Hardwired Transformer for Ring Wired Video Doorbells

Hardwired Transformer for Ring Wired Video Doorbells

Yakibest.com: Hardwired Transformer for Ring Wired Video Doorbells : Tools & Home Improvement

What are hardwired transformer for ring wired video doorbells features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Replace your underpowered doorbell transformer.
  • Optimize the performance of your video doorbell wired, video doorbell pro, video doorbell pro 2 with increased power.
  • Easily replaces most north american doorbell transformers.
  • Comes with all the tools you need for easy installation.
  • 120v ac 60 hz power input with 16v 30va power output.
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Hardwired Transformer for Ring Wired Video Doorbells AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Hardwired Transformer for Ring Wired Video Doorbells : Tools & Home Improvement

Looking for specific info?

Will this transformer work in israel with 220 volts?


Where is my current transformer? Not in the chime box and not near the breaker box.

I found mine attached to the side of the metal junction box used by a ceiling light in the unfinished part of my basement. The only clue i had was that the doorbell and basement lights were on the same circuit. I have a 26 year old nutone lb-12 doorbell with a 16v 10va transformer. My ring video doorbell pro 2 seemed to work fine with it but its status page showed a red exclamation point and ‘poor’ under transformer voltage in the device health section. I tried to post a picture but amazon won’t allow pictures in answers???

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Need a transformer for my ring 3 doorbell will this one work for two ring 3 doorbells wired to the same transformer? One front door one rear.

No. I needed a 24 volt transformer from the hardware store to run one. This one didn’t work at all for mine, but the 24 volt one has had zero issues since the install.

I’m using my mechanical doorbell transformer, which is 19v, but it’s not charging the battery of my video doorbell 2. Will this fix it?

No. The ring doorbell transfer is underpowered at 16v 30va. Look on amazon for a 24v 40va doorbell transformer. The large volt amp and voltage will give your ring doorbell a larger amount of power to charge the battery.

What’s function of the power pro kit in bypass mode? Trying to remove unnecessary components that might break after 10+ years. Setup behind a wall

It is simply to supply power to the ring doorbell and the house door bell

Will i still need to install the ‘pro power kit v2’ if i buy this trans to power a ring pro?

I am not sure, but one thing i can tell you it stop working for me and the door bell only rang one time. Don’t waist your money.

I made the mistake of assuming a hardwired ring doorbell should stay charged but it does not. Will this one keep it charged or it a waste of money?

A hardwired door bell will keep your ring doorbell charged if the transformer is sufficient. This transformer does give the appropriate power needed to keep a wired ring door bell powered sufficiently for use.

I have a traditional front/back doorbell chime. Can i buy 2 ring doorbells and hardwire transformer, will it work like now. Do i need 2 subscriptions?

If you have two existing wired doorbells, you can replace them with ring pro or similar device. If both currently run from one transformer, then one replacement transformer is needed if your current transformer does not have a high enough output. I have one ring pro connected to ring transformer. System has been working flawlessly. As far as subscriptions, the basic covers one doorbell. Not sure if you can purchase two basic subscriptions ($80) or if you would need to buy a plus subscription ($100) to cover both doorbells. That would be a question for ring support.

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Is my current transformer inside the doorbell chime box?

Most likely either in the attic or crawl space mounted to a junction box where it is connected to 120 volt.

How does it mount

It mounts to the wall with screws and anchors. Your old transformer is mounted the same way and you will use the same screws and anchors to install this new transformer.

Is this ring transformer ul listed?

Yes this is the transformer i used for my ring doorbell

My really old transformer puts out 32v and used to charge my doorbell. It is not charging my doorbell anymore. Can this do 32v to 16-24v?

Transformer output needs to be what the doorbell requires. If the 32 v output is adjustable set it to the range the doorbell requires if not you will need to buy one that the doorbell requires.

I bought a ring video doorbell 3 plus and want to connect it to my existing door chime. Will this work with my existing chime (6yr old house)?

An electrician hardwire connected my ring pro to my existing doorbell and chime. I also purchased 2 of the chime extenders (that are plugged into outlets) to improve the wifi. Hope this helps.

Is this necessary to have in order to properly run the ring video doorbell pro?

This transformer did not work for my ring pro 2, underpowered and disconnected. I got the honeywell at72d-1683. It now says my transformer is strong and level 1. Its not even warm to the touch. The other transformer was hot hot. Get a stronger transformer.

Does this work with ring doorbell generation 1?


I need a transformer for a wired ring doorbell pro 2. If someone can send me the link please


For ring video doorbell pro. I have two chime, one on each floor, do i need two transformer?

No the transformer has 2 one for the front and one for the back

Can i hardwire this directly to the ring itself or do i have to keep the old chime connected? The packaging says to use the plug-in adapter

I unhooked my old chime since it wasn’t sounding too good and my alexa devices was doing an announcement anyway.
They sell a resistor that you’re supposed to use to limit current: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b07wf98svw/
i bought the resistor but haven’t been using it and have been fine. (if i remember correctly the doorbell battery died a time or two even after adding the more powerful transformer so i removed the resistor?) i suppose i’m risking overheating the doorbell cam but i’m willing to take that risk. I’d never advise anyone else to take that risk though. 😉

Is this all that is needed to hardwire a 2020 version ring doorbell?

If you have an existing doorbell, a new transformer may not be necessary. Install the ring camera. Look at the diagnostics. It will tell you whether or not you have a good connection. If it says poor, swap the transformer out with one that has a higher voltage.

Does this replace the pro power kit?

The pro power kit still needs to be installed inside your chime, this transformer (specially for wired ring door bell) is a replacement to your existing transform if its 16v10va, the requirement that ring suggested in 16v30va (unfortunately they don’t tell you that, before buying the product) for it to function as designed e.g night vision etc

Hardwired Transformer for Ring Wired Video Doorbells AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Hardwired Transformer for Ring Wired Video Doorbells : Tools & Home Improvement

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
For ring doorbell 3 plus with existing in-home mechanical chime

I installed a new ring doorbell 3 plus to replace the home’s original door bell. The doorbell 3 plus (i’ll shorthand it d3p) has a rechargeable battery which primarily powers the d3p but can also be hardwired to trickle charge the battery. I wanted to hardwire it so that i don’t have to worry about forgetting to recharge the battery, and also wanted to be able to use the existing wall-mounted mechanical door bell chime.
My existing transformer was 16v 10va whereas this ring transformer is 16v 30va. The d3p probably could have done with the existing transformer. But since i was getting a fancy new ring doorbell, what the heck.
The bottom line is that the d3p works, it is trickle charging, and the existing mechanical door bell works.
After installing the transformer and hooking everything up, don’t forget to go into ‘device settings’ and then ‘in-home chime settings’ and set your settings so that your d3p recognizes your existing chime. Otherwise your chime will not work even after you’ve done all that work.
This has been my experience with my doorbell 3 plus.

5Expert Score
Great transformer

My daughter bought a wired ring camera for her front door. Her transformer did not have the power to operate it. Installed this in under 5 min and now the ring works great. Highly recommend.

5Expert Score
Replaced 1950’s transformer with this one.

I have an older home and i wasn’t sure if this would work with the older wiring. To my surprise everything works great. The hardest part was locating the old transformer in the attic.

5Expert Score
Works great

After a few years, our ring doorbell app started alerting us that the doorbell wasn’t getting enough power. Once we hooked up this transformer we haven’t had a problem. It was quite easy for my husband to install it, but finding the original transformer was a huge pain. We both crawled around the crawl space for quite awhile looking for the old one. Easy swap once we found it.

5Expert Score

Fácil de instalar y buena cálida

5Expert Score
It worked great with no issues

Easy to install to use on my door bell

5Expert Score
Did the job

Tried installing a second ring video doorbell using my original (builder installed) transformer. Every night, one or both doorbells would drop offline until morning. The old transformer couldn’t handle the power needs.
Installed this transformer in a matter of minutes and have had no problem since.
Note that you do need to work on household 120 volt wiring to install the product, so knowledge about electrical safety is essential.
Excellent product.

5Expert Score
Works great

Works great i haven’t had issue with it at all, been installed for over 3 months my house was built in the 60s

5Expert Score
Works great please read

There is one video on here with a one star stating this burned out his door bell . This transfer is not meant to be for a normal existing door bell . It provides more power to ring wired doorbells . Ring wired doorbells recommend using there wireless outlet doorbell chimes . If using a battery ring and connecting it to your existing bell there are no issues but you don’t need this product if that is what you are doing . All this product does is provide more power than your existing door bell transformer . Get the wireless plug in door chime . You will thank me it’s awesome , cheap and easy to use. I have two that i’ve had for 4 years with zero issues . I love the 2021 wired ring doorbell . It is way smaller and no more charging or exchanging batteries.
You only might need this if your buying a ring wired doorbell . Not one that is battery also wired. Hope this helps !

5Expert Score
Great product

It was easy to install and it’s not that expensive considering that you will only buy it once and it will last for years.

4Expert Score
Great transformer

Works perfectly with doorbell ring pro

4Expert Score
It works but…

I still get the caution low power symbol – only 14v but apparently that is enough and now my home mechanical chime works as well thus saving me from having to purchase a more expensive plug-in ring chime – 4 stars.

4Expert Score
Research before buying

I had looked into why there was so much buzzing/humming coming from my doorbell. Everything led me up believe it was the transformer. I had a regular doorbell before and replaced it with the ring doorbell. So i assumed a ring transformer would solve the humming. Nope. Still humming. I think it has something to do with the amps/volts. I’m not an electrician but i’m guessing to fix this i’ll need to call one. $$
update. Ring contacted me and helped me with this. Looks like all i needed was the pro power kit which they sent and i installed in less than 5 minutes. No more humming. Not sure if i needed this transformer but now i’m satisfied.

4Expert Score
Ding dong

Had to replace the original transformer for the bell as it was no longer ringing when the doorbell was pushed. So just got the alerts on my phone only. Took me a little time to wire in, nothing serious. Now one thing to remember, once you got all the wires properly hooked up and you turn power back on to see if it worked, go check the doorbell itself. I was checking the ring app for voltage info. I forgot that it disconnected from the internet when i turned the power off and it has to be set up again on the doorbell side.

4Expert Score
Works as expected.

The only reason i didn’t rate the transformer 5 starts is because i had to return the first one i ordered because it did not work. Return and replacement was fast and painless.

4Expert Score
Please read instructions before you buy

I had to return because i did not know this required me to go in the attic and i am not going up there. I thought it would go in the chime box…silly me!

4Expert Score
Product works with ring doorbell.

Easy to install.
This device thermal issues. The design is also very heavy for its size.

4Expert Score

Needed this to install my ring doorbell

4Expert Score
Did not use

Unfortunately i could not use this product. I purchased wired ring door bell. I need a better transformer. I can not locate my old transformer without making a hole in my walls. Returning and getting one with rechargeable batteries.

4Expert Score

Works well

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