Halo Automotive Bolt Air 58830 mWh Portable Emergency Power Kit with Tire Pump, 4 Interchangeable Air Nozzles, Extra Accessory Kit, Car Jump Starter, and Car Charger – Blue Graphite

Halo Automotive Bolt Air 58830 mWh Portable Emergency Power Kit with Tire Pump, 4 Interchangeable Air Nozzles, Extra Accessory Kit, Car Jump Starter, and Car Charger – Blue Graphite

Yakibest.com: Halo Automotive Bolt Air 58830 mWh Portable Emergency Power Kit with Tire Pump, 4 Interchangeable Air Nozzles, Extra Accessory Kit, Car Jump Starter, and Car Charger – Blue Graphite : Automotive

What are halo automotive bolt air 58830 mwh portable emergency power kit with tire pump features?

  • Portable car jump starter: the halo bolt can jump start a full-sized car or suv. Everything you need to get back on the road in minutes is included. Model number: halo bolt air
  • Air compressor with universal nozzle: with interchangeable nozzles you can quickly inflate tires, balls, air mattresses, and more
  • Adjustable pressure setting: no more guessing when inflating. Easily set the desired pressure level for the right amount of air every time.
  • Led floodlight: don’t be left in the dark. The halo bolt air has a built-in led floodlight. It’s perfect for inflating a tire on a dark road or for finding the pen at the back of your glovebox.
  • Charge multiple devices: the two usb-a ports let you charge multiple compatible devices simultaneously, so nothing goes without power.
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Halo Automotive Bolt Air 58830 mWh Portable Emergency Power Kit with Tire Pump, 4 Interchangeable Air Nozzles, Extra Accessory Kit, Car Jump Starter, and Car Charger – Blue Graphite AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Halo Automotive Bolt Air 58830 mWh Portable Emergency Power Kit with Tire Pump, 4 Interchangeable Air Nozzles, Extra Accessory Kit, Car Jump Starter, and Car Charger – Blue Graphite : Automotive

Looking for specific info?

How long does it take the air compressor to fill up a tire? Snyone have examples?

It took about 10 minutes to fill up a completely flat tire and then make sure all the other tires were equal with the same air pressure. The battery went down from 100% to 75%. Worked great!

Is this only for jump start or can it charge a weak battery also?

This unit will jump start your vehicle not designed to recharge your 12v auto battery, however after the jump start with the engine running your 12v battery will recharge. This unit has 2 usb charging ports and works very well to recharge cell phones, inflate tires, etc.
The halo automotive bolt air can be recharged from a 12v outlet in your vehicle while driving. This is a very useful unit to have in your vehicle.

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How does one charge the ‘charger’? Does it come with a charger that plugs into the ac in the home wall?

It comes with an ac adapter to plug it into the wall and charge it.

Is there an adapter for the halo air bolt that will convert one of the usb ports to an ac outlet?

The regular halo bolt without the air attachment has an ac outlet but this one with air attachment no ac outlet i have both of them

Does your car need to be running to use the tire inflation option?

No, the inflator works from the internal battery pack. The only connection is the air hose to the tire valve.

How long does it take to inflate a tire?

Depends on how flat a tire is

Where is this this made?


Why is the ac plug-in adapter never mentioned? Is this an older model without the ac adapter??

I order this one back in july of 2021 for my son it did not come with the ac adapter. But however i order one for my husband for this past christmas 2021 but from a different place not amazon. It did come with ac adapter they advised that a new feature that was just released later on in late 2021 .

Does this item come with a storage bag or case

Storage bag

Does it come with a case?

It comes w/a soft bag(pull strings to keep closed) that can hold all of the accessories. I keep it under my passenger front seat of my truck. Hope that helps.

Is there a model of this device that also has an ac outlet?

Yes, there is a version with an ac outlet, but it doesn’t have the air compressor so it won’t inflate flat tires.

It doesn’t say how long the battery life is on the product itself?

I’ve had my halo for 4months, charged it completely when i purchased it, used it approx 6x’s for bike & golf cart tires, and it’s still charged. I love this product. Hope that helps.

How fast can it fill up an air mattress?

I am not aware that there is an adapter that can fit an air mattress to inflate. It takes about 3 minutes to inflate a tire from 23 psi to 32 psi. I hope this helps.

Is this safe for a harley? And is us too bulky to fit in the saddlebags?

Yes, it is safe for a motorcycle and yes, will easily fit in saddle bags. The size is like a vcr tape.

Can you charge this thing in your car?

Yes, plug into your 12volt receptacle in the vehicle for charging.

Is there an outlet plug?

Yes, there’s a usb & a 110 outlet for charging w/either type of plug.

Does this have enough “power” to jump start a diesel truck?

Yes multiple times

Has anyone had trouble clamping the air host onto a car tire? The clamp lever won’t budge once it is fastened onto the valve stem.

When i first used it i had a very difficult time putting the clamp lever onto the valve stem; when i finally did clamp it, it was extremely difficult getting it off the tire (i twisted the extension hose back and forth until it finally came off the valve stem). When i finally did, i decided to figure out why it was so hard to put on the tire. What i noticed was that inside the small metal clamp of the air hose was a tiny white round rubber gasket that was almost in the center of the metal hole. I took a small screw driver and pushed the small rubber gasket toward the back of the small hole; i did this until i felt the center in the metal clamp was wide enough to clamp onto the valve stem. This may help any future customers who should look inside the clamp lever before putting it on the tire valve stem.

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How high of a psi can this inflate to?

I have 40 pound truck tires and it had no problem inflating all four of them on half a charge.

Ad indicates an extra accessory kit? What is in the kit? I don’t see what charges the batteries? Sold separately or part of the kit for $129?

Has battery connection similar to jumper cables along with different compessory adaptors for different applications. Also has an extra air hose to extend reach along with charging adaptors to charge the unit and usb extension cable.

Halo Automotive Bolt Air 58830 mWh Portable Emergency Power Kit with Tire Pump, 4 Interchangeable Air Nozzles, Extra Accessory Kit, Car Jump Starter, and Car Charger – Blue Graphite AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Halo Automotive Bolt Air 58830 mWh Portable Emergency Power Kit with Tire Pump, 4 Interchangeable Air Nozzles, Extra Accessory Kit, Car Jump Starter, and Car Charger – Blue Graphite : Automotive

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Such an amazing product i got another 4 of them for christmas gifts!!

I want to preface this by saying i’ve never tried another brand to compare against. I found myself stranded needing a jump start after one of the first cold days this winter. A gentleman helped me out using this and i was sold. He had the version with an ac adapter but after the jump i immediately looked it up and found this with the air pump included knowing i needed to add air to the tires because of the temperature. The day i got it and charged it, my so needed a jump start. Perfect. After the jump start i decided to air up the tires and really test it. After all was said and done, i was still at 80% charge!!!

For the one downside. As the unit is used it generates heat. This causes the the inflator to think the pressure is higher than it actually is. Use a different gauge and set the psi about 5 lbs. Higher than you need and bring the tire psi down to what you actually need. After playing with this thing i got another 4 of them for family gifts that everyone thought amazing!! It’s one of those things you never knew you needed!
Another pro tip: buy a case for it!! I have the halo, all the accessories, tire pressure gauge and wrench for my tpms valve stem caps all together so i don’t have to look for this and that when it comes time that i need them.

5Expert Score
A must-have

I love this little gadget! I no longer have to rely on inaccurate psi readings or search for a working air pump at gas stations. I’m able to keep my tires at exactly the levels needed for each season. This has helped with gas mileage as well.
I accidentally left an interior light on in my car when i left it in a parking garage, returning to find the battery dead a couple of days later. It was dark out and nobody was around to help with a jump. Even if they had been, we would’ve had to push my car manually out of the space just to hook up cables. Luckily, the halo came with cables and a jump start feature. I was cranked and on my way in about five minutes. I bought these as gifts for my loved ones after my incident. Highly recommend! Very well made and dependable.

5Expert Score
Great unit

I bought a halo bolt air and a hard carry case for my sister as a christmas present. But before i was able to give it to her, i had to unwrap and use it twice to jump start my newly discovered dying car battery.
The unit was easy to set up near car battery and jumped it immediately on the first try.
I re-wrapped up the halo box only and kept the unit out in it’s case. (i may have needed it again before i gave it to her.)
when given to her, i let her know her unit was tested and passed.
So, i ordered one for myself cause apparently i need one too.

5Expert Score
Best thing for peace of mind

I bought this as a christmas present for my daughter to keep in her car. During the recent cold my battery needed to be jumped and this worked easily and perfectly. I’ve also used this to add air to her car tire that was on 15 psi and it needed to be 30 psi. This did the job. It did take a bit to fill but was very happy with its ability. The battery just went down to 96% after using it to jump my car and add 15 psi to my daughters tire. I would definitely recommend this for everyone’s vehicle.

5Expert Score
Everyone should have a halo bolt air!

I purchased this halo bolt air for myself to have on hand, just in case. I chose it because of its light weight and easy use. I charged it to full capacity, and within a couple of months, i used it for the first time — to restart my car battery. I used it again just two weeks later, when the tire pressure light came on in my car. I had never used an air compressor before, and found this one exceptionally simple to use. It took about 65% of the charge to add air to all four tires. I love it and highly recommend it. One of the best purchases i have ever made!

5Expert Score
This thing can actually save your life!

When you are stuck on the side of the road, you don’t need to depend on anyone to stop and help you. You don’t have to worry if it will be a good samaritan or someone who wants to hurt you! This device will easily start your battery if dead and inflate your tire to get you to safety! Best thing i have ever bought. After i got mine, i ordered one for each of my daughters and son in laws. Love this. Everyone needs this in your vehicle!

5Expert Score
Great all around!!

I bought this product after seeing it of facebook. The original price tag had me skeptical, but i ended up caving in as i do a lot of traveling and driving and having an air pump that does not need to be plugged in was fantastic. I highly recommend this product to everyone. I went to a wedding in october that needed 40 beach balls blown up, and i used the halo to fill them all up within 15-20 minutes. My tire was low after leaving work one day, and i was able to just fill it up without having to wait for someone to assist me. I have had this device for about 2 months and use it frequently as an air compressor, but i have also used it as a portable charger and flashlight when i go camping.

I don’t think i have ever had more good things to say about a product than this one, and i will continue to recommend this product to everyone.

5Expert Score
So helpful!

The halo bolt is one of the rare products that actually does what it claims! It is simple to charge, and holds that charge for a long time. I’ve had tires that were low 3 or 4 times over the last 6 months. I easily connected the halo bolt, and inflated the tires with it properly each time. It isn’t as quick as the air pumps at gas stations, and it’s pretty loud. But it works! When you need it’s a life saver. I haven’t needed the other functions, but knowing they are there in case of emergency brings me piece of mind. I am confident they too will function as needed.
Worth the price!

5Expert Score
The best!

Because i don’t drive much, my car’s battery is always dead. My previous charger was too unreliable, so i ditched it and bought this halo. To my mind, it’s the only one to buy. Easy to use, jump-starts many times before it needs to be recharged, and it always works. Includes a tire inflator as well.

5Expert Score
Diamonds aren’t a girls only best friend!

I picked up my halo bolt as an impulse purchase during prime days 2022 and honestly, no regrets. In the 4 months i have owned my halo i have aired my, and several of my coworkers tires up including one that was completely flat. Fast forward to today, sunday, 11/27/2022 my car seemed to struggle to start this morning, going click, click, click, but then it turned over easily enough. I thought strange, but didn’t think much more about it. Little did i know… Fast forward a couple of hours, and errands, later and my battery light comes on while idling. Once again, i thought strange, but wasn’t too worried. Maybe it’s a sensor malfunction i thought, so i turned the car off. Then i turned the car back on and uh oh, it wouldn’t start, just went click, click, click. For the first time today i used my halo bolt to start my car to get me first from where i was to the auto parts store, then again to get me home with the new car battery i purchased. It was that simple, i just plugged the included jumper cables into my halo and a quick google search to make sure i put the right cable on each side of the battery. Saved me from having to wait for a family member or a good samaritan with jumper cables to come along. Best purchase i ever made!

4Expert Score
Every car should have one

I got this for my wife and i for christmas last year. For the minimal amount of space this takes up, every car should have one. The jump start and battery are great – i’ve jumped several things from a riding lawn mower to my 5liter f-150 pickup, and it works great. It holds a charge for a long time – after sitting in my truck for several months, it still had a 96% charge when i needed it.

The only problem i have with it is the air compressor. It only runs for about a minute, then shuts off – i’ve tried it on a couple of tires and an air mattress with the same issue. Also, the amount of air it puts out is pretty slow. Gave up on airing up the air mattress as it just took too long.

4Expert Score
It works and its lightweight

I bought this because the warning signals for low tires kept coming on and it’s not always easy to find a gas station with a working or usable air pump. Also a friend recommended it. I tested it out on my low tire in the driveway and it worked perfectly. Well first i messed up and completely flattened the tire! Lol! I did not have the hose connected properly so air came out instead of going in. Once i got that problem solved thanks to my husband, i was able to set the desired tire pressure and it only took about 5-7 minutes to refill the tire. Haven’t needed to jump start anything so haven’t used the jump start feature yet. Since i used it, the low pressure alert hasn’t come on yet!

4Expert Score
3 in 1 car essential accessory

I purchased this to update my old budget tire air compressor and jump starter. I don’t understand the negative reviews about this device, it’s awesome. The air compressor works great, the battery life is great, and the lights are bright. I haven’t had the chance to test out the jump start yet. It’s durable i have already dropped it three times on concrete and it still works fine. This one device has eliminated two bulky car essentials giving me back more room in my trunk/glove box. The only issue that i’ve had with it so far is charging my iphone, but that might be due to a shortage in my old iphone cord that i’m using (i’ll give an update once my new usb-c cords are delivered). It’s a bit impractical to use it as a backup portable battery because it’s a bit heavy to carry around however, that’s not the main purpose of this device; as a backup/emergency battery that just stays in the car, it’s perfect.

4Expert Score
I really wanted to like this jump start/air compressor

I was quite excited to get this jump starter for my car which has had occasional battery issues and a friend has one which i used and worked well.

This unit is sleek, laid out logically and the air compressor for tires was an added bonus. I gave this a 4 star though because the unit arrived failed. That is, there was an error on start up that could not be overcome and the unit did not work. Their customer service was honest and said they had a bit of a run with the same issue. I had to return this unit but will get another.

4Expert Score
Very useful, quick/easy to use and a car travel necessary item!

I wrote a review but it seems to have disappeared. It arrived on time and works great. The usb outlets charged up a ssg a50 and a motorola moto g7 quickly!. The air pump worked very easily, in fact, faster than a typical 12v car air compressor, the type of decades ago, that we have. That takes at least 4mins to setup, plug in and use, while with the halo, i just clamp on the tire hose, tighten, press the air compressor on/off switch, set the pressure to 45, start and when the bike/car tire feels okay, i just unattach it, and turn it off, and believe it or not, all that takes less than the time it takes me to get out and setup to use the 12v dc car air compressor! So easy! The only thing i haven’t tested yet is jump starting a car, but since everything else is operating more than well, i am keeping this, and considering getting more as gifts to friends and family! It fits easily under the car seat, and i have begun taking it with us while riding our folding ebikes, etc. During a week of below freezing day-night temps, the halo kept its charge while under the car seat!
Late july 2022: just wanted to update that my halo has been charged last during the last winter, and just remembered it in my car, where it lives. It’s dropped down to just 99% charge! During the last winter, it sat inside the car for weeks and did not drop its charge at all! Have been pumping air into my ebikes’ tires!!
Update 15 sept 2022: finally got a chance to check the halo on a car battery! Wife’s 2011 ford escape has been sitting out for weeks and ended up not cranking this cool morning. Broke out the handy-dandy halo and for the first time, was able to test this feature! Applied clamps to the battery, turned it on and watching waiting for the green flashing charging. Within maybe ten seconds that stopped and was solid green. She cranked the car and without a whimper, the car started within seconds!! She had to drive around the block a few times, but it worked without a problem… Any problem at all! Am happy i purchased this!!
December 2022: i’ve since used this twice now since the last jumpstart and again, without a hitch. I am so happy i looked at this and did get it so we can be on the road without fear of having a tire or battery problem while on the road. Also noticed that for the last few months again in chilly temps of almost freezing for the last month, and below freezing nights, the halo has been in the car(s) and not once was there a problem due to a dead halo battery. I am amazed how it keeps its charge even in winter!!

4Expert Score
Halo bolt air 58830

I cannot comment on the battery life yet. I haven’t use the product in an emergency yet, but i believe this product would be a great gift from any parent to a clueless millennial or gen-z children who think their smart phone will save them. Any parent who hasn’t taught their child how to change a tire is a bad parent. Show them how to do it. Make them do it twice, in the rain or snow, if possible. They will roll their eyes, but when it happens for real, they will make it home safely.

4Expert Score
Great to have on standby.

Battery and low air

4Expert Score
Seems to work

Came very well packaged, charged it to 100 percent, filled some tires to spec, and jump started once so far. Time will tell, but so far, is as expected. For the money, a hard case would be better included.

4Expert Score
So far, so cute!

So i go to start my work truck one morning, but to no avail, because we have no power.
Someone (probably me) left the lights on in the cab over the weekend. I start to think it’s going to be a long morning….“but wait, what’s this? Mike has a ‘halo’ in his car?” i was up and on the road in no time! (not recommended for the days you want to ease into the morning, because this thing really does jump start any day.)
it worked so quick and easy that i went and bought one for myself. It is a:
great value for the money! Easy to use, very user friendly. Super cute. Compact and comes in different colors or prints. Highly recommend.

4Expert Score
You will never be stuck


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