HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive, Super Weight, 3/4 Inch x 8 Yards, White

HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive, Super Weight, 3/4 Inch x 8 Yards, White

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HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive: Heatnbond hem is a roll of iron-on, double-sided adhesive for easily and permanently hemming garments and home decor without any sewing.

What are heatnbond hem iron-on adhesive features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Iron-on, double-sided adhesive for easily and permanently hemming garments and home décor without any sewing
  • Super weight is for heavier fabrics such as; heavy cotton, denim, suede, wool and corduroy
  • Use white for light colored fabrics and black for dark colored fabrics
  • Heat activated; permanent; double-sided adhesive
  • No-sew, simply iron the hem together; creates a clean hem in seconds
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HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive, Super Weight, 3/4 Inch x 8 Yards, White AMAZON

Shop heatnbond at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

Does this work with polyester?

Not at all. I just left this review
‘this did absolutely nothing but leave a dark imprint inside the pants where the tape was (& waste my time and money). I followed directions exactly. Then i tried high heat for 20+ seconds at a time. I bought an iron and ironing board just for this purpose and am really irritated. The yoga pants are 90/10 polyester spandex and should work per the advertisement. Now i have no pants to wear to a function tonight. Thanks. Pics attached.’

Can you undo this once taped?

Not exactly. This is a very thin strip of actual glue that should melt into the hem fabric. That said, you can get it to ‘fail’, and peel it off, depending on the fabric used. If you need to un-do a hem, perhaps you need to use sticky tape instead, although the tape doesn’t launder well so you’ll be re-doing it after every wash.

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Will this work on polyester blackout curtains?

We’d recommend the hem regular weight for polyester blended fabrics.

Making panels covered with 1/2′ batting and covered with upholstery material fastened on the back side of panel with tape, is this the right tape?

I think it will do. You may wanna consider doubling up the tape though, considering the thickness of your material. I used it on some sheers and it worked perfectly.

Will it work on nylon hiking pants?

Since you are planning to use on nylon you might need to be more careful with iron temperature and definitely need to put a cotton cloth between iron and nylon. Maybe seamstick basting tape would work safer for nylon.

I have a nylon jacket and want to put my military patches on it, will this work for that?

It probably won’t work. We recommend therm o web badgenpatch peelnstick fabric adhesive (asin# b07nxls7y7).

Someone please know a product that i can iron the tape on fabrics and then i can stamp on it? Please i’ll appreciate if someone can help me, thanks

Heat n bond is good so is fabric tape.

I plan on using this to hem a maxi dress, but how does the tape hold up when washing it? Since its a stick and iron hem tape.

The heatnbond hem adhesive holds up well when washing. You will want to allow this to set for about 48 hours before washing to ensure that the adhesive has plenty of time to bond with the fabric.

The super weight product is typically used for heavier fabrics such as denim or corduroy. If your maxi dress is made of a lighter weight fabric like cotton or polyester you may want to consider our heatnbond hem adhesive – regular weight.

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Some of my daugther badges fell out, can i use this to iron them back on ?

I think so. It’s definitely worth a try. Use a pressing cloth. If the badges are thick press from the back.

I never received mathis ? My hem adhesive???

I cannot answer

I tried on lace curtain – everything comes undone. What am i doing wrong ? Else looks like i have to return them all.

Honestly, i’m not sure what you’re doing wrong. Is the lace delicate so your iron is not hot enough? I did a cotton decorative shower curtain months ago and it still looks great.

Would this work to adhere lace trim to fabric?

It should work. However, if there’s little holes in the lace please be aware that the adhesive will seep through. We recommend to pretest.

Will this work on fabric shower curtain

If you can use heat on the fabric shower curtain..i guess.

Will this work put a hem in wool blanket ?

I don’t think it would

Would this heavy weight one work for slacks/trousers?

Yes it works well on these items.

Will this work on linen/rayon fabric?

Sorry,shawn,i can’t answer this question–i have so far used this to hem slacks and jeans,and i can tell you it works fine on these materials,and to turn up a hem on some long t-shirts,but they are all cotton–good luck

Would this work on hemming a chiffon dress?

I think it might show with chiffon. I used it on a thick cotton.

Will this work on velvet?

Haven’t tried it on velvet. But should work.

Has anyone tried to use this on fleece, if so…did it work or would you even recommend for this material?

No, however, you can definitely pretest to see if it works!

Would this work to fuse together blackout curtain panels?

It would fuse them together, but because of the width of the tape, you would not be able to iron seam flat and neat as you would if the panels were sewn together.

HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive, Super Weight, 3/4 Inch x 8 Yards, White AMAZON

Shop heatnbond at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Easily hem my work pants

So i’ve been using sewing tape for years to hem my pants. This one requires ironing to set. After washing 2 to 3 times it actually started to separate in some places. While it did separate, only in 2 small areas,i have used worse.

5Expert Score
Works great!

Works great! Don’t have a sewing machine and a pair of slacks that i ordered were way tooo long. Had to cut them off and hem… This stuff was a life saver. Used it exactly like direction says.. Have a beautiful hem!

5Expert Score
Works –

Used this to hem some pants for a wedding they held up good it was cheaper than paying for someone to hem them

5Expert Score
Easy to use and survived the wash

Used to hem a dress. It was very easy to use and was still adhesive after machine-washing!

5Expert Score
Very easy to use

I used this to shorten some of my tshirts and it was very easy to use

5Expert Score
Great! Buy it!

So easy to use and works well. My curtains have been up for over a year and look great!

5Expert Score
So easy to use!

This tape is great! Took me only 10 minutes to hem 2 dresses! I will never go back to sewing hems again! So easy to use.

5Expert Score
So easy and durable

I hemmed my skirt in minutes and it has not come out after multiple washes. Very happy with this product.

5Expert Score
I can sew n mend lol!

Great product n love via amazon prime

5Expert Score
Absolutely fantastic!

I recently took the advice of a friend and ordered this hem tape…. And it really was so much easier than pulling out my sewing machine. The first time i used it, i wasn’t very confident; so i took my time and went slow. But since then, it using this product has saved me a heaps of time. Since i’ve used it to fix my husband’s business pants and to hem up four curtain panels so far. Highly recommend you try it…. It’s totally worth $2!

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Worked as it should

The item worked as it should. Not bad for the price.

4Expert Score
Cumple su función

Es tal cual la descripción fácil y cumple la función

4Expert Score
Works pretty well and have held up nicely.

Use this stuff to hem some curtains back a few inches and this stuff has so far done the trick. The stuff is a bit flimsy when trying to lay, but if you take your time and follow the directions it seems to work. I did have a couple issues with a couple small sections not appearing to stick when using the iron, and ended up having to cut and retape, but eventually i was successful in hemming my curtains. I would never use this for hemming of pants as it just doesn’t seem like it has the strength and durability to permanently hem something that moves a lot and is used consistently, but for my curtains which are simply moved every now and then it is so far working great after more than a month.

4Expert Score
I use this product to him my bedroom curtains they look great

Used to him my shears and curtains worked great very happy with the product

4Expert Score
Got the job done

Was a little nervous when the packaging came already opened but this hem tape did it’s job! Very easy to use and a very good product. Happy with my purchase.

4Expert Score
Works great – but important to know that tape needs to be completely covered by / inside material.

A inexpensive way to solved my hem problem, but adhesion stuck to iron because didn’t realize it should be completely covered by the material. Baking soda was used to remove the sticky residue from iron.

4Expert Score
Great option to have for last minute hem

Was glad to have this as i needed to wear a back up dress for a wedding, but the back up was a little long. Ended up using this to hem dress, will say not easy to use first time. Due to the thickness of dress, the recommended heat didn’t work, once i went for a higher iron heat, then it really did the trick.

4Expert Score
Good product

I was quite surprised with this product. Needs more heat when you are attaching a place where there is stitch. But did the job

4Expert Score

Works with most materials

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