a number of apps, charts, and star maps to help me find things, and it still took over an hour for me to finally find it, put it close enough to the center of my field of view to use with max magnification, and put it in focus.

And even then, it looked like a hazy, bluish star. We couldn’t make out any detail or the distinctive eye-shape that can be seen with even slightly larger scopes.

Still, it was cool and the kid loved it. I consider it worth the effort, but my back is killing me today.

Don’t get me wrong, for an entry-level telescope, this is good. It’ll serve our needs while we save up for an upgrade. But, like all entry-level telescopes, this is harder to use and not powerful enough to see much.

All the time required to hunt for things, for what many may consider a disappointing result, could potentially end up killing a kid’s enthusiasm.

If you absolutely must get an entry-level telescope, this is a good choice. But if at all possible, save up and get a larger aperture.

5Expert Score

Now at first i thought it was broken or i didn’t assemble it properly as i kept looking out and it was just pitch black. But then i removed the barlow lens and just used the regular 10mm one and found something like a star or moon and adjusted the telescope to focus on it.
I then removed and fixed the barlow lens in front of the other lens and bam! There was the moon, you can even spot a detail or two. I’m yet to explore this with the phone but so far, i’m sold!

5Expert Score
Love it

Always wanted to tell the skype i could never afford one until i found this wonderful deal. It is wonderful quality the value is amazing. One of the best investments i’ve ever made absolutely love it.

5Expert Score
Good quality, great for kids & adults!

Easy to use, sharp focus and fun. Comes with a very nice storage bag and seems to be well made! My son got it for his 8th birthday and loves using it.

5Expert Score
Beginners telescope

Not a bad way to begin star gazing but has a very small range.

5Expert Score
Great basic telescope for novices

Product was straightforward to assemble. The carry bag made the equipment easily portable.

5Expert Score
Super fun to use especially with my kids

Super fun telescope, both me and my kids enjoy using it when we have clear skies

5Expert Score
Easy to set up

Easy to set up and portable.

5Expert Score
Can’t see anything

Edit: the seller reached out to me in order to help and make things right. As stated before our telescope did not work as it should have. They reached out to try to help us work through the problems we were having with it. When troubleshooting no longer seemed to be an option they offered to refund. Grateful that they cared enough to make things right.

Multiple adults tried using (many of them having experience with different telescopes) but nobody were able to see anything. This was bought for my child to enjoy the stars. Disappointed. Even tried using up in the mountains with little to no light pollution.

5Expert Score
Great product

Great product

4Expert Score
Good first telescope for novice

This is an easy to assemble, decent grade of telescope. My family has been enjoying it. It is not heavy duty, so we are very careful with it. Fun to explore the night sky and easy tripod action makes it easy to use on a table or on the ground. My biggest annoyance is the clip to use your camera on the eyepiece is not very user friendly. It it awkward to attach and difficult to get positioned correctly. All in all, happy with the purchase.

4Expert Score

Im happy with the scope. This pic of jupiter and 3 of its moons is a 10mm lens with my galaxy s20+ taking a picture (64mp) zoomed 3x. I haven’t been able to figure out getting the 3x that comes with the scope to focus. Practice.

4Expert Score
For kids

Its decent for kids

4Expert Score
Good telescope

Good telescope

4Expert Score
For the money, this is a great place to start exploring the sky around us.

I bought this as a gift for my grandkids and the intent was to allow them to witness the ‘christmas star’, the conjunction of jupiter and saturn on december 21. The plan was to capture the event nightly from december 19 through december 22.

Receiving and unboxing the telescope was pretty straightforward. The instructions were somewhat trying, but given that there were only a few ‘moving parts’ it was easy enough to figure out. The only problem we encountered was that the adapter for allowing the telescope to connect to a smartphone was missing half of the adapter and we could not connect a phone to the telescope. No idea why the part was missing. We unboxed the telescope on our dining room table and when we discovered the part was missing we had no less than 5 adults searching for it, to no avail. We didn’t lose the part, we just never had it. That was disappointing when you consider that being able to attach a phone was one of the primary reasons for selecting gysker and we lost our opportunity for the grandkids to record their witness of the grand event.

Setting that bit aside, the telescope worked wonderfully. It was easy to set up, with all of the [available] parts fitting nicely into the supplied carrying case. We transported the telescope to our observation area and the telescope set up easily. The ‘spotter’ scope allowed us to get on target quickly and the aperture and zoom features allowed for a spectacular view, including many of the moons surrounding the planets. We even used the spotting scope and a smartphone app to align the telescope with other stars for equally breathtaking views and we spent about 2.5 hours searching out various objects in the night sky each time we went out. (from dark until bedtime).

The grandkids (10, 9 and 7) really took to the telescope, learning how to use the various parts and functions rather quickly, even to the point that they could select and observe a star on their own. The tripod was solid and held a stable image and everything, sans phone adapter, worked very well.

If i was rating just the telescope on cost to function-ability, i would rate the gysker telescope 10 stars. It is a very good telescope for the money and since we wanted the kids to get excited about the night sky, this was a great purchase. The only disappointment was because i specifically chose this telescope because we could attach a smartphone to record an event that only happens every 800 years and then was unable to do exactly that, well, it was a real letdown.

Even at that, i would tell anyone wanting to start amateur exploration of the sky that this is still a great telescope for the money.

4Expert Score
Needs better instructions

I had a really hard time putting together and using it. Needs better instructions or at least a link to youtube telling you how to use it. I’d probably say it isn’t for beginners, but nice price.

4Expert Score
Great value, good for beginners, some minor improvements recommended

A great starter kit! Finally got to use it for the lunar eclipse and super moon last night so decided to write the review now.

Firstly, there was a slight mishap during shipping or maybe it could have been a defect coming in, but can’t tell. There was a dent on one of the tripod legs. Not a biggie for me, but wanted to rate this fairly.

The kit came complete, took a few minutes to assemble, actually quite easy esp with the visual instructions. But maybe it would have been better to have some basic instructions on the actual usage and tips to experience your first view of the skies. There’s a lot of info on the internet, but it would have been best to have it specific to this scope. For a beginner, i believe that’s key rather than having to do research and figuring out themselves how to apply those information to this specific scope.

I still have to figure out how to use the barlow effectively. For now, i was only able to use the 10mm and 25mm. The quality and resolution were fantastic. Even with the 25mm, i could see the moon’s crater clearly on the clear day. I’m excited to try this out on a more zoomed view and try to find other objects in the sky.

Mobile phone holder was a bit hard to align but eventually figured it out especially if the smartphone used has multiple cameras. It also took a while to understand that the distance of the phone and the lens matters, so as to avoid reflections or blurred outcomes. This information could have been useful if included.

Material wise, the whole scope setup is quite flimsy and unstable. With its lightweight feature, this makes it difficult to keep the scope in place. A bit of a tap on setup will move the scope away from your view, there needs to be a bit of weight for stability which is compromised by the lightweight feature unfortunately. The knobs and lever for adjusting are also a bit too rough if you’re wanting to make small movements.

Lastly, i love that it’s so portable and easy to bring alone, very lightweight and folds up easy without having to disassemble anything much.

Overall, it’s a great beginner scope for the price. It does its job.

4Expert Score
Things to know

This really is a great telescope but with my iphone 13 it definitely does not help during the daytime hours when trying to take pictures of birds or whatever it may be. It is constantly readjusting focus and seems to never get that, i have only been out at night a few times with the camera and it works well but there is quite a lot of adjusting necessary to get a good picture. Beside the fact of trying to take photos with a mobile phone it is a great telescope and works as you would expect it. This is honestly a good investment if you are wanting to get into night time viewing or daytime without taking pictures.

4Expert Score
Great first time telescope

This telescope is great for beginners. It’s hard zooming in so we can’t adjust to get a closer view but other than that it’s great.

4Expert Score
Good telescope for beginners…..

This is a good telescope for beginners who are just starting out and introduced to using one for the first time. Great bundle for the price, being that there’s a bunch of extra accessories that come with this kit as well!

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