Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin – 100% Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil for Hair – Pure Tea Tree Oil for Face – Tea Tree Essential Oil for Toenail, Scalp & Piercings (1 fl oz)

Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin – 100% Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil for Hair – Pure Tea Tree Oil for Face – Tea Tree Essential Oil for Toenail, Scalp & Piercings (1 fl oz) Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin – 100% Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil for Hair – Pure Tea Tree Oil for Face – Tea Tree Essential Oil for Toenail, Scalp & Piercings (1 fl oz) : Health & Household

What are gya labs australian tea tree oil for skin – 100% natural therapeutic tea tree oil for hair – pure tea tree oil for face – tea tree essential oil for toenail features?

  • Tea tree oil for nails. Tea tree oil is made for healthier, polished nails. Apply 2 drops of tee tree oil drops for nails with a carrier oil on clean nails.
  • Pure tea tree oil for face. Tea tree oil for face organic is popular for skin use in balancing oily complexions. Add tee tree oil drops for skin to make tea tree oil face wash, organic skin cream, tea tree oil skin spray and skin roll on.
  • Soothe dry scalps. Tea tree oil for hair growth nourishes scalps for healthier growth. Dilute 3 drops of tea tree oil for scalp with carrier oil to make a tea tree hair oil or mix tea tree oil hair with shampoo to cleanse scalps.
  • Blends well with other organic oils. Australian tea tree oil blends perfectly with oils such as lemon essential oil. Diffuse 2 drops of aceite de arbol de te and lemon oil to freshen stale spaces.
  • Ideal for diy. Oil diffuser essential oils tea tree makes clarifying homemade products, such as soap, shampoo and body wash. Add 2 drops of aromatherapy essential oils tea tree in a diffuser for 30 minutes.
  • Tested for safety and quality. Gya labs’ tea tree oil is 100% pure & undiluted, with steam distilled leaves from australia and rigorously tested by gc/ms, msds, coa, ifra, etc. Do not use undiluted on pets, children and during pregnancy.
  • Safely bottled & packaged. Gya labs’ essential oils are made from the best botanicals. All oils undergo quality testing for potency & purity before being bottled for you to enjoy.
  • A trusted name in aromatherapy oils. Gya labs’ tea tree essential oil is made from the finest australian tea tree leaves. The result is 100% pure, undiluted tea tree oil that is therapeutic-grade & rich in pure remedial properties.
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Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin – 100% Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil for Hair – Pure Tea Tree Oil for Face – Tea Tree Essential Oil for Toenail, Scalp & Piercings (1 fl oz) AMAZON Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin – 100% Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil for Hair – Pure Tea Tree Oil for Face – Tea Tree Essential Oil for Toenail, Scalp & Piercings (1 fl oz) : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Is this pure sandalwood? Or is it a percentage?

I rarely leave reviews, unless a product either blows my mind or is so terrible as to offend, and i came here because of the former and happened to see the answers to this question.

This is literally the best sandalwood for the price that i’ve found, not to mention every other oil i’ve purchased from them has been top notch. Gya labs is now my go to for essential oils. I’m wearing a blend right now comprised of their oils and it smells amazing. I’ve had so many compliments on it.

Marjoram!? Either that person got a mislabeled bottle or they need their sniffer checked.

Am i silly enough to think this .33ml bottle is 100% pure undiluted maximum grade s. Album… No. S. Album is expensive due to it’s status where it comes from, how long it takes to grow/harvest, etc… Even top grade australian sandalwood is hella pricy.

Is it diluted with carrier oil? Most likely. Is it blended with other sandalwoods? Possibly. Is it the best smelling sandalwood i’ve found for the price? Absolutely. Could i be wrong on any of this? Likely, i’m not a botanist or expert on essential oils. I just know it smells amazing, blends well, and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

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I read something about the only way to extract vanilla is with chemical solvents. Does this use that method?

The ‘chemical solvent’ used to extract many things is alcohol. The same exact stuff you drink. Same stuff in your kombucha. Water is also called the ‘universal chemical solvent’ because of its wide use for this purpose. (but it doesn’t work for some things, including vanilla.) don’t be afraid of the word ‘chemical’ without understanding what it means. Not all chemicals are bad, and for those that are, it’s still entirely dose dependent. Even too much water will kill you. On the other hand, chemistry is intimately connected with life itself (biochemistry.)

Is there a carrier oil or anything else used

All of our gya labs essential oils are pure quality essential oil with no carrier oil added.

What other oils are included in the ‘pure oil’ statement? Answers very carefully, ‘pure oil’ but does not say ‘pure rose oil’. Please clarify.

Many times when ‘pure oil’ is stated, it means that the amount of that particular oil that is added, is in fact pure. It’s kinda tricky, but even with cooking oils ie pure corn oil does not mean the 16oz bottle you purchased is only corn oil. It simply means that what corn oil amount is added to the bottle…is pure. Only reason i know this is because i work in the food industry. Hope this helps everyone including the sellers. They aren’t lying when they say pure, they’re simply stating with- in the legal guidelines.

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Does each bottle come with a dropper, or just a disk that has a little hole in it? I can’t find pics or info on the bottle, cap, etc.

It’s just the hole to drip out. I found it comes out too quickly, so i bought a set of amber dropper bottles for cheap here on amazon, and transferred the oil to that.

Can this product be mixed with coconut oil and used on hair ?

Yes, you can mix it with coconut oil.

Does it come with a dropper?

No, there is no dropper. However, it does only dispense a drop at a time due to the insert in the bottle opening, which can also be removed if necessary.

Can it be used on my hair?

Sure. I use it in a cream with frankincense and turmeric for arthritis.

Is cinnamon leaf the same with cinnamon bark ?

Cinnamon leaf is safe around dogs, cinnamon bark is not. If you have animals, please, keep this under consideration.

Use in diffuser?

Yes. It’s use with a diffuser.

Hello, if this is therapeutic grade, why does it not say so on the box or the bottle? Says “organic” sleep aid. Website says non-organic. Thank you

‘therapeutic grade’ is not a real thing, as wording like this is simply used for marketing. Essential oils can certainly be therapeutic,but there is no organization, agency or regulatory group that certifies essential oils and/or classifies or grades their quality. If the quest is high quality, you will want to compare purity levels, whether it’s organic and doesn’t test on animals. You can also ask a company for certificates of analysis or gc reports.

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Does rose geranium oils protect against fleas and mosquitoes?

Yes! I wish i knew about this years ago. Ticks and lyme disease are bad in my area. Lost my sheltie to it in march. I found this spray mix with rose geranium from a lady on the web. So sad of march, i spray my belgian tervuren each time he goes outside – no more ticks!!! It’s a life saver. I can’t believe my vets peddle toxic chemicals for tick prevention when this natural ingredient will work fine. Mix 1 tbsp witch hazel (or vodka) with 40 drops of rose geranium eo (i also add 20 drops of lemongrass eo). Shake it well to distribute the oil in the witch hazel. **this is important to do before adding water!!! Otherwise, the oil/water won’t mix.** add 1/3 cup of distilled water. Shake really well and also before each use to distribute oil evenly in the spray. I triple this recipe and store in a 16 oz blue glass spray bottle. I spray my dog’s paw/forearm, chest, neck, belly, and above tail. It had worked so well for him that i spray my own ankles before going outside also. There is a strong citrus scent, but as long as it deters ticks, i don’t mind.

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What can vanilla essential oil used for ?

It is incredibly uplifting, especially when one is experiencing situational anxiety or depression

The fda doesn’t regulate essential oils, so how can it be “fda registered?” makes absolutely no sense at all. Fyi this is a red flag!

We were registered under fda voluntary program.

Where is this product produced? Were workers paid a living wage?

Made in china.
As for the wages its workers are making, i have no idea. Communism strives to keep its workers destitute & exhausted from working their rear ends off.
There are also workers in u.s. Not being paid a living wage.

The ‘features and details’ state the oil is from zelanicum cin. The ‘important info’ states the product is made from cassia cin. Which is it?

Our cinnamon bark essential oil is from botanical of cinnamomum zeylanicum.

Is this a certified organic essential oil?

We are still in the process of being certified as organic. As a new start-up company, we are very confident that our essential oils are made of 100% pure quality oil. Our essential oils are sourced from the origin farm. I am happy that you give it a try on our essential oil. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with our essential oil.

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Can vanilla essential oil be diffused

Yes! And it is the best vanilla scent i have found! Love it!

Is this 100% pure chamomile oil? Is it diluted with any carrier oils? Is it synthetic or natural? Lastly, where is the chamomile sourced from? Thanks!

Yes, it is 100% pure chamomile with no adulteration in the process. Our roman chamomile essential oil is from italy.

How doni apply to tooth ach?

You can use a cotton swab or edge of a toothbrush to get a couple of drops of oil on it, and then just rub it on where the tooth hurts.

Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin – 100% Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil for Hair – Pure Tea Tree Oil for Face – Tea Tree Essential Oil for Toenail, Scalp & Piercings (1 fl oz) AMAZON Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin – 100% Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil for Hair – Pure Tea Tree Oil for Face – Tea Tree Essential Oil for Toenail, Scalp & Piercings (1 fl oz) : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Strong scent, lasted for five days. (sandalwood)

Not going to comment on whether or not this ‘smells like’ indian sandalwood, since i’ve never actually been to mysore to smell the actual santalum album trees myself. Also, we don’t all perceive scents the same way. Whether or not this particular scent feels pleasant will vary. Gya labs version is pleasant to me, and is similar to bath & body works’ ‘sweet sandalwood,’ but more woody.

I have two categories by which i judge essential oils: longevity and potency of their scents. This is my assessment of gya labs sandalwood (santalum album) essential oil.

Longevity: amazing.

This is the test i do with all my new essential oils. I put a drop on a small piece of paper towel and let it sit on a shelf, and check if the scent is detectable over time. Gya labs sandalwood lasted full five days, and was still faintly detectable by day 7. Only one (now extinct) bottle from a different brand came close, at four days. Most others i tested faded within a few hours to one day.

Potency: amazing.

This is the primary use i have for essential oils: i put a few drops into a ceramic warmer’s little water dish warmed by a tealight candle. Tealight lasts between 3 & 1/2 hours to 4 & 1/2 hours. I test how many drops it takes to fill up a whole room (about 10 ft x 12 ft) with scent. Gya labs sandalwood managed it with 6 drops, and lasted through two candles (~9 hours), until i had to sleep. The scent was still detectable next morning. Some of the other ones i tested couldn’t fill the whole room with more than 20 drops.

I’ve also noticed similar longevity/potency from gya labs tuberose. I am very happy with both of my purchases, and will definitely be trying more of gya labs essential oils.

5Expert Score
Life saver

I’m in desperate need of a wisdom tooth removal but have to put it off because $$. My right top wisdom tooth is broken and has spots where food can get stuck so i found myself having tons of toothaches and then every 4 months having terrible pain that would shoot up my whole face and give me migraines for days. I decided to look into clove bud oil and got so desperate iordered it and received it a few hours later, i started by putting a few drops on a q tip with water, which did help a lot but would eventually end up hurting my gums if used too much. Then i mixed a few drops with water and squished it every hour. Yes it numbs for 10-15 minutes but it’s also killing bacteria which is what i believe has saved me from having more of these spells. Anytime i feel a toothache coming on, i use this after brushing my teeth everyday for at least a week & knock on wood….i haven’t had a toothache since i purchased this.

5Expert Score
100% worth buying!!!

This stuff is no joke!!! I’ve been making my own pain blends for years using yl, doterra, etc.. Which gets pricy. But you get what you pay for. This company i don’t think specifies if this sandalwood is hawaiian, or east india, or maybe a blend. But i know legit essential oils and this one is hands down the best sandalwood for the price. It smells exactly like it should, and i get instant pain relief when i apply it to my back. Quicker than sacra frankincense, and if you know your oils, that’s saying a lot. 100% worth it!!!!

5Expert Score
Thadaey’s dose

Didnt believe it until i tried it. Loose tooth and my bday was about 3days away. As advised put a lil bit directly onto your clean dry finger and rub on infected area. Rinse every well do not swallow not advising you i am just explaining how it is working for me. I love it and share it with friends because a tiny bit goes a long way and field mice hate it

5Expert Score
Nice light scent

Bought this to use in a diffuser we just bought. Added three drops of the vanilla to the water and it’s perfect. Nice and light. Pleasant vanilla aroma.
The bottle has a top that you really have to shake it to get drops out. I’d rather have that though than accidentally pouring too much out. You shouldn’t be able to spill this bottle 🙂

5Expert Score
Oil can be used in several ways and scent is perfectly balanced

Oil is easy to dispense and control how much comes out (see photo). It also can just be inhaled by taking the lid off, which i love. The scent is perfectly balanced and potent, but not too overpowering. The only negative part was getting the glued on plastic packaging off the box.

5Expert Score
This is fantastic!

This really works awesome for a sore mouth or toothache! Wife only used a dab and it numbed half her face in 2 mins lol. I’ve also used this in recipes for colognes and perfumes and it’s top notch !

5Expert Score
Every night

I use this every night when it is time for me to go to bed and i have to say it is very relaxing and helps me be a good calming mood. I cut out alot of other oils and mostly use this one 🙂 i highly recommend

5Expert Score
Exactly what i was looking for

I was astonished by the wintergreen. It was exactly the scent i was looking for!

I used this very small bottle in a 1/4 pound candle (1oz/pound rule, soy 464) and so far my test burn has yielded great results. Ialso had a bit of overflow and used it ina wax melt, it was so strong! Too strong in that cae, but..

I highly recommend this if wintergreen is your thing.


the bottle was so hard to open i nearly rubbed a blister on my thumb putting pressure on the childproof cap. Guess i’m a child again.

If using the whole bottle for soap or candle, the dispenser thingy is annoying. Pop it off with a butterknife and all is well, though.

The price here is about $32 an oz. So if you want a 1 pound wax pour you’re paying a huge premium.

5Expert Score
Smells delicious

I am in love with the coffee scent. It smells delicious! Don’t be put off by the smell straight from the bottle. A lot of essential oils smell different in the bottle than they do in the diffuser or on skin. I used this in the diffuser. 5 drops of coffee and 5 drops vanilla. Makes the room smell heavenly – like a coffee shop. Another option that i will try is coffee and peppermint. Or coffee and orange. Use your imagination – the combinations are endless.

4Expert Score
Similar but not quite 'perfect'

In 2004, i found a tiny 5ml bottle of spikenard from an ashram in india (oshadhi brand) while on a visit to an aunt in south a beaufort health food store. It was at that time over $30. I still have a few drops left, and periodically open the bottle to inhale it, as there is something about it that reminds me of when the woman anointed the feet of jesus, in the bible story. . .but it’s more than that…it’s a quality. I cannot define with words. That product has been unavailable for some time, and i often search for a replacement. . .i decided to try this brand, gyalabs.. .1/3 oz. The price seemed cheap by comparison. . .however, the scent is similar, but also seems (to my oversensitive nose) to have elements of sandalwood to it, and is much thinner than the more viscous, resinous oshadi…i don’t use it for pain…i have used it, with a drop or 2 of frankinsence, to blend into my hair before sleep. . .don’t know why, but that’s me. My only complaint about all of these oils is the stopper. . .i wish they would come with a little eye dropper..fortunately i have saved little droppers from other products that fit the aura cacia bottles, as i use rosemary and marjoram oils, with oregano oil to make a blend of ghee and olive oil spread. But overall, i am happy with this spikenard, and am not optimistic that it will last almost 20 years, as the other has!! But then, i won’t use it as skimpily as i have that, since there seems to be a source for it now…..although n. Jatamansi, native to the alpine himalayas, is a critically endangered, rhizome-bearing plant that grows best at high altitudes (3,000 to 5,000 m) so depending upon how ‘green’ the world goes, many plants may be endangered..although there is always hydroponics, though i’ve never heard of this plant being grown that way….

4Expert Score
Amazing scent just poor packaging

The scent is amazing. You don’t need to use a lot to fill the room. The only reason i rated a 4 vs a 5 is because the cap was partially open and half of the oil leaked out. Very odd since there was no damage to the fully packaged product. I imagine the postal service enjoyed the scent.

4Expert Score
Smells good!

This smells great in our humidifier, but i don’t believe it has any medicinal properties. I bought it because eucalyptus reminds me of the vicks aerosol spray my mom used to spray on our pillows when we were sick. It smells fresh and clean.

4Expert Score
Give it a minute

Right out of the bottle, it doesn’t smell like cinnamon to me at all. But give it a couple minutes and the scent will change to a lovely cinnamon smell. I use it on dried pine cones to make the house smell like fall and the holidays.

4Expert Score
I would buy it again.

This product actually smells like sandalwood, not indian sandalwood which is becoming increasingly rare but stills very good. Other vendors of sandalwood say they have sandalwood in their product which i found i couldn’t detect. Some where very expensive like aura cacia.

4Expert Score
Note product size

I didn’t pay close attention to product size so was a bit surprised after receiving a 4 oz bottle of patchouli. That said, it doesn’t take much. I use in a mixture with patchouli as a body spray. Dropper conveniently built in to the bottle removes easily if you want larger quantities. Mixes beautifly for a clear product with no cloudiness.

4Expert Score
Soothing scent

Smells very good. Not overpowering. I use it in a diffuser by itself or sometimes with complementary oils.

4Expert Score
Good essential oil

It is a nice one but the smell does not last that long. I applied on my skin without diluting it and it didn’t irritate my skin. Good overall.

4Expert Score
This works

Tastes like it sounds. It’s cloves works quickly and is also useful for inflammation

4Expert Score

Not exactly the scent i’m looking for

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