How to perfume yourself well? 8 tips to smell good for a long time

Do you sometimes buy perfumes from major brands, but you are not always satisfied?! Or rather it’s the smell that doesn’t look great on your skin! But, you may not be using your perfume correctly! So discover the 8 tips to perfume yourself well and avoid these few mistakes. The goal is to smell good for a long time and not spoil your perfume.

1. Avoid rubbing

When you spray the perfume on your wrists, avoid rubbing them against each other: the molecules making up the perfume move and change their smell. In addition, you will overexcite the sweat glands which secrete sweat. This may affect the perfume in question.

2. Drink in moderation

Think again ! Even if you don’t smell your perfume, others do. Indeed, being strongly exposed to it for a few minutes, your nose gets used to the perfume and integrates it as a constant smell, which is why you do not realize the fact that you had put on a lot. So be careful!

3. Each skin has its scent

Choose your perfume according to your skin type. If your skin is matte, opt for dense, woody, spicy fragrances that do not alter the acid PH. On the other hand, if it is dry and fine, it would be preferable to use floral and fruity fragrances. Finally, don’t forget that a well hydrated skin allows the perfume to stay in place for much longer!

4. Perfume yourself at the right times

The best time to spray the perfume is after the shower, when the pores are open and when the skin is still warm: this is when it retains the perfume better.

Also, the fragrances of the day must differ from those of the evening. In the morning, opt for calm and discreet perfumes. In the evening, prefer those who are more daring!

5. Choose your perfume according to the season

Some perfumes, because of their composition, are more suitable for certain periods. A sweet scent will be ideal for summer and spring, while another woody scent will be more suitable for winter and autumn! The climate influences the fragrance. The hotter it is, the faster the perfume tends to vaporize, which is why it is applied more often in summer.

6. Spray in the right places

The best places to put perfume are warm areas, namely: behind the ear, wrists, neck, ankles or behind the knees. You can also spray it on your clothes, and in this case it will last even longer. In the folds of your skirt, the collar of your shirt or on your shawl, the fragrance will spread as you walk!

7. Choose the right plan

The perfume consists of an odorous concentrate, a mixture of alcohol and water.

The perfume contains 15 to 30% of fragrant concentrate which allows the scent to persist for 4 to 8 hours. For this reason, the perfume is reserved for the evenings.

The eau de parfum, less concentrated (8 to 20%), persists for 3 to 6 hours.

Eau de toilette, which is much lighter (6 to 12%), is more volatile. Therefore, the ideal would be to use it during the day and spray it directly on the skin, clothes or even on the hair .

Eau de Cologne, on the other hand, has a concentration of less than 8%. Therefore, it is more discreet, fresh and light. You can apply it at will and at any time of the day.

8. Store your perfume well

Perfume is very sensitive to the elements around it. Close your perfume bottles tightly and avoid storing them in sunny or very hot places. It is recommended to put them in the bathroom, where the temperature is usually moderate.

Finally, a perfume is an olfactory image of oneself, so it should not be chosen in haste. Extravagant and daring, soft and shy or even mysterious, your perfume says a lot about you and your personality: clearly define your sensory identity. And if you are one of those women who prefer not to wear perfume because of its alcohol content, you should know that most good perfumes contain very little alcohol. It is therefore up to you to select your perfumes carefully!

Lanvin perfume: a perfume of class

The Lanvin name alone automatically refers to the chic, haute couture, elegance and class of the Parisian fairer sex. Its creator, Jeanne Lanvin , is one of the pioneers of fashion in France. Suffice to say that the Lanvin perfume is a concentrate of know-how and experience accumulated with the Parisian divas.

It is a perfume with particular and unique fragrances , its strength certainly lies in the ability it has to appeal to women from different backgrounds. With ever more chic and special bottles , Lanvin perfume places the elegance of women at the heart of its action.

Pinks, purples, blacks, orange, yellow, red, etc. Lanvin scents stand out visibly, just bring your nose closer to appreciate this simple and complex fragrance made of various aromas . On the price side, everyone finds their account. Lanvin scents are available in several prices and give every woman the opportunity to smell incredibly good.

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