Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Cooling, 4-Piece Bedding Sets – White

Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Cooling, 4-Piece Bedding Sets – White

Buy Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Cooling, 4-Piece Bedding Sets – White: Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are hotel sheets direct 100% bamboo sheets – queen size sheet and pillowcase set – cooling features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Bamboo sheets – our queen sheet sets are made from 100% viscose of bamboo, with 144 grams per square meter (gsm) of fibers for a super soft feel that you won’t want to get up from.
  • Safe – rest easy knowing your sheet set is oeko-tex standard 100 certified to be free of harmful substances and materials.
  • Complete set: this queen bamboo sheets set comes with 2 pillow cases a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet for your comfort.
  • Deep pockets: fitted with all around elastic, the pockets on our bamboo fitted sheet fit around mattress up to 15”. The ideal combination of functionality and quality!
  • Cooling: these are the perfect cool sheets for hot sleepers – they’re thermoregulated to stay cool all summer long and warm all winter. They’re also moisture wicking to prevent sweat!
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Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Cooling, 4-Piece Bedding Sets – White AMAZON

Buy Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Cooling, 4-Piece Bedding Sets – White: Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What is the best way to care for these sheets – washing etc?

Wash the bamboo sheets in cool to warm water with a gentle liquid detergent. Dry on low to medium and remove immediately when done to prevent not use liquid chlorine bleach and fabric softener. Prefer not to use dryer sheets either.try to wash the sheets by themselves, washing them with other items especially towels that have a lot of lint will cause excess friction and piling to occur. It is normal over the course of time for bamboo sheets to pile, but proper care will go a long way to keep them from can also iron the sheets as well but if you take them out immediately after the dryer they shouldn’t need too much ironing.

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What is the thread count?

As this is being voted up, i want to further the point regarding single vs double pick.

Single pick is often much more superior to double pick. As it creates a softer more durable fabric. Up to 40% stronger than double pick. Other brands will use double pick because it allows them to use an inferior fabric. The result is a less durable, scratchy product but the ability to market a higher thread count.

Remember a higher thread count is not indicative of a better product. It just means a higher thread count.

Not all bamboo sheets are created equal as manufacturers have many ways to save on cost. Using lower thread counts, using cheaper yarns, using a cheaper dye process, opting for non made in green/oeko tex/organic materials. Also many bamboo sheets marketed on amazon and elsewhere are actually blends. As microfiber fabric is 90% cheaper than bamboo, it is cost effective to blend it in with bamboo threads.

We opt for the best of yarn, single pick, dye process, and from made in green oeko tex certified facilities across the entire chain of production. Not just our factory, but the entire chain.

This results in the highest quality bamboo sheets available. We know because we make bamboo sheets for brands that sell for over $300 and even their sheets opt to cut corners in different aspects. We build our brand, hotel sheets direct as a direct to consumer brand where we don’t cut corners. We don’t advertise. Thus we pass all the savings to our customers and still provide the best sheets we can produce.

hotel sheets direct

Do your sheets have elastic all the way around or just on the corners?

We have elastic around the entire fitted sheet. Others cut corners by only putting elastic on the corners.

We feel that the extra cost of doing elastic around the entire fitted sheet is well worth it when our customers are happy. So we put elastic around the entire fitted sheet

Do these sheet pill?

Want to further clarify that almost all sheets will eventually pile not specifically bamboo. Polyester piles the fastest. Linen the slowest. We test each batch prior to sewing with a special pile resistance machine. It basically rubs the sheets constantly. We run it overnight to test each batch.

If you look at our reviews i don’t think we have had a case of piling in 2 years. Sometimes people confuse a weave issue for piling. Piling is a very specific issue where the material balls up into tiny little balls that feel like sandpaper

hope that helps. Our sheets have the highest piling resistance tested by sgs

Are these sheets available in separate pieces? I wish i could buy separate fitted sheets.

We might introduce separate fitted sheets but towards the end of the year

Are these a twill finish or a sateen finish?

The finish is sateen. It is hard to capture in photos but is best described as like silk fabric almost. There is a slight shine to them as well.

Does the queen set come with 1 or 2 pillowcases? And are these standard or queen pillowcases?

2 pillowcases in standard size measuring 20×30”

Where are these sheets made?

Bamboo is sourced from china, and also weaved and produced in china

Why are these advertised as oeko tex certified when nothing on the packaging says that they are??? They smell terrible when taken out of the packing!!

These sheets are oeko-tex certified through 2019 and we can provide certification, just reach out to us and we can email you a copy. Also our future packaging will look like image #4 if you are looking at the king white size and color. On the bottom left of the packaging you will see oeko-tex certification graphic.

It is possible the smell is just from the plastic packaging, but once you air it out and/or wash it, the smell will go away. Additionally, the sheets will get softer after the first few washes.

Please let us know if there are any other questions
hotel sheets direct

How deep is the fitted sheet (in inches)?

The fitted sheet depth is 15′ which usually means it can fit up to 17′ maybe 18′ deep mattress

Do the pillow cases have an inside pocket so your pillow doesn’t fall out?

Yes, they have an extra layer of fabric to prevent the pillow from showing and to prevent it from falling out.

Do these sheets create static like some polyester ones do?

No. I hate that about polyester . I don’t buy microfiber for that reason. I have had the sheets for almost a month and still love them!

I have eczema and tend to scratch myself open mostly while sleeping. How do these sheets differ from cotton on which we use bleach for stains?

We suggest bleach free oxy-clean for stains. Light usage of bleach is okay but the sheets are generally more delicate than cotton

For someone who ‘sleeps hot’ would these sheets make it worse? Are they breathable enough to not cause sweating at night?

I suffer from hot flashes and my boyfriend has night sweats, we can’t say enough good things about these sheets. Also i tend to stick to other sheets and can’t roll over unless i basically sit up and unstick myself, but with these sheets that’s not a problem. We are buying 2 more sets of them because we love them so much!

Do they fit a standard depth mattress without pillow top. Ie temperpedix

Yes. Do you know the height? They got from about 8-16”.

The shorter the mattress the more excess fabric there is. So you might have to tuck it

Can you bleach the white set?

Bleach is too harmful for high quality bamboo. To remove stains spray chlorine-free stain remover or a mixture of 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 4 tablespoons of water directly on it, then launder as usual.

During processing or afterwards are the chemicals dioxin or formaldehyde used in the sheets? Also which oeko tex 100 class are your sheets – 1 or 2?

Dioxin and formaldehyde are not used at any stage

we are certified under oeko-tex standard 100 through 2019 for class 2

Size of king flat sheet?

108 x 102′

Any low profile bamboo sheets available for king size bed?

Not sure what low profile means. I did order these for my king bed, but the corners did not keep the sheet tight enough for my liking.

Why do they get holes so quickly and customer service refuses to help?

I’ve found customer service to be very responsive. The first sheet set i got, the fitted sheet had two tiny holes after i washed it for the first time. I sent them pics and they sent me a new set. Now i think it may have been caused by the ‘dryer hedgehogs’ i used so as to avoid the need for dryer sheets, since fabric softener doesn’t work well with bamboo. You should have gotten an email with care instructions when you ordered your sheets, and it should have info on contacting them regarding their 90-day warranty.

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Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Cooling, 4-Piece Bedding Sets – White AMAZON

Buy Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Cooling, 4-Piece Bedding Sets – White: Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Wonderful, comfortable, soft and high quality!

***over 1 year update***

we have had these sheets for over a year now which i can’t believe. Even more amazing is they still look brand new and are still softer than when they first arrived! I’ve told everyone i know about these and they are still hands down the best sheets we have ever bought for much less. Do not hesitate and buy them now! 🙂

we have had these sheets over 3 months now and they are still as good, if not better, as the day we received them. They got even softer in the beginning and since then have continued to be just as soft and silky smooth. We wash our sheets every week so they have to be great quality to hold up. In that time they have not ripped, there are no stitches coming loose and look just as good as they did brand new. Love love love them.

The only tiny thing that has nothing to do with the quality and comfort is if you could include tags inside for top, bottom, and sides. Our last sheets had that and it was an awesome feature we hadn’t seen before. Nothing major but makes it easier to make the bed. 🙂

***quick update***

we have had these sheets about a month now and still love them. We wash our sheets every week and these are somehow even softer than before. It’s not a huge difference in softness, they’re already like sleeping on clouds, but washing has not degraded the sheets in any way. Another awesome thing i didn’t realize until we washed these a couple times is how much easier they are to wash and dry. Our previous sheets, which weren’t cheep but less comfortable and more stiff were very annoying to wash and dry. No matter how we put them in they would end up all rolling up like a burrito. This was especially annoying in the dryer as we’d have to dry them multiple times pulling apart the pile of tangled sheets to get the wet pieces inside the bundle. These sheets have never done that!!!! We take them pitney of the washer and they’re all separate and after drying they’re never tangled or rolled up or anything. The old sheets would get socks and hand towels and anything else drying mixed up in them but these never have that issue either. They keep getting better and we look forward to having these for years to come!

***original review***

i almost wrote a review before we even used these sheets just based on the packaging and feeling them when i took them out.

We just found out my wife is extremely allergic to dust mites and while we are very clean, we wanted to get hypoallergenic covers for our pillows and mattresses and new hypoallergenic sheets. Bamboo is naturally perfect for that but almost everything is a bamboo (rayon) and some other fabric mix which makes them not as effective or not effective at all. I originally had a different set of non bamboo sheets in my cart but was second guessing them when i stumbled on to these and i am so glad i did!

First thing you notice is the sheets are heavy! I was surprised just how heavy they were in the packaging. When you unzip it you are welcomed with the most luxurious feeling sheets you’ve ever had.

We always wash things first so after taking them i out i washed them. Just as others have said, they were even softer afternoon only the first wash! If these get softer i don’t know how that could be possible.

After taking them out of the dryer they feel thin but in the best way possible. We have bought so many sheets over the years trying to find that soft flowing and not crisp almost crunchy feel. These are so soft and flowing they’re hard to fold. And while they feel thin they’re not, it’s because their so soft. And once you fold them it’s impressive still how heavy just one folded sheet is. You can tell these are special!

After finally using them they are to die for! I want to email and text everyone i know the link to buy them.

We have a king mattress and our pillows are giant bamboo shredded memory foam and the pillow cases swallow them whole with no issue fully covering them. Honestly the pillows could be even bigger but they’re already big enough.

The mattress sheet easily fit our mattress. We have a brooklyn bedding mattress, which by the way is amazing as well! Many of our sheets barely stretch to fit but these have no issue. It’s also amazing how stretchy that sheet is!

The other sheet is perfect and i like how long it is! Our last one barely covered the edge of our mattress on the end and there was no extra to tuck under like we normally do. But these had plenty of room to tuck under the lip and make neat.

My only complaint isn’t with the sheets, it’s that the company doesn’t sell duvet covers as well! 🙂

i have never reviewed any sheets because they’ve always been a necessity for the bed and nothing i have ever loved. But with these i couldn’t wait to write a review because they are that good.

This is 100% my own opinion, i bought these, and i am just that happy with them to write all of this. So don’t wait, remove anything else in your cart and buy these now! We will be buying more to replace on our guest bed and maybe one more as a spare to have because if these are ever not available it would be a tragesty of great proportion!

5Expert Score

I just received my sheets yesterday. I was so excited i had very high expectations. I washed and dried them on a gentle cycle. I didn’t want anything to happen that could take away from what the company describes the sheets to do. I was in love the minute i drop them out of the package. I thought if these sheets feel like this after i wash them i’m already happy. Taking them out of the washer they were hard and crunchy so that concerned me but, when they came out of the dryer they were just as yummy feeling as when i put them in!!!!
So, on to my night sleep.
I’ve suffered with hot flashes for 25 years now, they come and they go, with a vengeance sometimes! I was very skeptical that these sheets would make a difference for that. I have to admit, i’ve never paid this much for sheets, that’s a tough sale for me. But everything else about my bed has become, my mission to create the most comfortable sleeping environment that i can have. So i thought, i have to have these sheets.
If i could give these sheets 10 stars, it wouldn’t be enough. I did feel myself getting hot flashes but, it was if i felt the warmness but i didn’t need to throw the bedding off and on like i’m trying to fan the room. Which i have no doubt is what caused my bursitis several years ago. Anyway, i could not wait to get up and give a review. I am absolutely, ‘in loveeeee’ with these sheets!!! I don’t know if anybody’s ever done this but, i plan on taking my sheets as well as, my yummy pillow with me when i travel from now on.!!!!
I don’t understand the negative reviews these are absolutely fabulous sheets.
Btw, this is an uninitiated review, coming straight from the heart in live

5Expert Score
Very happy with my order

These sheets are absolutely bamboo and not polyester like some reviews say. Check the lint trap on your dryer after you wash the sheets, the lint is much different from polyester. The sheets are like silk and are very shiny. They came out of the dryer beautifully but when we woke up in the morning the top sheet was covered in wrinkles, so it doesn’t look nice if you want to keep your bed turned down. I purchased ca king and unlike most ca king sheets, these actually fit and stay on. I received the dark gray quickly, but the dark blue is almost a month out before i will get them. November 9th. The price was amazing for both sets. They were $25.89 and $27.89. I guess i bought colors that don’t sell well, because some of the other colors were much more money. I will buy more now that i know the sheets are so pretty and soft. Wrinkling is my only complaint.

5Expert Score
Love these sheets!

These are the most wonderfully comfortable sheets! They are so soft, and i love the cooling effect when you first lay down on them. I tend to sleep very warm, so appreciate that the fabric helps with cooling.

They wash up nicely, but can be a horribly wrinkled mess if you don’t fold them (or put them on the bed!) as soon as they’re dry. They also tend to pull up some and wrinkle on my hybrid expandable mattress, even using elastic straps and clips to keep them in place. I’m not real picky about that kind of thing, as long as the comforter or bedspread is not equally wrinkled. Certainly does not bother me enough not to use them!

I do recommend them in spite of the wrinkling.

5Expert Score
Just buy them!

Theses are the real deal!
Been buying these sheets for years now. I give them as gifts too. They are absolutely heavenly fabulous.
I have tried many bamboo sheets on amazon and these are by far the best!
Follow all directions from the manufacture for optimum wear. I’ve thrown my sheets in with other laundry and realized they were right to suggest to wash alone.
If wrinkling is an issue for you, then you must get sheets out of the dryer immediately and put directly on bed. Bamboo sheets wrinkle no way around it.
I travel with a pillow case every trip i take. Cannot be without my sheets.

5Expert Score
Soft, durable

I’m very happy to report the are soft but not slick, soft but not hot, and very durable. These were my first bamboo so want sure i would like. When i opened i thought they were shinny but that was just forest glance. After washed they was fine. I also have an issue with sheets not holding up. I have a little dog that diggs to make her bed and she always rippes the sheets always! Even new ones. We are into 3 washes and a month in and she has not caused a hole yet! I’m looking for another color. We are in .

5Expert Score
Great find in sheets

I am always looking for good sheets for my bed and am so glad i saw these. These bamboo sheets are so soft and silky and don’t make me feel too hot or cold. They actually fit my mattress well. Where many fitted sheets might not quite cover the mattress sides or ride up the sides after sleeping on them, these do not. The flat sheet is large enough so that i don’t end up playing tug-of-war over it with my husband. They wash very well and don’t badly wrinkle. I really love these!

5Expert Score
Stop what you’re doing and buy these now

My husband wakes up soaked from sweating all night, and he’s a small dude! No diabetes, no menopause (yet) for either of us. Just one really warm guy. We’ve been using linen, as well as 100% cotton sheets and have suffered because cotton just isn’t the right material for sweaty sleepers. I did some research and decided on this set of sheets. I. Am. Mind. Blown. My husband not wake up drenched or sweaty in any way. Beyond that, the cherry on top is that these sheets are f ing comfortable. So much so, i literally fantasize about the moment i get to get into bed every night. The first night, we put them on the bed straight from the dryer (after climbing up two flights of stairs). I was so excited about them that i jumped into the shower again to shave my legs haha. These are silky and slinky, but not like satin, similar to silk. We’ve all had that one rayon shirt or dress when we were 15 that we absolutely loved and felt amazing wearing…until the day we shrunk it and cried. Or was that just me? Well, these sheets remind me of that dress. They are amazing. I haven’t experienced wrinkling, but i didn’t give them time to wrinkle. Even if they had, who cares. And for the string police: my set has been string-free, so rest assured you won’t have to get on amazon and inform the masses that thread was used to sew these. These sheets are damn near perfect. I’m buying a second set right now, actually. Don’t open another tab or look at the other ones that are more expensive…or cheaper. Get these. You’re welcome.

5Expert Score
Out of box.. Sooo soft

these sheets are amazing & cool!! I sleep warm, so these are perfect.. Came out of dryer perfectly.. They do wrinkle when you sleep under top sheet ‘only if’ you sleep like my husband ‘all wadded up’ lol

I’m washing these sheets right now and will later put them on my bed and then i will update you however just reaching inside the package, and feeling these sheets, they feel amazing.. Like silk.. Husband said yes, they feel great. So let’s see how they are when they get out of the washer & dryer.. I did wash on delicate..l update!

5Expert Score
Great for sensitive skin

I have super sensitive skin, so much so that when we travel i have to bring my own sheets. We bought these sheets for a guest room and i had to try them out myself, along with a new purple mattress. The sheets fit the mattress and did not come off the bottom. They were super soft and perfect for my sensitive skin. And yes, i felt like they were cooling. Even with a down comforter for weight, i was not hot. I will be purchasing another set now that i know they are a perfect compliment to our cozy home.

4Expert Score

So i really want to love these sheets but unfortunately the bad outweighs the good. When i first received these sheets, i immediately put them on my bed. Of course they were wrinkled (expectable) right out of the package. When i first laid on them, i was amazed by the softness & coolness of them. They kept me cool all night long which is a huge benefit! However, my husband and i woke up completely tangled in these sheets. I decided to wash/dry them and try again the next night. They definitely fit more tight and less wrinkled when i put them on the bed fresh. I was happy and hopeful that they just needed an initial wash/dry to fix the wrinkled tangly issue. That night it was heaven when i got into bed and loved the satin smooth cool feeling of them (my husband was not a fan of the cooking effect because he likes a warm bed). We woke up the next morning and we were in another tangled mess! The sheets were super wrinkled and tangled after one night. We continued using them for about a month and i just washed/dried more frequently, but i just recently switched back to my old sheets until i purchase new ones. So to sum it all up..
extremely soft
cooling effect
amazing price

4Expert Score
If you want bamboo sheets, buy these

I’ve been hearing about bamboo sheets for a while, with hot, summer nights rolling in and i was looking for other ways to stay cool throughout the night. I read reviews from other buyers and decided to go with these. They are not cheap, by any means, but have the best positive reviews, and to be honest they’re worth every penny. Here’s what i’ve found: 1- if you don’t unravel them when putting the sheets into the dryer, they will continue to get twisted around and come out with a lot of wrinkles, the solution is to shake them out when removing the sheets from the washer, then placing them into the dryer taking care not to bunch them up. This has worked perfectly for me and the sheets have almost no wrinkles. 2- they seem to be heavy when placing them on the bed, but when you’re in them, they don’t feel heavy at all. 3-100% the silkiest, softest, coolest sheets i have ever owned. 4-i did notice the fitted sheet was warm where i had laid, however when i moved, the sheet in other areas was very cool. I didn’t feel like i had been sweating all night long as i’ve felt in cotton or even microfiber sheets. I bought the queen set, which included 2 pillow cases, fitted sheet and the top sheet. I’ve washed them a few times since i’ve purchased them, i have not noticed any tears or rips. I haven’t spilled anything on them, so i’m not sure if they stain easily or not.
Bottom line, these are the best sheets i’ve ever purchased and i’m planning to buy another set.

4Expert Score
Amazing feel!

I was a little disappointed when i opened the package and saw that both the fitted and top sheets had a light/white defect line on them. I’m hoping they hold up well despite that. I chose to keep them because they feel amazing!! So soft and they absolutely do feel cool. Not cold! Just right. I tend to feel too cold at night and only bought these because my husband is always too hot. They work great for both of us. Good temperature regulation. They do seem to be wrinkle resistant and the fitted sheet is snug on our mattress ( 10” king), not oversized which i like. The top sheet is just long enough. Personally, i’d prefer another inch or two in length on the top sheet but, again these sheets feel so amazing (and i got them on sale!) i’m keeping them anyway. As with other bamboo and microfiber sheets, be careful using liquid fabric softeners as they may come out of the wash with dark spots (these had a few) but they should wash out next time. I will be buying more of these!!

4Expert Score
Ahhh the comfort

Come on man , do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in pure heaven , these sheets fit excellent and the cool in the summer , warm in the winter feel is fantastic to sleep in, so far in the 6 mo of owning a couple sets of these sheets they have held their color, retained their feel, and best of all no bumps or lumps i would recommend these to anyone that loves a good night sleep

4Expert Score
Excellent sheets

These bamboo sheets are the best i have ever owned! If you want to feel like you are sleeping in a high-end hotel, these sheets will do that for you!

The only downside is that they sleep hot, so not good for summer use.

4Expert Score
Sand is gray

Disappointed, i was excited for these sheets! In every light i’ve tried, sand is essentially a medium colored gray, almost silver color, and will not work with my decor, so i have to return. There’s over a $100 difference between this and the next closest color, so i wont be reordering. But if you’re looking for a color closer to a tan / light tan (like the color of sand?) – don’t order sand.

4Expert Score
Love these cool sheets

I really like these sheets they are cool to the touch which is nice because i am a hot sleeper. I used to buy bb&beyond sateen sheets but they no longer make them plus those sheets didn’t hold up as well as these. This is my second time buying them and will continue to. What’s weird is that depending on what color you get you will be paying a significant amount more. But i would definitely recommend these to anyone who is a hot sleeper.

4Expert Score
Great buy!

Loved these sheets. Would have given 5 stars but top sheet isn’t big enough for higher mattresses.

4Expert Score
These sheets improved my sleep

I love these sheets. They are everything i wanted from bamboo. They are cool and don’t get too warm and are smooth. The reason for the 4 stars is that there is now a tear in one of the corners so i am questioning their build quality.

4Expert Score
Great feeling sheets!

The color is so vivid and the sheets feel so light and soft.

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