havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Slim Portable USB Powered

havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Slim Portable USB Powered

havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans), Black/Blue : Electronics

havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad : Slim, light weight, and portable barely over an inch of thickness and only 1.6 lbs of weight, the havit 15.6″-17″ laptop cooler is ultra-portable and protects your investment wherever you go. Ergonomic comfort with the help of ergonomic design and the 2 adjustable height setting, the havit laptop cooler provides you with the most relaxing incline angle for all-day viewing and tying optimized for laptop carrying the high-quality multi-directional metal mesh of hv-f2056 15.6″-17″ laptop cooler provides your laptop with a wear-resisting and stable laptop carrying surface. Superior cooling, whisper quiet three large 110mm fans provide superior airflow at whisper quiet noise levels, spinning at just over 1,000 rpm. The havit 15.6″-17″ laptop cooler provides a strong 65 cfm of air flow allowing you to work all day without making any noise and interrupting your flow. Extra usb ports need extra usb ports while using havit 15.6″-17″ laptop cooler? Just plug it into one of the two usb ports on the laptop cooler. Specification dimensions: 380mm l x 280mm w x 28mm h (14.96in. L x 11.02in. W x 1.10in. H) dc fans’ sizes: total of 3 fans @ 110mm l x 110mm w x 20mm h (4.33in. L x 4.33in. W x 0.79in. H) rated voltage: 5v dc usb ports: 2 speed: 1100 +/- 200rpm material: hips and metal mesh usb cable length: 60cm (23.62in.) air flow: 65 cfm weight: 680g (1.5lb.) life/mtbf: 10,000 hours

What are havit hv-f2056 15.6″-17″ laptop cooler cooling pad features?

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  • [ultra-portable]: slim, portable, and light weight allowing you to protect your investment wherever you go
  • [ergonomic comfort]: doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings
  • [optimized for laptop carrying]: the high-quality multi-directional metal mesh provides your laptop with a wear-resisting and stable laptop carrying surface.
  • [ultra-quiet fans]: three ultra-quiet fans create a noise-free environment for you
  • [extra usb ports]: extra usb port and power switch design. Built-in dual-usb hub allows for connecting more usb devices.warm tips: the packaged cable is usb to usb connection. Type c connection devices need to prepare an type c to usb adapter.
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Havit hv-f2056 15.6″-17″ laptop cooler cooling pad details:

Product dimensions

14.96 x 1.18 x 11.02 inches

Item weight

1.54 pounds

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer




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Looking for specific info?

Does this come with the cord that is needed to plug into the laptop in order to use this product?

The usb cord is not that great. I haven’t had mine very long and i loved this cooling pad but i’ve since noticed that the wires are all of sudden exposed at the plug point and it no longer works because they have become disconnected. My cooling pad and laptop literally sit on a table and never move. Disappointed.

Can you turn the lights off?

No and yes.

No, as in the manufacturer does not provide a normal way to turn off the lights.

Yes, as in i was able to remove the lights by opening the cooling pad and using a pair of pliers and removed all of the lights by twisting them until the connection weakened enough to pull the lights out. Be careful when opening the cooling pad as the metal edges are sharp.

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I have an hp envy m6 with a slight overheating issue when gaming due to a mostly powerless/tiny fan. Will this cooler help at all?

I’ve used this cooler for a few weeks now and have no problems wih its ability to keep my laptop cool. It does draw some power from the laptop but not a significant amount. It should work with your hp envy.

Will it work for 17.3in msi gaming laptop?

Congrats on your msi gaming laptop! The physical measurement is 11′ x 15′. I don’t know why it states 15.6′ x 17′. My custom lenovo y700 fits it exactly at 11′ x 15′. This unit will raise a laptop and circulate air underneath it but i would say that if you’re looking for a fan to literally cool your system down for optimal performance i don’t know if this is the right one for you. I’ve seen others on ebay with 5 fans. I am happy with this one but i’m not running my laptop for several hours while gaming. Hope this helps.

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It says it’s for 15.6-17, will this work on a 14′ razer blade?

I have a 14inch lap top and it works fine

We have a 17′ macbook pro which heats up quite a bit while watching live stock charts. Can anyone tell me how it works with the 17′ macbook pro? Tia

I have a 2013 15′ macbook pro, and i installed istat menus to monitor the cpu temps. This did absolutely nothing to lower them. I’m returning it. In fact, after installing istat, i found it had a setting where i could control my fan speed… Set it to high, and my temps went down to normal (i use cpu intensive apps for music production). Imo, don’t waste your 20 bucks on this thing, unless you like blue lights under your computer.

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Can i turn the color off

No but i have a 15.6 in laptop on it which blocks 95% of the light, if your using the laptop the blue is not noticeable.

Can this be used on on lap while in bed comfortably for long periods of time as am disabled? I need something that will be comfortable on my lap.

I too am disabled so for me your question was helpful. My order was just placed and will use it also in bed. Will now think about my options so i will be comfortable since my days are spent on the internet.

Can i use this for my ps4 system?

Yeah, perfect size. I run my power off the usb in my tv. No sense in powering it off the ps4 as it just causes the internal fan to kick on just as easy

Does this give off any smell or odor, like it’s off gassing? Thanks all!

Really can’t help you much, as my laptop sits under my 42′ tv and is about 10 feet from me. However, i have not noticed any odor when i have been working around it for short periods of time. I’m actually very happy with mine.

Could i use it as a mod for my desktop for my side panel on my case

Yes, you can. But if the vent holes on your desktop don’t align with fans, i don’t think it would be very effective.

Is this ones fans stronger then the newer model with rgb

Same power. If you look for something stronger, look for something with 3000rpm or more

Does it like flat? Not at an angle

It can be made angled or flat. It has legs on it that fold in and out. If you want it flat, keep the legs folded in. If you want it angled, then fold them out. So you can do either. If you put it on your lap like some do, then you’d probably want it with the legs folded in. I fold them out and put mine at an angle, because i have my laptop on my desk a lot of the time. So usually mine would be folded out. It just depends on what your doing with it. But it can be either. I hope i’ve answered your question.

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Do the fans blow cool air over the laptop or do they draw hot air away and underneath the laptop? Thanks!

Hi! There are 3 fans that blow air upward. The laptop sits on top of a grill-like surface. There are blueish lights that light up when the fans are running. I have macbook pro and it fits nicely on the havit. The unit is light. The fans are quiet and cool my mac well so far. I have it plugged into the usb port on my laptop. The havit has a usb available so you still have a port. There are little legs which allow you to place the havit at an angle. I’m pleased with the havit and would buy it again. Hope this helps.

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Can i place it directly on my lap without a lap desk? Would it block the fans?

The fans take air from underneath the unit so sitting it on your lap will hinder the air flow. When on a flat surface the unit has two legs in the back to keep it elevated for air flow. Hope this helps.

Can you turn the cooler around so the two fans are in the back of the laptop? My laptop gets hot only in the back left corner.

Yes, you can physically do this. However …1. The cooler is a very slight wedge shape, higher on the side with the one fan and lower where two fans are, so if you turn it around, your laptop will be angled back a little. Not a huge deal, but the weight of the battery and screen makes the laptop want to lean back.2. My hp also gets hotter in that same spot, and the design of the fans the way it is shown, easily takes care of the problem. The grid pattern on top and bottom distributes the air throughout the bottom of the computer.i love this thing!

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My internal laptop fan is making a racket and costs twice as much to replace as this unit. Could this keep my laptop cool enough w/no internal fan?

For anyone else wondering a laptop’s cooling fan works together with a heat sink to cool your computer. The flow of air alone is not enough to cool the computer. The flow of air is simply a step in a process of cooling. So no, this wont be a substitute for a broken fan. Cooling systems for high performance laptops, especially for gaming, sometimes struggle to keep cool enough on their own. This would help.

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How much weight would this hold? I want to use it to put a small kiln on it for cooling

I highly doubt it’d be strong enough to hold and cool off a small kiln. If you apply enough pressure to the tray the plastic bends inwards and touches the fans, causing them to slow down or even stop. I imagine a kiln weighs much more than the average laptop. Plus it needs to be connected to a laptop via usb to turn on anyway.

What is the powersource for this device? Is it through a usb connection or an ac/dc adapter?

Well, you can do either. Connect to your laptop or a ac to dc usb adapter.

Hello. Is this cooler noisy when on?

No we found it to be pretty quiet. No more noisy than the built in fan in the laptop.

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What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Insane difference, no extra sound

My gaming laptop was getting insanely hot while gaming. I was dubious that this would be much help and was close to splurging a more expensive cooling pad but this item would be delivered faster so i took a chance. When i got the cooling pad, the fan was so quiet i thought there was no way it would work. It worked immediately! Not only is it so quiet we’ve forgotten it was on before, but the laptop in general is quieter because the laptop fans don’t sound like jet engines. The on/off switch is great and i love that it gives you usb ports!

Based on the placement of my laptop’s vents, i actually flipped the cooling pad so that the 2 fans were in the back and this does work way better for my laptop than having the 2 fans in the front. It’s also nice to have the usb and off switch at the front this way. This does mean that i can’t use the kickstands to prop it up, but that’s not a huge deal for me.

I think this may have saved my laptop’s life as it may have started melting without it!

5Expert Score
Very quiet and it cools my laptop down

Great quality and comes with three decent sized fans that.

It takes one usb port to power it but also includes a usb port to make up for the one being used.

Fans are quiet and reduce around 10-15 degrees celcius overall temp of the laptop and around the same for the nvidia gtx 1650 graphics card. Which completely removes the stutter i get while playing battlefield 4 on high settings and the video card getting really hot.

The fans are extremely quiet, has blue led lights (not customizable) and also comes with two tabs in the back to raise it which also helps in pulling it air.

The cooling pad itself is thin enough that you won’t notice an increase in height especially since i also use a laptop plastic pad.

Definitely a recommended item if your laptop is getting too hot.

The keys on my laptop used to also get hot because of the graphics card and now they just get warm (it’s also 100 degrees here at the moment so the ambient air temp inside the house is a little higher).

5Expert Score
Very quiet and it saved my laptop!

I bought two of these for each of my laptops and they are extremely quiet but are extremely effective in keeping my laptops cool during operation. I’ve had them several months and haven’t had any problems with normal use. I read some of the reviews before i purchased and was leery with some of the bad points but purchased one and was satisfied with it especially for the price and purchased the second one. I am satisfied with them.

5Expert Score
Super quiet!

This is super quiet and helps keep my laptop cool. I was so happy with this, i bought another for my son. My only gripe is that the switch is in the back. On my desk that can be tricky.

5Expert Score
Keeps laptop from over heating

My laptop was over heating and shutting itself down and once i hooked up this fan the problem went away. Fan is quiet and fits beneath laptop well. Highly recommend

5Expert Score
Love this

I use it whenever im on my laptop and it keeps my laptop nice and cool and i can barely hear the fan which is better

5Expert Score
Cool looking attractive, light weight, low noise laptop cooling pad

This cooler creates a good air flow under your laptop, and really helps to keep the temperature down. The result is that your battery life gets extended. I have been using it for a year; it is a great investment. Really like the glow of the blue leds to let you know it is doing its job 🙂 !

5Expert Score
Great for gaming

I use this under my msi laptop and it has worked great so far while gaming. I haven’t had any issues with overheating and it is pretty quiet overall.

5Expert Score
Laptop stopped crashing.

Began to suspect overheating was causing laptop to crash and occasionally corrupt files as a result. Didn’t want a crash to cause a big problem. Did ram check, no issue. Stumped. Crashed multiple times per day and then would be stable for hours.

Internal fan would come on and run on full. Read that high cpu utilization can trigger fan and then crashes if overheating continues.

Adjusted max cpu utilization to 80%. Crashed much less, like once a week, but could feel the slowness. Began inching up 5% at a time. Crashed started increasing immediately. Bought this and confirmed laptop remained stable at 80% then cranked up to 100%: hasn’t crashed once. Miracle.

Since it has a usb port, when you consume a usb port on your laptop that was used by something else, you can plug that device into the cooling fan’s port instead and be fine. That’s what i did with the mouse’s bluetooth transmitter/receiver.

5Expert Score
Noticeable difference – my wrists no longer need to hover

My msi p65 creator runs hot. I have smooth skin on one wrist from long term exposure to it and needed a solution. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now and have seen a noticeable difference.

Temperature: good enough – under worst-case scenarios, the laptop now runs warm instead of unbearably hot and can be used comfortably without needing to hover my wrists.

Noise: good enough – it’s not silent, but it’s pretty quiet. You can hear it, but it’s a consistent noise and easy to forget about.

Lights: not a problem. I was a little worried about some of the comments saying the led lighting can’t be turned off. That said, when the laptop (17 inches) is on the pad, you cannot see the lights at all.

Traction: good. Doesn’t slide under the pressure from my hands and the laptop doesn’t slide on top of it.

Height: okay. I use it in the flat position. I was worried that having the laptop elevated would be uncomfortable, but it hasn’t posed an issue so far. I haven’t tested the tilted position and do not plan to.

Nits: fans only have one speed. Uses usb from laptop to power it, not a problem because it give you another usb port in the back of the fan, but i’d rather have it plug in to the wall or run on batteries.

4Expert Score
Yeah, with some reservations.

I have three of these coolers and i like them but as with everything there is always room for improvement, like my laptop sliding off the cooling surface. I use gaming computers, have four different models all sitting on a cooler but for some reason one of my havit hv-f2056 began acting up about a month after i got it and eventually no-longer fires up. I so purchased another brand and will try that.
Overall, it’s a nice clean setup, quiet and has an on-off switch. The surface is slippery so beware. The fans have blue led’s but with the computer on top you can’t see the lights. Would i buy these again, possibly but will make that judgement down the road.

4Expert Score
Does the job, but a bit noisy

I was having issues with my macbook pro when in video conference calls, it would get very hot, the cpu usage would go over 90%, and the video starts to chop, but after using this pad the cpu usage remains less than 20% and i haven’t noticed any issues.
It is definitely not as quiet as some comments suggest though, i could definitely hear the fans working and i’d say it is even a bit loud.

4Expert Score
It is very easy to set up. It then operates unnoticed.

This is a very practical way to protect and prolong the life of one’s laptop.

4Expert Score
Moves a good amount of air around

These matts are all designed for one thing, to increase the movement of cool air into your expensive gaming laptop. Although i suppose there are other sorts of devices that make a lot of heat that could benefit from this toy, they were conceived to keep very hot running laptop computers cooler. There just isn’t a lot of space inside today’s sexy compact laptops for airflow and when it’s a gaming laptop with a high performance graphic chip onboard there’s just plain going to be a lot of heat to dispel outward. This item is typical of devices like it, several fans with a platform and some way to power it. Like all the other products of the type that i’ve owned it does not come with an ac adapter it comes with 2 usb ports and a rather short double ended type a usb cable. This unit has an on/off switch, some i’ve owned don’t have a switch you just unplug it to turn it off. Usb is always 5 volts so if you have an old unused usb phone charger with an a port on it then it’s perfectly fine to plug this mat into that ac adapter to power it but the main idea is that you plug it into the laptop or a self powered usb hub to power it. Most laptops these days come with one or two usb a and then on really new machines a usb c plug. To keep a cable tangle from developing, i just plug everything into a hub, usb c has the advantage of being able to supply power way over 5 volts so if you’ve got a 7 plug hub that’s full that one usb c port can power everything easily including the matt and also handle data flow. If you’ve got a power strip with usb ports that’s another option to power it. I’ve never paid more than 30 bucks for one of these, but for this price point this product seems pretty good so far, when you turn it on you can feel quite a lot of air movement and the unit is made of plastic and metal and has folding feet on the back edge of it. They come in different sizes looks like this one could handle a 17′ laptop if you have one of those beasts. I’ve noticed that hubless fans are back out in the computer stores. That type of fan of course will last much longer than a bearing fan but they’re also a lot more expensive, these items are just one of those use it till the bearing noise from the fan drives you mad then throw it away and get another one items.

4Expert Score
Works great for cooling, wish it had a big more grip or a 'laptop holder' ledge

Got this a few weeks ago.
It works great as a way to cool down my laptop, i’ve seen significant improvements on temperature.

My only issue, and why i give it 4 stars, is that my laptop doesn’t stay on the pad properly and slides all over the place. I think a simple solution would be a little ‘ledge’ or lip on the bottom so that a laptop can get stopped by it and not continue to slide. I might implement this myself.

4Expert Score
Nice product

I like this product, it is quiet and cools things down. The reason i’m giving it 4 stars is because the holes on the vents are a bit big and you could easily stick your fingers in and get hurt on the fan.

4Expert Score
Love it … But would pay more for better cooling

Love the product … It works.

But i’d have gladly paid a little more for one that cools even better.

4Expert Score
Quite is an understatement!

Like the cooling pad. When i heard it was quite and kept the laptop cool, i did have some concern, but upon setting it up it does the trick. I gave it 4 stars for gaming, only because i do not use my laptop for gaming. I use it for high-speed stock trading, it has been able to lower the laptop by 10+ degrees.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Good fan but not for some laptops

So this fan can be used for gaming but for some gaming laptops it can interrupt the airflow of the laptop causes it to not cool but for like work laptops and laptops the don’t have big cooler and the bottom i would hundred percent recommend.

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17″ / 44 cm

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