HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Black24oz)

HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Black24oz)

Buy HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Black24oz): Sports Water Bottles – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are hydro cell stainless steel water bottle w/ straw & wide mouth lids 64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz – keeps liquids hot or cold w/ vacuum insulated sweat proof sport design black24oz features?

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  • Performance: made from 100% virgin sourced 18/8 food grade stainless steel. 100% resistant to oxidation, rusting, and corrosion. 100% bpa free. Cold 24 hours. Hot 8 hours.
  • Design: double wall. Vacuum insulated. Inner copper plating. Grip-tech powder coating. Hydro cell sets the standard for new colors/styles and ensures manufacturing excellence not found elsewhere.
  • Style: purchase includes stainless steel screw cap (100% airtight) & bonus sports cap with straw (cold temp only). Hydro cell offers the largest selection of matching paracord handles, bottle boots, and replacement caps: sold separate, linked below. Customize your hydro.
  • Promise: we are 100% committed to pure base materials & production excellence. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us directly, and we will refund/exchange your hydro. Customer first brand.
  • Purpose: your purchase supports/funds food & water projects all over the world. Hydro cell is a mission driven brand that provides environmental conscience products to drive change in less fortunate areas of the world.
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Categories: Sports & Outdoors

HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Black24oz) AMAZON

Buy HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Black24oz): Sports Water Bottles – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What are the dimensions of the 40 oz? Specifically the width, i’m interested in knowing if this will fit in my car cupholder…

The 40 oz and 32 oz bottles do not fit inside standard cup holders, but does fit in larger cup holders. The 22 oz and 18 oz bottles fit in all standard size cup holders. Please see dimensions below:

18oz bottle
weight(cap not included): 255g
height(cap not included): 198mm
outside diameter of bottom: 74mm
outside diameter of top mouth: 58mm
capacity: 550ml
carton size: 57*39*29cm
unit per case: 24pcs
color box size: 92*92*270mm
weight: 10.9kg

22 oz bottle
weight(cap not included): 325g
height(cap not included): 238mm
outside diameter of bottom: 74mm
outside diameter of top mouth: 58mm
capacity: 650ml

32 oz bottle
weight(cap not included): 368g
height(cap not included): 228mm
outside diameter of bottom: 91mm
outside diameter of top mouth: 58mm
capacity: 946ml

40oz bottle
weight(cap not included): 420g
height(cap not included): 265mm
outside diameter of bottom: 91mm
outside diameter of top mouth: 58mm
capacity: 1000ml

Is this dishwasher safe?

They say it isn’t but i’ve been putting mind in the dishwasher almost every day for months now and it seems fine. I do think it’s possible that if the dishwasher gets very hot in the dry cycle that it might warp the cap. However, i can’t really see how else to clean this bottle. The opening isn’t wide enough to get my hand in there so, dishwasher it is.

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Can you put hydro cell water bottle in dishwasher?

As quoted from hydro cell’s website: ‘we recommend washing your hydro cell with warm soapy water and bottle brush… We recommend washing your hydro cell accessories with warm soapy water. Dishwashers can retard accessories and make them unusable over time.’

Where is this made ?


What are the measurements of the 18 oz?

The 18oz bottle measures 7.25cms in diameter and 23cms high.

So does this come woth 2 caps ? It comes with the straw lid ?

The bottles come with a stainless steel lid and a bonus sports cap with straw

I recently rinsed it with cold tap water. After that it started to feel warm outside which never happened. Water not hot for long. What can i do?

I’ve never had that happen. I always wash mine in hot water and rinse. The moment i put cold water inside it then it stays cold.

How large is the hydro cell 24 oz?

The dimension are on our listing on amazon in the product photos

How do i contact a customer service for hydrocell? I just got my water bottle yesterday and the straw lid doesn’t work. Its just sucking air.

I went to their website and contacted them that way.

I received my bottle and noticed it is dinged a little on the bottom is it normal? And is there any concren regarding using it now?

We are a fba fulfilled item, meaning amazon is one hundred percent responsible for all deliveries to our customers. It could have been damaged by the carrier. Please reach out to us through our listing on amazon and we would be more than happy to send you a replacement. There is no concern using a dinged bottle, but lets get you a new bottle.

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Where is this product made?

I have not purchased this product yet but the hydro cell web site says this: ‘hydro cell is designed and crafted in the usa with final production taking place in china.’

Where can i buy a replacement straw?

Probably from your local walmart or target. There is nothing unique about them.

Would this bottle be light weight enough for walking and does it have a carrying sling?

Hello joan,
these bottles are light enough to carry around on a walk
the weight of the 18oz: 263g(9.2oz) the 24oz: 320g(11.20z) the 32oz: 385g(13.5oz) and 40oz is 435g(15.3oz)
obviously when they are filled with water they are a bit heavier but an 18oz or 24oz would be perfect for walking. I carry around a 32oz at the gym. No it doesn’t come with a carrying sling but you can get a paracord for it or i am sure you can find a sling on amazon.

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Is price is for one bottle?

Yes the price is for one bottle

Does the straw make a suction sound when drinking?

Our straws do not make noise. Please reach out to us through our listing on amazon if you have any questions.

I ordered a navy blue and got the army color. How can i get a replacement?

Go to your orders in the amazon menu, click on the item, click on return/replacen and type the issue in the box.

How tall is it? I don’t have problem with the width only the height to fit in to my scooter basket.

Roughly 12 inches total, so make sure that your basket dimension fit the water bottle. Happy drinking to good health!

Has anyone tried putting wine in here? Does it change the taste?

No i haven’t tried but i like the way you think!

In all seriousness i stick with water for this. Main reason is i imagine it would leave a taste for future non wine use later.

When will i be able to buy the 32oz teal?

We should have them in within the week thank you

What is the straw made of?

The straw seems to be made of a thick plastic material

HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Black24oz) AMAZON

Buy HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Black24oz): Sports Water Bottles – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great water bottle

I’ve been using this water bottle for a few weeks now and really like it. Though i have other steel water bottles, i find myself reaching for this one every time.
There are several things about it that makes it my go-to bottle:
– the outside of the bottle has a good feel to it. It has just enough texture to make it grippy, without being rough to the touch. And, i like the color.
– it keeps drinks really cold and the ice doesn’t melt, which i really like. I’ve left the bottle in the fridge overnight and the ice in the drink hasn’t melted at all.
– it has two separate lids. One is a screw-on lid connected with a rubber attachment that goes around the opening. The rubber is fairly thick and stiff, but it seems to be getting more pliable with use. Something to note, the first time i used this lid, it didn’t seal completely. But after i screwed it on really tightly, then opened it and screwed it on normally it sealed just fine. (i’m wondering if the rubber hadn’t quite been pushed down all the way and screwing it on tightly pushed it down all the way.) anyway, it seals fine now.
– the second lid has a spout with a plastic straw that attaches to the underside of the lid. They include a spare straw, which is a nice touch. The thing i really like about the spout lid is the handle you use to carry it around. The ring has smooth rounded edges, rather than square edges, so it’s super comfortable to carry.
– something that might seem unimportant but i think it matters is how it was packaged. The box was sturdy and the bottle and attachments were all padded and protected. Seems like so many times stuff comes with flimsy boxing and no padding, so whatever is inside gets damaged. This was really sturdy.
So, all in all this is a really nice water bottle, and i’ll be buying another one soon.

5Expert Score
5-star product

What designates a ‘5-star’ product from a ‘4-star’ product? For me, its when a product goes above and beyond. You think, what could a stinkin’ water bottle do that is ‘above and beyond’? Well, i’m happy to say that this product is made in the usa, the water bottles are elegantly designed and have care and thought put into them: you can’t imagine how difficult it is to pick out a large waterbottle that actually fits in a standard cupholder! It comes with two caps, to fit your usage. Their customer service is ultra fast, friendly, and helpful. The price is right, and above all else, can you believe the product actually works as advertised? Super cold or warm drinks for the whole day. To me, all that combined makes this a stellar product and one that i’m happy to use, and recommend wholeheartedly!

When i first got the product i assumed it was just like any other waterbottle/cheap thing you buy on amazon, it comes from some other country, and has no instructions and a bunch of cheap accessories they throw on to inflate the price and make it seem like a better value. I’ve been taught this from too many amazon products. So, i was not surprised when i unboxed it filled it up and the next morning went to drink and ended up with water pouring out down my chin.

Over the next few days i started drinking a lot more water, because the bottle was attractive, it fit in my cupholders at work and in my car, it was convenient, and it kept the beverage enjoyable because it was ice cold- just the way i like it.

But it leaked, every time i took a sip… Disappointed, i contacted customer service to initiate a return. I was really kind of sad. The customer service person was overtly polite and apologetic and wanted to ship out a return at no cost. They even wanted me, again, fully prepaid, to return the bottle to them so they could inspect it for manufacturing defects, which i was more than happy to do. What company does that? Not many that i’ve dealt with. Most just want the product back so they know you aren’t scamming them. However, after i started talking about a return, i did some youtube investigating because i wanted to see if perhaps the leak was specific to the 24oz bottle or something. As i went through reviews, nobody mentioned it. And finally i stumbled upon an unboxing video where they showed someone putting the water bottle together and that’s where it hit me. There is 2 straw accessories included with the water bottle. These accessories i assumed had to do with the other bottle cap that came with the product. Or, i assumed it was for if you literally just didn’t want to put a cap on at all so you could drink out of the bottle. I don’t know what i was thinking. I clearly wasn’t. But anyway, after looking at the video i realized that it was leaking, because the straw cap is meant to be used in conjunction with one of these straws on the inside of the bottle. That way, you aren’t inverting the entire water bottle upside to drink out of an open hole. What an idiot!

After i realized this, i tested it, and of course it worked. I went back to customer service and immediately told them my error. I’d like to call out jordan who was the representative who was very helpful the whole way and may have chuckled to himself but never made me feel like an idiot.

As i mentioned, the bottle looks great, and has made me drink more water each day. I think from a combination of it being nice and cold, and from the flashy bottle being in my peripheral vision to remind me to drink. In fact, each day, even though i know you should be drinking more than one 24oz bottle a day, i have to make baby steps. And each day i come home with a bottle that was full in the morning that has less and less each progressive day. I call that a win, and it is all due to this product.

I would completely recommend this product to anyone. And plan to pick up some more bottle soon as gifts. My only negative would be that it should come with some basic instructions on how to care for it, and maybe a little idiot-proof diagram that shows if you use the straw cap, that there is an interior straw that needs to be added.

5Expert Score
Best water bottle i've ever owned

I couldn’t love this more. So glad i took a chance. I bought the 40oz bottle to replace a plastic thermos i was taking water to work in (leaked and didn’t keep water cold). I have been using the hydro cell bottle every day for several weeks. It does not leak – not a drop. I typically use the straw lid, but the other lid did not leak, either. It’s easy to drink from and it keeps my water cold all day as long as i use ice and cold water. I filled the bottle on friday morning, had it out on the counter all day and over the weekend and it still had ice in it on sunday night. I fill it about half full with ice, then add cold water. The outside is a slightly rough material that helps it not slip from my hands. The 40 oz bottle is it’s a little tough to pour from, but easily solved by just using the straw lid. It has a standard water bottle opening (not wide mouth), so it’s a little tough to dispense ice right into it from the automatic ice maker. I just fill a measuring cup with ice and then pour into the bottle. I will be ordering another one in a smaller everyday travel size.

5Expert Score
Perfect daily water bottle for active lifestyle

Great product. Great service. We have bought a lot of these, and the most convenient size for me is the 24 ounce. It fits perfectly in my bike’s water carrier, it travels well in my backpack, and it holds a perfect amount of water with ice. If i’m working outdoors for a few hours, i’ll go through water from two of these, but if i’m working indoors then one water bottle lasts me the entire shift. I also can’t tell you how many times this water bottle has either fallen or been thrown by a kiddo and it still works perfectly. I love that the 24 ounce bottle comes with the straw top option. If you put the top on right, it doesn’t leak, and for me even if i don’t screw the top on perfectly it still doesn’t leak into my backpack. The only times it has gotten the inside of my backpack even remotely wet is when it’s hot out and the cold water condenses a little on the top of the bottle (it doesn’t condense on the stainless steel sides obviously). I love this water bottle.

The only issue i had with it was resolved beautifully by customer service. My naughty cat started chewing on the straw when i left it on the counter to fill up the water bottle with ice and water. He chewed it to the point that it was unusable. Customer service was awesome and shipped me a bunch more straws so that he can keep the one he destroyed as his own personal chew toy.

5Expert Score
Keeps it cold

I’ve had my 1st cup about two years now 2nd just recently purchased. I live where it reaches up to 120 in the summers. This summer i left it in the car & the bottle was hot i immediately thought man i’m going to burn my hand dumping it. I was very wrong it still had very little ice & the water was cold. To give an idea i’ve was filled a little over half way. I have yet to use it for hot drinks but will update when i do. Customer service is very amazing i purchased one & it came dent jordan was kind enough to send me a replacement immediately. For those wondering i only purchased a new tumbler for change of color not because the product was no longer working. I do have some leakage with straw lid but that’s from 2 years of constant use however the twist lid nothing.

5Expert Score
Love this for when i don't need a ton of water with me

I’m a huge water drinker. I drink between 1.75 to 2.5 gallons per day. I have a half gallon jug i usually use for work and whatnot but needed something smaller for when i’m out and about and this is perfect for the job with the added benefit of keeping my water ice cold. I’ve used both lids provided and i prefer the lid with the straw. Changing lids isn’t difficult if i want the other one for whatever reason though. I think it’s a great product and i’m hoping to get a few different color options to have on hand, might even switch to this brand for all my water bottle needs!

5Expert Score
Love it!

I’ve had this water bottle for almost a year now and absolutely love it! I put this water bottle through a lot since i bring it to work and the gym, i’ve dropped it and banged it against things countless times and it’s never dented or had paint chip off. It keeps ice in my water bottle for over 12 hours. This company also has outstanding customer service, i recently broke off the mouth piece of the sports cap while cleaning it and reached out to the company and they offered to replace it for me even though i was completely at fault for breaking it.

5Expert Score
Great bottle – does the job!

I took this on a camping trip this weekend and while normally 24oz isn’t something you keep plan to keep around all day, i filled mine with an adult beverage that morning to mix later and it stayed chilled well into the evening. I actually used it for it’s intended purpose the following day and rehydrated with water. It’s sleek and fits well in my hand. (i find a couple of my other bottles to be too bulky and feel like a child using two hands to drink…even on the smaller 24 and 36 ounce bottles) this is the perfect size for me! And i also like that the lids are interchangable. Super happy with this purchase and will probably be replacing my other bottles with this more of this one (because you can never have too many, right?)

5Expert Score
Sturdy, great insulation, ample volume. Nice colors available.

Great performance at a very reasonable price. Attractive colors available. The 40 ounce version is slightly too big in diameter to fit most automobile cup-holders, but easily holds one quart of liquid with plenty of ice. Double wall insulation eliminates condensation on exterior; no more rings left on wooden surfaces and cubes last hours! Includes spare straw and alternate lid. Excellent finish and quality overall. Highly recommended.

5Expert Score
I don't throw five stars around but…

…this is worthy of five stars all around. My family and i live part of the year now in the desert of nevada and i’ll be honest, i was not fully prepared for the heat. My kids weren’t drinking enough water and i was sick of seeing plastic water bottles half empty and everywhere. I was also not happy about the fact that i was buying plastic reusable bottles like every month or so. I started noticing that a lot of people around me were using these thermos like water bottles so i looked into them. There’s a well know company that is known for these great bottles but honestly $40+ per bottle for a family of five sent me into a small panic. Underneath that well known brand was this brand. The colors were cool, they were half the price, and came with two different lids. They looked identical so i took a chance.

We have had these bottles for exactly 33 days now and this is what i’m doing cartwheels over.

– my kids, without me reminding them constantly, make sure to have it with them wherever we go.
– all five of us drink way more water now.
– i have yet to deal with any type of leak. Not one.
– everyone is happy with their chosen color and they fit (24 oz size) in car booster seat holders and the cars cup holders.

Obviously, drinking nice ice cold water is way more refreshing than drinking hot water and bottled water here gets hot quickly. We put ice in our bottles and, no joke, there’s still ice when we wake up the next day! Maybe i’ve been living under a rock just now finding this exists and i don’t have to carry a huge thermos around, but i’m sure someone reading this is under that same rock, too. Hopefully you love these bottles as much as we do.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

4Expert Score
Nice for the price

I bought the 40oz neon. This is a much cheaper option than the better known competitors. I’ve been using it daily for about a month to keep my water cold. It does the trick but keep in mind i am not using it outside. I also really enjoy the look of it. The gradient fade is a nice touch.
It comes with two style lids; a wide mouth and a straw. I like that it provides both options. The straw lid has a finger holder but can be uncomfortable if the bottle is filled all the way. I ended up purchasing the paracord handle as well.
I did notice a small chip has formed on the outside of the bottle. Like i said, i do not use this outside and it is lightly used. I am unsure how i could have chipped it. Hopefully it doesn’t worsen.

4Expert Score
Don't know why this bottle is so popular

Like the headline says, i don’t get why hydrocell is so popular. This bottle is fine, but quite inferior to my contigo bottle.

The deets:
3/5 stars for ‘easy to drink from’ because ice often blocks the spout, making it difficult to drink. Otherwise fine

2/5 on ‘easy to clean’ because it says it’s not dishwasher safe. Had i know i would never have purachased. I don’t really see why it’s not dishwasher safe so honestly i’ll probably stick in the washer anyway just to see. But i don’t dig stuff that can’t go in the dishwasher

finally, my contigo keeps water cold for much longer. Like, hours and hours longer. Do yourself a favour, and buy a contigo:

4Expert Score
So far a great water bottle for the kids for school

We bought a couple of these water bottles at the beginning of the school year. So far the water bottles are holding up pretty well and the kids are using stickers to customize their bottles based on their interests this year. They have held up to the usual dropping an 8 and 10 year old would do. Pretty impressed.

4Expert Score
Awesome but…

When i have the lid on with the straw, it leaks through the gaps of the straw. Fine if standing up, but when it tips over it will leak. Otherwise, everything else is great!

4Expert Score
Amazing product, amazing customer service!!

I bought the od green 32oz hydro cell to hydrate me during my long nursing shifts at a veteran affairs hospital. The flip nozzle broke (because i dropped it right on the little handle) and hc did an amazing job at helping me replace the broken pieces. I’m definitely sticking with this product and company in the future.

4Expert Score

Ice melts fast but keeps the water cold.

4Expert Score
Great water bottle

I bought this water bottle to help me stay more hydrated while breastfeeding my son. It has definitely done the job! I got the 40 ounce bottle and it is nice to be able to go longer stretches between having to refill especially during a feed when i am stuck in one place. It is also super cute! My only complaint is that the mouth piece is a little hard to clean because of the shape, but a good dish brush/bottle brush works well.

4Expert Score
Keeps my watee cold

Love how it keeps my drinks cold for hours. Depending on how many times i add more water, i may have ice the next day.

4Expert Score
Love !

I love this bottle but unfortunately it has been leaking , i bought one for me an my fiancé we use them everyday all day

4Expert Score
Excellent water bottle.

So far i really like the hydro cell water bottle. It works just as good as the more expensive ones.

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