Hidden Cameras for Home Security, AREBI 1080p HD Mini Spy Camera Wi-Fi Wireless, Small Nanny Camera Indoor with Remote View, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Tiny Spy Cam A10 Plus [Original]

Hidden Cameras for Home Security, AREBI 1080p HD Mini Spy Camera Wi-Fi Wireless, Small Nanny Camera Indoor with Remote View, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Tiny Spy Cam A10 Plus [Original]

Yakibest.com : Hidden Cameras for Home Security, AREBI 1080p HD Mini Spy Camera Wi-Fi Wireless, Small Nanny Camera Indoor with Remote View, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Tiny Spy Cam A10 Plus [Original] : Electronics

What are hidden cameras for home security features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Original 2022 the latest version arebi cam a10 plus is the smallest security camera of wide angle supporting both ios and android devices. Get it hooked up to network (all routers have dual bands 2.4ghz and 5ghz. Just make sure to turn on 2.4ghz band for your router), you will be able to live stream remotely from anywhere in the world. If no network, simply insert a card (max 256gb. Not included) to record and you can access the camera on the app by connecting to the camera’s own hotspot.
  • Recording while charging spy camera: this smallest spy camera contains a 300mah battery which can last about 1 hour. Besides, you can plug it to a 10000mah battery pack (not included) to record up to 30 hours. Or get it plugged in to any usb ports with output 5v/1a or above to have it work continuously. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can watch over your valuables at any time.
  • Excellent live stream nanny cam: thanks to the 1080p and 150 degree wide angle lens, the spy camera captures details clearly and give you a greater scope of view on everything that’s happening. The compact design makes it easy to hide around anywhere like in the home or office. Perfect as surveillance or nanny camera in: office, home and car etc.
  • All in one wireless hidden spy camera: the camera is quite small but it comes with all useful features you need for a wifi mini camera: 150° wide angle, built-in magnet, 1080p live video, motion detection push alerts, no-glow ir night vision, recording while charging, playback/snapshot/record remotely, ios and android compatible, live stream from anywhere, sd card recording, free app, one app multiple cameras, one camera multiple users and more.
  • Motion detection and night vision: with the upgraded motion detection, now you can set sensor sensitivity manually on the app. Once a motion is detected, you will receive instant push notification with images and can log into the app to see what’s going on in real time. Never worry about missing something important. The night vision features covert design of 6 non-luminous infrared ir lights reaching 15 feet range. You can remotely switch it on/off via the app.
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Hidden Cameras for Home Security, AREBI 1080p HD Mini Spy Camera Wi-Fi Wireless, Small Nanny Camera Indoor with Remote View, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Tiny Spy Cam A10 Plus [Original] AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Hidden Cameras for Home Security, AREBI 1080p HD Mini Spy Camera Wi-Fi Wireless, Small Nanny Camera Indoor with Remote View, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Tiny Spy Cam A10 Plus [Original] : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How long does a fully charged unit last?

This arebi mini camera comes with built-in high quality 300mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last about 1 hour. Besides, you can plug it to a 10000mah battery pack to record up to 30 hours. Or you can get the camera plugged to usb charger via the cables offered to have it stay on continuously.

What’s the app name ?

Greetings! The new app is hidvcam. There are 2 different ways you can hook your camera up to network. One way is by scanning a qr code within the app as instructed on the app. The other way is by connecting to the camera’s own hotspot which works for all versions’ cameras and below are the steps for you.

1.please get the camera plugged in to have it stay on and reset the camera. Here is how to reset properly: hold the mode button for about five seconds till blue and green working leds off. The led will be off for a few seconds while the camera is resetting, then on by itself. Please make sure that you hold the mode button till both blue and green lights are off.

2. When you see the green light flash regularly, please go to the wifi settings of your phone to locate and switch to the hotspot of the camera starting with ipc. (it’s normal your phone will be off the internet when connected to the ipc hotspot.)

3. Open the app hidvcam and you will see the camera add by itself and show online. Please choose confirm if you are prompted to connect the camera to router wi-fi. Now you’ll be prompted to create a password for the camera. It’s a must to do that now. (please choose ‘keep trying wlan’ if you are prompted ‘the wlan network ipc-xxxxxxxxxx does not appear to be connected to the internet’.)

4. Wait a few moments. It will automatically scan available wi-fi nearby and then you will see a list of wi-fi networks in the area. If your router wifi doesn’t display in the list, please touch the refresh icon to refresh till it shows up. Choose your router wifi from the list. The ssid field will be automatically filled out (please do not input ssid field manually). Input the password of your router wifi. Touch confirm.

5. Now you just wait for about one minute. The ‘currently in app mode and cannot access the internet’ will disappear. It may say ‘network unconnected’. Please disregard it. After one minute, please swipe downwards to refresh and the camera will show online again.

6. With the camera online, touch the play icon to live stream, you will be prompted to bind the camera with the app. Hit confirm. With that done now the camera will show bound and now you are able to remotely view or control the camera from anywhere.

Normally it just needs a few minutes to set up a camera. Please just refer to the user manual and reach the support team if you need any assistance. The professional team is ready to help you. Please also contact us if you need video guide, pdf user manual in english or spanish. Thank you very much!

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How many gigabytes of memory would this use while recording for an hour?

For this arebi mini camera, 1gb can hold about 360 minutes long videos. The camera proceeds with loop recording by default for the sd card you insert. You can also switch to motion activated recording or shedule recording directly in the sd card record config on the app if needed.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Arebi offers one year warranty. A10 plus is the latest model designed and manufactured by arebi. Each of arebi a10 plus comes with a unique anti-fake qr code sticker on the package. Just please use your phone to scan the qr code to verify upon receipt!

Has me sold except..do you think it is small and or descrete enough? In the pictures it really looks very noticeable.

Greetings! The camera is small which works for both ios and android devices. The diameter is only 1.18′ and 1.73′ respectively for the lens side and the back side. It just weighs 1.09 ounce.

Can this be used on a model train?

This camera is good . I have mine on power 24/7. I guess it can work well on a model train. You will need a power bank to keep it on

Are any of the images captured by the camera stored anywhere other than the installed sd card ?

The images will be stored on the app(your device) for this wifi hidden camera. An image will be automatically taken by the spy camera and sent to you in the motion activated push notification you will receive once a motion is detected if you turn on alarm/motion. You can also snapshot manually through the app as you want.

Porque no puedo ver el video en vivo cuando no estoy en la casa. Solo lo puedo ver cuando estoy en mi casa conectado con internet porque ?

Porque no aparecer el código rq cuando quiero escanearlo

I’m trying to figure out if i need an sd card or not. I want to record when i’m not home and view later that night. Does the app record?

You can start using the camera without a memory card, but you’ll only be able to stream live to your remote viewing device and save content to your remote device. You need to tap the record icon on the app to start recording and tap it again to save to your device. Turn on the alarm/motion, you will receive push notifications with images when a motion is detected.

If you insert a micro sd card the camera will proceed with loop recording by default. You can turn on the alarm in the alarm config. Then go to the sd card record config:- gear icon at the right side of the camera —–>>> device settings —–>>> sd card record config. Yan can change the record mode from the default loop recording(all day) to motion activated recording(on alarm). The camera will record when a motion is detected and save the recordings to the sd card you insert. You can view/download the recordings of the sd card directly on the app. You can also set a time frame to effect the recording.

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Wheres is the email to ask for pdf manual?

Please check the manual offered to email our suppor for help. You can also email us through amazon. App screenshot intructions are also available for you. Thanks!

How do i take pictures? Can i record video directly to an iphone, and then take screenshots to get pictures? Imagine secret shopper needs.

Hi! I know there’s a way to take pictures but i’m doing exactly this, i record and taking screenshots from the iphone. If i find out how to do it i will get in touch with you

I can watch videos live but the only thing it saves to my library are still pictures why is it not saving the videos?

When live streaming you can manually snapshot or record videos. Touch library, on the top there are two options – snapshots and recordings. Choose recordings to view the videos you record. You can also insert a micro sd card max 128g to record videos. Please just email our support as per the included manual or reach us through amazon messaging center and we are ready to help you. Thank you!

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It doesn’t look 1080p?

It doesn’t even work at all so there is no way for me to see the quality.

Are videos/pictures/files stored remotely inwhich anyone other than the owner/user may have access to them? Can everything be kept on camera sd card?

The app is new which is much more secure. It requires login. Set it up and you will be the admin of the camera. Nobody can access the camera without your authorization. Insert a card and the camera will automatically start loop recording by default. You can change the default loop recording to motion activated or schedule recording in the app. All the recordings will be saved onto the sd card. You can access the card to playback or download the recordings in the app. On the other hand, you can also snapshot or record video manually while live streaming in the app and the recordings will be saved onto your phone. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We are ready to help you. Thank you very much! Be safe!

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My sd card not being recognized how do i format it?


The spy camera supports 8gb to 128gb micro sd card (not included.)

here is how to insert a micro sd card properly:- the side of the card with the golden contact points should be towards the lens side. Please push slightly till it snaps into place.

To format the card, hit the gear icon in the app. Choose sd card recording, then choose format tf card, you will be prompted if to format the card or not. Choose confirm. Hit the gear icon, then choose sd card recording.

If failed, please insert the card to a card reader and then plug to computer to format.

Please feel free to contact the support for help as per the offered manual. The team is ready to help you. Thank you!

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Can the hidvcam record frome my bedroom everything in my living room ?

Not quite sure on this one what you’re talkin about. Wherever the camera is that is what will be recorded. Whether you’re in your home or away from home if you set it up to record and the cameras in your living room it will record. But that didn’t answer your question be more specific please.

Mine no longer will show its hotspot or connect to wifi, i got it yesterday… No manual, so how do i reset this thingy see if that works.?

You can reset by pressing the mode button on the camera or go into your app & select unbind. As for the connection to your wifi, the camera needs to be near your cell phone or wifi in order to work. The battery on the camera does not last long and it does take much juice to run the camera. It works the best if the camera is connected to your outlet.

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Why cant i view my live off of mobil network at work or do i have to use wifi at work to see my camera at home

Greetings! You need to configure the mini camera with your router wifi at home. Then you will be able to view remotely from anywhere. For your phone you just make sure it has accessible network no matter it is mobile network or wifi network. Please feel free to contact the support team as per the offered manual for help if needed. The team is ready to help you! Thank you!

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Can i hide this and record what my wife is typing/reading on the computer?

It would need to be behind her and if possible plugged in.

Will the camera record behind 2 pane of glass.?ann

Camera behind two doors only works if there is no sun refection on the door or light at the door at night

Hidden Cameras for Home Security, AREBI 1080p HD Mini Spy Camera Wi-Fi Wireless, Small Nanny Camera Indoor with Remote View, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Tiny Spy Cam A10 Plus [Original] AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Hidden Cameras for Home Security, AREBI 1080p HD Mini Spy Camera Wi-Fi Wireless, Small Nanny Camera Indoor with Remote View, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Tiny Spy Cam A10 Plus [Original] : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worked better than i was expecting

I was skeptical given some of the other review. Maybe those were for earlier versions. The instructions are as complete as the product’s functionality. I found them quite clear in plain english. Maybe a little chinenglish, but they must have had someone go over it and render the instructions pretty clear. The flow of the instructions are actually well laid out. As other reviewers have noted, do be so overly zealous to put this through its paces without reading the instructions. While the camera seems intuitive, there is a lot of good direction in the instructions – – use them!

The images is very clear and i recommend using the 1080 resolution. Shutter speed is fixed at 30fps. Even at night, the camera produces pretty clear images in very low light (and that’s without the night vision on). The ir lights are truly invisible to the human eye and are quite decent. They enable the camera to see clearly about 10 feet. If you get this, plan to keep it plugged into a wall charger all the time, or if you want it as a body cam, then plug it into a rechargeable power bank. In cold weather, using this as a body cam gave me about 15 minutes of battery life. Like all other ir cameras, you cannot use the ir lights to see through windows at night. It’s like standing in front of your bathroom mirror with the door closed and lights off at night and then shinning a super bright flashlight into the mirror and then trying to see your reflection – -this will never work. For that to work, you’d need ir lights outside the window.

I plan to attach this to a helmet and record skiing videos, but the limited shutter speed will likely produce ho-hum videos compared to the high-speed of an iphone or gopro. If i fall and trash this, well i’m only out $50 – – a lot better than being out $400. Oh, and this is way lighter than a gopro. We’ll see. The magnetic holder is nice and there are multiple options. The camera has a magnet behind the back plate. If you want to mount the camera to the ceiling or drywall, they include a small metal (iron) disk that you velcro or glue to a non-metalic surface. Then the camera can be placed and easily removed from the disk. But, battery life is about 60-90 minutes, you still need near-by power.

There are two wifi modes 1.) wifi directly to your phone which is the mode you have when you receive it or after you press the reset. This is great for using the device as a dash cam in a car, in a hotel, or out in field away from routers. You use this mode to connect your phone directly to the camera when you are within range. When connected directly to camera with phone, you can switch the camera to wifi mode 2.) which means you log the camera into a local wifi network. This allows you to see and control the camera from anywhere in the world with a cell phone (no laptop software to access it). In either mode, the camera is burning electricity to run a wifi network meaning that the battery can only hold out for about 90 minutes max.

You have basically two ways to capture and store video 1.) directly to a phone’s memory but the phone has to be actively watching (or connected via wifi mode 1 or 2) to the camera. 2.) directly to a microsd card. If you plan to use this as a security camera, it could alert you to motion of an intruder, but if they spot the camera, all they need to do is take it and you will not have any video (e.g. No cloud storage option). Now, if you happen to log into the camera because you got an alert on your phone, you can begin recording video to your phone. In that case, having the camera taken still leaves you with those security images on your phone. I must say, the motion detection on this is awesome – – way better than my arlo camera’s. It does not use passive ir, it detects changes in the background. On the highest sensitivity, it goes off when my neighbors dog comes into view about 75-100 meters away. It picks up an individual walking on the sidewalk about 100 meters away and cars going down the street about 150 meters away. It has 7 levels of sensitivity setting and can also be disabled. You can also schedule when you want it to be motion sensitive. Lots of options for security including the alert interval and recording duration.

I’m impressed enough with this camera that i plan to buy one for my son’s dorm room as they’ve had a rash of thefts in the school. The frontal area of the camera is about that of a silver dollar (us). It might be pretty easy to disguise/hide. I plan to buy 1 or two more, since they are affordable, to monitor the back room behind a complex aquarium system. I want to monitor liquid levels in several containers as well as some instruments when i’m away from the system on long trips.

5Expert Score
Handy small magnetized camera

For the last ten months, i have been busting into my baby’s room to check on them in the night. They used to be a sound sleeper until very recently. I used to be able to run roomba while they were sleeping. Not anymore. I needed a way to check up on baby without waking baby and traumatizing everyone.

I set up this camera in the room and it’s been great! At first, i plugged this camera into the short bendable cord and into a power bank to sit on the window sill. The camera battery only lasts for about an hour, so it needs a power source if you want monitor something for longer than an hour. The short stubby cord is supposed to stay where you bend it, similar to wired ribbon. It did ok, but i was only seeing the top part of the bed. My kid likes to ‘travel’ so i needed to be able to see more of the bed.

I’m super classy and i decided to utilize the magnetic feature of the camera and put a large binder clip on the side of the crib and the camera attached right to it and i ran the power cord to the wall. Now i can pull up my phone to take a peak at what they’re doing. Sometimes they’re just goofing off during naps and i’ll be better prepared for overly tired meltdowns. Or, if i hear them in the night, i can see if they’re transitioning through a sleep cycle or if they need me.

I have noticed the colors aren’t really representative during the day, for example the blanket looks a different shade than in real life, but it’s not like the kid’s skin is green or anything. Night vision is in grey scale and enough for me to see.

The app has more functionality than i expected. You can turn off the indicator lights, which is great for not having a green and blue light visible at night. They don’t seem like much, but they will illuminate a dark space. The app has a background of a generic room while it loads the feed, which is kind of amusing, but a good indicator you’re waiting for the feed to load and not looking at an old image posing as a live image.

If you want to playback your footage and review it, you must buy a mini sd card. One does not come with the camera. I haven’t needed one, yet, so i can’t comment on recording footage.

I needed this for a simple use and i’m happy with it. If you’re trying to spy on someone it might not be great since it needs a power source, and you have to hide the cord and the power source. If you’re trying to film yourself doing a backflip outside and no one is around, great use case.

5Expert Score
The customer service is phenomenal.

I first purchased the model # a10 plus to put around my house because i felt that somebody was coming in and out of my house when i’m gone. In the beginning the camera didn’t work at all. I couldn’t get my phone to pick up the camera when i turn it on. So i turned off my phone for ten seconds to reset it. My phone then picked up the camera. I got the camera to work while i was online at home. However; it didn’t work when i was away from home as it was supposed to. I contacted customer service by email. Alyssa smith contacted me i believe within two days. I told her i’m about to return the camera. She instructed me not to. She sent me another one free of charge. That camera did the same thing. It worked while i was at home online but not when i was away. When i had given up on it and was about to purchase a different brand, i was contacted by alyssa smith with customer service. She stated that they were going to be coming out with the new model # a10 plus and she was going to be sending it to me free of charge. When i did get it, i had no problems with my phone picking up the camera. As a matter of fact it was much easier and faster. The camera is working properly. All of the features works properly. The most important thing is, i can now monitor my house when i’m away from home miles away. The motion detector sounds the alarm every time a person or vehicle passes my house. The pic i posted is where i’m more than 175 miles away from my house and i can still monitor what’s going on. I don’t know why it don’t seem clear on here. However; the pic and live streaming is very clear on my phone. I can even tell what the weather is doing there. It’s amazing how they go out of their way to be assured that the customer is satisfied. I would definely recomment the model # a10 plus to anybody and everybody. I wanted to edit my review to add that today, december 13, 2019 which is four days after i posted my review, i decided to test the voice feature on the app/camera while i’m away from home 175 miles away. I had my son go to my house. I saw him when he go there. Then i had him go inside and say something. He went inside and said ‘dad can you hear me?’ i heard every word. I posted this to say that althought i have the camera monitoring the outside if anybody enters my house i can see where they entered and i can hear them once they’re inside as well. I just love this camera.

5Expert Score
Good (great) little camera

Edit: after using it for awhile i noticed the sound is not as clear as i initially thought, but it’s clear enough to hear low speech which is good enough for me. The motion detection is very slow to capture, but is still useful for a time frame to go back and watch video. I have mine set to 24hr loop with a 64gb card. It’s been about 3 weeks and it has 18gb left so you can get massive amounts of data on one card. I did buy a second one at full price to get another angle and get rid of blind spots. Scheduling is easy, ir comes on at 9pm and turns off at 9am. Anything goes bump in the night i have no doubts it will show up on cam. Very very very pleased with this product. As cheap as it feels i really wasnt expecting to be able to lean on it so much. I like it better than the blink mini, though the image and video quality on the blink far surpasses what this one is able to produce. Have not reviewed any footage on a pc yet, only through the app so i dont know if it will be any clearer. I dont imagine so.

For the price and portability, it’s a fantastic little camera. It is wide angle, but you’ll have to place it fairly high to get a legitimate wide angle view. Picture quality is good, not great, but considering its size and price point i’d expect worse.

Ir doesnt go real far, but it’s not terrible either. Tried it with the ambient tv backlighting (that faint blackish-bluish glow when its sleeping) and it kind of throws off the ir a little, not ideal, but it also helps lengthen the field of view as well so it’s a trade off.

Sound is loud and clear, a lot more sensitive than expected. Can hear noise from another room down the hall, so whispers or muttering in the room where its placed (presumably) wont go unnoticed.

The app is easy to use, network capability easy to set up, and it the few basic functions it has available are good enough for the average person to set their own schedules for night/day and motion.

Overall i’m impressed. For something so little it does a job about as well as a medium grade webcam. I’ll be investing in a couple more for various locations throughout the house.

5Expert Score
Better quality than cheaper versions

Overall, i was much more impressed with this camera than the other 2 similar ones i got for a quarter of the price. Sometimes paying a little more is worth it. To start, it arrives packaged nicely and well padded. You get a charger/ power usb cord and a stiff connected too. The directions are clear and easy to understand and there were no issues connecting to my phone, unlike the cheaper versions. The battery on this one lasted just over an hour, compared to about 40 minutes for the cheap ones. The picture quality is about the same. Not amazing but still great for the price. You can easily switch modes by the button on the side of the camera. They include an adhesive flexible mount plus 2 extra sticky pads in case you need to reposition it. I like the box it come in too. Much better than the cheap looking generic version. You still need a micro sd (not included) if you want to do anything other than stream live or record to the cloud because this doesn’t store video. If i were to buy another of these types of cameras, i’d go for this one o dr the cheaper ones i bought.

5Expert Score
Great night vision , great security cam, honest battery life — i explain why neg reviews are wrong

I was confused because there were both excellent and bad reviews for the night vision. I took a chance. The night vision is excellent. The people who placed bad reviews probably didn’t turn on the ir lights (option in the app). With the ir option set to on, this camera basically sees in the dark. Plus it uses non-luminance ir lights (unlike many inferior camera) so there is no tell-tale sign that the camera is on. Also, all status lights (e.g. On/off, mode) on the camera can also be turned off in the app, for total stealth.

The camera also has its own hotspot, so you don’t need wifi to watch it, although you need to be very close if you are not using wifi. Bottom line, you can connect your phone and watch regardless of wifi coverage. If you phone has a hotspot or the camera is in an area that has wifi, the camera can connect to that for broadcast to the internet and remote watching from anywhere.

People who complain about battery life didn’t read the description — seller says ‘about an hour.’ i got over an hour but frankly this camera is designed to be connected to a battery or to plugged in to a standard phone charger. Unlike some other cameras, it works while connected to power, so if you plug it into the wall, the camera is 24/7.

Finally, as a security cam, the included app has an optional ‘four camera’ view, meaning that you can watch four cameras at once live. Especially on an ipad or other tablet or pc, this is a great way to monitor security.

As many have said, tech support is phenomenal. Quick response to a silly question i had. Plus sales support was great when i ordered more. This seems to be a solid company and not some fly-by-night.

An amazing amount of technology for the price. Highly recommended!

5Expert Score
Great small 1080p wifi spy camera

I purchased this little spy camera to use both for some home security and pet monitoring. I was looking for something small and that can be easily concealed. I have had the camera for about a week or two now and i am pleased with the results. Just as others have mentioned there is room for improvements but all in all, a fine camera.

I like that the camera is very small. I also like the fact that its magnetic and will stick to any metal surface but i do have to admit, finding metal objects to place it on for the whole day while it remained plugged in was a little challenging. It has very good video and audio quality. Figuring out how to use the camera and all its available functions was a little challenging but the customer service provided on this product was outstanding. Although i had a few back and forth emails, every response was within a couple of hours. The app could be a little more user friendly or perhaps the pamphlet on how to use the camera and all its features could be a little more detailed.

After figuring out what all the features within the camera/app could do, i was very pleased to know it had a lot more features than what i was looking for. As far as any future improvements, it would be nice if you can turn on/off the camera through the app instead of only being able to do this on the actual camera. This way the camera doesn’t have to be on all day. It would have also been nice if the camera had two-way audio instead of only being able to hear the audio on the camera’s end. But i still gave this product a 5 star as these are restrictions i already knew about before purchasing the product. And it accomplished everything i was looking for in a spy cam. I like that the camera came with two usb plugs, several magnets and a little stand that you can adjust. I thought that was neat. A couple of more mounting options wouldn’t hurt as not all surfaces are magnetic. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a small camera just be aware of the restrictions and be sure to go through all the apps features and buttons to really understand what the camera is capable of.

* small & magnetic
* video quality
* audio quality

* battery life
* non-two-way audio
* instruction pamphlet does not cover all features/buttons in app

5Expert Score
Better than expected

So i bought this based on reviews and price. For $40 i wasn’ted expecting anything spectacular (you get what you pay for). Came in a nice box (i knew from the packaging i was gonna be happy with it, cause i had an item come in similar box that i was very happy with). So i proceeded to set it up. It did take several tries before connecting to the internet. Right away picture quality was better than expected. This thing has many features. I don’t even think the voice feature (camera has a built in microphone. You can hear from. Not sure but it even says chat, gotta play with it more and see if you can talk back through phone) is even mentioned. Yes battery life is weak but i read reviews before buying so no surprises there. Just plug it in. I see many say they returned it casue it didn’t come with sd card. Hello did you not read whats included? You can still record/take pictures right from your phone. You can adjust brightness, night vision and even zoom in on phone. It has notification grid you can set from low, med, high. And you can select only certain spots on screen to be detected/alarted. You can also buy more and phone app will show up to 4 camera at once. This is not a high end camera, so don’t expect that. But for $40 i am very pleased with it so much that i’m looking to buy another one.

5Expert Score
Small and magnetic. Sticks to a fridge or anything metal.

Full disclaimer, i have been given one of these units to test in exchange for a video review. So far in my testing, i am pleased with the results, but there are definitely improvements that need to be added to this camera.

What i like about it is that it is very small and magnetic. It will stick to your fridge or any metal object. I wouldn’t exactly call it a spy camera in it’s current form since it is very obvious that it is a camera. It has very good video and audio quality for a camera this size.

Unfortunately, a lot of the pros in there.

For one the battery life is very short. You can fix this by attaching a battery pack to it, but then it loses it’s discreteness.

It is also not the most straightforward camera to use. I’ve used many wifi cameras in the past, and they usually have their own native app where you can go into the app and connect to it there. In this camera, you need to download what looks like a 3rd party app called, “p2plivecamera”. You then have to connect to it from your phone wi-fi settings before going into he app.

While in the app, there are a variety of settings you can control, including what looks like motion detection. You can turn off the led lights, change the file size settings. Really a lot of settings for random stuff, even some settings that i’d probably never use.

In terms of future improvements, i would make it into a square so it’s very clear which way is up. The battery life could be improved. The app also needs more polish. I shouldn’t have to type in the very long ssid in order to connect to it. Also would like more mounting options. I don’t like how there isn’t a way to mount this onto a tripod.

All in all, it does have drawbacks, but you also have to keep the price in mind. At $50, it performs how i would expect it to.

* small and light weight
* magnetic. Can stick it onto anything metal
* video quality
* audio quality.

* form factor
* battery life
* has a learning curve

5Expert Score
Great little camera for indoor office or home surveillance

We purchased 2 of these for stationary indoor surveillance a few weeks ago and so far we are very happy with them. Before you set up this camera you have to 1. Fully charge the battery with the usb cable provided and 2. Make sure you have the correct login and password/wep key to your wifi router. It took us a few cycles of loading and reloading the app in order to get the first camera set up and recording. The 2nd camera was a snap. Daytime video looks decent, and night vision, albeit a bit grainy, will suffice for surveillance. We really like the option of live playback recording (which can be uploaded and saved to a cloud account), or using the loop recording option to an sd card. Those files can be downloaded via the app to your cell phone, then transferred to your laptop/pc, or the sd card can be removed and copied via a reader. (we suggest buying an sd card for your cell if you are running our of storage and plan to use an sd card in this camera.) motion detection feature is excellent. The hidvcam app is user friendly, although their were a few points missing from the paper instruction manual included with the camera that required communications with arebi. Arebi customer/tech response is excellent, typically within 8-12 hours.

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Slightly difficult to connect

Slightly difficult to connect. Somewhat difficult to connect but once you connect the quality of the video is pretty good. If you lose the video or connection it’ll take several attempts to reconnect

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Awesome gadget, great quality!

I really like these cameras. I bought two of them and i use them as backup cameras in my home.
They are really worth the money you pay.
The app they come with to be able to view them online, works very good and is pretty easy to setup and use.
Another thing i like is that they come with batteries integrated, so you are able to use them for like an hour or so on battery power.
You can also have them record by using a memory card that you insert into the side of the camera.
The only thing i would like better is for them to come with an ac adaptor added to the package and a longer (maybe 6ft. Or so) charging cord.
I would definitely recommend these!

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Good little wifi camera for motion detection and recording to micro-sd card

I was looking for a small black wifi motion recording camera. This model caught my eye. I already have 1080p outdoor ip cameras all around my house that do a great job so my expectations are maybe too high. Camera came in a small black box with couple cables, swivel mount and clear easy to understand directions in english. Size is 1 3/4′ x 1′ thick with no slip non glare finish and magnetic back. Tiny lens with anti glare coating and ir lights around the lens.

I charged it and downloaded the suggested app hdminicam from google play store. App found camera. In advanced settings i went to wifi config, entered my router name and password. The camera rebooted and connected 40 seconds later. Camera has retained my router settings even though i have turned the camera off and back on dozens of times. I have placed the camera all over the house over 60′ away from my tenda router yet it connects and stays connected until i turn off the camera. Camera gets slightly warm but not hot even with ir lights on. Ir lights light up a 12′ x 15′ room enough to make out what is in the room. Ir light can be manually controlled from app or scheduled. Time and date are always displayed but cannot be turned off. Lens is fixed focus. 300 mah battery operates for about an hour. I use either wall charger or phone charger battery. I didn’t expect a tiny battery to run all day.

Motion sensing works well and has 7 sensitivity levels or disabled. Can be on 24/7 or scheduled. Warning tone on/off alarm interval, push notification on/off and on screen on/off. Video recordings on sd as constant, on alarm or scheduled. Recordings can be set for any length from a minute to an hour. Loop can be on/off. Sound recording is off by default but can be turned on. I set mine to record one minute and notify me via phone. Camera gets time from phone app. No need to manually set time like some other cameras. Indicator lights can be left on or turned off.

I have the camera ip address on my local lan bookmarked in ie so i can just use a browser beside the android app.

The one thing i am not thrilled with on this camera is the sensor. I think the sensor could be updated for a much better image. Images seem upscaled from 640p to 1080p. Colors are pink or purple in darker areas. Contrast and brightness can be adjusted. Lens is fixed focus. I posted some images from the camera. I also have a side by side image of this mini camera compared to a 1080p camera with better sensor. The blanket is green but this camera makes it look purple. 3/15/19

4Expert Score

My neighbor love this cam.

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Great camera. But no sound.

I use mine plugged in for power, and with a sd card (samsung 64gb class 10 u3). This camera does a great job! Motion detection works pretty well.


1) great image, under natural light or ir illumination.
2) and the ir is truly ‘black ir’!
3) ball mount with magnetic base works aok.
4) wide angle lens is good – everything is in focus corner to corner. Very nice!

I do have a few problems/suggestions though, cons:

1) it would be nice to be able to download the video files from the camera via a shared drive type of option – in either direction. Meaning: let me access the device storage (with password, of course) from a computer and download the files like any other shared device drive. That way i don’t have to use the hidvcam app and download them painfully 1 at a time to my phone and then move them to my computer. Or, let me set access to a shared drive on my computer and let the camera push the video files there in the background (not while recording the file).

2) sound is recorded with the only option being ‘chinese – 1 channel’ instead of something more compatible (or something i can set) such as ‘windows media audio v8 – 2 channel’, and none of my available playback methods allow me to hear this default channel (maybe i just need a more flexible player?).

3) motion detection is pretty spot on, but it would still be nice to set ‘hot’ (only look here) and/or ‘cold’ (never look here) areas and a threshold value.

4) ideally, i’d like to set the ‘lead-in’ timing on motion detection videos – meaning that i’d like the option to capture a couple of seconds prior to when the motion trigger clicked. Obviously that would require the camera to buffer the video until it was needed, but it would be a nice feature!

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Amazing quality, could be more versatile to mount


-the setup is easy
-picture quality is astounding for the price point
-opening the app and viewing the camera is super fast and easy, unlike foscam apps
-i have tested it away from home as well as at home, and i can still view the camera, which is very important to me. It has been consistent so that i can trust i will see a camera when i log in.

if you unplug it, or i assume if the battery dies (i have it plugged) you need to reset it from factory settings all over again.

-setup is easy to do if you follow the instructions, but not so easy to understand exactly what is set up. I couldn’t tell you weather it is using my internet connection or my phone as a hot spot, or how exactly it is working. I am not the most tech savvy, so you may not have this problem.

-it is nice that it has a magnet, but the size of the camera is bigger than it looks in the listing. Trying to mount it in a way that can see out my window but is not obvious did not work out, which is what i really wanted. It is bulky. And if you want to have it point out a window you have to get creative because you can’y just stick it to the window, you have to put something behind it. This is mostly my mistake from not paying attention before i bough it, so don’t make that mistake if it is important t you as well

overall i am extremely happy with this camera, and have peace of mind.

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Good quality, ir mode has grainy recording but great in normal setting

The included manual instructs on set up but the instructions of the features are a bit vague.
The customer service and response is great, i wanted to know how to record without having my phone open constantly and cust service gave me all the steps to record with motion activation. Problem solved. Easy to save recordings from sd card to computer or phone

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Works good

Works good, but battery life is very – very short so i always have it plugged it.

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Great functionality, lots of changeable settings, nice design, can use app on bluestacks for pc

Okay so far i can only give it 3 stars since i am having trouble with it. Works better with wifi. I have not yet been able to get a complete recording without wifi (i usually have motion sensor and alarm on). I was using a 32 gb micro sd, but just recently replaced it with a 64 gb. I bought the camera because i have my suspicion that a neighbor is stealing electricity down in the basement by hooking waster and/or dryer to my electrical outlet. So i am trying to catch them in the act. I thought this camera would be perfect due to its size, but the price tag made me worry about quality a little bit. The picture when set to 1080p is really nice. The biggest cons so far is that 1. The camera has failed to record 1 decent video without wifi. (with motion detection on) 2. I have not been able to find a user manual to explain some of its functions. The instructions that come with the camera is really basic. It gets the job done but does not answer any questions you will certainly have later on. 3. My media app crashes or freezes when i try to fast forward a video from sd card on pc. I suggest downloading potplayer. 4. Wifi range is unsatisfactory. I really almost want to give it 4 stars because it is a great piece of tech with a nice price tag. I will change rating in the future, especially if i capture a successful recording using the motion detection feature. I gave it one more star for customer service. They reached out to me and gave me instructions. I will continue to keep review open for change. I had taken a break due to one of my sd cards failing to format on pc and cam. Need a new one.

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Updated! Nice little camera for the money

Update: right after i wrote my first review the camera malfunctioned and i could view it remotely from my phone, only at home connected to my wi-if. So i contacted their customer support, and they were incredibly helpful! They sent me the new updated one free of charge and didn’t ask that i send back the old camera. My new one is even better!! It captures light much better so the video is brighter, it records as soon as motion is detected, instead of it taking a couple seconds to begin recording, and the app is great!! I really love the app. Soooo much better than the old one! I’m very pleased with the product, and the customer service that made sure i was happy!

Preforms great. We have ours stationary as you can see from the picture. Motion detection definitely works, i kept getting alerts whenever a car drove by until i turned down the motion detection sensitivity a little. Ours is about 15 feet from our router, and connects just fine. I do dislike that whenever i open the app i have to “sign in” to the camera again to view the live feed. The ir is ok… Picture quality goes way down when it’s used. I wouldn’t bother with the ir unless whatever you’re recording is no more than 10 feet away. And just a reminder for anyone who doesn’t know, ir/night vision doesn’t work through glass. The glare off the window renders the recording useless.

All is all… I like these cameras. We’re installing a floodlight soon. If this camera can pick up what’s outside when the floodlights are activated, we’re going to get a couple more.

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