hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket

hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket

Yakibest.com: hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket : Appliances

What are homelabs compact countertop dishwasher – energy star portable mini dish washer in stainless steel interior for small apartment office and home kitchen with 6 place setting rack and silverware basket features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • A convenient and small energy star certified dish washing machine for cleaning the dishes after dinner or cooking. Simply load the dishes in the dish basket and cutlery rack and let this white dishwasher do the dirty job. Easily sits on countertops or tabletop requiring less space
  • With simple to use control panel and light indicators. Program selector has 6 wash cycle options: heavy, normal, eco, glass, speed, and rinse for your different dishwashing needs. Delay button light to postpone wash cycle
  • Features a quick connect assembly with accessories including inlet and drain hose and a faucet adapter for water lines that are compatible with round-shaped faucet outlets with removable aerators, and 55/64′-27 male or 15/16′-27 female threads underneath
  • Using the rinse aid dispenser, you can dry your plates, mugs, and glass quickly without the marks or streaks. Only use rinse aids designed for an automatic dishwasher to prevent damaging your dishwasher. An indicator light will let you know when to refill the dispenser
  • This counter top appliance measures 17.2 x 19.6 x 21.6 inches with 6 standard place setting capacity perfect for small size household or individuals living in apartments with limited space for huge kitchen appliances
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hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket AMAZON

Yakibest.com: hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

Dimensions? Specific by height, width, depth. This is important and surprised it hasn’t been asked before.

Exact dimensions: height 17.1/4 inches width 21.5/8 inches depth 19.1/2 inches.

Does this need a hot water hook-up to work? Or can it run with just cold water?

Kevin at the top says to use the hot water, but as he mentions, it drains and fills several times throughout the cycle. It only uses a few gallons per fill, and by the time it’s full, the hot water won’t have reached the unit.. So unless you’re sitting there and running the tap until hot water comes out, connecting it to hot water will make zero difference. As far as saving energy, the amount of water you waste by running the tap until hot water comes out, will offset the slight savings in electricity. Resistive heaters are almost 100% efficient, so you’re only going to save a slight bit of energy. So no, it doesn’t need hot water, nor will it make a difference.

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What is the thread measurements (inside and out) for the piece that connects to a faucet?

I’m not sure if you’re asking for measurements of the quick adapter itself, or the lines that connect from the dishwasher to the quick adapter. In the latter case (i.e. If you are permanently plumping the dishwasher), i measured and confirmed with the manufacturer the following info about the fittings:

– dishwasher inlet: g 3/4′
– dishwasher outlet: m20x1.5mm
– quick connect inlet: ?? (i just used the standard port on the dishwasher)
– quick connect outlet: m18x1.5mm

my suggestion is to use a standard 3/4′ supply hose to supply water to the dishwasher, and then use the provided drain hose to connect to the dishwasher and a m18x1.5mm male to 3/4′ barb adapter (common for fuel pumps i think) to connect the stock drain hose to a common us dishwasher drain hose.

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How many gallons of water does this use per cycle?

I can’t believe the seller below is saying 1.14 l. That doesn’t even make any sense. That’s a little more than a quart of water. In the manual, it says the library’s seeing (rinse) uses 4.3 liters, and the heavy setting uses 12.5 liters. Or 1.13-3.3 gallons.

Can it be plumbed for perminant installation?

Not for permanent installation, but you can make the connections permanent for countertop dishwashers. I have a 3 way t connected directly to the water liner and a quick connect hooked onto the line of the dishwasher itself (i own a different brand but shopping for a new one as the old one got dropped.) as to the drain line, it’s a little more tricky and depends on the setup. I live in a studio apartment with a washer/dryer right in a closet next to the kitchen sink area. All i did was run the drain line to a pvc t that i glued onto the drain pipe for the washing machine. Now, whenever i have dishes from a party, i wheel the cart with the dishwasher right next to the washer/dryer and load/wash and pop the connections on. That leaves my countertops free so i can wash items too large or bulky for the machine.

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The wine glass light keeps blinking and beeping. It won’t start up a regular load or allow us to switch the mode?

Tilt the left side of the unit up about 4-6 inches. There is a plug stuck and it will fall back in place. Make sure to have a towel handy! Water will spill out even if the door is closed

My faucet head does not have threads, is there an adapter for this instance?

Unfortunately, we do not provide an adapter with this unit. If you are getting an adapter please make sure it’s for a female thread.

Hose length?

64 inches

Is there a different connector for kitchen facet

We provide you with a male/female thread connector. Special adapters can be purchased separately for any particular faucet.

Can i place it below counter level (on a low serving cart) and still have it pump waste water correctly?

Yes, this should be fine. Please make sure that it is with in 5 ft of your sink.

Will it fit pots and pans?


How long is the cycle?

It depends on the mode. That should be from 24 mins to 100 mins.

How much does it actually weigh?

41.3 lbs

Is it okay to turn it on and leave it for the night or day (since the faucet is technically switched on)?

As far as i can tell the booklet does not address this. It does say to turn off the water supply after every wash and leave the door slightly open so that moisture and odors are not trapped. I will say that i have left the water supply on and left my home with it running for a short period of time (like to go out for ice cream and back). I don’t think i would leave it all day in case you have a leak or something. The connection to the faucet is pressurized. You have to press a button to release the pressure before removing the connection to the faucet or you will get sprayed with water. Also, i know you didn’t ask, but i did not have the right connection for the faucet i had. I had to buy an adapter at a hardware store to make it work. I haven’t had any problems with the machine and it works great with no leaks.

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Did urs come in wet?

Yes, and there was a fun sticker on the side explaining why it’s wet and that it’s expected. Also, water is fine but sharks are not.

Where is this dishwasher manufactured?

Hi docdave, our dishwashers are happily designed and engineered by us here in new york city. They are manufactured overseas with our close supervision.

What is the maximum dinner plate size this product can take?

Most large round dinner plate at least 9inch

I have one and i love it. Has anyone found something to attach to the adapter for regular sink use. Like a quick connect aerator or something?

The one i have has a red button near top of adapter, water has to be on and when i press it water comes straight out of adapter, not going into dishwasher.

I have had it for a few years now. Before the cycle finishes, the speed and rinse lights blink while beeping. Any idea what is causing this?

Only one time the second light from the left was blinking. I checked the manual and it said that was an indication that the rinse aid level was low so i filled it and the light went off. Not sure this is what you were asking about.

So do i leave my faucet/water supply on the entire time, until it buzzes indicating it is finished?

Yes, i recommend running the hot water before you attach the unit so it steralizes the dishware. I also recommend using mrs. Meyers dishwashing packs with jetdry. I’ve tried every dish pod, gel, powder in conjunction with jetdry and mrs. Meyer’s/jetdry was the best combination. I use lemon verbena and smells great! Best price is at bed bath & beyond with the coupons.

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hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket AMAZON

Yakibest.com: hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love this! Excellent dishwasher. Tips..

Looks sleek. Quiet. Dishes clean in about an hour. Fits on counters. Love having it!

Just be sure to use soap pods vs liquid. The latter doesn’t work and makes a mess. And sometimes the pods don’t quite fully dissolve either, as common to dishwashers. The workaround is placing them right in the bottom of the dishwasher, gel side down so they dissolve first as designed. Yes, this works fine! It never leaves soap streaks or a missed pod discharge where it sits on dishes turning gooey and not cleaning the whole lot.

Also, no, you can’t jam as much as possible into this thing like standard dishwashers. You really must be reasonable and leave some gaps for everything to get clean. Otherwise you’ll have to re-do them. I’ve learned 😉

got oversized plates? My big plates technically don’t fit but i manage to lean them over more on one end and it works out. Or hand wash. Small and medium pots fit with little else, but large pots not so well.

I disagree with one design element… The cutlery basket. It’s too big! And by that, takes up too much valuable real estate. After months of use, i got rid of the basket, and bought a mesh pen holder on amazon and use that instead. It’s a smaller footprint and gives way more space for dishes. If you have extra cutlery you can always lay it down.

Any hardware store it was exactly what you mean if you walk in and say you need a dishwasher converter hook up for your faucet.

Only con: i have no idea what such a beautiful portable dishwashers don’t also come with a simple cheap rubber to that would run from the faucet device down into the bottom of your sink basin or drain hole. Instead it splashes at full force from your spout into the sink which doesn’t make some noise. This bugged me so at the hardware store i found they sell liston blue tubing by the foot in the plumbing section. It’s cheap, and i just use a potato chip bag clip to fix it onto the white fossett thingy, and now the water runs quietly through that right into my garbage disposal. It would cost so little to provide, and makes a world of difference and eliminating splashing, and reducing the sound almost nothing.

The other con is even though you turn off the faucet when it’s done, when you go to remove the white tubes from your faucet, the residual pressure does kind of create a splash of water (i have great water pressure), so i use a washcloth to contain it when i remove it.

Overall yeah it’s a couple steps to hook it up, but it becomes 2nd nature, and it’s sooo worth not having to do dishes!

5Expert Score
Works great and has saved me a lot of time

Overall, i highly recommend this product if you’re have limited space in your kitchen and the dishes pile up easy. I’ve had it for roughly a month and a half. I use it 1 – 2 times daily. I’ve had no real issues with it. I love it and it’s made me way better about keeping with kitchen chores. Seriously, this is one my best purchases in a long time.

Pros – does a great job cleaning all types of dishwasher safe dishes. It’s surprisingly quiet. It’s very to install as long as your have the right type of kitchen faucet. This particular brand has good customer service and warranty policies.

Cons – while it’s a ‘compact dishwasher’, it’s still a pretty big kitchen appliance as far as being countertop, so pay attention to the dimensions and make sure you have room. If you’ve got the wrong type of faucet, you’re screwed – certain faucets, usually ‘fancy’ ones, it just can’t work with the adapter that it comes with. Definitely research this first!!! You absolutely need to use jet dry and premium dish detergent. It has a drying function, but if you don’t jet dry, it can’t dry the dishes quick enough. They’ll either still be soaking wet or covered in streaks. I wish the connector hoses were a little longer or it this easier to replace/modify. The fittings on the ends of the hoses are not standard and i would need to splice the hoses (i.e. Cut them) and find connectors to put a longer sections in between. I’ve not been able to find many affordable options for repair/upgrades like this. It’s hard to fit large dinner plates vertically in the washer. You have to get a little creative or just run multiple loads.

Neutral – i needed to buy an additional adapter to make the faucet adapter fit on my faucet. I think this unavoidable. It was cheap and it’s a standard piece i got a home depot. The faucet connector is a little clunky. It’s nice that it’s easily removable and has a bypass button if you need water from the faucet. But it’s just in the way and you can’t really do a whole lot when you’re running the washer.

To address some other reviews and clarify some things…
-people complain about that it doesn’t dry well. As i said, you absolutely need jet dry and then it does an acceptable job. If you’re not in a huge rush to put the dishes away, at the end of the cycle you can crack the door open and it’ll be fine. I also recommend using the detergent pods – i’ve been using cascade platinum and no complaints
-people complain about loading. The only annoying part is that it’s hard to lard plates vertically. Mine *just* fit. At the end of the day it’s a compact dishwasher. It has size limitations and you purchased it because you don’t have room for a real dishwasher. So, live with it – it’s better than doing all your dishes by hand. If it bothers you, get some cheap plates that fit for normal day use and save the big plates for special occasions. That being said, you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in there. I use it to wash large pans and even my slow cooker. The silverware holder is removable to create more space. I can understand how if you’re a family of 4+ that it’d be tough to do everything in one load… But you’re also buying this product because you have limited space. So, again, families who are complaining about this aspect, i don’t understand it. It’s not magic. You’re going to have run multiple for that many people. For 1-2 people, it’s fine.
-the majority of these compact washers are made by the same company in china and are contracted different brands. So, the price difference is the brand name and customer service/warranty/maintenance. I chose to pay a little more because i really didn’t know what to expect from this product and this brand had good reviews for customer service.
-people complain the washing modes don’t make a difference. Read the manual – the heavy duty runs longer and at slightly higher temperature. The eco friendly runs shorter and at a slightly lower temp (it’s more like a delicate wash). So each have their purpose and advantage and they are different, but actually read the manual. Don’t assume how it works.
-you can also get a simple kitchen cart and wheel it over when it’s in use and then hide it away when not if counter space is super limited
-it’s still a dishwasher and has all the limitations any dishwasher has. You should not load in stuff caked and covered in food. Certain types of cups/dishes are not dishwasher safe. If you overload it, it won’t do as great of a job.

5Expert Score
Rocky start but very happy i purchased

I ordered it on oct 7, it arrived on oct 9. Looks great, fits where i wanted to put it. Two problems i discovered though when trying to set up. First, the hoses are 60′ not 64′ as stated multiple times in the sellers answers to questions. That’s an issue for my setup. Second, the adapter doesn’t fit my faucet.

Update on oct 11: ok, i’m deciding on 4 stars total – this appliance and i had a rocky start but i think we’ll be best friends in time.
The set-up is not as easy as some would like you to think. I did find an adaptor for my adaptor at home depot -no thanks to the sales guy who said they don’t carry them, then stood there and watched while i sat on the floor, adaptors laying around me, systematically trying to fit them one by one. It felt good to prove him wrong by that point. But that’s a different review lol. The adaptor was about $5

set-up issue: do yourself a favor and use threading tape ($1 at walmart) from the start, to seal all threaded connections. When i hooked everything up without tape and then turned on water to test connections, it did not leak. But, when i ran a full test cycle, the additional water pressure created leaks at the faucet and also at the discharge hose in the back. Also, run your first test cycle without soap, just in case. Easier cleanup. Have towels handy. The connections in the back of the machine are hand-tightened, the threads are plastic and could easily be stripped if you try to use tools to tighten them. I am not convinced they will stay tight as the hoses jiggle around from normal use. I wish they could be clamped in place in the back after connected, to help with this. The faucet connections should probably be tightened with a wrench. I will do this when i can get my hands on a wrench.

Functional issues: when i want to use the machine, i have to slide it out a few inches for the hose to reach the sink. I was not anticipating this and if the hoses were 64′ as stated by the seller, this would not be an issue..i could add hose extensions but i don’t want the extra places where leaks could start.
I knew my 11′ plates would not fit according to other reviews. I confirmed this to be true when it arrived, and proceeded to target where i found nice 10′ stoneware plates sold individually. ($2.50 per plate) and they fit fine, but only in the back right corner where indicated on the diagram. You have to learn how to load this thing, it’s not rocket science but it’s specific. There is no way you are getting coffee cups to fit on the top left rack lol, but it will be perfect to lay long handled spoons, ladles and my chef and bread knives.

Aesthetic issues: not a fan of what my faucet looks like when not connected, or how the water comes out for regular sink use. When the hose is not connected to the faucet, i wanted to be able to curl it up and tuck away in the corner next to the washer (photos attached for reference). But the hose is still full of water after a wash, so it spills out if i try to move it around. That hose holds more water than it looks like it can. I wish there was a cap provided that i could put on it to keep water from spilling out – or am i missing it? I think i will have to let it lay flat against the back of my countertop when not in use. (just had a thought, i could use my press n seal plastic wrap i bet… Hmmm)

in summary:
satisfied, but not sure i can trust it to not leak. I will be checking that very regularly. Pretty sure i’d rather do that than keep washing by hand!

Update on 2/22/2019: upgrading to 5 stars. I love this machine and i’ve named her misty. No leaks since i first installed it. I use it fairly heavily – i cook a lot so there’s pots, pans, dishes, eating and cooking utensils etc etc. I use cold water only and it heats up very well. I rinse everything well before going in and have had no issues at all with things getting clean. Pro tip: i put my pots/pans that are too dirty or too big for the machine in the sink so that they will soak in the discharged gray water.

5Expert Score
Absolutely recommended!

After moving from a home with a standard dishwasher to an apartment without one we very much missed it! Finally ordered this one and love it. We set it up per the instructions with the included equipment. Everything works as advertised! Comparing our standard dishwasher to this one i can honestly say i think this one is better!! It’s smaller but powerful! The wash quality outperforms the standard and in a fraction of the time! We run it 2+ times a day with our family of four for about 4mo now and it’s still running like new!

Three points of advice!

1. When disconnecting the supply/drain hose from the sink faucet there will still be some water in the hose/unit and when the hose is lowered beneath the level of the unit water will drain out through gravity. We set up a bucket nearby to drop the hose into and allow the unit to drain completely into it after the cleaning cycle.

2. With the frequent connect/disconnect lift/drop of the hoses we managed to loosen the connection nuts on the hoses on the back of the dishwasher and experienced a leak. I tightened them up and rearranged the hoses so that frequently lifting and lowering them wouldn’t torque the nuts anymore. Not another issue for 3months now. 🙂

3. We experienced the blinking glass symbol error and were confused since the unit appeared to drain perfectly and there were no leaks. After reviewing the troubleshooting advice in the manual and completely disassembling the filter system for cleaning per the instructions as directed we discovered the problem straight away. A nearly translucent cabbage leaf had managed to completely cover half the main filter in the filter system. We had missed it the first few times we looked. Now we are a bit more careful about rinsing the dishes before placing in the dishwasher. 🙂

buy this dishwasher and follow the manual and instructions and you won’t regret it! 10/10 recommended!

5Expert Score
Best investment ever!

I wish i would have bought this earlier.makes my life so much easier.

5Expert Score
Great unit for the price point

Funny story about a house to remodel and move into pulled this out of our rv and installed it on the kitchen counter while we remodel. This is the quietest dishwasher i’ve ever experienced it does a phenomenal job cleaning hard dishes and is being used daily in our household kitchen until the kitchen is done and it can be installed back in our motorhome. For the price this is a quality product and beats all my expectations

5Expert Score
Awesome customer service!

We live in a very small place so we thought this would be a great addition because of its small size and the large amount of dishes you can wash at one time. Price was right and it arrived on time and we’ll packed. No damage and great instructions. Hook-up was pretty straight forward and so we started using the first day we received it. Because we purchase the dishwasher right before covid-19 we really put it to use since we were cooking every meal at home. Most days we would run it twice. Worked flawlessly, my wife was very happy! Right at 2 years of using the dishwasher it started malfunctioning. We tried a couple things listed on the troubleshooting page but progressively got worse to the point where it would not work at all anymore. Seemed to us to be a electronic issue. Called the company and they were unbelievably helpful. Awesome customer service! After trying a few things it was determined that it was un repairable. To our surprise, even though it was out of warranty by several months, they sent a new one! Without us even asking. In today’s world that is pretty much unheard of. If we could we would give the homelabs family a 10

5Expert Score
I can't address noise level because i'm hearing impaired but everything else about it is good.


5Expert Score
Great customer service!!!!

I bought my dishwasher last december. This week, a problem some people have happened to me: the drainage hose no longer worked and water kept pouring out of the bottom of the unit. We tried all the fixes in the manual and a few we got from comments. When none worked, we called the company. The representative was polite and knowledgeable. After going over what we had done to resolve the problem, he took down my name and address and said they would send me a new unit!
I looked at my email tonight – and it’s arriving tomorrow! They didn’t even ask for the old one in return.
Tip: if you register your product online they double the warranty to two years!
Update: we noticed that ups delivered it with a slight dent in the top (the box had a hole in the top, so it was ups’s fault- not home) but when we plugged it in and started using it, the dent was in place that caused no impairment of its function. I called them anyway to tell them to yell at ups. They said it would do no good, but instead, even though i kept insisting it was fine, they gave me a 10% refund on the original purchase price! Wow.

5Expert Score
Awesome product & customer service

I’ve been using this washer for almost a year now & it’s great. I do wish it was a few inches higher, but it’s already pretty big & fits plenty of dishes

i recently had an issue with it but the customer service of homelabs was able to fix it very quickly. Big shout out to them

4Expert Score
Saving my marriage

So, i read a lot of reviews when picking a dishwasher. I chose this one because even the one star reviews, the company very quickly addressed any concerns and made things right, which impressed me more than the one star reviews deterred me.
Upon arrival we discovered it wasn’t as heavy as it looked, which made me a little happy. The box *is* huge, and the dishwasher itself turned out to be bigger than it *looks,* and i probably should have measured (obviously,) but it still fits where i wanted it. Hook up was easy, the hose is pretty long (which for *this* place is kinda too long, but when we move it will probably be just fine.)
we discovered that although it says it fits dishes 10′, it *barely* fits them, as we had a little bit of an issue getting them loaded and sliding the basket in. *we* solved this problem by just buying some smaller plates because i’m having bariatric surgery and need to eat smaller portions *anyway.* my original plates were square correllware so not sure if that made a difference or not.
We also discovered that because we have a lot of calcium in our water, the rinse aid was an absolute must, as was re-evaluating the diagram in the book as to the placement of things inside. Since we don’t use any little tea cups, i immediately removed that little flip down things on the left side so we could have room for more larger tumblers, because we live in arizona and drink a lot to stay hydrated. Even my coffee/tea mug is 18 oz.
We use the area where it says ‘serving platter’ for only flat things, as if we put bowls or anything overly curved, the other dishes get some gunk left over because the spray arm directs water through this area. This might be the cause of some of the other reviews that say the dishwasher doesn’t clean well. We also take care to order the dishes in a way that nothing ‘nests’ against each other, blocking the water, because our dishes are a mish-mash of pieces accrued over our 12 year marriage. I suppose if you are a college person with new dishes that are all uniform or buying new dishes to go along with this, it might not matter.
Plastic items hold up pretty well even though the water gets really hot. At least the heating element of this thing works very well. And it *does* dry our dishes, there’s a drying function before the beep goes off, and i crack the door just enough so that the steam escapes and they dry all the way. Sometimes if i don’t do that, there’s some wetness left over, but not much.

I can not stress enough – do not put any jars with any kind of label still adhered on!!! My husband put an olive jar in with the label still on it. The hot water did wonders to take that label right off – onto everything else, and clogging the filter. The water still drained out instead of overflowing (thankfully,) and not many of the dishes got gunked, but it was a mess, and he’s vowed to not repeat his error.

The only complaints i have:
* the soap door doesn’t have enough clearance to pop all the way open/vertical if there are silverware in the front-most compartment, and i feel if it doesn’t, the water doesn’t flow correctly. Because of this, i put small items in that section and leave the basket closed. I have no issues putting all the silverware in the back section however, as long as i put one spoon and one fork in each hole, so they don’t ‘spoon’ and block the water. Because of this very minor design flaw, and the problem with the 10′ plates, i only gave it 4 stars in the ‘easy to use’ category.
* the area just below the soap door tends to get a streaky soap film running down from it, but that’s strictly cosmetic and easily wiped away about once a week when i clean it up and clean the filter.
* the red button that allows a little water during use/releases pressure after the cycle before disconnecting the hose is kinda really hard to push. This might loosen up over time, i don’t know yet, i’ve only had it about a month.
* we discovered that due to lousy water pressure in our current home, we have to turn on both the hot and cold water to get a good clean. However, any place with good water pressure should have no problem. I was actually worried that this would blow the fixture in this old crummy place, but it doesn’t. Total win!!
* it’s not really big enough for pots if you have much of any dishes in it, and even if you didn’t, because so much of the layout depends on things being vertical, i wouldn’t put more than a small sauce pot or skillet or something in there.

Things i really like about this washer:
* beautiful white exterior looks good anywhere, easy to wipe down, and it has wonderfully humorous stickers on the side about sharks and bubbles, giving important information without being so generic safety stickers. Makes me want to leave them on as cute reminders.
* stainless steel interior makes any internal clean up a breeze, and also shows really well if there’s any kind of soap build up, filter issues or left over food. Or paper labels…
* it really does hold a lot. My hubby doesn’t pack it as full as i do, but even packed fairly heavy, it gets everything as long as i organize things wisely. Do pay attention to the picture in the book, but then use your smarts and evaluate the way the arm spins and distributes water, and place things accordingly. It might take a few days and tries, but you’ll get the hang of it. I have faith in you! 🙂
* it uses very little water and it’s super quiet – except when it jets the water out, which it does in various intervals throughout the cycle. It seems like it occasionally dumps a bit of dirty water out and sucks some clean in to continue washing, because the exit of the water isn’t just when the cycle changes from wash to rinse or anything. I kinda like this, as i put things that need to soak like casserole pans under the jetting water, and by the time the wash cycle is done, so is the soaking! And with hot soapy water no less! Grey water reclamation for the win! I do kinda think i might buy one of those little mesh/large weave bags to tie on the hook-up, as the speed of the water exiting the machine *can* be a little forceful and splatter water up on the counter if you aren’t careful.
* it’s saving my marriage. I have a skin disorder that precludes me from having my skin in water for any length of time, especially hot water or water with a lot of chemicals in it. After 12 years of marriage, my husband was getting pretty put-out doing all the dishes by himself. With this, we can pre-soak the dishes a little (and not always,) i can spend 5 mins or less brushing them lightly with a dish brush, load it all up and turn it on. So now we take turns. He’s still stuck with the pots and pans and big stuff, but he’s a much happier hubby and we don’t argue over the dishes being left in the sink all the time!

I have to say, overall this has been a very good purchase, even with it being a little more cost than some of the other models i researched on amazon. It arrived quickly for something of this size, it was easy to hook up to the sink, came with the hardware to hook it up so i didn’t have to make a trip to the hardware store (plus!) and once we got the rinse aid in it, i almost never have kick any dishes back! (that was a nearly daily thing with hubby, he’s not very good at washing dishes.)

if you are teetering on whether to spend the money or not and/or looking for a way to save your skin or your marriage, i recommend this. It’s definitely made a positive change in our lives. Give it a try, i think you’ll be happy if you just use a little common sense and follow the instructions. And hey, while you’re at it, try to be awesome to our planet and use an eco-friendly detergent, be kind!

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Works well with pods – the adapter fits 'regular' faucets

I’ve only had this for less than 2 weeks but i’ll give it a 4, because after a little but of trial and error, it seems to be giving 5 star performance, but i don’t have enough time with it to give it the 5 stars.

I’ll try to give useful info in this review. I’ve never had a dishwasher until now. I thought they don’t work as well as hand-washing, so i didn’t want to bother with them, and i never had access to modifying counters and everything.

So about the connection to the faucet, i’ll try to clear it up a little. The dishwasher comes with 1 adapter which is actually 2 adapters in 1. One end screws into your faucet and is threaded on the inside and outside, so it fits the internal or external version of a ‘standard’ faucet. In the us, anyways, there are 2 common sizes of faucet end, regular and junior size, and each of those has an internal threaded and external threaded version, and those are obviously both different sizes, too.

The adapter that comes with this will fit either the external threaded or internal threaded of the regular size, but will not fit the junior size.

To find out if you have that type, you can see what aerator is on your faucet right now. I learned about it from a web page about aerators (google: plumbingsupply about faucet aerators). From there: ‘typical ‘regular’ size for a faucet aerator is 15/16′ male threaded or 55/64′ female threaded, while ‘junior’ size is 13/16′ male threaded or 3/4′ female threaded.’

those sizes are for the aerator, not the faucet. So remove the aerator if you have one, check to see if the faucet is external or internally threaded. If external, an outer diameter of 55/64′ (~14/16′) is regular and 3/4′ is junior. If internal, it’s harder to measure directly, but the outer diameter of the thing that screws in is 15/16′ for regular and 13/16′ for junior.

Alright so i will get to performance once i say a few things about connections (just this paragraph). Twice during hookup i almost lost little rubber washers that were not securely held in, but those are just at the start. First, i got the tubes hooked up to the back of it, then i found a rubber washer on the floor. I knew it should be in the machine somewhere, and i could only think of one of the back connections, so i disconnected it and found that the washer does fit in there. So be careful, or you may not see this and lose it. The other thing was that i pushed down on the adapter on the faucet after i just screwed it on, and it came flying off and 3 or 4 little pieces almost got lost down the drain. Luckily i found all of them and put the adapter’s little aerator back together. It happened because i had not been able to screw it on very far, but after looking at it, i was able to get it screwed on more securely, and haven’t had any more problems with it.

At first, i was unable to get good results, and i thought this is just how dishwashers worked, and i thought about returning it. I thought i might like to keep it anyways, because it still upgraded my counter by giving me a self-cleaning area that rinses everything to put my dished. It actually did upgrade the space instead of taking space away.

I had no idea what detergent to get, so i was asking around at the store. The manual has a section about ‘should i use concentrated detergent?’ and it talks about how that is more powerful stuff and has enzymes in it. So i decided that’s what i wanted, but nothing at the store actually says ‘concentrated detergent’ on it. So i started looking for ones that said they had enzymes, and i got some liquid great value basic stuff, thinking everything must be concentrated nowadays.

Well that stuff was the reason i didn’t get good results. Things would be slimy and have stains and even particles and stuff after it was done. I used rinse aid. I figured it might be hard water. The manual says if you have hard water and are not getting good results, use more detergent. So i did, and the results were a little bit better.

And then, i bought some detergent pods that are great value brand, but they are ‘advanced’. This change actually sort of blew me away. Things just come out clean. Not always all the way, like mostly with pans. But now it’s not just rinsing, it’s actually cleaning. Most things come out without needing any more cleaning. Something that impressed me was that it got my nesco dehydrator racks very clean. That usually takes me around 15 minutes per rack to do by hand, and i didn’t expect the machine to be able to do it.

I was nervous about its cleaning ability, because from videos, it looked like with one sprayer arm with holes shooting water just straight up, i didn’t think it would hit everywhere. But some of the sprayers do point in different directions. The holes near the center are arranged so one side has holes at 2, 4, 6 inches from the center and the other side at 3, 5, 7 inches, so when spinning it gives good coverage. Laying things face down seems to work.

The filter is really easy to clean, and the machine seems to clean itself well. I did have to file the nubs on the filter, so it would come apart easier.

As for what it can fit, i have fit 3 nesco dehydrator racks in at once. It can fit large pots or medium pans with room to spare. It’s definitely large enough for me. I use it without the basket or the other rack attachments.

One con is that it would be better if it had a display to tell you how long was left. Because the main modes take around 2 hours. You can also just do a rinse or a quick wash.

I’m glad i got it. It has really changed my whole area. Just as a place for dishes to be stored, it is an upgrade to the counter area. It keeps itself clean. I can’t think of anything to really complain about. Hasn’t malfunctioned or anything yet.

It runs quiet, except for the water draining, but i made that quieter by piping the water into a metal sifter which i leave in my sink. That stops splatter, too. The extra tube in my picture is not included.

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Not perfect, but still super happy with this dishwasher

I’ve had this item for about a year now. I have no regrets buying it and it has certainly helped relieve the stress of one of my most hated chores.

Size: it is big enough for a few days of my dishes and my small dog bowls. It is also big enough for the majority of my pots. I have ikea dishes and the large dishes are definitely a tight fit, but they do fit.

Noise: i think this thing is very quiet. I usually put it on before bed, and i live in a studio apartment. It can sound like a very light rain. It does beep to indicate the drying cycle has started, but not when the full run is done.

Cleaning: at first i was thrilled with the quality of the wash cycle. Everything came out exceptionally clean. Having it for a year now though i’ve experienced a handful of cleaning cycles that have done a poor job. This could be user error as i think it happens more when the dishes are oily rather than having ‘stuck on’ food. It can feel like the dishes are washed in oily water. When that happens i can’t just run the washer again (if i do the dishes come out in the same state). I have to hand clean the items to get any film of oil or dried soap off of them before putting them in the cycle again. When i do that, the dishes come out clean the next cycle. Occasionally it seems like the soap doesn’t get all the way out of the soap section either. I’ll rerun the dishwasher when that happens and the second cycle in that situation has always worked. They aren’t super common but it has happened a handful of times over the year.

Drying: the first drying cycle dried these dishes incredibly well. That being said it’s now more often than not that the dishes are still very wet when the cycle is done. I think this happens when i don’t open the dishwasher soon after it is done. If i leave clean dishes closed in there for a day the dishes will usually come out soaked. As i mentioned earlier, the machine beeps when the drying cycle has started but not when the entire cycle is complete, so i have to be a bit more vigilant of watching when the cycle is done to open the door and not let the moisture sit in there.

This machine isn’t perfect, but considering where i was at with dirty dishes before i bought this the overall quality still makes this one of the best pricey purchases i’ve made for my own quality of life. I think the full size dishwashers ive used in the past can have similar problems as i listed above, so i think it is more of a dishwashers aren’t perfect situation. Overall, definitely recommend.

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Glad to have it.

Trying to minimize overwhelm! This really helps. Initial worry/stress over adapter has been alleviated. My faucet (slimmer delta) was a smaller diameter than adapter provided. No success at the lg home supply centers. Small local hardware/plumbing/heating supply store matched my faucet end with the needed adapter. Still a trickle & don’t know why yet. Applied teflon tape which has not resolved but for now i am so happy to have it up & running & past the initial issues. Going to tweek the dishwasher detergent if needed to see what works best. Started with seventh generation & will look to add a rinse aid for some spotting. I am starting with the short/eco washes & work up to longer if needed. Overall i am happy with this unit. Would love to have a view window and tank fill option but those units were just too small for my needs. Customer service is accessible/available. Fortunately while on hold i kept working on the adapter & settings it began to operate without spraying or popping off!

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Good little dishwasher with one major caveat

Overhead, seems like a pretty good little machine. I live alone in a tiny little house so this seems like a good fit for me the first loads came out pretty clean and the noise level is on par with a standard builder grade machine. Easy to set up and use, however…

As some comments note, you absolutely need a standard 15/16 thread on your faucet to use this. Don’t be like me. I had a newish american standard sprayer faucet from which you can either unscrew the sprayer or the aerator. I figured, hey, i’m a reasonable handy guy, so i’ll just throw on an adapter or two and it’ll be fine, if a bit unsightly.

Nope. The 1/2′ to 15/16′ adapter does not exist with the right thread. Period. I even took the hose and quick adapter over to the regional plumbing and pipe store and the three guys there determined i was screwed (pun intended). One guy also said he’d had several people in recently with the same issue (not necessarily with the same machine). So if you have a sprayer or a different thread size, it’s very likely you’re looking at a new faucet to make this work.

So, i’ll just send it back, right? Alas, no free returns, so there’s $140 right there. So i ended up just replacing the faucet with a nice sprayer that has a pot filler with the right thread (the aimadi, if anyone’s curious). Works great and i’m happy enough but i’d be a lot happier if they could just include, or at least sell, such an adapter to save the headache and unnecessary expense. Most people around here have faucets like i did so i have to imagine this is not an uncommon situation. And yes, i know that the ad lists the thread size but it’s easy to think that this can be fixed with a quick trip to the hardware store. It can’t be.

In short, i’d recommend the machine but be aware of the threading on your faucet.

So, it was a giant and expense pain that could

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Don't get me wrong, it's amazing for what it is!

I’d like to give this a five star review, because this company is amazing to work with and they really seem to value your business. However, there are a few issues with this dishwasher that keeps me from giving it a full five stars. It’s probably closer to four and a half.

First, the good: it’s got a very nice appearance, the display is bright, but not blinding, and the installation is a breeze! The price is reasonable for what you’re getting, but i’d say it really hits its sweet spot around the $300 mark, so maybe wait for a sale. It’s not unreasonable at the $330 i paid for it. It seems as of this review that the price can go a bit higher, especially for the white, so keep that in mind. It’s also just like a regular dishwasher that accepts pods, powder or liquid detergent, as well as spot remover for flawlessly clear glassware and dishes. It’s very quiet, as well, not distracting at all unless it is evacuating water. It is also fairly spacious for its size, allowing for half of a two basin sink to easily fit inside, as long as it’s not a large pot or pan. Any dining ware should fit inside without issue, along with coffee mugs of anything from very small (which has a separate tray you can put them on), to larger mugs that basically take the space of a cereal bowl or similarly sized plasticware. I’m quite taken with how much ease and cleanliness it has brought into my life.

Now the bad: there are a few things that detract points for this item. One, the price is a tad high, as mentioned above, but i bought mine at $330, and at that price, it seems a fair deal. Secondly, a standard 10.5′ plate barely fits inside the unit. To protect the seal from being ground down every time the tray is pushed in with a large plate on it, you have to angle in the plate which causes you to lose a space in the rack. It’s frustrating because you either really load it up and wear down the seal prematurely, or you wedge them in awkwardly and can’t fully pull out the rack after that so you don’t drag the plates inside across the seal. The latter is only a minor issue, as the plates sit in the back, so the tray comes almost fully out when minding the seal. Lastly, the cup rack would only work for the smallest of coffee cups, maybe even only tea cups. They flip out of the way, though, so you can put taller items on the side opposite the large plates. I’d also say the unit doesn’t dry very well for items that sit flat inside. It fully dries anything that allows water to vertically slide off of it. It does dry out most of the water, though, and there is also a setting for extra drying, but i don’t bother since it’s simple to wipe a handful of items off with a towel or just shake the excess water into the sink. It’s also fairly difficult to fit varied items into the unit, but that’s likely to be an issue with any countertop dishwasher. So, as i said, a very high 4 is how i would rate it.

Other: it should be noted that this manufacturer has amazing customer service. Rarely do i experience the like with any other entity, most of them with far bigger bankrolls. This is a great positive to have that helps justify the price if you end up paying more for this item.

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A great dishwasher converted

This dishwasher did a better job of cleaning dishes than my $1600.00 jennair. It was fairly simple to switch the hook-ups in the back so it could be installed as a built-in, and since i did it myself i got to avoid having to add the worthless air gap that so many municipalities require of a dishwasher. It’s run flawlessly since i installed it in february, and it is the perfect size for a single person like myself. It’s a little loud when draining, but not obnoxiously so, and during the rest of the cycle, it’s pretty quiet. I’d recommend it with no reservations.

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Great dish washer – with some caveats

This is a great little machine, but you need to realize that it’s not a full size unit.

I’ve used this apartment-size dishwasher over the past 1.5 years. It’s well built, it was packed very well, and it washes dishes wonderfully (if you use the correct soap and place the dishes into the washer right). It’s perfect for 1 person, but it’s a bit of a stretch for 2. For 3+ people you can forget it – it won’t be enough.

[update after 2.0 years]
if you use too much powdered soap, the machine will tend to overflow inside and water may leak into the bottom plan. The unit will eventually stop working until you drain it, which is difficult. The simple solution is to only use around half as much powdered soap as you usually use. It’s just a small unit, so you need to adjust the soap amount accordingly.

[update after 1.5 years] a peanut somehow got sucked into the pump assembly, or the tubes beyond it. I got the dreaded blinking glass icon. The stuck nut greatly slowed down the unit’s pumping ability. To fix this, i completely cleaned the screen. Then i took out the screw on the bottom and carefully removed the piece of plastic in front of the pump with some pliers and cleaned inside with my fingers.

That didn’t solve it, so i then blew some *low* pressure compressed air (around 35 psi) up into the drain hose. Out forced the nut out! This completely solved the pumping problem.

I suspect that the food filter mechanisms in this dish washer aren’t all that good. You must keep the filter very clean, and i would rinse off any large stuff from your dishes before washing them.

If the glass icon blinks, it means some water has somehow fallen to the bottom of the unit, below the pump. It’s a pain, but you need to tip the unit to the left into the sink. I’ve had this happen around 2-3 times. No idea why this happens, but my unit seems to work fine otherwise.

I actually took the metal cover off before i figured out the compressed air solution, to examine how it was made inside. It’s surprisingly well built. I should be able to get a few more years out of this washer.

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The reviews led me to believe it would be amazing..

I just got this today and i’ve run it 3 times so far, mostly on the same dishes while i try to determine if it works or not. I’m going to get into a routine with it once all my current dishes are already washed, but so far it is definitely not for dishes that sat in the sink all week and might have stubborn sauce or food on them, the heat of the water alone doesn’t get everything off. Definitely need to rinse them first and maybe give them a little scrub with a brush while you rinse and load the dishwasher. I’m hoping getting into the habit of rinsing immediately will help get my dishes cleaned without the hassle of having to hand wash every single thing so i’m still hopeful this will be a helpful household item even if it isn’t as strong as a real dishwasher because i don’t have the space or money for one of those.

On the plus side it was very easy to set up as long as you read all the instructions and it isn’t super noisy. It’s mostly just gentle water trickling and whooshing noises with the occasional loud spray when it empties into the sink.

Edit: i’ve had it for a month now and i still stand by what i said but i added a star because i am satisfied with how it does as long as your dishes don’t have like hard cooked on or dried food 🙂

4Expert Score
Great appliance

Living without a dishwasher quickly became the bane if my existence, but this machine has been a lifesaver. It was literally so easy to install – screw on the faucet adapter, connect two hoses, and plug in and you’re done! I’ve been able to fit most things with a little finesse, even pots, pans, and 11′ dinner plates. As far as noise, i live in a small apartment and it’s decently quiet. It still startles me just a bit when the water drains because the hose is pressurized, but im sure i’ll get used to it. I researched a bunch of different countertop dishwashers, including those that didn’t have to be connected to a water source, and i couldn’t be happier with my choice to go with this one.

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