Ice Machine Maker Countertop, 9 Ice Bullet Ice Fast Making in 8 Mins, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, KUMIO Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine with Scoop and Basket, Black

Ice Machine Maker Countertop, 9 Ice Bullet Ice Fast Making in 8 Mins, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, KUMIO Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine with Scoop and Basket, Black

Buy Ice Machine Maker Countertop, 9 Ice Bullet Ice Fast Making in 8 Mins, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, KUMIO Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine with Scoop and Basket, Black: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are ice machine maker countertop features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [efficient & quiet ice making] the ice makers countertop produce 9 pcs ice cubes in 8 minutes, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, and 1.5l water storage capacity. Equipped with refrigeration compressor features low noise(≤50db) and energy saving, so you needn’t worry even it working around the clock.
  • [easy to use] the control panel is easy to operate with 2 button and 3 alarm indicators. After add the pure water and press ‘on/off’to start ice making. When full ice or water insufficient, the indicators will turn on to remind you and auto stop to protect the ice machine.
  • [easy to clean] the ice maker with a self-clean function, just need to press ‘clean’ to ensure you get the health and fresh ice cubes. Also, auto recycle water from melted iced to avoid wasting resources.
  • [compact & portable ice maker] the ice machine maker countertop has compact design 8.9(l)*12.6(w)*11.6(h) inches and weighs 17.4 lbs, suitable for carrying and moving. The ice maker machine are widely application for home use, bars, parties, and rv travel.
  • [customers first] the transparent cover allow you to monitor the ice status and process. Kumio provide life-time tech support for our ice makers. If something goes wrong, we’ll make it right through the customer service.
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Ice Machine Maker Countertop, 9 Ice Bullet Ice Fast Making in 8 Mins, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, KUMIO Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine with Scoop and Basket, Black AMAZON

Buy Ice Machine Maker Countertop, 9 Ice Bullet Ice Fast Making in 8 Mins, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, KUMIO Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine with Scoop and Basket, Black: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is the meltwater in the ice recycled to make more ice or does it have to be drained?

It recycles. Drain water when you clean the ice makers countertop unless your water is dirty

How about the ice machine, is it worth buying?

Love it, has larger capacity and makes ice faster, bought another one for a friend.

Will it keep ice cubes frozen for later use?

The mini ice maker has no freezer, you can transfer the ice cubes to the refrigerator or leave them in the ice maker, which will recycle the melted water and make more ice cubes.

Anyone used the mini ice maker in an rv?

Yes,the portable ice maker provided joy on my trip.

What water do you use in your ice maker machine?

I followed the instructions – mineral water. Other water should also be fine, but it will be prone to impurities.

Can ice cubes stay in the basket all the time?

Not recommended, ice maker does not stay cold all the time when it is turned off. You can transfer the ice cubes to the refrigerator

Has anyone ever used the portable ice machine in an rv?

Of course, ice machine is particularly portable and easy to use, like it

Is this ice maker easy to use?

Sure. The indicator light will remind you to take out ice cubes when the basket is full, and will remind you to add water when the ice maker is short of water. So i never worry about forgetting to remove the ice cubes or forgetting to add water.

Can the ice maker keep ice cubes frozen?

No, it is not a freezer + ice maker. I put unused ice cubes in the freezer.

Where is this made?

Dear customer,
thank you for your question.kumio ice makers countertops are made in china!

How long does it take to make ice?

Very quickly, one cycle is about 8 minutes, 10 ice cubes at once.

Is the ice maker noisy?

The occasional light thunk from the ice dropping. Very quiet in my opinion.

Why didn’t i make crystal ice cubes?

You should use mineral water but not tap water.

What’s the difference between this and the cheap ice machine?

Love it with digital lcd display, small or large bullet ice cubes, making ice fast

Is the ice machine easy to use?

Of course. The ice maker machine with digital lcd display, the indicator icon will remind you how to use. The manual is very detailed

Ice Machine Maker Countertop, 9 Ice Bullet Ice Fast Making in 8 Mins, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, KUMIO Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine with Scoop and Basket, Black AMAZON

Buy Ice Machine Maker Countertop, 9 Ice Bullet Ice Fast Making in 8 Mins, 26 lbs in 24 hrs, KUMIO Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine with Scoop and Basket, Black: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love this ice machine!

I ordered this machine for a great price. It arrived, i set it up, and we immediately had great ice just like sonic! I do not regret purchasing this one bit. This icemaker is great! We have a large number of people in our family. We have been buying bagged ice a very few days because our fridge couldn’t keep up with the cali heat. Every few hours we dump the try in a bag and only have to turn on the maker once every few days. Maintenance is easy and takes about 5-10 minutes once a week. I am a big ice water lover. I knew i would use this but i didn’t realize how badly i missed my ice cold water, i am drinking twice as much water as i normally do and like i said, i love water anyways but the convenience of this is amazing. I have opted to use only filtered drinking water in ours which my husband can’t stand but i want this thing to run as long as possible and we have pretty hard water. The noise is about the only thing that i can comment negatively on, it is loud but it’s an appliance so it’s not surprising and certainly something i will continue to look over because it’s worth it. You definitely want to make sure you use the drip tray, i tried to have it installed somewhere the drip tray didn’t fit and ended up having to move it because it does drip water every time you open it to get ice which again is annoying but not that annoying. I love that it shuts off on its own when it’s full and i definitely recommend getting the side tank so it will hold more water and help with having to refill it less often. Can’t see myself ever not having one of these now!

5Expert Score
Ice in minutes

Before making ice the first i ran the self clean which was easy and fast. I put in fresh water and ice started being produced in just minutes. It’s been about 2 weeks now and it runs great. People who complained about this ice being wet and melting, remember it’s an ice “maker” not a refrigerator or freezer.

5Expert Score
Fast and easy

The design of this countertop ice marker is user friendly and easy to operate. Ice marking process is pretty fast. It can make 10-20lbs ice within 10-15min, which is good for a large party at home. It can be carried around for outdoor activities as well. It has self cleaning function which make my life much easier. I will recommend it to my friend.

5Expert Score
Always ice when needed

My ice maker in my kitchen refrig unit out several months ago. I got tried if buying ice from the store. I set this ice maker in my garage next to my “drink” refrig. As ice is made i transfer it to the container in the freezer. A very welcomed purchase.

5Expert Score
Endless ice for the road!

Got this ice maker for my summer travels on the road and couldn’t be happier with the convenience of it! First of all, it is super easy to use. I just fill the tank with water, (the machine can hold up to a liter and a half) hit start and after 8 minutes the alarm goes off and my ice cubes are ready for use! I get about 9 cubes per go and the machine can hold up to 26 pounds.

The machine also lets me know when i need to refill on water and when the ice tray is full, which is handy. Even if i don’t use all the ice in the tray, the machine can recycle the water back into its system with its self-cleaning setting which saves energy and makes my life easier while traveling in my van. Not to mention the ice-making process is low in noise and high in consistency.

I would highly recommend this product to any other nomad, camper, event host, or bar-tender even! I am very content with the results and can’t wait to get more use out of it.

5Expert Score
Great little icemaker

Our refrigerator icemaker kept freezing up so i thought i’d try one of these. It’s perfect and quick. Right before hurricane i had stocked freezer drawer with ziploc bags of ice.

5Expert Score
Highly capable ice maker

This ice maker arrived in a timely manner after bieng purchased. It was packaged very safely as well. The entire set up out of the box did not take too long and i had this machine up and running in no time. 8 mins and 9 gumdrop shaped pieces of ice later i put a couple in whiskey and froze the rest. If you need a good amount of ice you will want to stay ahead and keep that water pouring into the machine. It’s size can fit into any corner as it doesn’t eat up alot of space in terms of length and width. You will want to remove the cubes as soon as they are done and either add to them to your beverage or shake mix or just freeze them in a proper container. This item was purchased for my father’s rv. Very nice to have ice at the ready for some cold drinks especially during this especially hot summer.

5Expert Score
Love it

We have been using this ice maker for about two weeks. We love it so much. Before deciding to purchase this machine, i did a lot of searches and comparisons. After all, this is a good decision i have made. It is very easy to use and clean. The ice-making process is very effective with a light noise, which is good for the apartment. Because it will not influence your sleep or rest. I highly recommend this effective, convenient, and quiet ice maker.

5Expert Score
Great for work

I bought this to take to work and what i love is that i can have this in my office and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. More importantly, it doesn’t leak or make a lot of noise, especially when i’m on the phone with clients. I use bottled water when it comes to filling this ice machine and noticed that when i do this, the ice machine itself doesn’t get as dirty as fast as when i use tap water. This is somewhat easy to clean out but not as hard as my old on. When this ice is full, it will automatically stop making ice. This did come with a small scoop that really does work. I’m able to either choose small or large cubes too. Love that i’m always able to have ice at work. So convenient and easy to use.

5Expert Score
Good to use in apartments

The ice maker in the apartment’s fridge is broken so i bought this and put it in my closet.
The speed of ice-making is fast enough that is would never run out of them.

4Expert Score
Makes ice easy but slow to build much up.

Kumio ice makers countertop, portable ice make machine make 9 ice cubes in 7 mins, 26lbs/24h, 2.1l self-cleaning ice maker with lcd display| ice scoop & basket, electric ice maker for home. Easy set up, makes ice quickly, but bullets are small and takes a while to build up enough to serve 4-6 drinks. Not good for drinks needing a lot of ice. It does not keep the ice frozen once it shuts off, so you can remove the finished ice and store it in the freezer or use it. Not a great deal of output in a reasonable time frame. I do not recommend this item.

4Expert Score
Easy to use

Ok so this thing is incredible! I have been making ice for hot ca days! I’m maki have never been this excited about a kitchen appliance.the machine doesn’t change the flavor of your ice, so whatever flavor your water has, that’s what your ice will taste like… Only colder.
And it’s so so so easy to use. Basically plug it in, add some water and push start. Even your toddler can do it!

4Expert Score
Does its' job, makes ice relatively quietly and quickly

Roughly the size of an air-fryer, this little appliance actually impressed me a bit more than i expected, and would be great for use in an rv if you don’t have a huge family. True to claims, it takes just a bit over 8min to produce a batch of (9) bullet-shaped cubes (see pics) – they are small cubes, though, even on the ‘large’ setting (about 5/8′ across and 3/4′ long, hollow in the middle) so you will definitely go through a bunch of them, especially if you drink out of a mug or a yeti, etc. In my initial testing, the unit took approximately 30min to make enough ice for an average dink in a 30oz yeti tumbler, if that helps.

Operation is very simple, and the sound level is acceptable, think about the same loudness as a small desk fan – with a little rattling noise as the machine dumps each batch into the basket. Of note, while the unit seems to be insulated and the icemaker itself provides some chilling effect in the ice reservoir, this is not a refrigerated unit, so if you don’t want a portion of your ice melting back into the water reservoir or sticking together as they melt, it would likely be a good idea to empty the basket into the freezer every 5-6 cycles or maybe once an hour.

Overall, even though the cubes are small and therefore melt faster than say bagged ice, the hollow design gives them extra surface area so they actually seem to chill a drink faster and better than ‘standard’ cubes. Due to the smaller size, i would be careful w small children though, they could be swallowed or choked on fairly easily (then again, so can regular cubes as they melt, so that’s really just an opinion as versus an issue) …

My plan is to put this in the rv for this weekends camping trip, and i will update the review afterwards. Initial results make me confident that this will easily keep up with the ‘cocktailing’ needs of the two of us (even in mid-summer) and being as we have a really small freezer in the rv, this will hopefully save us from buying bagged ice that wastes all the space we have and always runs out before the weekend does, lol.

Would i purchase this as a ‘home’ solution (say if i didn’t have an ice machine in the fridge already) – possibly, as long as it was just the 2 of us. What i also am considering is putting this in my office at my shop when we aren’t using it camping – it would be a great way to have ice on hand at all times for cold drinks, even though as i mentioned i would be afraid that the ice wouldn’t last too long in the basket after it was made – we shall see, and i will be following up. Initial is a solid 4 stars though, and if it holds up and keeps performing as it did out of the box, i will likely bump it up to 5.

4Expert Score
Kind of noisy, makes ice fairly quickly.

This icemaker works well, even in warm rooms. My house is very warm right now because it’s the middle of summer and we don’t have central air conditioning. So it’s about 80-85 degrees in my kitchen during the day. Perfect temperature to challenge this icemaker. There’s not a lot of drama here, it works great even with the higher ambient temperatures.

It just takes about an hour for the ice cubes to get up to their full size and then it starts churning them out as fast as it can. The machine has a slight hum to it, it’s like a mini fridge. The real noise is when the ice gets dumped into the tray. No big deal during the day, but if you are trying to make a lot of ice and keep it going during the night, it’s loud enough to wake you up if you have a smaller house or sleep on the same floor as the icemaker. Still, it makes ice fast enough that you normally won’t need to make ice all through the night. In just one day i had several gallon freezer bags filled with ice, ready to go if i need it. If you are having a party, this machine will keep making ice and depending on how many people are there, it might be enough without dipping into your regular ice stash in your big freezer.

The unit is really nice quality, it’s heavy and can hold a decent amount of water. The ice tray has holes in it so any excess water just drips down into the water container. A little scoop is included, it’s cute and works well if you use this as an active ice bucket.

It’s super easy to add more water, you can do it quickly while the machine is running and it’s very clear how high to fill it to. There are 2 cube sizes, and they recommend selecting the large size when your ambient temperature is over 80 degrees. Use the smaller size if it’s under 60 degrees. If you keep your house at 60 degrees, you either have a very low heating bill or very high electric bill depending on where you live.

Overall, i’ve really been impressed with this ice maker. It does take up quite a bit of room on my counter so i don’t use it all the time. But when i know i’m going to be needing extra ice, i bring this out and fire it up and before i know it, i have plenty of cubes for when people come over and steal all my precious ice for their cold beverages. No complaints, it’s worked very well and this is a lot nicer quality than other small ice makers i’ve used in the past. The stainless finish is very attractive and fits in well in a modern kitchen.

4Expert Score
'we're out of ice!' – not anymore

I hate having to go buy more ice while camping and we’re in a pop-up not an rv. I’ve had another one of these that crapped out (i’m going to check – in the manual it says that there is a fuse that can blow – maybe that was all that was wrong with my old unit, going to check, it’s in the attic) and this one is very similar.

The weird thing, and i’m going to check with the seller, is that it says to only use spring water. Maybe it meant distilled water, that would make more sense to me since spring water has minerals as does tap/filtered water. But i did have some spring water around and filled it and it made ice cubes fairly quickly.

These units are not freezers. If you leave it on what will happen is the ice in the bucket will melt and recycle. So, you need to move the ice every now and then to a freezer if you want to store ice. But for us, it would be ideal to replenish coolers.

Made – think hershey kiss or gumdrop- size cubes. They are a little wet so if you put them in a freezer, they will likely stick – it’s been hit or miss. There’s no real way to avoid this unless you have a unit that is also a freezer – this would apply to most countertop ice makers.

But for what it is, it does what it should. The stainless outside is nice and easy to clean. If you have no icemaker, it’s definitely an upgrade. If you look up what a small icemaker costs, you’d be surprised. You can’t really touch one for under 1k. I’m not that enthused over ice nor is that my application, a giant appliance costing 1-2 thousand dollars. This will do with my fridge’s icemaker that is overly slow and not upgradeable to my knowledge. And when it’s not helping me make iced tea, we’ll use it in the pop-up.

4Expert Score
It works, but the ice melts almost as fast as it's made


i’ve had this ice maker for a few weeks now, and i find that i’m using it more that i initially thought i would. I’m leaving most of my original review below this update because those were my honest first impressions of this ice maker. I now find that i actually like it fairly well, now that i have figured out how to really use it. When i’m puttering around the house or the yard, i fire it up and collect ice in gallon ziplock bags as the little collection basket fills up, then toss the bags in the freezer. Because they are wet when i put them in the freezer they tend to stick together, but i just bang them on the ground and they break right apart. The bottom line is that i now always have a good supply of ice in the freezer, every bit as nice as i would buy at the store, with very little work. I still wish they had insulated the ice compartment more thoroughly so it would work better for parties, but i am happy to circle back and raise my rating to four stars. I will tell you that if you use it like i do, you will probably end up liking it just fine.

Original review:

for a long time i’ve been wanting to get one of these for parties, and i have to say i’m disappointed in this one. It does make little ice ‘bullets’ fairly quickly, but that’s about all i can say totally good about it.

First off, it arrived with an instruction manual that had nothing to do with the ice maker – it was for a totally different appliance. I went back to the amazon ad, and they fortunately had a pdf of the correct manual available for download. The eight-page pdf is actually pretty comprehensive and decently written.

Before using it, i wiped down the interior with a clorox wipe, then with a wet towel, then i ran it through a cleaning cycle with fresh water to give it a good rinse. One thing that the manual left out is that there is a little drain hole in the bottom of the reservoir, so when i poured water in, it ran right through onto the table. I lifted it up and found a silicon plug attached to the bottom of the machine, plugged the hole, then went and got some more water.

It takes about 10 minutes to make a few hollow ice ‘bullets.’ the compressor is fairly noisy, about the same sound as a good-sized room fan running on high. Unfortunately, since the compartment that holds the finished ice is not insulated much, if at all, it takes not much more than 10 for the ice to melt significantly. This was using it at an ambient temperature of 74 degrees fahrenheit – just over 23 degrees celsius. It would be much worse on a hot day!

When the ice in the basket melts, the water runs back into the reservoir, so at least that makes sense. I let it run for a couple of hours to collect enough ice to fill a gallon baggie, and it was so wet that it immediately clumped together in the freezer. If you let it freeze hard then smack the bag on the ground, though, like i often have to do with bags of ice i buy at the store, they do pretty much break up enough to use them.

4Expert Score
Easy to set up & use

This ice maker has a lcd display and is simple to use. You can choose the size cubes you would like to make, small or large. Note: each time you start making ice, the first batch will be smaller. The cubes are made in approximately nine minutes and the machine will continue to make cubes until it either runs out of water or the basket is full of ice. The problem with this type of machine is that the ice does not stay cold, it will melt. However, the basket is conveniently located directly over the water reservoir, so there is no mess. We had gotten this machine to try to keep the cooler full of ice at the campground. Unless you run the machine all day and empty it regularly, the machine cannot keep up. To be far, the temperature has been in the 80-90’s, so hopefully when the temperatures are more comfortable it will be able to do what we had hoped.

4Expert Score
Fast in making, fast in meting

This review is for the ice machine maker countertop, kumio portable ice makers with lcd display, 26 lbs in 24 hrs.
It’s a good countertop ice maker. Size-wise, it is a bit larger than my compact bread-maker (about the size of the regular bread-maker) and fits well on the counter. The lid opens easily even when the machine is under the hanging cabinets.
It takes less than 10 minutes to make 9 ice cubes (well, they are not cubes, but still). I learned that it is much faster if you don’t continuously stare at it! 😉 i like that you can select between the two sizes – it helps if you want the ice to melt faster or slower, depending on the drink (or other use). The machine is also very quiet except for the few seconds every 10 minutes when it actually moves the stuff inside to make/drop ice. The scoop that comes with the machine is on the small side, but it works just fine to grab the ice cubes.
Some of the downsides: it throws a lot of heat on the side, which is not ideal in hot weather when all you want is cold ice. The prepared ice also melts rather fast inside the machine. Once the basket in the machine was filled, i transferred the ice to the freezer, and the ice pieces were watery. As soon as it froze back in the freezer, so now i have to crush it when i want to take a few pieces. I wish ice stayed frozen inside the machine (although, this might be challenging since the same chamber is used to store both water and ice). Because of the exterior heat and the melting ice inside, i am removing 1 star.

4Expert Score
Cool gadget

It took about 3 hours to make a basket of ice. These are the larger cubes which are still pretty small. Was hoping they were a bit bigger but they will do. This looks very nice if you have room in your kitchen to keep it out. I don’t so it will be moved back-and-forth as needed. It did arrive with a very small ding in the side of it but nothing major. It’s not too noisy but you can tell it’s running. Now i won’t need to get ice at the store as we have been since our fridge icemaker broke. This should be very handy though i went to take some of the ice out of the freezer a bit later. And due to the moisture on the new ice it was all stick together…a lot. I did drain it and toss it a bit to get excess water off before putting into the freezer. This may be a challenge some. Maybe there is a trick?

4Expert Score
Seems slow….

I ordered this for my office, as our ice machine in the kitchen has been broken for a very long time.

This seems a bit slow to me. It produces 8 nuggets about every 10 minutes or so.

The ice when it is ready makes quite a bit of noise, so its probably not the best for an office setting where it is quiet.

It is easy to understand and use, and being in an office, i use a turkey baster to get the extra water out once its done and states it needs more water, if i am done using it. Random, i know but it works in a place you cant really ‘dump’ it easily.

Other than the noise, and it being a bit slow, its a great machine! And who doesnt love nugget ice!

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