Insignia 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (NS-50F301NA22, 2021 Model)

Insignia 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (NS-50F301NA22, 2021 Model)

Insignia 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV, 2021 Model

What are insignia 50-inch class f30 series led 4k uhd smart fire tv ns-50f301na22 features?

  • 4k ultra hd (2160p resolution) – enjoy breathtaking 4k movies and tv shows at 4 times the resolution of full hd, and upscale your current content to ultra hd-level picture quality.
  • Alexa voice control – speak commands into the voice remote with alexa to control your fire tv verbally—ask it to watch live tv, search for titles, play music, switch inputs, control smart home devices and more.
  • Access thousands of shows with fire tv – watch over 1 million streaming movies and tv episodes with access to thousands of channels, apps and alexa skills, including apple tv+, disney+, hulu, netflix, prime video, sling tv, youtube and other services right from this tv.
  • Dts studio sound – this premium audio enhancement suite creates realistic and immersive audio with two-speaker playback that expands your sense of space and ambience.
  • Item arrives in packaging that reveals what’s inside and can’t be hidden.
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Insignia 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (NS-50F301NA22, 2021 Model) AMAZON

Insignia 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV, 2021 Model

Looking for specific info?

What is the mounting pattern for this tv?

The mounting pattern for this tv is 400 x 300 mm.

Is this tv returnable?

Read the answer. They said if it’s used or you return a broken (damaged) one, you could be charged 50% for being shady, and 100% if you return a completely different model/brand than this tv actually is.
People use returns as free upgrades and they are saying they will charge you if you try.

Stop downvoting it, unless you are upset that they are trying to keep people honest.

See less

Are the leg adjustable, what’s the distance between the legs?

On a 65′ tv – the legs will fit on a 53′ dresser, just barely. So i would say the inside to outside. 48.5′ inside to inside to 53′ from the outside to outside.

Can i use it as a computer monitor ?

You can hook up a computer into one of the hdmi inputs on the tv.

What is the mounting pattern for this tv?

200 x 200 mm
screws: type m6,16 mm to
24mm length depending
on the wall mount


Why videos don’t have sound when i try playing using chromecast? Anyone having the same issue?

Try to reset your chromecast device. For product support, please call 1-877-467-4289 available from 8am to 9pm ct daily.

Use as a dumb tv? A uhd display i can turn on and have it waiting for hdmi-1 input from my media player just like i had it when i turned it off?

On the home screen, navigate to the inputs row, then select which hdmi jack your media player is connected.


Can this tv play mkv and avi files?

You can download the vlc app, it supports the following formats: mkv, mp4, avi, mov, ogg, flac, ts, m2ts, wv and aac.

Can i mount the 70 inch tv on the wall with brackets and if so, which brackets do i use?

Yes, you can install this tv on the wall using a wall mount.

It says seller can not deliver to my address (sc) and my sisters address (pa) ? Why not?

Probably no best buy in area

Es marca nueva

La marca insignia no es nueva yo he tenido televisores insignia antes y la verdad he tenido muy buena experiencia con esta marca por eso la compré ahora y funciona excelente.

Does it come with the hdmi cable?

No it does not.

– louise

Is the sound bar included?

No it is not

What up with the $150 off?

The msrp is $649.99

Can you plug a roku device into an amazon fire tv?

Yes, you can plug your external roku device into one of the hdmi inputs on the tv.

Can alexa turn it on and off?

Yes, you can do it with an echo device. To link an echo device: open the alexa smartphone app, go home > menu > settings > video and tv > fire tv and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is the distance between legs?


about 38.5 inches apart.


Does it have a camera or can it be set up

Hello adv,

no, it does not have a camera but you can set it up.

Insignia support,

What are measurements of 70” tv leg stands

The stand footprint is 44.07’x10.4′.

Can apps be downloaded to it- such as hbomax and others?

Yes we have downloaded several apps.

Insignia 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (NS-50F301NA22, 2021 Model) AMAZON

Insignia 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV, 2021 Model

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great smart tv for the money.

It was easy to put the legs on. Once turned on, fairly easy to get linked to my internet. It has a great picture, sound and the remote is easy to use. Alexa feature is helpful if you know the channel you want or tv program just tell alexa and she puts the channel on. No need to scan thru the channels everytime. Pleased so far with my purchase of this tv

5Expert Score
Works great

Had a rooftop antenna and roku box before this. This gets good reception, free applications with prime, and the smart wi fi interface makes it get more channels/movies than i could imagine. Main complain is it doesn’t default back to the tv channel i was watching everytime you turn it off and can be time consuming finding the antenna channels i want to watch. Probably a function somewhere i haven’t found to solve this.

5Expert Score
Good value for the price

I use it for computer monitor, and the text is very sharp. You have an option of changing the type to pc.
I also use the computer to calibrate the text.
Other than that, some very minor negative:

1. It updates twice, meaning it can’t get the latest and update. This is very minor.
2. It shows 4k youtube video in very good pictures, however, on some other video, the color is a bit off. It is very similar to when i compare samsung $900 tv with $1700 tv. For $200 level monitor, it’s a great deal.
3. The edges, when viewing close as a monitor, it reflects into the screen, and actually override the screen’s edge, such as the scrollbar. This is a bit bigger issue. However, for $200 and very clear text, i would buy it again. Actually, i did, i bought one for my wife, then get another for myself.
4. The size is about perfect for monitor. The one it replaces is 48′, and i find myself having to move a bit left and right. When they make it curved (at low price), 48′ is probably fine.
5. This is not for game, at 4k, it works at 30 framerate, probably due to my computer, not the monitor, but it appears to support up to 60 frame per seconds. Still not for game, but not bad at all.

I would recommend this.

5Expert Score
Excellent choice

I found this during prime day, and got a hecka killer price. I wanted a samsung, but alas its hard to find a 55′ samsung model with all the features at a price i wanted.

I love the multiple hdmi hookups. You do not need a firestick, so the one i have for my last tv is being used to hold papers down on my desk. The assembly was quick and easy. I am a senior and live alone so i was a bit worried that i might not be able to maneuver this out of the box and onto my tv stand, but i managed just fine. If you do unpack it alone, the easiest and safest thing to do is slide it out of the box onto your bed, hook up the legs [or stand if you go that direction], and hook up the power cord before you pick it up and put it down on the stand.

Wifi connection was a breeze, and the interface is just like the firestick so its pretty easy to use and familiar to a veteran firestick customer. Antenna driven tv was simple enough to add too, but i need to figure out if i can log into my samsung account to get the on-air samsung tv stuff.

Very happy. Thanks for the deal amazon!!

5Expert Score
Perfect tv

I love it! It has good quality pictures, amazing sounds, the built-in alexa is very helpful and pretty cool to use with all your favorite apps in it, it was a very good steal for a good deal i would highly recommend it even with a bigger inch

5Expert Score
Tv good had to return

Tv had a good picture and all but had to return do to the fact that fire tv will not work with the spectrum tv app. Tried all the main so called hacks but nothing would work.

5Expert Score
Excellent value

We purchased this for a rental home not realizing it was already equipped with fire tv. Easy to install & setup, plugged directly into our modem/router. It has great picture quality & the sound quality was much better than anticipated.

5Expert Score
I can’t imagine the pic being any better, purchase the mf tv

1000 words are not enough to explain why this sale is worth every penny this tv is amazing look at my picture purchase the tv have a great day

5Expert Score
Great tv at a great price!

Super easy set up and wonderful picture quality. I cut the cable cord and went with antenna and the picture is amazing! Already set up with hulu, netflix, disney + and most importantly, prime video! Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Best tv for the price

I’m enjoying this tv. Good picture and great sound quality! So easy to set up and start watching.

4Expert Score
43” pc monitor

Bought to use as a pc monitor; general email, excel, powerpoint, and teams work.

Setup was easy, 2 screws each to attach the legs and it was standing up. The body is pretty thin and flexes, but under 2 bills it’s forgivable.

Turned it on and there’s no way to bypass smart features and signed onto amazon with wifi and all. Needed to update so gave it a few min.

The remote has no input button so have to navigate via the fire home screen which is pretty annoying. After first use, there’s a stacked panes button remote that’s for recent favorites and does in a way act as an input button. Tv doesn’t remember which input you leave on and boots to fire home screen every time. Couple more button presses in the morning i guess.

Screen is more than bright enough for desk work, i actually turned down brightness as i’m sitting about 2.5 ft away. Tv doesn’t do 4:4:4 chroma so text is not perfect but perfectly serviceable after a few tweaks; setting picture mode to pc and turning on super resolution seems to do the trick for now. Most general office work has black text against white in excel, outlook, teams, etc. Don’t expect it to give me trouble reading wise but am aware it wouldn’t be the best monitor for detailed graphics nor critical powerpoint where accurate colors are required. Attaching pictures of general office work and rtings chroma test: most are perfectly legible except the lowest two rows where there is some blur but legible, i don’t expect to read text in those color schemes for general office work.

A few surprises, this is actually natively airplay compatible and homekit. Airplay is always nice to have for a quick screen share from phone and homekit integration means i have a spare remote on my phone and it helps with the input button annoyance.

There is a slight window pane effect sitting this close, the utmost outer edge where the scroll bar would sit for many applications has an odd 3d effect, like it’s floating. Looks a little funny but not a show stopper.

Love the screen productivity this affords, it’s literally 4 x 21.5” at 1080p each, and with quick windows shortcuts (win+left+up, etc) it’s really easy to snap windows into a 4 grid to multitask or cross reference data.

Or it can offer massive screen real estate for spreadsheets and multiple word pages.

Now let’s hope it lasts.

while screen sharpness and text was not an issue, after a full day of work decided to return, the input lag was disruptive. Would have been fine for general home theater pc use but the typing lag was not conducive for work where i’m constantly firing off emails and messages. The tcl 4 series is much better in this regard and what ive ordered instead now.

4Expert Score
Decent budget tv

You’re here because you want a cheap tv. That’s it. It’s a tv that does tv stuff and it doesn’t cost a lot. The picture is fine. You know you’re getting trade offs for the price, so here’s what they are:

-the speakers suck. They just do. Plan to be okay with that or get a soundbar.
-the built in smart stuff is probably fine for most people, but i prefer apple tv. I don’t even have this thing connected to wifi because i don’t want amazon tracking everything i do (‘he says, as he writes this review on amazon…’) but i’m sure best buy is getting a kickback for the usage of fire tv (insignia is a best buy house brand, if you didn’t know).
-because i don’t use the built in smart stuff, it complains every time i turn it on that it’s not connected to wifi or amazon. I use hdmi-cec to control it through the apple tv though, so i only see this message for a few seconds before it switches over. Annoying, but that’s it.
-it’s a little bulkier than a nicer tv would be, but again…you probably aren’t here because you expect the slimness of an lg c1 on a $300 set.
-the design of the legs make it look like something i 3d printed. Maybe that’s just a me thing, though.

4Expert Score
Wish i could just buy a dumb tv

I purchased this tv to replace a 10 year old tv that was begining to have tuning issues. It has a great picture and the sound quality is decent the price was great, and i loved that i could buy it from amazon and go pick it up at my local best buy. Now for the bad, i don’t like that every time i turn it on it comes up to the home screen instead of coming on to the last channel it was on when i turned it off. I’m a cord cutter and most of my tv viewing is over the air via antenna, requiring me to change input from the home screen every time i turn it on. Also after having this tv for 3 weeks it has totally locked up on about 8 occasions requiring a cold boot (unplugging the power cord) in order to reset. I absolutely hate the alexa feature call me paraniod, but i don’t want my tv listening to me!

4Expert Score
Good value for money when it's on sale

I was definitely hesitant given the reviews, but so far so good with one minor hiccup. I can’t seem to get it to recognize my pc via hdmi. The pc recognizes the tv, the tv recognizes that something is plugged in, but it says no signal detected no matter what i’ve tried. Restarts, resets, plugging and unplugging, different cords, etc. I feel like i might be missing something simple.

That is not a dealbreaker, however, because it functions surprisingly well as a smart tv. It’s quick, no major delays or funkiness. Huge huge upgrade from the smart tvs of yesteryear, if that’s holding anyone back. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the ads, but they’re confined to the home menu. You’re not getting ads during netflix or anything.

Overall i’m pretty pleased with this purchase, having paid about $250 out the door. I don’t really need another computer monitor, so purely calling this a tv, it seems great, but longevity will be the true test.

Edit: fixed the issue by setting the hdmi to 1.4 instead of 2.0 and it started working, but glitchy. Looks like it was a combination of that setting and a right-angle adapter i had on the pc end of the cable. Having changed those two things, it’s now being used with my pc as well.

4Expert Score
Great picture and nice sound

I bought the tv during prime days and picked up at best buy. The only thing i dislike is that the tv automatically shuts off when you pause a movie after only 15 minutes. When you turn the tv back on you are back on the home screen again and have to go back to the app such as netflix and find the show you were watching and resume play. I went through all the setting to try and change it. This is not in the display or sleep settings. I called insignia tech support and the lady i spoke with said that it is build into the tv to shut down if paused to save energy. ??? Why after only 15 minutes? Sometimes i get a phone call and it’s an inconvenience to have the tv shut down. Other than that, i love the tv.

4Expert Score
Love it. Only issue is

Love the tv picture looks great. Only issue i have is when i’m watching streaming services directly from the tv rather than a fire stick or my ps5 it has screen tearing. And sometimes my hbomax won’t load and the only solution to the hbomax not loading is unplugging and plugging back in. However i got this tv for free when it was on sale by using my amazon gift card given with the approval of their credit card.

4Expert Score
Good value

This is a nice tv, however once i set it up there were lines and other distortions of the picture at the top of the screen. I was going to return it as i figured it happened in shipping, but my wife decided she could live with the flaw so i canceled the return. I bought it for her so i did not not insist on returning it. If i had bought it for myself i definitely would have gone through with the return. I have to say the problem was not with amazon. This is a best buy product and they did the delivery.

4Expert Score
Nice tv, good picture

Don’t like the way it starts, unable to integrate sound with master remote, don’t like the home menu options that i don’t use, maybe too smart for me, lol

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Love the display, dislike fire tv

I’m a roku guy. Amazon fire tv is frustrating. Especially because i can’t wake the tv by turning on my ps5. Also the os is clunky. Takes a while to find apps. Alexa works great though.

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