Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress with Internal Pump

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress with Internal Pump

Buy Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Internal Pump, Twin: Air Mattresses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are intex dura-beam series pillow rest raised air mattress with internal pump features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Approximate inflation time is 2 1⁄4 minutes
  • Indented sides positioned perfectly to keep fitted sheets firmly in place
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • The convenient hand carry bag is perfect for storage and transport
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Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress with Internal Pump AMAZON

Buy Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Internal Pump, Twin: Air Mattresses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can you manually pump

Yes you can. Inside the cord compartment there is a hole for connecting a conventional manual inflator pump.

Internal pump means you plug it in and it will inflate on its on

Yes, the bed has an internal pump, you plug it in and it blows up in a few minutes. I have had it for s month or so now and the air stays in constantly and i have not had any issues. It is a very comfortable bed.

Did it have a chemical smell?

Mike (person that responded to this question) didn’t answer the question about a chemical smell. It does have a slight chemical smell when initially used but that goes away with repeated use.

I’ve been through two of these and on the first night they lose air and are unusable. This was on carpet- not chance of punctures. What am i missing?

Often when they are filled the first few times the vinyl stretches and gives the appearance of losing air. Should settle down after a few uses.

How big?

Only about five and a half feet long. They used to be more than a foot longer, but they’ve cut the size all around. I’m only five six, and my feet hang over the end unless i scoot all the way up to the top, which is impossible to do with the pillow top.

Is this air bed pvc free?

No the same materials are used for airbeds as in pvc pipe.

Does it have a smell?

Anything sealed up will have a smell, but once you take it out of packaging, and let it air out for a bit, there is no discernible odor.

Is come with pump?

Yes comes with built in pump that plugs into outle.

Can u return for full refund if doesn’t work

Amazon may make a full refund if submitted within a certain time frame. There is a one year manufacturer warranty

How much does it weigh, for packing?

Don’t know for sure. 5 -10 pounds. They are pretty sturdy.

Is this free return?

That is usually listed on the description page.

How high above the floor is the twin standard?

When fully infatuated it is 19 inches off the floor !

Can two adults fit

Yes, its a queen mattress that holds up to 600 pounds.

After being awakened by a very loud high pitched alarm, we realized it was coming from this unit. Do you know why?


What are the dimensions when it’s packed in the carry bag? (twin size)

I was not able to repack this item, it was very difficult to fold up. Maybe a strong man would not have this problem.

I purchased mine back in december. No problems until recently, the pump fell out of the air mattress so the bed will not stay inflated. Is it broken?

I would say yes. Return it under warranty if possible.

Which glue is best to use when patching airbed?

I don’t know about glue but perhaps it’s under warranty and can be replaced. Or maybe a patch was included in the box with the mattress?

Is the intex dura-beam series pillow rest raised airbed with internal pump (2021 model) made of latex?

Don’t know, it’s connected to the bed so the same material on the bed is on the pillow. Very comfortable

What is the actual difference between the deluxe vs standard?

Maybe the deluxe actually holds air. I returned the standard after one very disappointing weekend trying to sleep on it!

Will this work for camping? The pump i mean

The pump runs by electricity; you would need a source of electricity.

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress with Internal Pump AMAZON

Buy Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Internal Pump, Twin: Air Mattresses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

This air mattress exceeded my expectations. I bought it for my 15 year old daughter and i to sleep on when visiting my parents. It was so much easier to inflate than i could have imagined. We took it out of the box, plugged it in, turned the switch to “inflate” and 2-3 minutes later, it was done. It was more comfortable than either of us expected, i don’t have any complaints as far as comfort goes. When we were done, we plugged it back in, turned to “deflate” and in 2-3 minutes, it was completely deflated. We folded it up and put it in the bag that came with it.
One thing i will mention is right after we inflated it, we laid on it for a few minutes and realized it seemed to have deflated some. I started to panic, thinking there was a hole in it or some sort of issue then i saw on the box that it’s completely normal- as the mattress stretches, it will sometimes feel as though it’s deflated some. I plugged it back in, inflated for a few seconds and problem solved. So don’t panic if this happens to you! Simply inflate a little more! I can’t say enough how happy i am and can’t recommend enough!

5Expert Score
Air mattress

Great product! I found this air mattress for my husband who is an avid hunter. He and friends just purchased a hunting lodge and have to take their own bedding. We had purchased one years ago for the grandkids when they visit. It is so simply. Just plug in and turn on. It blows up in less than 2 minutes. The next morning just plug back in and turn on to allow air to go out. Once again takes les than 2 minutes. The plug and cord fit neatly inside the mattress. One less thing to worry about.

5Expert Score
No air leakage

I purchased to use when i stay with my elderly mother, which is every night. I love how easy it is to inflate and how there is a recess to store the cord. The height is perfect to get up from and is very comfortable to sleep on. It took me a couple nights to get used to it but now its a perfect nights sleep. I have not had any issues with it leaking air and i’ve slept on for about 3 weeks now. Recommend highly.

5Expert Score
It leaks a little, but it’s comfy!

I was very surprised by the quality and comfort for the price i paid: the vacuum system for inflating and deflating the air bed works really well. I picked this up duringy the worst of the heat wave since my mattress held too much body heat for any kind of sleep. The first five days of using this bed, i had to inflate it a little every other day to accommodate the stretching (as advertised, and written on both packaging and air bed itself). However, i think the unusual temperatures did weaken the vacuum seal slightly— there’s no holes apparent or hissing when i put an ear to it, but it did need daily inflation after day 5 to keep it at a good mattress pressure. (i am a particularly squirmy sleeper, however, so it’s likely i pushed a little air out through the vacuum inset just through sleeping.)

overall, this air bed has a really good height, doesn’t turn into a taco when you sit up on it, and the corded vacuum inflate/deflate mechanism is a real winner. I can see myself easily turning to this brand again if i ever need a new one!

5Expert Score
Surprisingly great

This is the 3rd air mattress i’ve bought on amazon. I have several dogs and a cat who may have popped the other ones. So far this one has lasted the longest to my surprise and it was the cheapest one! It’s not the most comfortable one but for the price it is amazing! It’s easy to inflate and stays inflated. It also can handle my dogs and cats jumping on it and playing on it. I highly recommend buying this air mattress!

***edited to add that i first bought the sleeplux (amazon brand) air mattress. It was the most comfortable but it got an air bubble in it after a month of daily use and it was done! The second air mattress i bought was the most expensive but not the most comfortable; that was the king koil twin. It resembled a real bed except that you felt like you were going to fall off the sides. It felt sturdy in the middle but not so much on each side. It somehow (my cat??) got a few tiny punctures and it was over for that mattress sadly.

5Expert Score
Just what we needed

I have two nieces and nephews that sleep over. Two sleep on the pull out couch and the other two would sleep in my room. They’re getting too big for that so i needed a place for them to sleep when they visited. Our floor space would not allow for a queen size for them to share but fit these two twin sized air matresses perfectly without having to rearrange the room. Easy to inflate, easy to deflate! Comes with a storage bag as well.

5Expert Score
Easy to inflate and good option for extra bed

Purchased when we had company staying and needed an extra bed for a week. It was easy to inflate and stayed inflated the entire week without needing any additional air, and our guest said it was comfortable to sleep on even for a full week. The only downside i could come up with is that we can’t fit it back into the bag / box after taking it down so it’s in a shopping bag now.

5Expert Score
Game-changer for travel

I bought this because i am on the road a lot visiting my boyfriend and needed something decent to sleep on when i stay at my friend’s, and man is this a game-changer. I swear i sleep better on this than i do on my actual mattress. It inflates so quickly and easily, actually stays completely inflated for days, and is easy to transport. Thick material, too. Would highly recommend, especially for the price!

5Expert Score
Great value!

Bought in for our daughters sleepover. It was easy to inflate and stayed inflated all night. The girls fought over sleeping on it, it stayed inflated in spite of them flopping and bouncing on it. According to the girls it was comfy too

5Expert Score
One of the best beds i’ve bought

I always have family and friends over so i decided to get an extra air bed for those times. I already had and intex dura beam bed in king so i decided to stick with this brand.. And it never disappoints . Sleep quality is superb , it has a built in pump and it’s nice and firm. The material of the bed is also super nice. I would definitely buy another!!

4Expert Score
Way to short

I would love to give this 5 stars. It is almost everything you could want. It inflates/deflates in no time at all. It is firm (more than the deluxe). It has an independent on off switch that i prefer. The deluxe does not. It is the only air mattress that i have been able to put away in the included bag, in less than a minute. You gotta love that! Now for the bad news…. If you are over 5’6 then your feet are going to be hanging off the end. The taller you are, the worse it gets. I bought this and the deluxe model. I actually prefer this one. The only downfall for them both is the length. Hope you like the fetal position if you are taller. I have seen others ask the difference between the two. Side by side the deluxe sits higher off the ground. It has more defined curves. It is less firm. The motor comes on as soon as you turn the knob. It has no on/off switch. Clearly a different color.

4Expert Score
Worked very well for a guest bed

I bought this air mattress as an alternative to getting a motel room while visiting my sister, so it was well worth the moderate cost. It inflated in minutes using the built-in (plug in) pump as promised, and was pretty comfortable. At 18′ off the floor, it felt more like a real bed than most air mattersses i’ve used, and folded up into the carrying case that was included to store away when i left. I used it for a week long visit. It may have stretched slightly with this first use, and i did top it off once with a little more air to add firmness. The only complaint i have is that (as many air mattresses do), it can hold cold air, which led to a little discomfort when nighttime temps dipped into the 40’s one night (was probably still in the 50’s in the unheated room). If you are using it in cooler temperatures or are sensitive to the cold, i recommend using a mattress pad for extra insulation. Otherwise i was very pleased, and the cost seemed very reasonable for the quality.

4Expert Score
Loses air

Lost air every night and had to add air each day. If i did not have access to electricity, i would have needed a manual pump to add air or i think i would have been sleeping on the floor after a few nights. It was fairly comfortable for an air mattress and my regular twin sheets fit pretty good with little adjustment needed.

4Expert Score
Ok for toddlers and pre-teens

This bed, when inflated, is too stiff and too high off the floor. It was ok for my 3 year old grandson, but would never be suitable for anyone over 12. Plus, it slid along the floor so needs to be used under a rug so it doesn’t slide

4Expert Score
Slowly deflates

Pretty decent mattress. I got it on sale. I’d be upset if i paid full price. It does slowly leak air so you wake up to a soft mattress. I will very rarely use it so it’s not a giant deal for me. But it is a design flaw that’s for sure

4Expert Score
Slept great on this bed..

I have to admit i had to return the first one because it wouldn’t hold the air all night, i think it was escaping through the pump some how. But my return was fast and easy and i love the second one just as well as the first. So easy to inflate, literally any one could do it. It’s very comfortable, i bought the twin size to save space and it sleeps an average size adult just fine. Although, if i was much taller than my 5’3′ hight my feet would hang off. Very comfortable, reminds me of a water bed.

4Expert Score
Convenient and easy.

I have purchased several of these twins and a couple of queens. I find that the high mattresses are more like a traditional bed. They do deflate some throughout the night and over time will deflate significantly to be unusefull if you use them a lot. They are comfortable and easy to set up. They fold up nicely in the carry bag to pack away. I definitely recommend these beds for company, grandkids, and travel.

4Expert Score

Although it does support 600 pounds. When you sleep 2 larger individuals. It does leak air. We are both around 200. And it seemed to dip slightly in the center.

Over all really good and we adjusted to not sleeping in the center. Which seemed to work out. So over all good.

4Expert Score
Good quality but smaller than a regular twin mattress

Easy to inflate, good quality. But the built in pillow is uncomfortable, and the mattress is smaller than a regular twin mattress. The height is good, easy to lay on it but makes it a little unstable.

4Expert Score
I liked

I liked the mattress it was easy to inflate and deflate very comfortable

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