HAWKRAY Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, 1080P Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Cameras for Home Security System, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way-Talk, IP65 Weatherproof

HAWKRAY Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, 1080P Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Cameras for Home Security System, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way-Talk, IP65 Weatherproof

Yakibest.com : HAWKRAY Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, 1080P Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Cameras for Home Security System, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way-Talk, IP65 Weatherproof : Electronics

What are hawkray wireless outdoor security camera with spotlight features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【pir motion detection & ai recognition】: the wireless battery wifi security cameras with advanced ai technology, can distinguish humans, pets, and vehicles based on the monitoring target you set in vicohome app, and send you notifications that really matter. Upgraded pir sensor sends you real-time alerts when motion is detected so that you don’t have to constantly check the app.
  • 【100% wireless rechargeable battery & long standby】:it is a rechargeable battery-operated wire-free camera, so you don’t need a power cord or network cable. Support 2.4ghz wifi only.5200mah batteries give up to 3-6 months battery life on a single charge. The camera can be installed almost anywhere, such as a shop, home, garage, yard, outdoor/indoor. A wireless outdoor security camera is designed to resist extreme harsh weather, thus has a longer life.
  • 【1080p hd live video and color night vision】: watch your home in true 1080p full hd day and night, and see up to 65ft away in the dark. Videos can be viewed anywhere anytime from ios or android mobile devices. This security camera delivers full-color videos even after sundown. You can see more valuable details to identify people, vehicles, and more objects around the clock.
  • 【2-way audio & multi-user sharing】:the security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker and supports real-time two-way audio calls. You can use the app to warn thieves, block visitors to the door, or directly communicate with family or friends. The wireless security camera can share with another phone, support device sharing up to everyone, just let the invitee download vicohome app and scan the qr code.
  • 【waterproof ip65 & cloud storage】:this outdoor security camera wireless has ip65 waterproof protection has been tested to endure extreme weather conditions. Daring to use outdoors in rain, hail, storm, snow, and sun. Support local micro sd card storage up to 128gb(not included), and a 7-day free trial of cloud service.
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Hawkray wireless outdoor security camera with spotlight details:

Package dimensions

7.2 x 3.27 x 3.23 inches

Item weight

13.7 ounces

Item model number



2 lithium ion batteries required.


Hawkray cam

HAWKRAY Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, 1080P Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Cameras for Home Security System, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way-Talk, IP65 Weatherproof AMAZON

Yakibest.com : HAWKRAY Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, 1080P Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Cameras for Home Security System, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way-Talk, IP65 Weatherproof : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How much is the cloud service

It’s free unless you want more storage

I would like to add a small solar panel for power. Which panel kit should i purchase?

I believe the question is about hawkray [c1] wireless outdoor security camera with spotlight, 1080p battery powered wifi surveillance…
I have the same question.

Sd card. How do.i link the videos to record on the sd card?

Should automatically record after you format sd card

How do i view what is on the micro sd card? If i order one and plug it in can i review it wirelessly on the app or do i have to take it out to see?

I’m not 100% sure but i think sd card is built in for i don’t know where the slot is either.

Vicohome acepta otras camaras en su app?


How do i set up live streaming? I was only able to view the video snippets.

Select your camera and touch the little green arrow in the center and it will go live. You will see a green dot on the upper left corner of the screen with the word “live”. If that doesn’t work then maybe your wifi signal is too weak.

Hi. My use case is i want it off except once in a while turn it on. Is this doable?

Yes go to setting ,,turn off motion detector and notification return to home screen you should have picture with play button press the button to go live

How live view can be recorded?

When is full screen live view, tap the screen and options to record a video or take a photo will pop up on the left side of the screen

Nobody that’s asked got a straigh answer. What does ‘cloud service’ cost (after the free trial where it obviousl costs nothing). Does it include an ap

Basic:31.99 a year, plus is 49.99 yearly, pro is 94.99 yearly. Or each has a monthly or 3 month plan. The info is on the app.

Will this work with an i-phone 13 pro ios 15.3.1?

No. It did not work with my iphone. It wouldn’t even connect to my home wifi. I even had someone from this company email me and offer to pay me if i deleted my negative comment. It’s just the truth. Don’t waste your money.

Will it show live images to phone during power outage? Is battery replaceable?

No you need internet connection.

Can camera be hung upside down?

When i was installing mine it was sitting upside down and when i noticed it i checked the video and it was also upside down.

Is there a customer service number i can use?ber i cab


Is there a customer service number available?

You have to go back to amazon product online. All the info is on there description

If it’s not connected thru wi-fi can i still access it remotely?

It needs to be connected to wifi

Every 5 days i have to charge it

Me too, in front one in back i only charge once every 20 days or so. It just depends on how much traffic you have unless you pay for all the extras like ai, and activity zones!

Does this camera have an ir cut filter?


Is the spotlight bright?


Is this compatible with other vicohome app cameras?

I think so

In vicohome the accept user agreement @ privacy policy button grayed out i could not activate it? Help.

Make sure you scroll down the whole agreement and check of the box that you accept. That should highlight the button

HAWKRAY Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, 1080P Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Cameras for Home Security System, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way-Talk, IP65 Weatherproof AMAZON

Yakibest.com : HAWKRAY Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Spotlight, 1080P Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Cameras for Home Security System, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way-Talk, IP65 Weatherproof : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great security camera

Finally, a user-friendly camera that easy to install and operate. I replaced my two cameras with this one and was immediately happy. They worked so well; i now own five. Two are plugged in. The smart phone ap makes it so easy to view and manage. I am not tech savvy which is why i hated my previous camera. I can immediately find, and view video taken. Setting motion detection, managing notifications and temporarily put a camera to sleep are a breeze to change. When an unfamiliar car appears in my driveway, i am queried as to whether i know it. They allow 5 cars to be put on a familiar list. Tips: the recommended micro sd card is 120mb/s, c10, u1, full hd, a1 (option on the amazon screen for this camera). I tried a gaming card, and it would not format properly. Also, turn off notification until you have the camera installed. Otherwise, the voice will keep ‘yelling’ at you. Highly recommend the hawkray camera,

5Expert Score
Works great!

This camera is awesome. We have a nest camera in our backyard which we bought many years ago (for twice the price). This camera does everything the nest does and more. We are very happy that we purchased this camera. We did find out though that you cannot put it behind a window as it will not capture movement doing so. Although, it does capture my flag that blows in the wind, but not a person. The battery lasts very long. We’ve had it on 24/7 for over a month and it’s still at 79% full. The wifi strength is ‘strong’ and it is approximately 40′ from the router. The test will be when we attach it outside but i think it will be fine. We like everything about this camera.

5Expert Score
Best bang for your buck when it comes to wireless cameras!

I bought this camera as a replacement to my indoor camera that eventually gave out. I’ve had this camera so far for a few weeks and i’m very happy with its performance. The video quality looks great! The night vision also works great. The response time for when the camera gets triggered to record is a bit delayed but overall great camera for the price. It was also so easy to install which is what i was also looking for in a replacement. Will definitely be adding more of these to my home.

**update** i played around with the settings on the camera and it’s working as intended. So far so good!!

5Expert Score
Worth every penny!

For an inexpensive camera, this unit is amazing. It operates and gives you the same results as cameras that are 5 to 10 times its price. When i ordered it i did not have high expectations because i have ordered these types of cameras in the past and have had nothing but issues. One thing that blows me away is how long the battery lasts. The software was easy to use and the camera was simple to set up. It was perfect for what i needed it for and i am so glad i have it!

5Expert Score
So worth it!

The camera is fairly inexpensive (comcast/xfinity wanted $600 to replace my old ones) but with plenty of useful features. I started with three, but now have 7; six in use, one is a backup to replace one that is charging.
The camera setup is very easy, and the ios app is intuitive (and free). So far, the battery life is good, but charging/recharging can take a few hours. The picture quality is ok but degrades quickly upon zooming.
Overall, i absolutely recommend the hawkray camera.

5Expert Score
Fits my needs great!

I have 3 of these now. 2 at a rental property and one at the house i live in. I was going to give a bad review at first because i had trouble with the app not working right. But after a few hours it cleared up and no more issues for past couple weeks. Excellent for price! Battery life does absolutely depends on your settings…if you have high traffic..foot or vehicle it will run battery down. And depends if you want to record or just live stream the cam. All in all perfect for me!

5Expert Score
Easy set up

I actually use these inside 2 windows and they work great! I know it says not to , but i wanted something easy just to see my garage doors and another part of my driveway in front . Connects fast when using the app and you can turn off notifications during certain hours if you want . I think by me having in front of glass the battery doesnt last as long as if it were outside. The app does show battery perentage so i just plug it in until charged and good to go.

5Expert Score
Great camera !

I am very happy with this camera. I purchase 2 cameras, for the front and back of my home. The picture quality is great and gives me a great view of the entire back yard and driveway. I was skeptical of the cameras because of the low price but they are just as good as the higher priced ones. I do recommend making sure the cameras are put in a low enough position so you can take them down to recharge them . I highly recommend you try these out. You will not be disappointed.

5Expert Score
Great battery life and picture quality

This product exceeded my expectations in terms of battery life. I installed in a location that is far away from my wifi router over a month ago and it still has about 50% battery. The picture quality during the day is great, and night vision is also better than expected. The app is simple to use and works well. Very good value!

5Expert Score
Exceptional camera for price

This camera is very good quality. Connects easily to wi-fi, records motion with an adjustable sensitivity option, saves clips up to 20 seconds when there’s motion, and is compatible with a micro sd card for storage. We had a simplisafe camera, which is about three times the price, and doesn’t save anything unless you subscribe. This was a much better fit for our needs. Highly recommend.

4Expert Score
An almost perfect security option

For it’s price, the hawkray wireless outdoor security camera does have quite a few functions that place it a cut above from other types of security cameras. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck here. It doesn’t quite measure up to the ring security cameras, which i will detail in a bit.

First off, the picture quality. The picture quality is really quite remarkable for a $40 camera. It records in 1080p (you can toggle between standard or high definition) and has a fantastic night vision mode. There’s also a micro sd card unit for you to save videos, or you can subscribe for three different tiers of cloud storage. You can also communicate two way with the camera, and access a static photo or live feed if you feel so inclined. Setup and the camera itself are relatively easy to install and mount. You’ll need to be near a router to complete this setup. You can also easily unscrew the camera from it’s base if you ever need to update it, or charge it. It detects, pets, cars, and people and can tell when a pet is being accompanied by a human being, which is also very helpful!

Now, for the not so awesome feature. First off, the camera itself does not record continuously. It is only activated by motion sensor. So anytime the camera detects anything, you will get an alert on your phone. Which is very helpful, but not so much if you have people going in and out everyday. You can put the camera on ‘do not disturb’ if you don’t mind about receiving notifications should anything shady occur on your property. It will record, but you won’t know if it does happen. As far as i can tell, it starts and stops anytime it detects new movement. The camera only records in several second intervals, as opposed to one continuous stream until it no longer detects any movement.

Where you place the camera is also very important. It cannot be outside of the wifi’s range, or else it won’t sync with your app. You can access it anywhere, but you cannot place the camera too far outside of your own range. You won’t be able to update it or pretty much use it, as far as i can tell if it is in fact outside of the perimeter.

Lastly, the placement of the camera itself is a huge factor. You’ll definitely want to place it in an area where the camera has enough time to capture the motion. I have mine towards the beginning of a decent sized driveway, so we can easily see when the mailman or amazon drivers drop off a package. I have a view of everyone who arrives or leaves the house, which is helpful in a shared housing situation.

The battery life is advertised as lasting about 3-6 months. My camera lasted a week and a half before i needed to recharge. It could be a faulty camera, but this was very disappointing as i do not want to have to climb a ladder to unscrew and charge this camera once a week.

Overall, for the price it’s a more than capable camera. It won’t solve all of your home security issues, but if you’re looking for a cheap option and you don’t mind not having 24/7 constant recorded surveillance vs motion sensor (or if you live with roommates or a building that you don’t own) this is a great way to circumvent a lot of the headache.

4Expert Score
Good camera for multiple applications

We bought the camera to keep an eye on our garden and chicken area in our backyard. The evidence of deer, foxes, and raccoons passing through motivated the purchase of the camera to get notifications as they pass by. Being completely wireless was a big plus due to the area of coverage being a fair distance from power. So far we’ve managed to capture/be notified of several instances of foxes creeping around the chicken coop and deer trying to eat out of our garden.

Mobile app/setup: the vicohome app is pretty easy to use and the initial setup of the camera was straightforward. The app allows real-time monitoring of the camera, the ability to set audible/light alarms on the camera, an intercom feature, and the ability to review previously recorded videos.

Wifi reception: once the camera was connected to wifi it has maintained a constant connection and has provided consistent notifications via the mobile app. Our camera is installed approximately 100 feet from the nearest router mode.

Image quality/motion detection: the images/videos captured by the camera are pretty good – especially when conditions are brighter. The ir night vision is also fairly good but the frame rates in nighttime videos could be a bit better since wildlife moving through the frame tends to be pixelated. The motion detection tends to be oversensitive at times (picking up shadows of clouds passing through the frame or under-sensitive (missing people or animals walking through the yard for which i had expected to receive a notification) but generally does detect the events i am interested in. I agree with other reviewers that the night vision motion detection can be a challenge to get right. I got better performance by adjusting placement and field of view to mitigate things in the yard which caused frequency “false alarms” – often things in the foreground blowing in the wind.

Battery life: the battery has lasted 4-5 weeks on each charge. During the initial few weeks had the motion detection threshold set to “high” which resulted in a many notifications but did not seem to drastically impact the battery life. After reducing the detection threshold to “medium”, it seems like there is a good compromise in detection capability and battery life. So far the camera has only seen warm temperatures so we will see how the battery holds up as it weathers colder nights.

All in all, the camera has been a good tool to keep an eye on things in the yard.

4Expert Score
For the price, just buy it!!!!

The quality of the footage is way better than i imagined it to be. I am an iphone user and for those who think android camera graphics can differ strongly, i imagined this camera to have that same grainy film but i was completely wrong. I was shocked by how clear and strong the camera can pick up. The noise quality is great, another feature i didn’t think would be as good as it turned out to be. I live in a apartment next door to the only bar in my small hometown, and i’ve had my fair share of weird experiences. I figured it was time for my safety and knowledge, to purchase this camera for my outside deck facing out to the parking lot my apartment and bar share. One of the best things i’ve done for myself in a long time! The motion detection can be a little odd, sometimes it will catch a person but there is nobody there or it will say a package was delivered but it was a car driving past. For the most part, it’s on the spot and notifies my phone immediately. For the money, it’s worth the little glitches here and there. The microphone that allows you to talk into the app and speak out of the camera is the only thing i think is the worst aspect of the programming because it’s very cut out and staticky at points. Sometimes it doesn’t catch the first or last part or what i’m saying. That could have something to do with the app more so the camera! Overall, great product. Thank you so much!

4Expert Score
Awesome camera for the price

These cameras are pretty awesome. The connect easy to wifi and the app is fast on your phone. Picture quality is amazing even at night. The sound is great on them as well. 95% satisfied. The only complaint i have and why i gave it 4 not 5 stars is because of the motion sensitivity. You can set up areas to where it’s not supposed to pick up but that doesn’t work. I even pay for the service and it’s the same so i’m stopping that. I have one on the front of the house but do not want notifications every time a car drives down the street, i’ve blocked the street off in the area but yet i’m constantly notified of cars and people walking. I get well over 100 notifications a day on just that camera… I still highly recommend these if you want security at a great price!

4Expert Score
Great product for the price!

We have 2 of these cameras and just ordered 2 more! The daytime quality of the camera is awesome. We needed this more for the night hours trying to catch the people vandalizing our property. The motion detection is on point – not much lag (depends also on your internet strength). The night vision could be better. It captures moving vehicles but you can’t really tell the make or model as you can in the daytime. All in all, i think these cameras are great for the price!

4Expert Score
Pretty good security camera for the money

We have had this camera approximately a month now. It works as it should. The picture quality is pretty good. The only downfalls we have noticed is the delay in alerts and being able to use the ‘press to speak’ option. When we have used the speak option, the other person can not hear what we are saying over the speaker. We do not get alerts immediately at times, there can be a delay. Other than these minor things, everything is good.

4Expert Score
Works well but a little sensitive

After charging the camera i installed it very easily. It works really well and picks up movement which you get alerted on your phone. However, on windy days it does pick up some false positives which is a bit annoying. I adjusted the settings to less sensitive but it still kept going off. Other than that it seems to work well and even allows you to talk to someone on the other end.

4Expert Score
Excellent at what it does.

This was my first cam purchase. I found it relatively easy to set up and use, but had a little trouble connecting it to my home network which supports both 2.5 and 5 ghz (att). The solution was a bit unexpected… I simply made a new connection called 2.4 ghz on the router, and then everything worked fine. Would recommend this product; pleased with the form, quality and performance.

4Expert Score
Great camera for the price

I needed an outdoor camera to monitor an area in my yard and this camera was the perfect choice. As an android user the picture quality during the day and night is crystal clear. It will pick up small movements which does reduce the battery life in my opinion so be sure to set it in a specific area and limit the range.

4Expert Score
Excellent value for the money.

Hawkray camera is very good. Picture quality is excellent. Motion detection works well and battery life is great. Records 15 times a day minimum at 20 seconds and lasted a month before needing a charge. I would and have definitely recommended to friends. Night vision also does well.

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