iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones

Buy iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone: The easy one touch 5 dash and windshield mount is the next generation top car mount in the u.s. Featuring the patented easy one touch mechanism, you can lock and release smartphones quickly with a one handed motion. Recognized for superior quality and sleek design, the new easy one touch 5 series features a new finish that complements modern automotive interiors.

What are iottie easy one touch 5 dashboard & windshield universal car mount phone holder desk stand for -iphone features?

  • Easy one touch mechanism: press the locking side arms with a quick one-handed motion, and place your phone against the trigger button. The mount’s arms will close automatically, holding your device securely while you drive. Mount or remove your phone in seconds with the patented easy one touch mechanism.
  • Wide compatibility: new larger easy one touch button, with a universal cradle that fits smartphones and cases of any size.
  • Magnetic cord organizer: keep charging cables neatly organized with the magnetic tab located near the bottom foot
  • Telescopic arm: the improved telescopic arm now extends from 5 inches to 8 inches (as opposed to the easy one touch 4 which only extended to 6.5inch) and pivots 260 degrees. This enables a myriad of customized viewing angles while you’re on the road.
  • Adjustable bottom foot: you can easily and securely adjust the bottom foot by squeezing the spring button.
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Iottie easy one touch 5 dashboard & windshield universal car mount phone holder desk stand for -iphone details:

Product dimensions

6.5 x 4.2 x 4 inches

Item weight

7.2 ounces

Item model number

One touch 5

Special features

Easy one touch mechanism, rotatable, adjustable, universal phone control

Other display features




Included components

Car mount



Country of origin

Korea, republic of

Product guides and documents

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones AMAZON

Buy iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does anyone even bother to read the previous questions before adding another one that has been asked 6 times already?

Danin is correct regarding all of the fake/boughtandpaidfor reviews. If you spend a lot of time reading reviews, which i do, there are tells. One of those is a review(s) that sounds like it was written by a marketing firm x a hundred. When there are more 1 star reviews than there are 2 and 3 star reviews is generally a dead giveaway. I basically don’t trust 5 star reviews anymore, which is sad, but i can’t afford to waste money

Is this worth the full $25? Does the sticky stuff hold well for a heavy iphone x?

Bought this for my daughter january 2017. (wisconsin). She loves it. However it broke after 18 months. She wants another and i’ll be ordering the newest version for her. She uses it with an iphone 8 plus with a case that holds 4-5 credit card-type cards. So it’s bulky, yet i t held the phone securely. So i think it is worth $25. I’m hoping that whatever broke has been improved. But even if it didn’t, if it lasts another 18 months she’ll be happy. She has a 2016 crv and she placed the pad on the flat surface in front of the secondary screen.

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Will it work with a thick phone case?

I have an otter case and a pop socket and it’s too thick for it to stay on. Had to return. Without the pop socket it’d be a fantastic product that’d hold my phone.

How wide is the cradle? (how wide can a phone be before it won’t fit?)

I used this for my iphone 8 plus with an otterbox defender on it (not a slim combo) and it was plenty wide enough.

Will this cradle hold iphone 11 pro? I have older version for my iphone 6+, it’s still functional & i luv it but my 11 pro does not fit it.

It fits my iphone 12 pro max, easily

Will it hold the iphone 5s?

Yes it should. The iphone 5 is listed at 2.31 inches wide and this mount is listed as supporting phones from 2.3 inches wide so it should fit fine. There are two small feet at the bottom of the mount to keep your phone from sliding through as well.

It is a very nice phone mount, one of the best i’ve ever used in a decade.

The suction pad holds extremely well and fastens to the front plate of a pro-clip nicely for a great pro installation.

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Is it applicable for windshield as well?

Yeap! I’ve had mine on my windshield since the day i got it and no issues at all. It’s very sturdy and hardly moves even on bumpy terrain. Hope this helps!

Will this car mount holder work with a popsocket in place on your phone case?

I have a finger ring holder on my phone and it is flatter than an ‘unpopped’ popsocket. My phone and finger holder fit in the phone but when placing my phone in the holder the arms close prematurely so i have to use both hands to readjust my phone in the holder.

Can it fit an iphone 7s with a mophie charger case?

No. Apple has never released an iphone 7s. But according to the product description, it should fit iphones 6, 6s, 7, 8, x and the plus models just fine.

Will the adhesive cup hold when the outside temperature is 110 degrees and the dash temperature probably 120+ degrees?

I had mine for about 5 months and it’s the best suction cup phone holder i’ve ever had, out of maybe 6 or 7. It has held firmly on a slightly curved, slightly textured surface (honda ridgeline) in temperatures as high as 100 and as low as 30. (i’m using it with just it’s sticky suction cup, not with the supplied adhesive disc.) it is highly adjustable, and does not vibrate or rattle.

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Can you plug in a charger and aux cable on iphones at the same time?

It depends what car you have. I have a 2013 honda accord and just by using the charger i can listen to music with the ipod mode that the car comes with. So i don’t need two cables.

So i am trying to find out the difference between the touch 3 and touch 4. What is the difference?

Aside from sight form factor and more ergonomic knobs. The only major difference is the one inch extension

What is the difference between the one touch 4 and one touch 3 and which is better for iphone 6s plus and iphone x?

The one touch 4 all the way. It’s smoother and just much more improved over the 3. The 3 had spring arms that would snap off rendering the mount useless.

Can’t go wrong with the iottie easy one touch 4

Can i mount new base over old one still stuck to my dash? The mount will no longer stick to the mount.

Should work. I have a previously applied base from a tomtom and stuck the iottie to that.

Does this fit the moto g5 plus without pressing the side power button?

You should be fine. I’ve got the kyocera phone with a huge command button on the side and position where your moto g5 is. No interferences. Very happy with my like a champ.

Does it have a shock absorbing pad like the last model?

I have the provious model, and although the pad is thick, it’s not ‘shock absorbing’, nor is it advertised as such. However, the previous model is very stable and vibration resistant, and this model looks like the same design, but, i haven’t bought it yet.

What is the size of the sticky pad, (across) and will it stick to a windscreen?

The sticky pad is 3 inches in diameter. If you are referring to the the windshield, the pad should stick to it, however, the suction cup built into the unit should be sufficient to hold onto the windshield without the use of the pad. Hope this helps.

Will it hold an iphone 7 plus with a pop socket?

Not very well. You have to put the pop socket directly on the button for it to hold. If you position it well, you’re golden. If you don’t position well, it will slip and fall out.

Does this work for an s9 plus?

Yes it does!!

What is the size of the sticky pad, (across) and will it stick to a windscreen?

The pad is approximately 2 3/4′ in diameter. If by windscreen you mean the windshield then yes it does. These newer silicon gel pads stick so well that you need to make sure you put it on the spot you want the first time because they hold so well that if you want to move it you will need a credit card or something similar and work it off a little at a time. One almost doesn’t need the lever that you switch to cause a suction to form. Between the two i can pretty much assure that it will definitely not fall off.

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iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones AMAZON

Buy iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Long lasting, great product

I have had this mount for two years and moved it to another car and the adhesive is still holding up as if it were new. It also did not damage the car i took it off of, which is amazing. In the extremely hot summer days very few times it has lifted up and i’ve had to restick it but that’s expected since it gets so hot being right under the windshield. Even despite getting unstuck the few days in the summer it still sticks perfectly, it doesn’t lift and has not lost suction power.

I love the ‘pinch and grab’ function, it feels very natural to take your phone off the mount and very easy to put it on as well since you don’t have to adjust anything and it fits any phone.

I also love the arm and the part that holds the phone can be adjusted so it you can move it around to jot block your view while driving. It’s really one if the best car phone mounts i have ever used (i have tried quite a few, including pop socket mounts and vent mounts).

I don’t have a pop socket on my phone so i don’t know how it would work with that but the sides are wide enough that it should still be able to grip your phone if you have something on the back.

A really really great product, very happy with it and recommend it to anyone who needs a car phone mount.

5Expert Score
Stick like a maniac the first time

I will totally recommended. Is so strong when stick that i want to make adjustments and is hard to get it out so make sure you got the right spot. I have and iphone 11 max pro and have a fat case on top of that and is great and perfect for my phone. Be careful when you open the box because is a small magnet that looks like small black sticker that it needs to be attached (is a tape) around to you cord. Is harmless, so relax looks like tape but is a silly magnet to keep the cord near the stand when you are not using the charger . I am sure you figured out. Is great and amazing for me. I will buy more later on.

5Expert Score
This thing really works

I love this product it’s has made driving much easier, especially when i need directions. The best part in my opinion is that it still works with a pop socket attached to your phone case. I’ve had trouble with other mounts i have used in the past when using a pop socket but there is enough clearance for your phone to stay secure even on the roughest of terrain. I loved this mount so much i got one for my mom too she loves it also. 10/10 car mount would recommend to a friend.

5Expert Score
Fantastic phone mount

I have purchased several of these to give away as gifts as well as keep one in both of my vehicles. They work great. I have one mounted in a f-350 that lives on the dash and one is in my mkx and i had to mount that one under my rear view mirror. (not on the windshield. Lincoln has a piece that comes down off of the mirror that is attached to the windshield and that is where i placed this one so it actually hangs down which works perfectly as these are also adjustable. ) i would recommend these to everyone for all types of vehicles.

5Expert Score
A good improvement

Background info:
i bought the easy one touch 4 in the fall of 2018 because of its features and price. I still use the original because it still works and nothing ground-breaking has come out–all it needs to do is hold a phone. The only problem i had with the easy one touch 4 was the adhesive coming off after a few months, but i was able to get a replacement [via rma] in a few days. I’ve bought the easy one touch 4 several more times for family and friends based on the price/performance ratio and the after sale support. I wanted to see if the easy one touch 5 had made any major improvements, so i went ahead and ordered it.

the packaging is roughly the same, although the sizing chart had been removed and the stock image now shows the mount being used in a ‘luxury’ vehicle; this tells me that the company is trying to move upstream [which is fine], but outside of lyft/uber, i don’t think most people would use a phone mount if their car already has
infotainment/gps built in. The packaging does look nicer and the color palette remains the same. The font has also appeared to change, but i doubt anyone cares much about the packaging except for environmentally conscientious individuals. Every component inside receives its own bag–this is likely to prevent dust and/or damage to the adhesive. Aside from fully sealing the outermost box, this is the best option. The manual contains multiple languages and instructs on how to adjust the newest feature; a magnetic charging cable holder; more on this later.

First impressions:
the piano gloss black has been removed in favor of a less fingerprint prone matte black and the ‘push panel’ has been upgraded to a more subdued and trim less soft-touch rubber. The push panel, which is used to automatically retract the arms, no longer bears the brand name, but gains a texture. This design choice is intelligent because
it lowers tooling cost and looks more premium–something the packaging is also trying to convey. All rubber grips have been slightly altered to provide a surface with more grip and depth to help hold a phone securely. I did not have any issues with devices falling out, but it is good to see.

More details:
the suction cup and tab mechanism is largely unchanged and intuitive; no reason to fix what already works. As a side note, the instructions clearly state a ‘curing’ time and temperature to mount the base and arm. If you do not adhere to the instructions, the adhesive will not form a strong bond and may fall off. Additionally, if you have a car where the dashboard is made of rubber or has been recalled for something like uv degradation (google car dashboard melting recalls), you may have an issue with the adhesive regardless–this isn’t to say it won’t work, but if you have a mid-2000s toyota camry and park in the sun, you might find that the suction cup has melted.

The magnetic cord organizer:
inside the box you will see a small black strip of rubber with 2 magnets on opposite ends [similar shape to a breathe right strip]. This is to wrap around your charging cable so it doesn’t fall away between your chair and center console or anywhere else you wouldn’t want it to fall. There is enough clearance for most phones and cases for the cable to rest in a neutral place and everyone i’ve showed it to did not have any issues using it with their phone.

the arm now extends an additional 3 inches (8 total) in case you have a very long dashboard or want your phone to be as close to you as possible. The tension mount on the back of the device is now thicker, stronger, and has better quality threading–it is easier to work with when compared to last year’s model. The feet are still adjustable, but the position of the feet is no longer controlled by a dial; the same piece of plastic used to hold the magnetic cord organizer can now be pushed (gently) towards to user and moved up or down depending on the height of the phone.

there are wireless charging variants of this device, but i feel that the cost increase is not worth it–you still have to touch your phone to mount it, it takes 3-5 seconds to plug in your phone and the cable will already be directly underneath the mount.

Tl;dr its the best car mount available [that i am aware of] in its price bracket.

5Expert Score
Stays on in the heat!

I got this because another one i had kept falling off when i got back in the car after working all day. It was frustrating because of course a car is gonna get hot when you have it in the parking lot at work but anyway –
this one works!! It has the option to mount it to the windshield or the dash and i chose dash so it also comes with a sticky circle that sticks to the dash then the mount sticks to the top of the pad. It fell off the first time but i don’t think i gave it enough time to suction because it’s been on ever since.

Highly recommend!!
It also has lots of options to move it and extend it.

5Expert Score
Sturdy and easy to adjust

This little mountable phone holder for the car is so easy to install and dependable. For the hundreds of times i have put my phone in and taken it out it has never loosened it’s grip on the windshield. It is easy to squeeze the side arms to set the phone then squeeze again to release it. You can easily tilt it up, down, to the right or left to place it so you can see and hear your gps system or speak hands free to be safe (which i find the best uses for this for myself). There are times i forget to take it with me into a store, but that’s because i use it every time i get into the car.

5Expert Score
The best product in market

Before buying this i read lot of reviews about the suction and heat issues. But seriously there is no issues for me.. I even kept it during the peak summer in texas. It works great .no complaints. Very usefull.can be fixed in any type of car. Even suggested few of friends

5Expert Score
Good stuff

I’ve had this for a while now. It holds up really well. I like how well the arm angle locks so i can have it at the angle i want it at. The mounting system has been really sturdy and i have had it for almost a year at this point. I also like that it holds the phone well at different angles. I’ve used my phone as a dash cam a few times, turning it sideways, and it has held it fine every time

5Expert Score
The best phone holder i've ever owned

This little thing is a trooper! I bought this one after my old mount would lose suction and fall off if the weather was too hot or too cold, oftentimes it would fall when i was driving, and that was very dangerous.

The mount by iottie has been stuck to my windshield for 10 months now and stayed on during sub freezing days and days where the temperature reached well over 100!

The spring loaded clamp is so hassle free and holds your device in place, and no need to squeeze the sides because it automatically clamps down on your phone when you push it against the back of the holder!

I work on a construction site where huge bumps and potholes are very frequent and this thing never shakes lose and keeps my phone secured.

I have an iphone 13 pro max and it fits perfectly.

Get rid of those janky holders where you have to contort and bend the support arm just to get it in the right position. Keep it sweet and simple.

One little issue that i wasn’t very bothered by was that the dash mount didn’t work for me. But this is largely because of the way my dashboard is. If you’re looking for this to mount on your dash just make sure your dash is flat enough and not made of a slick material.

Other than that this mount is perfect!

Picture descriptions:
first image is showing where your phone would go on the device.

Second image shows what the device looks like from my eye level and what it looks like while i’m driving. It doesn’t obscure the roadway or block my vision in any way.

Third image is a side profile of the device to show the various adjustment points.

4Expert Score
Great holder but magnetic tab melts a bit

I have bought multiple iottie window mounts over the years, and attach them to the glass. Always pleased with design and function.
There is a feature here that i like involving a small tab that you apply to the end of the charging cable. The idea is that the end of the cable can then stick onto a small magnet on the back of the holder when not in use to keep your cable plug off the floor.
Granted that the windshield can be a hot location in direct sun, but tab itself has a clear vinyl coating which has partly slipped off due to the adhesive becoming soft, exposing a small amount of sticky surface. It still functions as designed. But it makes me wonder about the longevity of that piece.
Still, i would buy the holder again even without that extra feature.

4Expert Score
Cell phone holder for 2004 tundra

I must have bought 4 or 5 different cell phone mounting devices for my 2004 tundra by now. The 1st one i had years ago was great with unbeatable suction for the dashboard just fine, but i accidently broke the suction bar because it was difficult to remember for sure which direction it meant to move; thus, i’ve been on the journey of finding a replacement for many years. I’ve tried a bunch of the ones where supposedly you could attach to the vents…. Well, maybe, but definitely not the 2004 model. The vents are so loose that they couldn’t hold the weight of any cell phones prob not even the samsung mini flip phone. Fast forward to this product, i tried using the suction way on the windshield so i didn’t have to put it on the dashboard… Well, it didn’t last overnight. I was about to return it then i finally tried the sticker suction way on the dashboard. I was trying to avoid this version since it’s more permanent than the windshield, but at least it worked and stayed on without any problems for about a month or so now. That is the reason why i gave 4 i stead of 5 stars due to its weak windshield suction power.

4Expert Score
Great phone holder for shorter trips

I love this phone holder most of the time. My phone feels locked in securely, but it’s still easy to snap it into and out of the holder. The one issue is it keeps the phone near the vents and the windshield, so the phone can overheat on longer trips if the heat is on or it’s hot and sunny.

4Expert Score
Holds up well in california hot weather

The device sticks to my dash well. The side release arms are spring loaded and don’t adjust tighter than that. The side arms load into position as soon as the phone touches the grey part in the back, occasionally before the phone is in position. I don’t like the arm position it has to use. I can’t get my phone low enough due to logistics of the holder. The angle would make the phone screen unviewable. I’m a little used to it, but i plan on replacing with something that will keep my phone in a lower position. I still recommend it for those who like a window mount, or a higher position of the holder.

4Expert Score
Awesome products!!!! Kudos

I thank iottie for speedy delivery and product will be tested tomorrow on my road trip. I will then be able to give a 5 star review depending on stability of cell phone holder. The installation was a breeze and i’m a ladygirl 🙂 kudos!!!

4Expert Score
Flexable mount, a bit bulky

First let’s talk about the adhesive. Been using iottie mounts in the past, and the adhesive is easy to pull out with some concentrated force, but may leave a mark depending on the surface area you apply it to. For windshields it’ll do fine, but for soft dashboards it may leave a permanent mark (especially with a prorogued heat exposure). You can wash it away, but you have to use a tough cleaning supplies, use a good brush, and/or use a lot of force. From the iottie i still own/have around/didn’t give away (iottie easy flex 3) the adhesive seems the same.

-i like how they have a dashboard pad this time around. This is great if you plan to upgrade, or change mounts with circular adhesives without having to remove the mount entirely from the dashboard/whatever surface you put it on. The adhesive on the dashboard pad unlike the mount itself is a one time use according to the manual in the box. Decided where to put carefully before putting pressure on it. I have not tested or plan to remove the dashboard pad (maybe if i decided to buy a new car?), but there’s an option purchase the dashboard mound separately; in case you need an other one, or plan to move the mount around frequently

-customization. The mount has several adjustable settings to get the viewing angle you want:

1. Foot adjust. Angle to the vertical height to get center grip on your phone. If you have a 4 to 5.5 inch phone you should be fine (unless the volume/power button is too low), but for a 6 inch phone you may want to lower it to get a better center point grip.

2. Cradle knob. Change from portrait to landscape mode. When changing to landscape, i’d always turn it counterclockwise (if you live in us, opposite if you live/travel/drive elsewhere) so the feet is facing the passenger side because if you make a sharp turn on a u-exit ramp on the highway, your phone may slip out of the holder. The grip does do a good job, but for phone safety reasons, better safe than sorry.

Seeing that it’s on a ball pivot it’s also able to fine tune the angle you want

3. Telescope knob. 1 inch extension from version 3 i believe. Good if you have short arms or don’t like reaching out the extra inch to get to your phone.

4. Pivot knob. Change virtual position of mount up to 225 degrees. Good if you want to change from a flat surface to a higher one that needs to be angled differently

a lot of ways to customize for best fit. Wish there was a base rotation also, but that may interfere adhesive?? Maybe they’ll implement it in version 5?

-one touch mounting system
just touch-and-go. Provides enough grip to secure your phone/gps without damaging it. I have a pixel 2 and the grip does not interfere with the active edge/squeeze feature.

Releasing requires you to push in release bars on both ends before pulling out your phone or gps device

-size. The mount is a bit bulky and may look a bit out of place if you own a sports car for example. But if you care more for functionality than fashion you’ll be fine

-placement. Best location to put your mount in my opinion is to place it on the windshield left driver seat for quick access while still retaining optimal view when driving (watch out for sharp turns with windows open on landscape mode as mentioned before).

An other car mount alternative, and the mount i use daily is rock car mount adjustable gps bracket air vent phone holder for smartphones – silver

it does have some negatives though like it only can be placed in portrait position, if you have thick case it may be an issue, and it takes up a ventilation (ac/heater space). The alternative fit’s my lifestyle though as it’s not too bulky, i never use landscape mode, there are no extreme temperatures where i live, the left driver side vents* is the perfect position for me to view and do quick button presses when needed**, doesn’t block any viewing angle off the windshield, easy to slide in and out (no need to fiddle with release knob and buttons).

*when using vent mounts make sure there’s option to close vents unless you want extreme cold/hot temperatures to damage the back of your phone
**drive safe. Priority is keeping your eyes on the road!

Overall, love the included dashboard pad as it gives options for future use, mount upgrades/replacements. The mount itself is a bit bulky, but works as intended.

4Expert Score
Hold well even in suboptimal conditions

It gets hot and humid in the summer here but after a month stuck to the windshield, it appears to be as well adhered as when i first put it on. Also, in that windshield-attached position, gravity definitely works against it, with the arm fully extended, and my wife’s very heavy phone on it, but again, other than occasionally needing to slightly tighten a hinge point (no tool required), it has been fine.

4Expert Score
Works well

Fits the larger phones. All sorts of leavers and arms to adjust what you need it too.

4Expert Score
Great suction to the window, poor adhesion to dash.

I didn’t want this hanging from my window so i followed the steps to adhere it to the top of my dash. I cleaned the space and followed all other directions. It fell off the next day. =(

outside of that issue its great. It holds the phone securely and is easy to adjust. Since suctioning it to the window it has not come loose.

4Expert Score
Good phone holder

It’s a good phone holder but the adhesive wears down when it’s very hot in the car but that’s normal. After a good clean, it suctions back on as new

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