Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel

Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel

Buy Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel: Travel Garment Steamers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are hilife steamer for clothes features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [easy to use] this 700w steamer generates gentle, long-lasting steam and has a 9- foot power cord, so you’ll never have to worry about operating it remotely and you can iron clothes from a distance.
  • [portable]this garment steamer is portable and lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion. This travel steamer is compact enough to fit in any suitcase or carry-on luggage.
  • [large tank]it has a water-holding capacity of 240 ml and can provide up to 15 minutes of continuous steaming to eliminate wrinkles flawlessly.
  • [strong penetrating steam] this steamer creates strong penetrating steam and can be used for a wide range of fabrics (chiffon/silk/wool/cotton/linen/nylon, etc.).
  • Hilife garment steamer is designed for use with 110 volt outlets and is available in the united states and canada. However, if the power supply is not 110 v, we recommend using an adapter.
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Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel AMAZON

Buy Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel: Travel Garment Steamers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does it have a 110/240v switch, or do you have to use a power adapter?

Thank you for your questions.

This item doesn’t have a 110v/240v switch, and you have to use a power adapter.

This product will be damaged if you use it at 220 volts.
Hilife team

I’m trying to figure out that the brush attachment is good for. The bristles seem too rough to use on clothes. What can one use this for?

I used it with and without on a cotton button up shirt and found that it helped with actually smoothing the fabric as the steam came out. I’m sure a finer fabric (rayon, silk) wouldn’t need it though.

What is the voltage capacity on this unit? Is it 110v-240v?


the voltage capacity on this unit is 110-120v.

Thank you for your question.

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Could i use this to steam clean bed sheets and a bed?

Please don’t tilt this steamer because the hot water will spill out and it is boiling water. If you want to do bedding, hang the bedding (fold it a few times) across a hanger and hold the steamer upright while pulling the bedding to help make the creases relax as the steam hits them. I press my pillowcases and top sheet on an ironing board. I fold the topsheet and just turn it over a few times until i get the top half smoothed out.

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Does it leave water spots, and is it time consuming

Yes! It is time consuming, no water spot but yes humidity.

Can i make tea with the hot water from this steamer?

They make this really awesome thing that steams water for tea. It’s called a kettle.

Can this work using it in the horizontal position?

No. You have to hold the steamer vertically or it will drip.

Does it bpa free?

It doesn’t say bpa-free, so i assume not.

Can this work in a horizontal position as well as upright?

I only steam horizontal on the seams which really does the work. Just be cautious of the steam, can get really hot.

Can i use this yo steam fondant?

The item is very easy to use. Just place water in the cup, turn the nozzle of steamer to take it off, then pour the water in the steamer, replace the nozzle on steamer. Plug in steamer and press the button wait for a few minutes and voila you are ready. You will see steam coming from the brush/nozzle

What temperature does the steam reach?

Water boils at 220 degrees. It has to reach this temperature to create steam.

Will this work to shape a cowboy hat?

Yes. Hat shops use steam to shape hats. Water boils at 220 and creates steam. 220 degrees is the highest temperature water reaches. It turns to steam at that point. Oils keep getting hotter and hotter.

Can this work on face 76%polyester/24%rayon/lining100%polyester drapes?

I don’t know how well it will work on polyester, but i do know it works well on cotton hanging drapes.

Can you use t this to get a spot/stain out of a rug or couch arm rest?

I don’t think the product is intended for stain removal, only wrinkles. There is no vacuum action, only steam. You’re better off looking into a professional cleaner for such a project.

A qué temperatura calienta ?

All water boils at 220 degrees fahrenheit then turns to steam.

Would you recommend using on a wedding dress?

I personally wouldn’t recommend

Is this product good to use?

My wife and i love this steamer. It heats up quickly (less than 2 min.) and does a good job of removing the wrinkles. I should have gotten one of these years ago.

Se puede usar para planchar ropa de seda?

Si señora, pero no recomiendo que use el cepillo incluido… Ese es para materiales más ásperos o fuertes. Lo contrario de la seda. Le queda buenísimo!!

Can i use tap water or do i have to use distilled water?

It recommend distilled water. I am using tap water but i will start using the distilled water

Does it get the fabric wet? I’m trying to dewrinkle a huge tapestry on my wall

I think “wet” is maybe too strong to describe how it leaves the fabric. However, it is steam and it leaves the fabric very slightly damp which dries quickly. It also depends on how long you steam in one spot.

Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel AMAZON

Buy Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel: Travel Garment Steamers – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfect for those with limited storage space

This steamer is the perfect size of you live in an apartment or have limited storage space. I have a steamer that i absolutely love but when i moved to my apartment i realized i didn’t really have the space to store it so i left it with my mom. I hate ironing so after months of debating i finally broke down and decided to buy a portable steamer. At first i was nervous that i wouldn’t get the same results as a full sized steamer but i was wrong. Not only do i get amazing results but it is light and easy to use. I highly recommend purchasing this steamer.

5Expert Score
Perfect for apartment dwellers without in unit washer and dryer

Me and my boyfriend live in an apartment unit with on site laundry but no in unit washer or dryer. This is great for a quick way to “iron” out any wrinkles. I steam my boyfriends shirts for him before work and they look like they were just ironed. This product works really well if you use it properly. You have to put the device really close to the clothing almost touching it for it to give you good results. The user manual it comes with explains everything perfectly. I would definitely recommend this product. I haven’t had to travel with it yet so i don’t know how well it travels but it’s definitely small enough to fit in a suitcase.

5Expert Score
So far so good

I’ve used a handful of times and it’s so much easier than ironing. Takes just a minute or two to heat up and then brush across my clothes to smooth out wrinkles. Some reviews talked about it leaking or spraying water instead of steam, but i haven’t had that problem. Did arrive in the original box as you would find it on the shelf at the store without extra padding or protection. If i turn it sideways, it does leak, but that’s to be expected as it’s not intended to be tilted sideways.

5Expert Score
Amazing little tool

Best money i’ve spent on something like this. I received some clothes that had spent some serious time in a bag. Very set wrinkles. This took them out with ease. I was able to do 1 dress shirt and a blazer before getting low on water. Super easy to use. Recommend!!

5Expert Score
Great product for a reasonable price!

I just purchased some new shirts from a vendor and they were really wrinkled. Figured a bought this steamer,, let’s see how it works! It was fantastic! Took all the wrinkles out and was so easy to use!! I’m going to buy one for a friend for christmas ! Love it!

5Expert Score
Great little portable steamer.

My sister brought this steamer on a family reunion trip and we all used it. I love how light and easy it is to use. It is compact and easy to travel with.
If your looking for a easy to store, small enough to travel steamer you can’t beat it. Just keep in mind because of its size you may have to refill for larger or extremely wrinkled items. Be cautious not to over fill or tilt unit down or it will spit hot water.
I loved this steamer so much i bought my own.

5Expert Score
Great buy

Love this. I recently bought a mail order blazer and when it arrived it was severely wrinkled and a cool iron just wasn’t getting it so i ordered this and it worked great! Very happy with this purchase.

5Expert Score
Happy wife, happy life

Wife wondered why she didn’t switch to this type of ironing years ago, i agree. It makes quick work of the task and it’s just a hanger needed, no need for a table. Heats up quickly and the steam is hot! Hot! Hot!

5Expert Score
Great steamer

Great steamer to use at home. Only takes a couple minutes to start steaming. Much faster than my old one. Side comment: i didn’t buy for travel purposes, but in my opinion, this is still a little too bulky to put in a suitcase.

5Expert Score
Buen producto

Lo uso en urgencias de arrugas y realmente por el precio valió la pena, no suelo planchar todos los días pero cuando lo he utilizado me ha servido de mucho.

4Expert Score
Good convenient iron

This is a quick and easy way to get most of the wrinkles out of your clothes. It’s a little awkward not being able to lay the clothes down to steam them. But if you do all the water from the steamer pours out. So all of your items have to hang as you iron them. But
it does work well!

4Expert Score
Seems good for the price so far

Let me start with a disclaimer: i am writing this review after only using the product once, but i will update if my experience changes after continued use.

I bought this steamer as a gift for my wife who wanted something simple to use and portable. The materials used seem decent enough for the price, it’s small (definitely portable), and there’s really nothing to using it other than filling it up and turning it on, which is exactly what she was looking for.

I tested it out on one of my work shirts (before/after in pictures) that was particularly wrinkly (left in washer too long before being hung on rack to dry).

I filled the unit up to just below the max line and turned it on. After about 1-2 minutes the unit was boiling and steam was steadily flowing out of the nozzle (this is essentially the same thing as an electric kettle but forces the steam from the boiling water out 5 small holes in the nozzle). I slowly worked from bottom to top of the shirt on the front, back, and sleeves. After applying steam to all sides for about 4-5 mins total, i had the wrinkles down to a level that would be deemed acceptable for work in the office. Keep in mind that this unit is quite small (which is what makes it so portable), but the tradeoff for this is it doesnt produce nearly as much steam as a floor unit and hence takes more passes to achieve the ‘wrinkle-free(ish)’ look.

If you’re a big wig at a fortune 500 company, the results from this product certainly wont compare to a press from a dry cleaner (or even a decent ironing job from someone that knows what they’re doing), but the results would be perfectly acceptable for normal office work or casual events.

If you’re looking for something to replace your iron that gets the job done just as well in half the time, then i’d recommend going with a larger floor unit steamer. However, if you’re like my wife and are simply looking for something simple, affordable, and portable that gets the job done, i believe you’ll be satisfied with this product for the price like we are.

price (very affordable at the time i purchased from amazon).
Easy to use (just fill it up and turn it on).
Portable (can easily fit in a carryon if desired).
Does a good enough job for what i paid for it.

must use while completely upright (will spill boiling water if tilted too far – potential safety concern).
The unit is quite small so it takes longer than you might think it would to achieve desired results.
Gets small amount of condensation/sputters which may temporarily cause wet spots on clothes (they dry up quickly, but it’s something to be aware of for some fabrics that may have color-stay issues).

4Expert Score

I like this i would rate it a 8/10 only because it takes a while to heat up the water.kind of big, not really travel size.

4Expert Score
Takes awhile but works.

This works, but if you follow the directions to let it cool completely before refilling, it takes awhile. Large curtains are not going to get done in one fill.

4Expert Score
Never worry about ironing

I don’t know how to iron. This steamer does the job and you don’t have to worry about ironing.

4Expert Score
Works well

It works well for the most part. It’s not as strong as a full sized steamer, but it gets the job done. It takes a little longer than ironing, but it is small and portable which is nice. The price point for it is affordable as well. I had ordered some dresses online that came in extremely wrinkled. I used the steamer on the dresses and was very impressed. Would recommend as a cheaper alternative!

4Expert Score
Convenient size for travel use

Good size for travel purposes. For steaming several items the water reservoir needs to be frequenting refilled. This involves unplugging the steamer to allow it to cool down prior to adding more water. Otherwise, the heat from the steamer could potentially injure a person when pouring water into it.

4Expert Score
Great steamer for small size

That wrinkles in drapes came right out.

4Expert Score
It works!

Likes: it actually works and is really simple to use. Dislike: the instruction pamphlet is a joke. (my daughter is a charter flight pilot – with 20/10 vision and needed a magnifying glass to read the small print of the instructions). In spite of the instructions, i will still recommend it.

4Expert Score
Sometimes it spits…

I like how user friendly and low maintenance this item is…also great for traveling! I don’t know what makes it spit water sometime, however, so far this has only happened once.

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