Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Black

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Black

Yakibest.com: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Black

What are hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker with egg cooker ring features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Quick and easy: this sandwich maker cooks your breakfast, lunch, or dinner sandwich in just minutes. Perfect for brunch or a quick, healthy meal on the go.
  • Create custom sandwiches: use this breakfast maker to completely customize your sandwich with your choice of bread, cheese, eggs, meats, and much more. Eliminate the bread and these are great for keto and paleo diets too.
  • Get inspired: explore more than 25 sandwich maker recipes on our website.
  • Just 4 easy steps: building your breakfast sandwich comes together in just a few steps with a breakfast maker—and you don’t even need to leave your house.
  • Easy cleanup: all removable parts on this sandwich maker are dishwasher safe and surfaces are covered with durable, nonstick coating.
  • Great gift: perfect gift for the holidays, christmas, birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, graduation, back to school and more
  • Included components: 791769498589
  • Fabric type: plastic/metal
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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Black

Looking for specific info?

Do i cook the egg and bread separately?

You cook everything together. This is my biggest issue with the device. There are only 2 separate cooking chambers. The bread is not kept separate from the wet ingredients during cooking. You put meat, cheese, etc directly on top of bottom piece bread. As the food cooks the juices run down into the bottom piece of bread which results in a very well cooked outside of the bread but a soggy slimy inside. In the top chamber you add egg and then lay the other piece of bread directly on top of the raw egg. It’s gross. This machine would be great if the bread was separated from the wet ingredients.

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Difference between 25475a and 25475

The only difference between the two is their packaging. 25475a model ships in its original container, whereas the 25475 ships in amazon packaging.

Can you control the cooking of the egg i like a runny yoke?

Yes i build the bottom layer the next layer i do the egg. I do not poke the yolk with a toothpick, leave it intact. Do not put the bread on top yet. I close the lid and let it cook for 2 to 2 1/2 min. I then place the bread on top and cook for 2 to 1 1/2 min. Then follow directions on removing. I have never had a mess and yolk is runny.

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Does it take a lot of electricity to run?

Rated at 600 watts , it takes .6 kwh to run for an hour. That’s slightly over a half a kilowatt hour. That’s how you buy electricity by the kwh. You need to know how much you pay for electricity to know what it would cost you to run. But, for example. If electricity in your area is .13 a kwh it would cost you about one half a kwh or one half of .13 , which is .065 cents to run this appliance for a whole hour. Since you use it for 5 minutes to make 1 sandwich, the cost to make one sandwich is negligible. Put a different way. It would cost .065 cents (slightly over a nickel) to make 12 sandwiches.

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I wan to make my sandwiches with a pork pattie do i h.ave to cook the pork first?

Yes you have to pre cook the pork patty to ensure it is well done. You do not need to pre cook ham, canadian bacon. If you want to add a slice of cheese on top of the meat or slice of bread do it before the sandwich finish cooking. It helps to spray the holders with cooking spray. Hope this helps

On the egg cooker part. So, if you put in the egg, then the english muffin on top, doesn’t the egg soak into the muffin? Or did i miss something?

I have found that the raw egg does soak into the top bread. I always lower the top lid and let the egg cook a minute or two then put the bread on top. Perfect sandwich.

Besides an english muffin, can you use a bagel?

You can use lender’s brand and they first fairly well. Thomas bagels are larger and you have to squish it a little to get it in the compartment.

Can you use egg beaters with it?

Absolutely yes, you can use egg beaters or any other ‘packaged egg’ product. That’s all i use, in fact. Just look at the instructions on the egg container and pour in the desired amount to equal one or two eggs.

Can you butter the outside of the bread? Will it make it toast like or just warm?

I put a bit of butter on the outside of the bread and it gives it a bit of a crunch. It will not be fully toasted like, but it will give it a bit of a crunch. Be warned though, as is, the inside of the bread will not be toasted at all. I put the english muffin in the toaster for a little bit ahead of time to make it crunchier, but that is personal preference.

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Why are there so many different model numbers for this sandwich maker

The different model numbers correspond to the different color options. The model that ends in the letter ‘a’, corresponds to amazon’s frustration free packaging. Hope that helps.

Could i use a beaten egg…or do i need to use a freshly cracked egg?

You are instructed to break the egg, so i would think that a beaten egg would do just fine also. People also use egg beaters, the lower calorie eggs that come in a carton.

What is the difference between the 24.00 model and the 34.00 model?

Without clarification what models you are referring to…i’d say $10.00.

Can u use a biscuit and what size?

Yes you can, any size up to 3 3/4′ and 1′ thick (2 1/2′ slices)

Can i use this to make just a pancake?

I never thought of just doing a pancake but i guess it would work. The next logical step would be to make two pancakes and create a mcgriddle.

How is the fresh meat uncook yet can put into it together with bread and egg ?. Or do i have to cook the meat first before put into the machine ?.

I put in cooked meat. Have not yet experimented to see if raw meat like bacon would cook thoroughly at the same time the egg does, but my guess is that it would not. In my experience, 5 minutes is enough time to crisp up the bread/muffin and cook the egg, but raw meat like sausage or bacon would take longer than that.

Is this product 110v or universal 110v – 240v for traveling and european use as well?

Standard 120v

Can you use 2 eggs/

I easily fit 2 large eggs just let it cook with the lid closed for about 2 minutes until it whitens on top then add the top bread, and don’t push down on the lid.

Is the nonstick coating pfoa free?

It took a while to get an answer from the manufacturer, but i finally did and the coating is not pfoa free.

I can’t have eggs, but like this product……any suggestions for cookbook that would give me other sandwich suggestions?? Thanks!

Try asin:1523334061 the hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker cookbook: 101 delicious breakfasts that cook themselves. It has a ton of recipes. As noted in the cookbook, you can skip the egg in about 80% of the recipes and still have a great sandwich. And it’s made expressly for the hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker.

Is this unit sturdy and durable or flimsy and light? Is it metal/alloy or plastic outside? Thanks.

The unit is built of metal/alloy. Its pretty robust. If handled well, it should last a long time. Its quite small in size & so is not heavy.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring, Customize Ingredients, Perfect for English Muffins, Croissants, Mini Waffles, Black

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
What else can you cook? And more tips.

I update this review occasionally , i suggest you copy the permalink at the bottom of the review to find it again at a later date.

Update 5/27/2015: a new version is coming out right now with a built in timer similar to the dual version of the product.

Update 8/20/15: hb has come out with a breakfast burrito maker it’s essentially the same tech but large enough to take a tortilla.you put the tortilla in the bottom, scrambled egg mixture on the egg plate with cheese, vegatables, etc… On top cooks for 5 minutes. You drop the cooked egg and other ingredients and roll up the tottilla around it. You can also use it for omelettes. As with the original, i’m sure it’s only limited by you imagination.

Have you burnt yourself? Don’t do that! Read misc tips below.

Note: no. I do not work for the company. I just really like the unit. And want to help people get the most from it. Frankly, anyone that thinks i work for hamilton beach or anyone connected to this device, is an idiot.

Note: since i’ve been ridiculed for some of the things in the next two sections. Let me preface it with: i know that some of them are a stretch. What i was hoping you’d take away from them, is that it’s more your mindset and not necessarily the device that makes it a ‘only does one thing’ appliance. Things are uni-taskers once you decide they are.

Mini oven: in reality the unit is a mini 300 degree oven and you can bake things in it.
1) pillsbury grands biscuits: preheat the unit, create a disk of crumpled aluminum foil about 1/8th inch thick using the rings as a guide, one side should be relatively smooth. Place it in the rings smooth side up, and spray with a little pam. Pre-heat the unit and place the biscuit on the disk. Leave the egg plate in the open position (unless you want a flattened biscuit) and close the unit up. Give the biscuit about 10 minutes and check it, adjust your time as needed. The disc of aluminum foil will cause the time to fluctuate depending on the thickness etc…. But it’s reusable. Frozen biscuits take a little longer.
2) pillsbury ready to bake cookies. Use the disc, or a couple layers of foil, and place one cookie on it, flatten the cookie a bit if it would touch the bottom of the egg plate when the unit is closed. Adjust the time for the cookie a bit based on it being cooked at 300 degrees instead of the package temperature, the thinner the foil the faster the cookie will cook but it may burn the bottom as well. You can use the egg plate for a second cookie, but use a layer of foil in a 4 inch circle under the cookie, so when you slide the egg plate open to drop the cookie out, it doesn’t get squished against the side of the ring. Hot cookies are soft.
3) yes, i’ve made small pies in it with crescent roll dough, and a can of pie filling. I fashioned my own pie plate from layers of aluminum foil. The lid from like a peanut butter jar will give you the basic shape. Just don’t cook the plastic lid. Bake the crust first. Also muffins / mini cakes using the just add water mini mixes and a clean tuna can. 11/17/14: these days i use a 3.5 inch ramekin i bought off amazon instead of a tuna can for these little projects.

Note: in the comments below another user suggests she gets good results using parchment paper in stead of foil, i haven’t tried it yet but i agree it actually might work better for at least some of the uses.

What else can you cook?
1) rubens: cut rye bread circles, using the rings as a cookie cutter, or i use a 4 inch plastic storage container. Put the pastrami on the egg plate during preheat. Then carefully add the bread to the bottom section for the cook and drop the pastrami on top, put well drained sauerkraut on the egg plate give it about 3 minutes then add a slice of swiss cheese on top of the sauerkraut and the top bread. Let it cook for another 2-3 minutes. You can add the thousand island dressing on top of the meat just before dropping the sauerkraut and cheese then remove the sandwich, or remove the sandwich flip it over remove the bread and add the thousand island dressing and put the bread back on and flip it over again.
2) tuna (or chicken) melts: mix your tuna ingredients, i like pickle relish tuna (and optionally raw egg. Don’t make it too liquid.) put in the bottom bread, put the tuna mix on the egg plate and let it cook, open the egg plate so it drops on the bread, put a layer of cheese onto the fallen tuna mix, leave the egg plate in the open position and close the unit back up. Let it cook an additional couple minutes to melt the cheese.
3) hotdog sandwiches: cut slits 3/4 of the way through 1 side of the hotdog, about 1/2-3/4 inch apart. The hotdog will then curl in a circle to fit on the egg plate. Let it cook for a minute or two before you add the other ingredients. You could, if you wish pour a scrambled egg in to the center. I do and then top it with chopped onion and green peppers, cook it till firm. The hot dog will pretty much come to the top of the egg ring so the top bread, i use bagel thins, will just sit on top. I cook the hotdog and egg without the bread with the lid closed for most of the time and then at the end add the top bread to warm it up and toast it a bit. Makes a great sandwich.
4) all kinds of other things, there are at least two cookbooks out for it. Although, you’ll probably not see my recipes use you’re imagination! S’mores would work, but they’d be a bit messy.
5) and of course for college kids, you can cook most canned goods in the can, on the bottom plate after all it gets to slightly over 300 degrees, open the can and let it heat up. I’d put down a layer of foil to catch any overflow and to protect the teflon finish some what. But other than that, you’ve got hot spaghetti o’s, or ravioli, hot water for coffee, hot chocolate, soups etc… Of course a lot of these things can be cooked in a microwave if they’re allowed and one can afford it. If not this is a very compact cooking machine for just about every thing. You could even use a cleaned out tuna can, to bake a muffin/cake in. See mini oven above. Jiffy muffin mix, blueberry, 7 oz use you imagination! And it’s just $24 bucks.
6)waffle bacon &egg: defrost walmart waffles so they’re somewhat pliable. Put a waffle in each layer while the unit is pre- heating. After the unit is pre-heated, doesn’t hurt to give it a minute or two longer, i nuke the precooked bacon on a paper towel for 40 seconds to make it crisper. Remove the waffles, and place the side that is less crisp down on the heating plate and add your bacon. Drop the egg section add your egg and place the less toasted side of the waffle up. Let it cook 5 minutes remove the sandwich. Lift the egg and waffle off the top and add a small amount of maple syrup to the bottom and add the top again. Or just pour syrup over the top and use a knife and fork.
egg size: i did an experiment… I cooked a sandwich with a scrambled mixture of two large eggs with 1/4 cup diced potato and tomato. I gave the mixture 6 minutes to cook, i used bagel thins as the scrambled egg mixture pretty much filled the egg section. I let the egg cook by itself with the lid closed till it formed a skin on the top (about 3 min) before adding the top bagel piece. Since the top bagel piece has the full weight of the lid on it, it browns faster, so i started with the inside facing up for a minute or two until it was tosted and then flipped it over for the final minute… It came out great, too much egg for me, but fully cooked. Point is, people saying you can only use small eggs don’t know what they’re talking about. You can easily use a jumbo egg just give it a minute or two to set before adding the bread if you’re worried about leakage. And if you want to add extra ingredients bagel thins give you lots of room.

Adding milk and other fluids to the egg: you can add them to the egg to make an omelet patty, or i some times add tiger sauce to my egg. Use a separate container to mix up the egg and other ingredients, and pour it very slowly on to the plate so if it starts to leak you can stop quickly until the egg that’s in there has time to set and effectively seal the egg plate to the side ring. Be sure to give the unit a good preheating time, wait a minute or two longer after the ready light comes on. Wouldn’t hurt to put a piece of foil under the rings with the sides turned up to catch any runoff.

Breads: i’m sure there are others, so far i’ve used the following breads with success. 1) thomas english muffins… The bottom section of the muffin seems to be larger. Use it on top of the egg and flip the sandwich when you remove it. 2) bays english muffins in the refrigerator section of the supermarket… Better fitting than thomas and i think a better muffin. But if one side is larger use that side on the egg. 3) de wafelbakkers frozen pancakes… Three flavors, fit just right, might be sold under walmart’s brand name also. A mc griddle. 4) walmart frozen waffles… Fit snugly, i like them. 5) thomas bagel thins fit snugly and leave good room for ingredients. 6) lenders bagels in the refrigerator section fit ok thicker, but a little smaller in diameter, than the bagel thins. 7) a 4 inch plastic storage container ( or the rings in a pinch) works well as a cookie cutter for most any other breads, i use rye and pumpernickel a lot. 8) if you experience burning (depends on the bread) use aluminum foil as a sheild, or delay adding the bread until the egg has set up somewhat. 9) also if you put in the bread for the preheat the sides toward the top and bottom heating elements will toast somewhat. And then flip them over for the cooking cycle. 1/10/15: more breads that fit and work well… B&m canned brown bread, this is baked in the can from the same company that makes the boston baked beans. It’s a rich hearty brown bread . Cut 1/2 – 3/4 inch slices. French bread loaves are easily found that are 4 inches or less in diameter also., you might also find corn bread ,or bran, muffins in the stores bakery that would make a good sandwich also.

Fruits and vegetables: fruits are best added after cooking. Vegetables have a lot of water, i will either nuke them first, or cook them on the egg plate before adding the egg. The water will seep out, naturally, so i put a square of aluminum foil under the rings with the edges lifted up to catch it. If you’re cooking them mixed in with the egg, give the unit more time for everything to set. If you just want them crunchy/raw add them after you remove the sandwich, or lift the egg section partially before dropping the egg, and toss them in then. However, i regularly add diced green and red bell peppers to the egg and let them cook together

dried vegetables: since i live alone, it’s not always easy to keep fresh vegatables in the house. I keep a supply of harmony house dried vegatables on hand. I put a tablespoon of diced potatoes, a teaspoon of diced tomato, a teaspoon of bell peppers, and a teaspoon of onion in a small container. Add a small amount of water, and microwave a little over 30 seconds to reconstitute. Once it cools a little bit i stir in the egg, and pour the whole thing on to the egg plate. It comes out pretty darn tasty. I’m not against adding the diced jalapeños peppers to it either. Of course, they’re also good for fortifying canned soups (especially for college kids) or just making your own quick soup on the fly. Check out:

salsa: these work really well, nd give your sandwich a southwestern flavor. Drain two heaping tablespoons in a wire mesh strainer and stir into the egg in a smal container. Then pour in to the preheated egg section. I use the black bean & corn salsa an some cilantro for a pseudo huevo ranchero flavor, you can cut corn tacos to fit for the bread as well, or add a couple corn chips in the bottom on top of your muffin with the cheese. Droning the salsa is the key, the more liquid you get out of it the better. It wouldn’t hurt, depending on the amount, you add, to give the unit n extra 30 seconds or so of cooking, just to make sure the egg-salsa mixture is set.

Meats: jimmy dean sausage patties are shaped wrong cut them in half horizontally and layer the two pieces on instead. Jimmy dean sausage crumbles work also, add them to the egg. Walmart brand frozen sausages, in 3 flavors, work well, i like the spicy. I nuke the pre-cooked bacon for about 45 seconds wrapped in a paper towel, i like it crispy. Canadian bacon or any cold cut works fine , no nuking. Make sure you thaw any frozen meat. All meats have to be pre-cooked. 11/28/14: walmart has frozen beef fajita seasoned meat , defrost it first and in this case put the cheese on top of it as they are pieces and the melted cheese will help keep it on the sandwich. Makes a great steak egg and cheese sandwich.

Cheese: if you place the cheese on top of a whole slice of meat and then drop the hot egg on it, there will be no place for the now liquid cheese to go. Except, out the sides and all over you, and maybe the counter tops also. If the meat is chunky and broken up that would help, but the hot egg will still make for a bit of a messy sandwich. You’ll want it to cool down for a few minutes. American cheese has one of the lowest melting points of the cheeses by design. If it melts too much for you, either add it after you’re done cooking, it’ll still melt, or use other cheeses. Whichever, for most sandwiches i recomend adding the cheese in the bottom section fully on and next to the bread and only one 1 oz slice. (if you want more cheese add it afterwards) so it melts into the bread and not all over the machine and your counter. If you add the cheese on top of the egg, you’ll have a mess to clean when you take out the sandwich. Although i’ve added crumbled goat cheese (and many other things) in with the raw egg. Lately i’ve been using sliced smoked goulda. Yum!

Some like it hot: for a spicy alternative you can use pepper jack cheese, or diced jalapeño stored in with the egg, franks hot sauce, tiger sauce work well too. Horseradish goes well to and gives you an interesting favor profile too. If you’re not used to this kind of heat from chiles or horseradish be careful and use them sparingly at first.

Misc tips: 1) breads vary, if your bread burns too easily use a couple layers of foil to shield it, or add it a little later in the cooking process.2) open each section one at a time and the rings will stay in their grooved track in the hinge and not come out in your hand. 3) don’t over fill the bottom section if you’re using the egg plate in the closed position, as it will lift the rings out of their groove. 4) there is sideways play in the rings. You can set the egg section down on the egg plate hinge instead of on the bottom ring, and then the egg can seep out. Make sure the rings are firmly seated before adding the egg. 5)always make sure the unit is thoroughly pre-heated in the closed position before adding an egg to the egg section. 6) a timer is essential for good reproducible results.

Power: need a power switch? I use this belkin conserve power switch

replacement ring assembly:
type in 25475a as a model number and press search.

It’s here!: the dual breakfast sandwich maker
hamilton beach 25490a dual breakfast sandwich maker

5Expert Score
Works extremely well and not just for breakfast!

When i first saw this i was skeptical that it would work without making a mess to clean up afterward. I’ve bought many of these little gadgets in the past and usually the clean up is never as easy as it is shown on tv or the product doesn’t quite come out the same. This one works great!!

I was eager to check it out when i first received it from ups. I didn’t have any english muffins and just had some thin lite bread in the fridge so just used that. Seasoned it first (and i highly recommend doing this every time you use it) with some vegetable oil after i washed it like recommended. I heated it up, squeezed the first piece of bread in so it fit in and didn’t leave any gapes, added my cheese and bacon, then an extra large egg (it’s what i had) and then gently shaped the top piece of bread to fit too without squeezing out the egg. Came out great! Then my daughter came over and i remembered i had some frozen pancakes in the freezer and offered to make her a sandwich and she loved it. My ‘mcgriddle’ is made with two small blueberry pancakes (store bought that come in a big bag). I put the first one in, put a small bit of maple syrup to coat it, add some cheese and the sausage or bacon (have done both), then the egg and the top pancake that i also put a thin layer of maple syrup as well. Those come out tasting so good!

I’ve made them with english muffins, bread and pancakes. I believe because i season it with the vegetable oil each time after i’ve cleaned it and it’s dried that when i go to use it nothing sticks at all. I don’t have the white residue from the egg that one of videos showed except once and that was when i made another sandwich right after the first one. It wasn’t a big deal, still cleaned up easily.

I also tried to make a reuben style sandwich as well. I used weight watcher’s rye bread that i put in and squeezed into the bottom to fit, a little mustard, swiss cheese, pastrami and sauerkraut and the top piece of bread also molded to fit. I had the ‘egg’ tray slid out when i tried this and the top bread didn’t brown because it wasn’t up high enough but it was warm and crispy. I may try to arrange the ingredients a bit differently next time and leave the ‘egg tray’ in this time and put the meat on top of that so it gets a bit hotter because it was just warm before and the bread should toast nicely. Bottom line is, you could make a variety of hot sandwiches in this and doesn’t necessarily have to be for breakfast.

One thing i did notice and i think others had mentioned was the top and bottom having a sticky residue feeling to them after using. I ran into this too and as it tells you not to use a scrubbing pad on it it is hard to get rid of. I do have non scratch type scrubbers for my smooth top stove and i gently tried using that. Still found it was sticky. One of the things that i think helps tremendously is that after your sandwich is done leave it on and closed while you eat and then wet a dish cloth and wipe the top and bottom with that being careful not to burn yourself and that helps remove that residue. I also just rinse and repeat and wipe down the rest of the the cooking surfaces as well.

A couple of other tips, if you want to try making a sandwich and your bread is too big and you don’t want to deal with trying to squeeze it in just use the one of the circles to ‘cut’ the bread like a cookie or biscuit cutter and it will fit perfectly. The pancakes i use are varied in shape and sometimes too big too fit and are frozen so trying to use the cookie cutter idea isn’t plausible so in that case i just trim them around the edges a bit with some kitchen scissors i have. Also, the sausage i buy that is round is rather small and we found the first couple of sandwiches would slide around so, after i microwaved it to thaw, i mashed it down a little bit to spread it out to fit better and give you more sausage per bite (and i do recommend thawing out any frozen meat first in the microwave). We also like to scramble up the egg sometimes before we pour it in and that works out well too, haven’t tried this yet but for a western style sandwich you could scramble up the egg, pour it in and throw in a little bit of chopped up peppers and onion.

Things i haven’t tried but think would be good for hot sandwiches are italian bread with butter spread on it and garlic powder sprinkled on top of that with the buttered side facing the heating sides and maybe some mozzerella and mashed meatballs or sloppy joe mixture on the inside, the reuben style i already mentioned, maybe a hamburger bun with a thawed chicken patty and your choice of cheese. Basically, just be creative and don’t just limit your ideas to breakfast.

Edited on 1-18-2014

still enjoying my sandwich maker very much. One thing i’d like to suggest and it worked well for us is that if you are making your own biscuits or buying a can of pillsbury grand biscuits you can make up a batch of sandwiches or cook for a crowd easily. While the biscuits are baking in the oven i cook up a couple of eggs at a time in the sandwich maker. I crack an egg in a bowl, scramble it up a bit, pour one egg in the bottom slot, quickly scramble up another and pour it into the ‘egg’ slot and cook for about three minutes. I repeat this process while the biscuits are baking and then when they are done i put my sandwiches together reserving the last two hottest eggs for my husband and i to have a hot sandwich. I get everything ready ahead of time, precooked bacon and the cheese out and just do it like a quick assembly line. The rest of the sandwiches i individually wrap in wax paper and have some breakfast sandwiches ready to throw in the microwave or for my husband to take a couple to work with him. I like that the sandwich maker makes perfectly round little egg patties. Think you could cook up a dozen eggs like this and freeze them too to have a quick and handy, throw in the microwave, pre-cooked egg whether you wanted it in a sandwich or just to throw on a plate with some bacon or sausage.

5Expert Score
Wish i would have bought sooner

This thing is awesome!
So easy to use, easy clean up if you like breakfast sandwiches this thing is for you. The only downside is it takes a few minutes to warm up (to be expected) before you can crack an egg in it. Just wish it had another slide plate to go on top of the “egg compartment” to toast the top of the sandwich at the same time that everything else is cooking.
-tried setting the top muffin on the egg while it was still a little bit liquid (wanted it hot too) and it did not cook the egg all the way through. (understandably so)
-the next time i let the egg cook all the way before putting muffin top on. Had to pull the whole sandwich out before warming top of the muffin. Or else i’d burn the bottom muffin. Over all great for those on the go especially teenagers and college kids.

5Expert Score
Best purchase ever!

Bought this for my hubby for christmas, thinking it would be kind of a novelty, like so many kitchen appliances are. Use it a few times then it gathers dust until you toss it. Not this! It ranks up there as one of my best amazon purchases ever. We have used it about 25 times so far and absolutely love that you can customize each sandwich and know just what’s in it. Definitely want to heat it up good prior to plopping the egg in. And if you use bagel thins, put a piece of cheese in to keep the egg from seeping through the hole. My husband loves this and now, so do i since he now makes me breakfast quite frequently!

5Expert Score
A surprisingly good appliance…

I actually bought this for my son (12 yrs old) because he likes breakfast sandwiches. Well this thing is way better than i expected. If you need or want to cook yourself a breakfast in the morning… This is a solid way to do that. I cook myself eggs in it because it only takes about 2 minutes and they come out pretty nice. Occasionally i throw some pre-cooked sausage or ham in one of the slots as well. The breakfast sandwiches are good too… In fact, with the right components i would say better than most fast food restaurants and only take about 4 minutes.
Honestly, i didn’t expect this thing to be as good as it is. I really like the short cook times and how easy it is to clean/small size. I highly recommend it.

5Expert Score
Cool little gadget

I received this as part of a gift. It’s not really any faster than making the sandwich the old way, but the plus side is you don’t have to sit there and babysit it. Set a timer for 4-5 minutes depending on how done you want your egg and go get the rest of your breakfast ready while you’re waiting. I love mine!

5Expert Score
Great product

This is fun to use, so simple. Five minute prep, five minute cook and five minute clean up. I couldn’t find the full size patties, mine are 1 1/2′ across, highly recommend the full size. And follow the instruction to put the cheese in the bottom and everything was sliding around. Kids kids over 8 or 9 could easily use this with minor supervision. Enjoy!!

5Expert Score
Buy it!

Easy to use, easy to clean and the breakfast sandwiches turn out perfect every time. We were tired of paying for the frozen sandwiches, which have gotten smaller over time yet have become more expensive. Buying this sandwich maker has saved us money and the sandwiches have a way better taste than the frozen ones, and it only takes 5 minutes for a delicious breakfast. I was skeptical at first, but this is truly a great buy.

5Expert Score

This thing is great!!! Also, i ordered this before i went to bed last night (around 5:30 pm) and when i woke up around 11:30, it was sitting on my counter! I thought i’d dreamt the whole thing, but no, there it was! I had the most delicious sandwich for breakfast this morning at 04:00 am!! At work!

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My husband loves mcdonald’s mcmuffins so o bought him this so he can make his own (well so i can make them, lol). Although it’s convenient, the prices takes to long. By the time the egg cooks, i could have cooked it on the stove in less time. The sandwich looks pleasing at the end but it just takes too long.

4Expert Score
Can be messy.

It works good if you use properly sized english muffins, cheese slices, and meats. (5 stars). The meats that should be pre cooked, anyway. Otherwise, it can be messy to use, especially around the electric input cord, sides and counter and buns have to be sized properly, or they’ll burn (2 stars). It’s a little quicker than a small cast iron iron skillet with an egg ring, and a toaster. It cleans easily, but then, so does a small skillet and an egg ring. It’s a great idea that needs to be tweaked, by hamilton, in order to keep it from leaking. It’s definitely a great idea. As it stands, it does provide a tasty sandwich. I love the idea. If you’re the type who uses properly sized ‘store products’, it’ll work for you. More money for a more versatile product, would be ok with me. This might be a good idea for a person like a student in a small dorm room, or someone without a versatile kitchen and more apt to buy one of these sandwiches. (5 stars) spending 5+ minutes to cook each, it’s not for people who cook for a gang before school in the morning (2 stars). It’s back to the skillet and egg rings for that.

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Surprisingly pretty good!

I thought this was a cool idea, as i’ve tried to make these sandwiches frozen and then microwaved – to terrible results. I also didn’t have high hopes, because it’s a little appliance, which usually gets tried once or twice and then put in the cabinet. I took the time to read the instructions, figure out how to clean, etc. And then proceeded to make 2 perfectly formed sandwiches with egg, cheese, canadian bacon and english muffins! My only concern is that this appliance gets very hot and you need to be careful, and use a wooden spoon or something else to take it off of the heated element once it is cooked. The egg was cooked perfectly, the cheese melted and the muffin was chewy and mimicked those that you can buy through fast food. I’m surprisingly impressed!

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Quick and easy, but not always clean and simple

This is great and easy to use overall, my only gripe is that if it is not preheated for long enough, you get a lot of leakage from the egg compartment. This device is very simple, it heads a plate at the top and bottom. The compartment that the egg cooks on does not have a direct source of heat besides from above and below. This makes it so eggs don’t heat up quickly or evenly, it is at the mercy of how much exposure there is to the top and bottom plate. This can get messy sometimes as there isnt a seal keeping the egg from leaking. Apart from this issue, i still enjoy using the product and it is fairly priced for its utility.

4Expert Score
Works well, a little smaller than expected

It works really well to put together quick meals. However, you’re really limited to an english muffin or something like that because any breads that are a little thicker will get flattened and a little burned. The whole thing was a little smaller than i thought but it does work.

4Expert Score
Replacement not as good as 1st one

Loved my first one but eventually wore it out and the top hinge cracked. Price is okay for what it does and how often we use it. My replacement has looser tolerances so the egg always runs out the side making additional cleanup and wasted food. Overall i still love it though.

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Have a good breakfast

If you use to much cheese or egg it may run out of the machine on the sides of the press. It does make a good breakfast sandwich. It also can be very tasty and healthy.

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Great for a quick breakfast, less so for meal prep

Got this as a gift for my partner and she loves it.

Works very well with the recipes included as well as some i have found online. It’s a little finicky with egg-whites but you can get them to work if you time it right. Heats quick and after a week of use, no hot spots or grease pits. Cleaning is a bit of a hassle but not too terribly hard.

Overall 4/5. Great to use for a quick sandwich but trying to meal prep is a process.

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Perfect almost

All is perfect on this. Makes great egg muffins. Only issue is that when cleaning the pieces fall apart. No big deal but the first time i thought i had broke it.

4Expert Score

Bought dec 2022….works great, takes a few times to get it down without making a bit of a mess, but they turn out great and tastes good af. The bottom of the english muffin gets so nice and crisp, the top not as crisp but if you flip it over for another minute perfection. Sausage patties work great, haven’t tried bacon yet but can’t wait. I just made myself hungry talking about it, need to go make another. Enjoy!!!

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Yummy breakfast sandwiches

This is a great way to start your day with your own homemade muffin sandwiches…biscuit sandwiches and more.
You do have to have the meat pre-cooked, but you can make enough for the week in a short time.
I had given my brother the upscale model that has a timer, and i thought this one would work for me. However, i really would have liked the other one better…and that’s the only reason i didn’t give this one a 5 star review. It works ok, but doesn’t have a timer to let you know when you should check out your sandwiches.

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