Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Traditional Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, White

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Traditional Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, White

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What are hamilton beach 6-speed electric hand mixer with whisk features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Mix with ease: with 6 speeds, including the quickest button, you can adjust this kitchen mixer to accommodate any baking recipe.
  • Easy to handle: with 250 watts of peak power hand mixer.
  • Bowl rest feature: a built-in groove lets you rest the hand mixer over the bowl, so drips go where they belong and not all over your countertop.
  • Versatile attachments: the kitchen mixer includes easy to clean set of traditional beaters and whisk.
  • Snap-on storage case: this hand mixer includes a handy snap-on storage case—no more lost beaters
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Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Traditional Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, White AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets from a great selection at everyday low prices. Free 2-day Shipping with Yakibest Prime.

Looking for specific info?

In what country is this product made?

China, and this great chinese product at started flaking chrome off the beater into my food!

True low speed?

I had to send mine back because the ‘low’ speed was way too fast and threw flour everywhere. If you only need it for things like cake mixes from a box, then this is a good little beater. We ended up buying a kitchen aid beater ( kitchenaid khm512ic 5-speed ultra power hand mixer) that has a true low speed and is a very good machine for $30. It also has a dc motor to power it.

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Can you make bread dough with this? Does it come with necessary attachments?

This is a light-weight beater that comes with two regular beaters. To make bread dough, you would need a stronger machine with bread hooks. We use a kitchen aid stand mixer (around $200) and it works great. Another alternative, buy a bread machine and use the program that makes the dough without baking the bread.

I need to order replacement beaters for model #62683

I gave up. At the time i couldn’t get them on amazon or directly through hamilton beach. I ended up upgrading to a more expensive brand., and bought extra set. You can see if hamilton beach has them back in stock, but it’s a bit of a toss up. Beaters appear to go for $10 with hamilton beach website before shipping, but it then became almost $21 with shipping. Amazon sells the mixer, beaters and case for $23. Welcome to 2020

The attachments are too big to lie flat in case. Really hard to fit everything & the cord in case as shown. I followed the photo exactly. Any tips?

I came to this section looking for an answer to this same thing. I also tried referring to the box and putting them in the exact same way but the attachments are just too long for the case, let alone fitting the cord in there too

Can you purchase an additional whisk?


What is model number


Does this mixer come with the electrical cord?

Yes, and the cord stores in the detachable compartment. It’s a bit tight getting the cord in the compartment as the cord comes out of the rear of the mixer and the ‘anchor’ that holds the compartment in place is also at the rear. I’m hoping the cord limbers up a bit to make storage easier.

How long is shipping

I received in less than a week

If this machine can egg beater to cream?


I have trouble keeping both beaters in the mixer. Anyone have any tips on what to do?

I found the beaters worked best if you snap the one on the left in first then the right one. If it doesn’t snap switch the beaters to opposite side. I noticed one beater always fits best on the left.

Can we buy the beaters separately

I’m sure you can, just look up the item & it should have just the accessories sold separately

Is this good for making slime?


Are the compatible dough hooks for purchase?

Not sure if dough hooks are available (i doubt it) because this is not made for making bread dough. You would need something built a lot better for dough.

Can i use this in india with 240v?

I’m sure if you have a converter.

How long it takes to whip egg white to firm peak?

Around 4 minutes by starting at low speed and moving to the highest speed level.

Mine did not come with the whisk. How do i contact?

I would return the whole thing & reorder it. Or contact amazon

Today , 20may20, it is out of stock. Do you have a date for new ones for sale ??

Search online or check local store. New york bed bath and b.. Has it

Do you have it in 220v? How to order this voltage?


Can anybody check in the sticker if it is dual voltage? I mean if it cam be used either with 110v or 220v ? Thanks !

120v 60hz only.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Traditional Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case, White AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets from a great selection at everyday low prices. Free 2-day Shipping with Yakibest Prime.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great handmixer

I got this to replace my previous hamilton beach handmixer. The cord broke where it attaches to the mixer, but i had it for almost 40 years! I looked at other brands, but decided to go with hamilton beach again. I’m 72, so if it holds up like the last one, it will surely outlast me! What else is there to say – it’s a handmixer. Good for cakes, mashed potatoes, and whipped cream. Does what a handmixer is supposed to. I use my big stand mixer for bread and heavy doughs.

This new mixer has a reinforced area where the cord goes into the mixer. And i know i will just wrap the cord around the body as i always do. It comes with a strap to tie up the cord, but i use the mixer too often to have to fuss with that. Same with the plastic holder. I’ll just wrap the cord around the mixer and put it in a drawer with the beaters.

5Expert Score
Very useful

I love my kitchen aid mixers but sometimes i really don’t feel like getting them out. This is a great product that is super easy to use and has several different types of mixers. I like be the whisk attachment. Easy to clean and i love that it all stores so perfectly together!

5Expert Score
Basic must have in your kitchen!

This is a great hand mixer especially for whipping up small batches of things. I use it to whip up dalgona coffee and if i need anything small to fluff. Easier than pulling out the kitchen aid stand mixer, which i use for bigger projects.

5Expert Score
Great mixer

This is a great mixer! It is easy to clean and store! I have a big mixer but it’s a hassle to set up and put away this little thing has power to it and great for anything! Highly recommend

5Expert Score
Good buy

I had a hamilton beach mixer forever and then broke a beater trying to mix a crust that was too stiff. It was a no brainer to get another. I don’t always want to take the time to get my kitchen aid out. It works great and i love it, you can’t beat the price and i know it will last a long time.

5Expert Score
Great hand mixer for the price.

Great hand mixer, easy to use, comfortable to handle, great storage compartment.

5Expert Score
Works great

Works and stores great. Great quality and nothing to complain about. Other than the cord sticking out of the side so prominently. But keeps the cord out of the batters and food.. Soooo yeah.

5Expert Score
Neat all in one storage beaters

I like the fact that everything is stored together so you’re not having to search the drawers looking for the attachments, however it’s really hard to separate the unit from the plastic container.

5Expert Score
It makes my wife happy!

It worked as intended.

5Expert Score
Great housewarming gift

I bought this for a bachelor friend. I like my own, the case holds cord and all attachments, everything all in one place.

4Expert Score
Whoa. You say there's low speed?

Good, handy, but too powerful, little mixer.
There was an option, one attached to a base with a bowl. Reviews were varied.
There are 6 speeds and #1 is too strong.
When just mixing cookie dough, it was almost too much keeping the dough from escaping the bowl. Imagine a cake or icing! I will let bc know but it likely won’t change anything. Oh, boy. Get this instead: hb professional, $40. Usually a better investment lasts longer so it’s worth the extra cost. But, whatever the item, stereo receiver or any appliance, compare models, check price options and read reviews, good and bad.

4Expert Score
Very hard to get mixer out of storage case.

I bought this mixer when my old one because the old one lasted many years. Wanted the exact same one and the storage case is a bonus. But almost impossible to get the mixer out of the case and there is no tab as you described at the front of case to push on.

4Expert Score
Cost minimal

Easy use. Now having tray storage

4Expert Score
It was a good, name-branded hand mixer.

Loved the extra beaters that came with it.

4Expert Score
Works perfectly

Currently into baking and this little machine helps make that happen. It doesn’t have the “eject” button, you just pull them out though. Works well for what i need it for!

4Expert Score

I finally used it and its so great easy to use and i like all the different attachment with it.

4Expert Score
It’s a hand mixer

Works well, storage for the attachments is pretty handy 4star all the way

4Expert Score
Case is great for keeping beaters together but cord doesn't fit.

Mixer works great. The single whisk beater did a great job. The cover serves the purpose of keeping everything together but when all 3 beaters are in the case i can’t get it to attach to the mixer if the cord is in it. At least the cord has a releasable zip tie that can be used to keep it rolled up.

4Expert Score
Box damaged

Good product but came with a very damaged box, no missing parts and very efficient use of space in kitchen

4Expert Score
Not really a slow speed

This mixer is good and i do enjoy using it, but it does not have a slow speed. The slow speed or the number one on this mixer is the medium speed on most other handheld mixers. If you’re using this mixer with a recipe that calls for gentle mixing this is not the mixer for you.

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