HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car – Black

HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car – Black

Buy HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car – Black: Garbage Cans – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are hotor car trash can with lid and storage pockets features?

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  • ✔adjustable strap & collapsible shape – the car trash bag features an adjustable strap that allows it to be attached on both front and back headrest as well as the center console for easier access for all around. Coupled with the collapsible design, you will greatly benefit from functional convenience of this auto trash container.
  • ✔collapsible shape & adjustable strap – you can place our car trashcan on the floor, car seat or hang it for the seat back with the drawstring cord. With adjustable strap, this trash can storage can be placed anywhere.
  • ✔durable leakproof inner lining – this garbage can for car adopt waterproof and leakproof material, easy to clean and wash. No more worry about food spills or other stubborn stain.
  • ✔multipurpose – this car garbage bin can be used as storage bag to keep items such as cups, toys, and other accessories. Additionally, the waterproof advantage also makes it an excellent car cooler of the maximum value for money.
  • ✔great compatibility – an effective solution for people with the needs of neat and organized car interior. Perfectly fits a variety of types including sedans, suv, truckers, etc. Hotor takes every conceivable possibility into account.
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HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car – Black AMAZON

Buy HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car – Black: Garbage Cans – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What is the difference between 1st & 2nd generation bag?

The 1st generation bag is the one that has the velcro flap lid, not the 2nd generation bag. 1st gen bag also has two side pockets that are mesh and one front pocket that is a solid flat fabric. 2nd gen bag has the zip top lid and all 3 side and front pockets are mesh.

Where do these 4 bendy plastic strips go? I do not see an opening by the side handles.

Ok you use all 4 braces – 2 slip under the cloth handles on the side – they slip under the ends of the handle there is are little notches on both ends slip in from the top – bend them a little
the other 2 go into the bottom of side mesh pockets wiggle them into place

Does the hotor car trash can remain waterproof without the plastic trash bag?

It has a liner like a lunch box so you can just wipe it out, i would not want to pour any liquids into it though.

For the 3 gal one, can the mesh side pocket fit a sunglasses case (about the size of a 17oz plastic water bottle)?

It should hold the eyeglasses case easily, as well as small drink bottles, cellphones, etc. Very handy.

Did anyone else’s plastic strips not fit where they were supposed to? Mine were too big

Yep, too large and hard to cut to fit. Disappointed.

*for seller* will this trash can come out in a lavender color?

Only the manufacturer can answer that question. If it is important to you, you can always make your own exterior cover for it.

Does this have velcro on the bottom or something to hold it the floor of the car without tipping over?

This style is for hanging off the front seat to the back using the head rest as the place you hang it from. See the photos to grasp that. It is not the kind you stick on the floor holding it to the rug with a velcro like hook and loop set up. These i like better because they never tip over or pull up from the floor which often the others do. Years ago we had a rubberized bottom one similar to what you are asking about. It failed repeatedly even after we put more velcro onto the bottom in two width strips the full length of the rubberized bottom. It sill would flex or fall over. This may not be what you want if you have people or children that ride in the back seat however. Depending on car it may or may not interfere with the back seat passenger. But overall this style gets a big thumbs up from me.

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Would be nice if it had some directions. Where do you put the 4 pieces that look like popsicle sticks?

On the sides starting at the top, there are straps with white stitching at each end. Two of the black ‘popsicle sticks’ go there, one on each side. The other ‘popsicle sticks’, again on each side, go at the bottom of the mesh side pockets, one on each side. Make sure in all four locations that they are flexed outward. That’s where i put them and it works well to keep the bag fully open and fully expanded. I hope this helps.

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Anybody have success with attaching this to the driver seat in a semi truck?


Where was this product manufactured?


Does the premium leather lid prevent dirty?

So far it hasn’t gotten dirty. I have the pink one and it’s holding up well

How do i secure the bag in it?

It has four little tabs on the insider linner. You simply button the tabs over the linner. Hopefully this helps.

Can this be used in the front? Where would it be attached?

There’s no practical way to use it in the front of the car. You can put it around the headrest facing the front of the car but i guess it’s only good if you never have any passengers.

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd generation

The 1st generation has a zipped cover. The 2nd generation has a flap with velcro to close. I find the 2nd generation easier to open.

I have no drawstring? Can’t find how to contact seller. It’s the whole reason i ordered this


Please confirm that the dimensions are 11.6 tall, 11.0 wide and 1.4 inches depth. 1.4′ does not look to correct relative to the pictures

Mine is 8-1/2” wide, 6-1/4” deep and 10-1/2” tall.

Where can i find replacement bags for this?

I’m keeping the grocery store bags for now.

Are there garbage can liners for this unit available?

Each garbage can comes with two bags. If you run out of it, here is the link to purchase extra bags:

What’s the difference between 1st gen and 2nd?

I dont know. Whatrhe difference is

Does this fall over easily when turning?

Since i am usually alone in the car, i leave mine sitting on the passenger seat. It never falls over, holds a lot more than it looks like it could, and is easy to replace the bags. I love mine. It is one of my best amazon purchases.

HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car – Black AMAZON

Buy HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car – Black: Garbage Cans – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Off-label usage

I’m using this for somewhat off-label usage. I needed a small, mobile trash can for disposing of wipes used to clean up an older dog who leaks a tiny bit after going wee. To avoid utis we wipe her with a baby wipe and throw it away after each potty. This was small enough to hide behind a chair near the sliding door she uses most and then i realized i could put the wipes in the side pocket. I appreciate that the lining is waterproof and that i can just wash it out when needed. Having everything at the point of use and just emptying the waste bin once a week like all the other bins in the house has made things so much easier. So, i’m back to buy two more for my front walkway and my actual car (finally around to its intended purpose)! Ps compostable doggy bags and shopping bags like from takeout fit fine in here.

5Expert Score
Simply the best auto trash can i have found.

I’ve used many auto trash units over the years, but this is my favorite so far. Nicely constructed, nicely sized, and extremely well designed to hold its shape while hanging on the back of a seat. Most important, the four magnetic clips that secure trash bags inside the unit work perfectly. I feel that it’s well worth using these trash bags, and if you do, i strongly recommend buying the hotor two-gallon trash bags simply because they fit better than anything else i have tried.

5Expert Score
Best $10 i ever spent!!

I always have a trash bag in my car – it’s always been in the way and taking up front seat passenger leg room, but i have to keep my car tidy!!

This is great! I mounted it using some velcro on the bottom to stick to my weathertech mat (i.e., no damage to car) right behind the console in the back seat area. It disappears, doesn’t take up leg room, and is easy to reach from all seats. Just reach over and drop the garbage in through the opening in the top and voila! Car is still clean!!

I also love that it has magnetized snaps to hold the plastic bag liner in place! I haven’t even loaded the outside pockets with stuff yet! It’s a great little invention!!!

5Expert Score
Love this little trash can! Wish it could velcro to floor

This little trash can is just what i needed to keep my car tidy. It has little magnetic snap tabs to hold a 2-gallon trash bag (i found unscented drawstring bags here on amz) or a plastic grocery bag. The top zips open for access, though i’ve seen other versions with a velcro top that might be more convenient.

What makes this trash can great are the little side braces you pop in to keep the can from collapsing. It takes a little work to pop them into place, but it’s worth it.

The only other thing i’d wish to change would be having a way to secure it to the floor, or some other option to secure it. It comes with a strap that can be used to hang it from a seatback or the center console/armrest, but in my tiny car, the only viable option was to hang the strap around my gearshift, which is a bit awkward.

All in all, a great little trash can! Highly recommended!

5Expert Score
Works for me!

I thought from the pictures that the bag would be a bit more sturdy. It comes with pieces to make it more structured. I think this is a great choice if your needing something to keep your car a little more clean. I clipped mine onto my center console so it hangs into the middle of my backseat. I would recommend!

5Expert Score
4.5 stars

The product itself is such a lifesaver. It’s convenient with the leakproof cover and added trash bag liners. The only complaint is that it is space-consuming (mainly due to the size of my small car). The added mesh pockets and clips are nice to adjust the size. I have two of these and have been using them for over a year. They have been in great condition and have never shown any signs of wear. The zipper and rubber opening are still in perfect condition. The magnetic clips for the trash bag liner is thoughtful and very functional. Would recommend!

5Expert Score
Not as rigid as photo implies

This trash bin is okay, with quality workmanship, but i wish it were as rigid as it appears in the photos. It is a collapsible fabric. The zip-top does help it retain some shape and this is an improvement to what i have been using which had no top; therefore i’d reach back and half the time the garbage would end up on the floor because the bin/bag had folded in/closed. This won’t happen with this style of a bin, so that’s a plus. I also like the four magnet snaps on the inner top that hold a garbage bag in place. Overall i’m very satisfied.

5Expert Score
Nice addition to my car

So far, i have enjoyed having this trash receptacle in my car (smaller version). It is currently strapped behind the center console, and is not in the way of anyone’s legroom in the backseat. I purchased two gallon bags separately, which was a more seemless fit than a food shopping bag or the more standard 4 gallon plastic trashcan bags.

5Expert Score
The perfect auto trash bin

The new york times wirecutter’s blessing for this product is not hyperbole. This is one fine and convenient trash container for a car — and moderately priced. I ordered the 3-gallon ultra size, which fits neatly behind my new subaru forester’s center console, leaving plenty of room for the legs two rear passengers, although it might have to be moved to another location if the center seat is used.

My previous minivan had no center console, so i used a plastic grocery bag hanging from a front armrest, but that looked déclassé. The ultra capacity hotor trash can has a quality look as if it is meant to be there, but is also easier to use because i don’t have to fish for the opening while i’m driving: the hole is firmly present so my hand can quickly find the opening, which is conveniently and decoratively covered by push away flaps.

The mesh outside pockets are another convenient touch.

The only minor difficulty i had was inserting the two plastic bands that come with it into the upper inner side channels just below the zipper to make the unit rigid. At first i thought they were too long and i was inclined to trim them. Don’t! You have to bend them a lot so the ends can meet the insertion points and expand to their full length. The instructions warn you not to bend them too much, but you have to. They didn’t break and there is also a spare pair.

I chose the black unit because it blends in with my auto’s interior decor, but you may wish to choose pink to make it stand out proudly!

5Expert Score
Great product with excellent customer service

The quality of this product is surprisingly refreshing, the materials match my interior, and look like real leather, the plastic inserts take a little effort to insert them and then it snaps open and looks like a part of the car. I especially like the 4 interior snaps (one on each side) that hold the plastic bag liner open. You can use any cheap trash can liner bag after you use the samples they include with the product – a nice touch. I highly recommend the product.
I had a question regarding ways of attaching the bag – not a complain or problem – nevertheless their customer service promptly replied. Given the quality of the product i do not expect any issues but i was very impressed with the fact they wanted to be sure i was completely happy (i am) with my purchase.

4Expert Score
2021 bmw x5 with split top center console

I didn’t see a photo with this setup so i’d thought i’d share. When i went to install the bag i thought i was out of luck because i forgot my center console has a dual/split door top. I could’ve just laid the straps under the doors and pinned them there, but the garbage might fall when i had to access the center console.

Just before boxing it back up to return, i realized i could separate the straps and stretch them behind the seat back storage on each side (in this car this seat storage is more of a folder and holds the straps really tight).

4 stars because i agree with others that it would be outstanding if there were velcro on the bottom if you can’t use the straps on the console.

4Expert Score
Hard to beat for the price!

For $10 this is such a great deal!

Even with the included plastic pieces to give the bag some structure to help hold its shape, i still found it a too flimsy, so i cut out and taped up some cardboard inserts to place inside the bag itself and now it’s just about perfect! The bag (which i have hanging on the back of my passenger seat) is now nice and rigid and holds its shape very well! I love it!
I wish it had included more plastic bag inserts (it came with 2), but i think i can make regular grocery store bags work.

But yeah…for $10, this is a fantastic deal!

4Expert Score
Instructions for the stabilizing plastic sticks was not very helpful.

I found the instructions for placing the plastic sticks less than helpful. I am not sure they are in the correct position, but it is holding its shape. I have placed it in my vehicle behind the center console. Hopefully it will keep its shape when i put items in through the top. It looks like it will be leak proof but i don’t plan to pour a drink into it.

4Expert Score
Handy bedroom accessory.

I just ordered another one of these for my car. I intended to use the first one in my car but attached it to my bed rail instead. The wide front pocket holds a paperback mystery and my cell phone fits into one of the side pockets. It’s a place to dispose of used tissues etc. It would be perfect if it could be hung right side up instead at a slant because the strap is wrapped around a horizontal rail.

4Expert Score
Good idea

This is a great idea for any vehicle and i love it. It keeps me from throwing my empty water bottles on the floor board. With that being said i was it was as sturdy as the picture shows. The send it with hard plastic pieces to insert in the sides at the top to keep it kind of solid but if it had some kind of plastic to run down instead of just across i think it would be better

4Expert Score
Nice little garbage bag but wish it was a little more sturdy

Works good for what i need, just wish it was a little more sturdy. Much better than a plastic bag though.

4Expert Score
Not bad, a little flimsy.

Not bad for the money. Sides could be more sturdy.

4Expert Score

Hole is large and the strap is adjustable for any part of the car

4Expert Score
Pretty alright

You know i was prepared to write this review with a bunch of trash puns… But decided not to… This time… But… Its a trashcan, for the car… And let me tell you that having this thing is amazing. My daughters no longer litter the back seat of my car… Its… So nice

4Expert Score

It’s nice and easy to use

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