Igloo Premium Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Handled Portable Ice Maker, Produces 26 lbs. in 24 hrs. with Ice Cubes Ready in 6-8 minutes, Comes with Ice Scoop and Basket

Igloo Premium Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Handled Portable Ice Maker, Produces 26 lbs. in 24 hrs. with Ice Cubes Ready in 6-8 minutes, Comes with Ice Scoop and Basket

Yakibest.com: Igloo Premium Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Handled Portable Ice Maker, Produces 26 lbs. in 24 hrs. with Ice Cubes Ready in 6-8 minutes, Comes with Ice Scoop and Basket

What are igloo premium self-cleaning countertop ice maker machine features?

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  • Designed for convenience: the igloo countertop ice maker is portable, convenient, compact in size, and looks great on any countertop. This portable ice maker does not require installation; with a convenient handle you can take it with you whenever or wherever you need it. A large window on the lid allows for easy viewing of ice cube capacity.
  • Large ice making capacity: with a 2-quart capacity water tank, this countertop ice maker will produce 26 pounds of ice cubes in a 24-hour period, enough to keep drinks cold all day and night long. Need ice quickly, this igloo ice maker will make 9 small or large cylinder-shaped ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes
  • Ice basket and scoop: the igloo ice cube maker comes with an easy to remove basket that can store up to 1.25 pounds of ice at a time. The removeable ice basket allows you to quickly move large quantities of ice cubes at a time or effortlessly fill large containers. Utilize the included ice scoop to easily fill beverage glasses or small containers
  • Control panel: this ice maker machine is equipped with a simple electronic control panel allowing you to choose small or large ice cube sizes depending on your needs. Illuminated led lights indicate when you need to add water and when the ice basket is full
  • Easy cleanup: igloo portable countertop ice maker comes with a removeable drain plug that makes draining water and cleaning the device easy with little mess. A five-cycle automatic cleaning function effortlessly keeps the interior of your ice maker fresh for cleaner ice every time
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Igloo Premium Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Handled Portable Ice Maker, Produces 26 lbs. in 24 hrs. with Ice Cubes Ready in 6-8 minutes, Comes with Ice Scoop and Basket AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Igloo Premium Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Handled Portable Ice Maker, Produces 26 lbs. in 24 hrs. with Ice Cubes Ready in 6-8 minutes, Comes with Ice Scoop and Basket

Looking for specific info?

How often do i need to fill it with water?

When i make ice, which is usually every other day, i put a quart of water in the reservoir twice. Which is probably six ice maker baskets if ice which i transfer to ziplock bags and place in the freezer. Works perfectly for the two of us.

How many watts does this use ?

105 watts

How does the self cleaning work? Do you have to empty into the sink afterwards?

I use the vinegar and water mix from the instructions. I wouldn’t use that mix to make ice, no. But after it has run a cleaning i take the unit to the kitchen sink and pull the drain plug on the bottom and it completely empties. I then fill it with clean water and run a cycle and immediately use the ice and it has not had a bad taste of ice i’ve made after running a cleaning cycle.

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Where is the drain plug located?

It is located under the bottom of the igloo. I love ours. I bought it because my husband is sick and needs ice 24/7. The ice makes in less than 5 minutes. Really good, soft ice. Best little ice maker out there in my opinion.

When he push the on / off button it does not appear to turn off? How do you turn this off?

When you press the on/off button, it stops working and power light flashes off and on and the cube size light stays on. Even though these lights are on, the machine is off. You can always turn it off completely by unplugging.

Where is the drainage hole located?

Bottom of the machine.

Can it withstand temperatures higher that 80 degrees and not overheat?

I don’t know. I use it in my home

Broke a month after purchase never rec’d authorization for return since december

It still has a 4.50 star rating in the amazon ad. Shame! It is a very bad product and should not even be offered.

What is the housing material? Abs or stainless steel?

Stainless steel on the outside and interior is plastic? Not sure what abs is

What is the small battery for? It shows a package of batteries when you pull up the product.

Mine has an electrical plug, so no batteries were included in the package and none are needed. Machine works great.

How much does this ice maker weigh?

Think specs say 22 lbs, and i’d agree (empty without ice). With handle, easy to move, (e.g. To sink to drain any water that is left in holding area). We liked it enough to buy a 2nd to ship to brother–who has a weight-lifting related health issue… And weight was no problem for him to move around.

Can i get a replacement part for the sensor that tells it there is no water when there is?

Tim this question should be in your owners manual or call the company for replacement pieces. I have no idea i am just bought the ice maker to use. I haven’t had to replace anything on it.

Can you leave it turned on?? Mine was making ice when i went to bed and when i got up in morning it was off and ice was melted.

The igloo shuts off automatically once the tray is full, thus it is best to make ice and transfer it to a bin you can place in the freezer. The bin does not take long to become full. It makes ice about every 9 to 12 minutes, so in a few hours it will be full.

Hi how does it get filled with water ?

Open the lid, remove the ice holder and manually pour water into the reservoir to fill up to the max level indicator or lower as required.

The machine is suddenly only creating small ice, even when set to large. Any troubleshooting tips?

Hi!- well we cleaned the machine a few times and it seemed to work. However it stopped working for us this summer. (2 years old). Hopefully it will workout.- joe

I have watched videos of this ice maker, and they show a little filter in the reservoir. Is there a filter, or is this just a foreign body screen?

It’s a screen. This model has a self cleaning mode & i love it. So convenient but a little timely. It cleans then you let it rince both 5 cycles each.

Does it need cleaner,if self-cleaning

Hi. It needs a solution of 1/2 white vinegar to water to fill to the ‘full line’. I don’t know how many ounces. It works great and you command it once and it will quickly cycle through 5x. Then you drain at the bottom (also easy) fill to the same line with just clean water the same way again. The booklet with instructions is excellent and explains each direction perfectly. I do keep it nearby because i am forgetful. The unit has a few minutes delay cooling the water time then it cranks out ice beautifully. I rate it 5 stars but others did tell me with ice machines as we use them daily to buy the extended warranty.

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Purchased this 6 months ago and the shovel inside has broke, which makes it unusable, where can i buy just the part


Can you use this to freeze coffee/juice/tea into cubes or only water? What soap/detergent is recommended for this item?

Don’t use soap. Use 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. Rinse carefully. I ran two clean cycles with fresh water before using freeze cycle. I didn’t try to freeze anything but water.

What is the db rating?

I absolutely love my counter top ice maker. It was well worth the money.

Igloo Premium Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Handled Portable Ice Maker, Produces 26 lbs. in 24 hrs. with Ice Cubes Ready in 6-8 minutes, Comes with Ice Scoop and Basket AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Igloo Premium Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Handled Portable Ice Maker, Produces 26 lbs. in 24 hrs. with Ice Cubes Ready in 6-8 minutes, Comes with Ice Scoop and Basket

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I was skeptical, but this thing is amazing!!!

When my husband said he wanted a countertop ice maker for the basement (aka the man cave) i was very skeptical. My limited experience with countertop ice makers was not good. The ice was soft and melted quickly. The igloo blew my mind!!!! It made ice within just a few minutes as promised. The ice is not soft but looks a lot like what comes out of my refrigerator ice maker. He has made so much ice that we have stopped buying bag ice for the basement. It is super easy to fill, run and clean.

5Expert Score

We have a samsung refrigerator and the ice maker is absolutely a joke!!! Froze up!! This has been a blessing. We now have all the ice we need. Thank you igloo!!!!

5Expert Score
I love the small size ice cube

My husband bought this for me so i wouldn’t have to use the ice trays any more. It makes great ice but it is a little loud.

5Expert Score
I love it!

I only wish that i had purchased it sooner. It is fast and efficient.

5Expert Score
A batch every 7 minutes

All features work perfectly on this, small ice, large ice, full bin, and low water cutoff. Super quiet and uses only pennies a day to run!

5Expert Score
The igloo is great for a 110 volt outlet. However, it requires, at least, 1430 watts to make ice.

I tried my jackey 500 to make ice. But the igloo ice maker shut download. When i used used it on my 3000 watt inverter it made ice with no problems. My inverter showed an average of 10 amps with an occasional increase of 13 amps. Therefore, on an average, it takes 1100 watts of ac power to make ice with an occasional increase of 1430 watts to make ice. I would not use a dc to ac inverter of less than 1500 watts to make ice. I believe most portable ice makers require similar wattage requirements. I am keeping my igloo because the price right and it makes great icebergs.

5Expert Score
Works great.

Great little ice maker. Plenty enough ice for two people. I like the small or large cube option.

Great ice and easy to clean the machine.

5Expert Score

I’m very satisfied

5Expert Score
Store some by putting in freezer to harden

We like it the full week we’ve had it. Bought 50 ice bags may start a side business? It’s supposed to be self cleaning but we’ll help it out every week!

5Expert Score
It’s make ice in seconds

It’s work wonderful

4Expert Score
A workhorse!

Ive only used it twice so far and hope that it lasts for awhile. I cleaned it with vinegar and water solution before first use per instructions. There are suggestions for other cleaning solutions i just chose the vinegar. Anyway i am very very happy so far. It is easy to use and practically fool proof. My advice is to select the large cube and wait for the basket to fill up with ice before putting it into whatever container you choose otherwise youll be unnecessarily opening the freezer alot! A minor complaint…the drain plug is hard to unplug. I found that pushing it down from the ‘inside’ helps.

4Expert Score
Great ice

Love this ice maker. It can be tricky. Don’t overfill!

4Expert Score
Great machine subpar ice

This is a loud ice maker that makes ice that melts very quickly as it’s so soft and cloudy.

4Expert Score
Fast ice maker, lightweight machine.

This machine is simple to use and makes ice very fast. We had a gallon ziploc full of ice within just a couple hours upon start up. For a single person, or just some extra ice around the bar, it’s great. Only complaint is that the fan is a little noisy.

4Expert Score
Like the convenience

This one works great so far. A different brand i had bought broke . Never did i think it would break in four months. This time i have a three year warranty.

4Expert Score
Like it

I would say this was worth the purchase. I just wish the on/off button turned the machine off fully (including the leds).

4Expert Score
Works great compared to the other ice makers on amazon

We had to throw out our old ice maker due to mold and no way to clean it. This igloo model comes with self-cleaning so thats great. The only issue i have is similar to an issue i had with my old ice maker. Often, the ice will clump together, forcing the ice-full indicator to say ice is full when it really isn’t. This is annoying because the basket can hold more ice. Otherwise, great little machine!

4Expert Score
Fantastic for keeping fresh ice during the day

I love that this machine cranks out the ice all day long. Small cubes come out faster.

Cons: it is noisy, and i turn it off at night. The ice tasted a bit plastic-y at first, so be sure to do the pre-rinse/wash as the directions say–and even go a couple more times. The drain plug is difficult to remove as the pull tab is rather small. I wish there were a place for storing the scoop as it gets in the way of ice in the basket. This causes the machine to think the basket is full so it stops making ice, even when the basket has more room in it. It’s a bit tall, so measure height between counter and cabinets so there’s room for opening the lid on the top.

Pros: i love the mint/aqua color and the handle for portability. The lid stays open while scooping ice, which is great. This machine is a replacement for our broken fridge ice-maker, and it is a deal when compared to repairing the fridge or replacing it. It beats making ice every day and twisting ice trays/refilling an ice bucket all the time. I am so glad i ordered this as i love iced tea. Wish i’d ordered it 6 months earlier instead of cracking ice every morning.

4Expert Score
Nice for extra ice

I have had this product for a week. This is the first ice maker i have ever owned of this type. It makes ice very quickly. It is a little noisy. There is a fan or blower type noise almost constant when it’s running and when it dumps ice it is much noisier. It took a bit to get used to. The ice does tend to stick together if left for any length of time, but we really like it. I bag the ice and put it in our freezer for extra ice. If you were going to use it outside, i really don’t think the ice would last very well in a warm area. It’s great for putting right into your glass and as a supplement to an ice maker installed in the fridge. Ice tastes great, but we also have good water. I like that you can adjust the size of the ice, but mine only makes one size whether it is set to large or small. The basket is maybe about a quart size so it can’t hold much ice at a time before it is full. I must empty it often to keep it going otherwise it begins to melt quite a bit and stick together. Color is it appeared. I would recommend this product to a friend.

4Expert Score
Works fine, just slow.

It’s is very easy to use however don’t expect a lot of ice fast. It takes almost 10 minutes between ice production cycles and almost two hours to fill the basket, which is very small. This is set on the large size. It took about 6 hours to make three baskets of ice before you have to add more water. I don’t recommend using this to make ice for a party unless it’s a small gathering. One basket will fill two tall glasses. It may work fine if you’re only doing cocktails. I bought it because the ice maker went out on my fridge and i was tired of having to buy ice every week.
Because the process is so slow, it would really be great if there was some type of audible alarm when the basket is full or the water is low.
Also, the drain plug is a bit difficult to pull out. It’s under the bottom of the unit. You can easily push it out from the inside which makes it easier to remove. Don’t forget to put it back in before you add water the next time you want to use it.
My favorite thing about this unit is the handle which makes it easier to move from one location to another. All in all, it meets my need, i just have to be patient.

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