HP Victus 15.6′ Gaming Laptop PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, Refined 1080p IPS Display, Compact Design, All-in-One Keyboard with Enlarged Touchpad, HD Webcam (15-fb0028nr, 2022)

HP Victus 15.6′ Gaming Laptop PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, Refined 1080p IPS Display, Compact Design, All-in-One Keyboard with Enlarged Touchpad, HD Webcam (15-fb0028nr, 2022)

Yakibest.com: HP Victus 15.6′ Gaming Laptop PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, Refined 1080p IPS Display, Compact Design, All-in-One Keyboard with Enlarged Touchpad, HD Webcam (15-fb0028nr, 2022) : Electronics

What are hp victus 15.6′ gaming laptop pc features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Packed full of power – experience desktop-level performance and capabilities with an amd ryzen 7 5800h mobile processor (1) and 16 gb of ddr4 memory.
  • Modern graphics – enjoy all your favorite games in stunning detail with the nvidia geforce rtx 3050 ti laptop gpu, featuring 4 gb of dedicated memory (2). Reduce frustrating lag and image ghosting with a display that combines a 144hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution for smooth, crisp gameplay (3) (4).
  • Gaming hq – powered by omen hardware and omen gaming hub, you’ll easily control and customize every facet of this gaming laptop.
  • Refined design – take the hyper-portal hp victus laptop anywhere and show off its iconic mica silver finish.
  • Optimized for play – game or stream longer without slow-down thanks to the updated thermal design—perfect for keeping your device cooled even when your gameplay heats up.
  • Player focused keyboard – elevate your play on a full-sized, all-in-one gaming keyboard, complete with plenty of finger space, a bigger touchpad for more accurate clicking, and a dedicated omen gaming hub key.
  • Stay connected – whether you need to jump on a quick work call or coordinate with your team, do it in the clearest way possible with an hd camera, featuring temporal noise reduction which eliminates unwanted background noise.
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HP Victus 15.6′ Gaming Laptop PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, Refined 1080p IPS Display, Compact Design, All-in-One Keyboard with Enlarged Touchpad, HD Webcam (15-fb0028nr, 2022) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: HP Victus 15.6′ Gaming Laptop PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, Refined 1080p IPS Display, Compact Design, All-in-One Keyboard with Enlarged Touchpad, HD Webcam (15-fb0028nr, 2022) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How much is the hard drive capacity?


Is this good for high school?

Definitely. Good for design-intensive college programs.

Is the keyboard backlit?

No. About the only thing i don’t like about it. Hp does make
15.6′ victus models which are backlit- go to the hp website.

Is this good for photography storage and editing

Probably not. I am quite dissapointed by the color accuracy and contrast.

Is it the rtx 3050ti or the rtx 3050?

If it’s the same one i got for my daughter, it’s a ti.

Que capacidad de almecenamiento tiene? Y si el ssd esta soldado

Capacidad de 512 nv2, me hubiera gustado que tuviera otro slot para un disco esclavo (slave) y yo lo cambie a 1tb para almacenar más.

Is it touchscreen?


Does this laptop support 802.11ax?

Yes. It’s equipped with a pcie mediatek mt7921 802.11ax wifi (a k a wifi 6) adapter. My home network is based on a peplink 20x multi-wan failover router that uses wifi 5 (802.11ac in my case). In our business, reliability totally trumps speed. So i’ve never tested the limits of the multi-gigabit/second performance of wifi 6 on the hp. However, i can tell you that where some of my other 802.11ac equipped computers max out around 50 mbps in weaker signal areas of the house, my hp achieves the same 100+ mbps bandwidth that i get with the computers we have connected to the router with wired ethernet even when the signal is relatively weak. So, its wifi 5 performance is excellent.

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The gpu is rtx 3050ti or 3050 only? Because the title said 3050ti but on the specs its 3050 which is true?


Can this laptop support adobe illustrator for designs?

Can’t claim i’m 100% certain, but i certainly think so. My daughter got one for her interior design classes, lots of adobe and cad. Obviously the amount of ram matters, as well as which processor you go with.

Cuanto espacio de disco duro ssd posee?


Does the power cable and adapter include?

Yes it came with the power brick and plug.

¿tiene capacidad para hacerle mejoras posteriores en cuanto almacenamiento y ram?

Buenos días,. La expandí a 32gb de ram y cambie el ssd a 1tb,no tiene segundo slot de disco duro cosa que no me gusto.

Cuanto es el disco ?

512 gb ssd

Vale la pena? Qué tal es el estado físico externo??

No, el artículo nunca me llego

puse el reporte y no me dieron respuesta

¿valdra la pena invertir un mas dinero por este modelo o la version rtx 3050, intel core i5-12500h, 8 gb de ram, y frecuencia de 60 hz? $110deferencia

Si es muy buena, estoy totalmente satisfecho

HP Victus 15.6′ Gaming Laptop PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, Refined 1080p IPS Display, Compact Design, All-in-One Keyboard with Enlarged Touchpad, HD Webcam (15-fb0028nr, 2022) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: HP Victus 15.6′ Gaming Laptop PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, Refined 1080p IPS Display, Compact Design, All-in-One Keyboard with Enlarged Touchpad, HD Webcam (15-fb0028nr, 2022) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent laptop

So my mother got me this for christmas and i love it. The hd screen means nothing is pixelated. The rtx 3050 ti means that in compatible games, i can get realistic lighting, some of the games are minecraft, battlefield 2042, apex legends and a large amount of others. The 16 gbs of ram is a major factor, i can run the xbox app, rtx minecraft, and youtube and still have 8gbs of ram left. The cpu loads stuff super quick so i don’t have to wait to do what i want to . The omen app, which comes pre-installed, tells you the current temperature of your cpu, gpu and how much ram is left and what’s using it up. If your gpu (80c+) or cpu (90c+) is overheating, you can manually go to the omen app and put your fans at maximum power. The memory is lacking a little in my opinion, but an sd card or hard drive is an easy fix to that. Overall, this is a great computer for most games, however, if you or your child play aaa games with ultra high graphics, try a computer with an rtx 3060ti or higher, a better cpu, and maybe more ram. And while there are certainly better graphics cards, prosscessing chips and memory, this should do most casual gamers just fine.

5Expert Score
I'm in love

Be using for a while now and i can say that this laptop perfect, i don`t play a lot of games but the games i play.. I never saw my games so good before hahah really, i was afraid at first but now i’m really really satisfied!

5Expert Score
Outstanding deal on black friday

This is a $1500 laptop, which i got from $750, which is a killer deal. The laptop’s performance is fast and smooth. Just that it’s battery life is little less than expected. Otherwise, it is a very good laptop

5Expert Score
Works great

Good computer. Rugged case. Mostly used for video and photo editing. Fast processing.

5Expert Score
Perfect for casual gamers

I got this on black friday deal and am very pleased with my purchase. I only play a couple games, but so far everything i’ve tried has ran perfectly. It’s lightweight and super fast. Not loaded with a lot of bloatware. I had it up and running within an hour.

5Expert Score
Perfect for work and game on the side

Im playing genshin impact and working with no lag

5Expert Score
Excellent gaming laptop

The battery isn’t the greatest, but what do you expect.
This pc has run everything i’ve thrown at it flawlessly.
I mainly use it for 360 video editing.

5Expert Score
Definetly a great pc, performing above and beyond.

While i did get this during the black friday sale for $700, it’s normal price of $1,100 is a very good price. For everything that’s in here you would expect to pay more. This is a very powerful high mid end laptop with great battery life, gaming performance, and ram. The only problem i have is the built in max brightness. While for other it may be bright, to me it was quite dark. 9.5/10.

5Expert Score
Good value

Good value for the price — nice laptop.

5Expert Score
Great computer

I got this on a black friday sale and i feel it was a steal, the specs for the price are amazing all my games run perfect, no complains. Great pc.

4Expert Score
Nice price nice laptop

So this is actually my first gaming laptop. I bought it over 2022 black friday period.

Things i like:
looks and feels like a premium laptop. It has some style to it. Love the victus logo on the top.

Has a backlit keyboard you can turn on and off at anytime. I love the feel of the keys and they are responsive and have the right elevation for my liking.
It has a ryzen 7 5800h processor, 16gb ram and a 3050ti.

Speakers are decent, providing adequate sound.

Looks like it has 2 cooling fans.

Nice sizeable trackpad.

I would say that i do light to medium gaming( smaller titles and then so aaa ones such as arkham knight). This laptop can run them, given you have to tone down some settings of course.

It has enough ports.

Things i don’t like:
screen brightness. The brightness doesn’t bother me much but it would have been nice if it was brighter.

It has this whining sound at times, i don’t know if that’s from the fans or if it’s coil whine from some other component.

The fans sometimes would just kick into gear when not under load. This doesn’t happen often mind you, but you’ll notice it when it does.

It’s a little difficult to get in and out my usb sticks in the ports. I have to push and pull harder than usual to get them it and out. It’s like it’s a really tight fit. It was a first for me on either a laptop or a desktop. I don’t know why these are like this on this laptop.

**something strange happened once.***. I powered her up and it didn’t booth up to was blank screen and showed at the bottom that it was doing repairs or something to the hard drive. I got nervous i didnt know of any reason why it needed to do this. I always shutdown it down properly, don’t go on any strange websites, only installed a few games from my steam and epic accounts and the laptop was only about 2 weeks old. It hasn’t happened again, but as i said i didn’t see any reason why it would do that. So i do t know if some windows 11 update cause it to do that or not.

Final thoughts. If you aren’t a heavy gamer and don’t want to break the bank then this is a good laptop to get. Especially if it’s on sale. I got it for $699us.
I’ve had one hp laptop years ago and was hesitant to get another one as my last laptop was an asus and i had that one for 10 years. But so far so good i will update this review if needed.

4Expert Score
Great for gaming. But no hdssd upgrade slot!

I like that it can play aaa title games but it has no room for a hard drive upgrade. Apparently certain similar models do have the upgrade slot which i would have paid a little extra to get. There is a spot for it. They just didn’t add the hook up. Unfortunately…

4Expert Score
Not terrible

The machine overall isn’t that bad. It can handle casual gaming, it is fast and seems cool enough. Battery is meh, and the fan is a little annoying as it is a high pitch. To be honest i came here to mention how this was a bit of a let down compared to my asus vivobook that i’m replacing, as i’ve gotten back into gaming. The overall system is just not as good, but if you need a cheap laptop with a gpu this is worth the money.

4Expert Score

Windows conflicts with the laptop consider changing it to windows 10 and maybe upgrading the network card as it isn’t that great otherwise very good machine

4Expert Score
Changed rating

So had some issues disconnecting from wi-fi out of the box, but once the computer updated, it was smooth gaming from there. Was able to stream to my friends while i played “mortuary assistant” and play all the games i play perfectly fine!

4Expert Score
Screen is had

El screen es, según mi opinión malo, se ve como si fuera un equipo bien barato y no lo es a pesar q la compre en b friday por 750 pero por lo demas no esta tan mal por eso estoy cambiando mi primera calificación

4Expert Score
Fast and sleek looking. Screen is not as bright as the old hp that it's replacing.

This laptop is very sleek and elegant looking, as opposed to a lot of other gaming laptops which are too flashy to be used for work. I appreciate that a lot.

The power adapter on this thing is a huge 200-watt brick of a thing. It is not type c, but personally i don’t really care that much.

The battery charges quickly and maintains a charge for days. Very happy with that.

It boots up in no time. Super fast response time when playing gow on it. No lag whatsoever at any point.

Really the only thing that i wasn’t totally impressed with is the display. Next to my old hp computer, it’s dimmer. I was surprised that it’s only 250 nits. I have a couple fairly inexpensive portable monitors and even they are 300 and 350 nits. I’m one of those people that keeps my phone and computers at full brightness all the time. I really like a super bright display, so this was pretty disappointing to me. It makes the graphics look a but dull and not as crisp and vivid as they could be.

Aside from that, this thing has checked off every box. It’s replacing another hp laptop that is nearly 10 years old. I’ve had good luck with hp, so decided to stick with it.

4Expert Score
Portable gaming with some sacrifice

I was overall impressed by the quality of this laptop. The gaming performance was admirable for the specs, and it felt like a good build. However there are several obvious and some not so obvious tradeoffs.

First of all, the 3050 ti that i tested is an interesting choice. With 4gb of ram it limits games from otherwise going into higher qualities. Doom eternal for example, outright tells this to us. If you have the choice i would recommend skipping directly to the 3060 option. However, i will also comment on how this particular configuration works.

Let’s get this out of the way, anything lightweight or older will render at 120-144 fps range even with maximized graphics options. For example, cs: go was going for over 300fps. That being said, let’s look at some modern games.

Battlefield v is a good game to test different graphics options. It came at a time of directx 12 transition, and various options give wildly different results. For example, you should forget about enabling ray tracing. The only way i could get good fps was enabling resolution scaling at 50%, and one can imagine the overall loss of quality at that option. Actually one should forget about ray tracing with *any game* with this gpu.

That being said, for battlefield v directx 12 renders much better than directx 12 in game (45 fps vs 55 fps average on ultra quality 1080p). Dropping quality one level will take you to the 60 – 70 fps range. But of course the engine suffers from ‘micro stutters’. Even when the game is running at high frame rate, it would drop significantly every now and then. It is really jarring.

The game that solves stutters, and runs butter smooth is: doom eternal. It is a technical marvel in engine quality, and easily can in the high 120-144 fps range with ‘ultra nightmare’ settings. Except for texture quality, which is maxed at ‘medium’. Yes, i tried but it won’t let you go any further with the limited 4gb ram. One that that does not work is dlss, it drop the gameplay to about 30 fps, which is not acceptable.

The way they achieve this is with a heavy dose of dynamic scaling. It will fall down to 50% sometimes, but that is only when the gameplay is already crazy fast, and i would not notice it while focusing on the daemons.

(personally i found the gaming performance somewhere between a series s and the ps5/series x consoles).

The wifi performance was also pretty good. Without too much moving around, i was able to get over 800mbits from the router.

The machine is cooled well, and does not drop in performance when run from a battery. (of course you need to change the power options to enable that). My concern is the lack of charger portability.

The laptop is very picky about the charger, even though it actually charges at 90w, but uses the overhead for active gaming sessions. However other chargers i tried did not work, and type-c, unfortunately is not supported.

The lack of proper type-c implementation is unfortunate. Even at 60w, a standard charger would let you carry the laptop only, and not to lug around another large brick.

Also it lacks thunderbolt capability, at least it would not work with my dock, but uses type-c usb. That not only limits future expansion with a egpu, but it also limits resolution of external monitors on that port. Basically even 4k 60hz hdr was not working. (the separate hdmi port is of course more capable, this would be more for multi-monitor setups).

Another limitation is the lack of the second nmve expansion port. I have added a closeup photo of the motherboard section. They went all the trouble to design the port there, but did not bother to actually solder it on. This is a major issue, since modern games take a lot of space. After installing 5 games, one of them solitaire, the internal ssd (512gb) was more than 75% full. I would otherwise add a second one for games. And this would also help with os reinstalls, where the game dirs would not be touched.

A software thing that bothered me was forcing the use of ‘windows hello’, when the device did not support a required webcam or a fingerprint reader. Getting rid of this is possible, but annoying.

But i should commend hp for using standard screws, easy to remove back cover, use replaceable ram slots, proper cooling and overall nice keyboard to go complete a good package. I might be listing some negatives, however for what it is actually supposed to be doing (gaming) it does it real well.

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