HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink with HP+

HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink with HP+

Yakibest.com: HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink with HP+ : Office Products

What are hp deskjet 2755e wireless color all-in-one printer with bonus 6 months instant ink with hp+ features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 6 free months instant ink subscription when you activate hp+ – print up to 700 pages a month. Ink ships to you automatically so you never run out. After 6 months, monthly fee applies unless cancelled, and you’ll save up to 50% on ink.
  • Includes free hp+ smart features – activate hp+ free to get advanced features for mobile printing, security, automatic updates and more. Hp+ only works with an hp account, internet connection and original hp ink for the life of the printer.
  • Best for basic printing – print basic color documents like recipes, forms and travel documents
  • Key features – print, copy and scan in color, plus mobile and wireless printing
  • Easy setup – get started fast on any device with the hp smart app that guides you step by step
  • Hp smart app – print, scan and copy from your phone—whenever, wherever. Get advanced features for 24 months with hp+.
  • Worry-free wireless – get better range and more reliable connections using dual-band wi-fi with self-reset

HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink with HP+ AMAZON

Yakibest.com: HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink with HP+ : Office Products

Looking for specific info?

Does it come with ink so you can use it right away?

It does come with 1 color and 1 black cartridge. If you sign up for the insta ink you get 700 pages a month free for 6 months, and if you use code x2nd8t it gives you an extra month. 700 pages of prints a month! I could never print that much. Great deal!

Is there a cable with this?

Hello. Thanks for your question. The usb cable is not included with this hp deskjet 2755e printer.

Do i have to use the hp+ insta ink to by ink when it runs out or can i buy it just a single cartage at a time?

I would use the hp + insta ink. You get 6 months free!! With this code: d4zcy9, you get 7 months free!! I bought them single, and paid close to $35, it’s not worth it buying singles.

I don’t have a computer, just an ipad os 14.6. Can i use this printer?

Yes, you can. You’ll want to download the free hp smart app to control the printer from your ipad. You’ll also need to make sure they’re on the same wireless network.

I run a small homebased business, is this printer good for printing labels?

Yes! I print 2 labels per page on here. D4zcy9, this code gives you 1 month free ink at insta ink.

Is printer compatible with samsung s21+ phone

Hello. Thanks for your question. Yes, this hp deskjet 2755e printer is compatible with the samsung s21 plus phone. Just be sure both devices are connected to the same wireless network.

Is it an air printer?

Hello. Thanks for your question. Yes, this hp deskjet 2755e printer is an airprint compatible printer.

Will it print medium card stock?

Hello. Thanks for your question. This hp deskjet 2755e printer can support up to 110-pound paper.

To get the 6 montbs free ink i have to apply at checkout the plan of $5 dollars prepaid code

I skipped the $5 prepaid code, and got the 6 months of free ink just fine. I added this code at checkout: d4zcy9, and got a 7month free!! You can cancel anytime before the end and not get charged.

I am looking for a printer to use in a semi. I need to be able to print from a mobile phone without a network connection. Is this possible?

It will connect using your bluetooth connection on your phone, but to use the + features you need a wi-fi connection. So things like instant ink and so on wouldn’t be something you could do. If you have a phone plan, you could add an inexpensive hotspot for only like $10 to your monthly bill have a wi-fi connection to connect your printer and you could continue to use your phone’s data plan and only use your hotspot when you need to update your printer, or while you’re stopped at truck stops, you could use the free wi-fi there. But just to print from your phone, you don’t need the internet. I bought a jet pack off of here, they won’t let me say the name, but it was under $50 and i activated it on my plan and it works wonderfully. I hopefully gave you a few things to think about. This is an excellent printer. I highly recommend it.

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Does printer come with ink cartrige

Hello. Thanks for your question. This printer comes with setup cartridges in the box. The yield of setup cartridges varies by model but tends to be enough to get the average user through setup and initial printing jobs.

Thermal printer what is this

It’s a thermal inkjet, which requires a little explanation. Inside the printhead, a tiny amount of ink is heated. It forms a bubble, and the pressure from that forces a minute drop of ink through a nozzle onto the paper. Each color has several hundred of these nozzles in the printhead. So it’s an inkjet because it uses liquid ink, and it’s a thermal inkjet because that’s how the ink gets delivered to the page.

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Does this work with the linux os?

Yes, you should have no problem getting it to run on linux. Most linux distributions come with hp printer drivers included.

Having trouble setting the printer up. It will work then completely shut down after one time printing. Why is this happening?

I had some difficulty also but call hp support and they will help you set it up properly.

What are the dimensions?

Thanks for asking. The deskjet 2755e printer dimensions are: maximum dimensions (w x d x h, u.s. Standard)
16.7 x 21.5 x 9.8 inch (output extension fully out) the depth is about 7′ less with the output extension retracted.

Which hp printer for home use has faxing capabilities?

Hello. Thanks for your question. We recommend looking at the hp envy photo 7855 printer, or officejet pro 8025e, 8035e, 9015e, or 9025e printers, which do have the fax function.

If i use this and resell later on does the person who i sell to now have access to my information from the printer?

Hello. Thanks for your question. We recommend doing a factory reset. Here is how you would do a factory reset: unplug the power cable from the wall outlet. Wait about 5 minutes. Press the power button about 30 seconds. Replug the power cable into the wall outlet. Wait until the printer is ready. Then reset the wifi (press power and wifi-button 3 sec.). The printer is ready for a new setup. If you need further assistance, we recommend reaching out to hp support: https://support.hp.com

Does it print 8 1/2 x 14 paper?

Hello. Thanks for your question. Yes, you can print on 8.5 x 14-inch paper with this hp deskjet 2755e printer.

Does this work on avery address lables?

Hello. Thanks for your question. Yes. You can on print on avery address labels made for inkjet printers with this hp deskjet 2755e printer.

Where can i get/buy the usb cable for the printer?

You can order one on amazon or you can find the standard usb a to b cable at most cvs, target, walmart, bestbuy or other big box stores. If you know you need a cable you could order it when you order the printer. Many people don’t need a cable because the printer can connect to your computer via wifi.

HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink with HP+ AMAZON

Yakibest.com: HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer with Bonus 6 Months Instant Ink with HP+ : Office Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Ignore the bad reviews

Ignore all the bad reviews – this thing is so inexpensive and easy to use and set up, i had it going on 3 devices in less than 15 min. I am not tech savvy and i’m usually really bad at reading instructions. I used an iphone and two macbook pros. I did the initial setup on my phone then it was immediately searchable on my laptop. Very user friendly. Also i tested with expensive paper but wow, i mean- you can’t tell, with the quality that this is coming from a less-than-$100 at-home printer. It’s crystal clear. One little delta so far just seeing that the feeder kinda takes the next few papers with it a little bit but printed about 10 pages so far and haven’t had it jam or anything- just keep an eye on it while it’s printing i guess and align the papers while they go so they feed correctly.

5Expert Score
All that a home user needs!

My last hp printer was very similar to this one and it gave me over ten years of solid service. When it finally quit, it was a simple decision to buy the new model. With the instant ink feature, i don’t have to go shopping in a panic. In fact, you can get a an extra free month on top of the six month free trial by using promo code phyg6r when you register. Scanning, copying, and air print make this all-in-one device a great value!

5Expert Score
Works great, easy set-up

So many of these cheaper printers have terrible reviews so it took me forever to decide on a printer. I finally just chose randomly and this one works great. Set up was easy. I used the app. It was a little bit of a slow process, but no issues. It did take me just a bit to learn how to print things wirelessly. Print quality is great. I even printed a very high resolution, full page, full color picture and it came out fine. Very happy with this one.

Update: i have noticed that if i try to print without using the app, there are a lot more errors and glitches. If i save the file i need to print and then go into the app, there is no problem.

5Expert Score
Good quality, easy to use, easy to set up. I would recommend.

Printer works great, easy set up and use, print quality does leave a bit to be desired on smaller prints but i don’t know if you’ll find anything that prints better quality in this price range.

The print anywhere works great, and it prints from all my mobile devices easily on my wifi. (ipad pro 2, iphone 13)

the hp print service for in and paper is great and fairly cheap too. Delivered more paper to me just a few days after printer set up.

5Expert Score
So easy to set up!

Technology and i are not friends….so much so that when my old printer stopped connecting to my wifi network (while every other device in the house was connected) i just orderd a new printer. I picked this one for the app support and app-guided set up. It was so effortless. From opening the box to printing a test page from my iphone took about 15 minutes. Within 30 minutes, i also had my pc and my work laptop connected.

A feature i already love is the ability to access the printer cartridges from the front of the printer. No more clearing things off the top of the printer and lifing the scanner lid to change ink. The ink plan (variable based on usage) is also very convenient, and should serve me well with as little as i print.

5Expert Score
Just what i wanted

I had color printers that i have been frustrated with. If the color ink ran out, it wouldn’t print b&w either. This unit works with just the black cartridge in it. For me, printing occasional documents is all i use it for. Bluetooth works great, even on my 12 year old macbook pro and my iphone. I would buy again.

5Expert Score
One of the best printers for its price

This honestly has to be one of the best printers i’ve tested so far. Its fast and reliable. I was looking for a printer to use in my home office and came across this and gave it a try and honestly don’t regret my decision. And to add to the positives it comes with 6 months of free ink which is a win win situation

5Expert Score
So far, so good

It took a tiny bit longer to set up than i expected but it still was only about 20 min or so. Compared to my last printer (that was 8 yrs old!) the ease of printing from my phone is amazing! I have not tried to print from my computer yet, so i can’t give my experience with that.

I don’t keep my printer plugged in due to lack of space at home, so i get emails from hp reminding me they can’t track how much ink i have used, and honestly that fine with me. I think that may be required to utilize their automatic ink shipping services, but not sure.

So far i am happy with it. It was a bit surprising how light it is (and how flimsy it feels).

5Expert Score
Compact and clear prints every time

Easy to install. Help for installing step by step . So far it seems like a great printer. Nice display for functions. Not complicated. Easy ink install. Great price! What more could you ask for? We are using this printer for home use probably using only maybe 50 pages per month. The free ink plan will adjust the quantity of ink you will need after your 6 months free ink. They send out the ink as needed. It seems like a great plan. Apparently the printer lets them know when it is getting low and they send out ink. Gotta love technology. I would definitely recommend this printer.

5Expert Score
Hp deskjet 2755e easy setup

After reading multiple reviews, i decided on this inkjet printer for my little home office work space. Please note, that this does not come with a usb cable as it is primarily advertised as a wi-fi printer. Set up was easy, and due to reviews, i knew to download the hp app to setup the printer. Installation prompts were easy to follow. I did a test scan from my mobile and it worked beautifully. I was able to save my scanned image as a pdf (or picture file, if needed) and easily saved it to my cloud account. I also signed up for the six months of free monthly ink cartridge replenishment. I doubt that i will be printing that many pages a month, so i’d likely be saving the free monthly cartridges should that time come. Once i get myself a ream of paper, i will do a test print. I’m sure it will be just what i need for my little home office.

4Expert Score
Great low end printer

Light weight and compact enough to not get in the way. Prints fast for me. Easy to assemble but to setup you will need to install the app on your phone or pc for it to work. If you have trouble printing right with windows 10 it is due to ms update and there is a patch for it, the link in the app so you can install the driver. Wireless and you can print from anywhere to the printer. Also an option for hp+ and instaink so they send you ink when you are low before you run out, you pick your plan on how many pages per month you use or change it whenever. Never run out of ink. The basic low end is only 99 cents a month! You can choose to opt out of it. Cannot comment on durability and life because i just go it the other day. But with hp+ there is a 2 year warranty included.

4Expert Score

For the price, and for a home printer that’s occasionally used, it meets our needs. I got this printer a few weeks ago and it did take some time (an hour or so) to connect it to my laptop and cell phone (for the remote printing capabilities). I am not tech savvy, and i did get frustrated during the process. It also lures you in with “ink for 6 months!”…more like 1 month. I print the occasional paper for my kids school, a recipe here and there, and maybe a few sheets – it’s out of ink and i’d guess i’ve used 30 sheets. Definitely not 6 months worth, and definitely not if you’re using it as a primary printer. I’m disappointed because i think that was false advertising. For what i need it for, what it does and the cost, it’s fine for our home desk option. Don’t purchase if you’re using it for college kids who will need to print a lot, or for business/office use; you’ll run out of ink constantly. Let’s also mention the ink is $30…after 1 refill, i’m going to donate the printer and buy something else, or else i’ve spent more on ink refills than the device cost!

4Expert Score
Good basic printer

So i like this printer for my uses for sure. It’s simple and prints at a reasonable speed. The only gripe i have is that i have to trouble shoot why it doesn’t stay connected to my laptop (chromebook) while both are on and have internet access without interruption. I have printed something then tried to print something else immediately after that was done and it wouldn’t connect until i went to reset the printer. It could just be my lack of tech abilities that is causing a random issue that’s easy to resolve, i am unsure though. Otherwise, it’s compact, prints at a reasonably fast pace, prints good quality stuff, and is fairly simple. I recommend this if you just need a printer to use once in a while for average quality printing. If you are printing 100+ pages a day, this is definitely not your printer or if you need to print very high quality stuff.

4Expert Score
So far, so good

I spent months reviewing budget printers for personal use at home. I needed color, wanted something fairly small in size, didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg, and wanted to keep ink replacement costs down as much as possible. Just kept finding myself going back to hp, and finally settled on this one. I found it pretty easy to set up. Am using wifi to connect with printer in the same room, and so far no problems. This was purchased just for home correspondence and color photos for making online sales. For the price, it’s pretty sturdy and i’m happy with the color quality. The only thing i don’t like is the fact that hewlett packard is now twisting the buyer’s arms, restricting them from being able to use generic budget ink in hp printers, so that, over time, you’re basically spending more to keep the printer going than you paid for the printer itself. Hp, shame on you!!!

4Expert Score
Nice little printer

Very happy with this printer, it’s easy to connect to wi-fi, and in general works well, scanned document quality is good, easy to change ink cartridges, quiet printing and scanning, easy to restart printing if a piece of paper miss feeds

the only con is that the paper feed tray is hard to put paper in, you really have to be careful to get it lined up correctly.

4Expert Score
Good and bad

Prints well. Quiet. Fairly easy setup.
The ink deal you pay extra for is a little tricky.
The printer has to stay online all the time, and they monitor pages.
Certain number of pages, and they send you more ink automatically.
Cancel the sub, and they will disable the cartridges so you cannot print.
Probably fine if you print a ton.
Just be wary that you cannot cancer right after getting new cartridges.
They will disable them.

4Expert Score
To get the 6 month free ink is a nightmare

Omg, hp makes it so difficult to get the 6 months free ink! I spoke with two agents (virtual chat) to no avail. I’m calling the 800 # tomorrow. Process is really cumbersome. Ugh

4Expert Score
Software is awful, but is not necessary to print

The software is so bad i was unable to complete installation. Pages and pages and pages of advertisements, asking you to buy their subscription services. You can’t just click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ either; you have to click ‘decline this service’ with wording that changes every screen. Then the next screen will make you confirm you are declining that service. Then it happens again, and again. I went through four of these (two screens each) before deciding to try another way of printing. I selected the printer from the print dialogue, and it worked. So you don’t even need it.

Tldr: the software is awful, but you don’t need it.

4Expert Score
Works pretty well

It does the job. It has some difficulty grabbing the paper from the tray to use to print. Kind of annoying because i have to make sure the paper is inserted perfectly.

4Expert Score
Good printer yet a struggle to set up

Light as a feather yet on the phone with tech support for an hour!!!
Not easy easy as one reviewer said
hoping this will be worth the effort
got the name and number of senior manager !

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