iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock, Power by Batteries (not included) or Optional AC Adapter (sold separately), Black / Stainless Steel

iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock, Power by Batteries (not included) or Optional AC Adapter (sold separately), Black / Stainless Steel

Buy iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock, Power by Batteries (not included) or Optional AC Adapter (sold separately), Black / Stainless Steel: Pet Supplies – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are itouchless 13 gallon automatic trash can with odor-absorbing filter and lid lock features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Our promise to you – your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a full-service manufacturer’s warranty and dedicated customer support (see user manual for details)
  • Stop trash odors – 1 natural carbon odor filter is included to absorb and neutralize trash odors, for a fresh and clean smelling home
  • Extra-long battery life – only draws power as needed. 3x battery life of other sensor cans. 4 d size batteries (not included) can last up to 1.5 years
  • 2 power options – powered by batteries (not included), or optional ac adapter (sold separately, see other product variation) for battery-free power
  • Beautiful stainless steel – fingerprint-proof surface is easy to clean. Modern design is perfect for any kitchen or office décor
  • Space and money saver – efficient rectangular shape fits in tight spaces and corners. Fits common 13 gal trash bags, no expensive custom bags required
  • Large capacity – efficient design requires no inner bucket, providing 25 percentage more capacity than similar cans. Extra-wide 12′ lid opening for bulky items
  • Premium features – on/off lid lock; retainer ring prevents bag falling in; air vents create air flow to ease bag removal; non-skid base; manual open/close buttons

iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock, Power by Batteries (not included) or Optional AC Adapter (sold separately), Black / Stainless Steel AMAZON

Buy iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock, Power by Batteries (not included) or Optional AC Adapter (sold separately), Black / Stainless Steel: Pet Supplies – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

I see a lot of the reviews for this trash can are from years ago. Can someone tell how it is holding up? It seems most reviews are from 2006-2007.

I bought this in 2007, and left a review sometime in ’08-’09 about how much i loved this trash can. We are still using the same one and have only had to change the batteries a few times (in 12 years). The only reason i’m buying a new one today is because my kids were messing around the other day and slammed the lid shut, breaking the gear. I just hope my new one can last as long as my first one did (who knows how much longer it could have gone if my kids hadn’t busted it)!

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Can you lock the lid when you leave the house because of a curious dog

I just purchased one and there isn’t a way to “lock” it so your dogs can’t get in it. The only option is to turn off the power switch, but they can still get into it especially if they knock it over- the lid will just come off.

Has any body use the electrical adaptor instead of the batteries?, and how it work out

I bought two of these trash cans in 2020, one of which was with the adapter. They both work great. The adapter just plugs into the can and the other end into an electrical outlet. Love both of them.

Is the lid that opens plastic?

Plastic is not that durable. I had problems where the kid would not close all the way. Someone posted a video of this too. Be careful enclosing it manually if the kid does not close all the way because the plastic tab broke and now the lid does not open. They do not sell replacement parts for the lid only, and you’ll have to buy a whole new unit which is more than half the price of the can itself. Disappointing

Does the bag rip when you take it out because the can is bigger then the opening?

If the bag is full and the trash inside is compact, normal kitchen bags will rip on the way out. This is my one complaint with this unit. I switched to using trash compactor bags with it and have not had any rips since.

Is there a separate plastic can inside the stainless steel can?

No, there is a plastic ring to keep the bag in place.

Can i used this with no batteries? Just want to open and close it by hand. Thanks

No you can’t. Even if you just used the open and close button instead of the motion detector you will still need batteries. The first d batteries i put in are still going strong. If you just want a 13 gallon stainless steel receptacle they are certainly less expensive than this one.

What is the height with the lid open?

About 34 inches tall

Is there a way to keep the lid open so i can dispose of multiple items and not have the lid close down on me?

If i need to dispose of multiple items i open it then turn off the power. Which will cause the item to stay in the open position.

I bought this product in nov 2020, and its been a week that the sensor stopped working, if i manually press open and close buttons it works, warranty?

As i told amazon it seems like the sensor stop working on the trashcan. As i told amazon the only way to operate the trashcan was to push the open button to open the lid and the close button to close the lid. The sensor was not working at all. And that was the second replacement that i had of the touchless 13 gallon trashcan. I would not recommend this item to my friends or anybody. Especially for the price that you’re going to pay for that item you can go out to walmart or someplace local and buy something similar at half the price that was being charged through amazon.

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Has anyone specifically bought this trash can to keep cats who know how to press buttons out?

There’s no button to press! There’s a sensor that is strategically placed up on the lid, that senses your hand or arm specifically in front of it, then the lid raises. Note can be sitting on the lid when it’s ready to go up/rise. I have to say, these garbage cans are fantastic!

Will it use a ac adaptor ?

It is listed as using both battery and ac adaptor, neither included in the order. I used the batteries and love it. I have had it since october, over two and one half months and it is working fine. The description says they will last up to 1 1/2 years. I don’t think i would want adaptor as it would need to be plugged in and i don’t have a convenient wall plug in.

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Is it heavy/sturdy enough that i don’t have to worry about my baby/toddler accidentally pulling it over onto himself?

I guess it depends if it was full or empty. If the toddler tried to pull himself up on it, yes it would go over. I have a 11/2 yr old grand son and the only ‘problem’ i have is he is so fascinated by the auto opening, he picks up everything he can get his hands on to put in the trash.

Lost inside ring that holds trash bag. Does anyone know whee to get parts?

No but lisa be honestlyt you really don’t need the ring. Basically all it does is hold the bag in the can.

Does this require a garbage bag and how do you insert it?

Yes it does but it has a ring under the top to hold bag in place. 13 gallon bag is perfect

Can you plug it in instead of using the battery?

Yes, this product is compatible with the official itouchless ac adapter which can be plugged in at the back of the lid. Please note that the ac adapter is sold separately, in bundle deals or unless otherwise noted.

Can it be opened manually?

It can be but buy the adapter and you don’t have to worry about batteries. I have found that opening it manually will in time break some of the teeth in the cogs and then it will not open automatic. But i must ask why would you want an automatic if you would open it manually. I love mine and i am on my 2nd one.

How tall is it with the lid open?

Hi sigetty’
up to 33′.

What makes this better than the less expensive 30 gallon?

I am sorry we have only 13 gallon cans and can’t make a comparison with the 30 gallon can.

Not working

Contact itouchless customer service. I found them very helpful

iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock, Power by Batteries (not included) or Optional AC Adapter (sold separately), Black / Stainless Steel AMAZON

Buy iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock, Power by Batteries (not included) or Optional AC Adapter (sold separately), Black / Stainless Steel: Pet Supplies – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Stopped working!! Called customer care!

I bought this to use as a diaper bin and it’s been a true blessing. Even with it filled to capacity we only smell the nastiness for the brief moment the lid is open. Otherwise you’d never know the horrors that awaited inside lol! It’s been running strong on the same batteries since i bought it. Bags are easy to replace and the removable bag ring is fantastic. With the top back on the bag is secure and completely concealed. I’m not sure how much the charcoal filter helps, but my main concern was odor when the can is closed, and for that purpose it works perfectly! As an added bonus the unit looks fantastic!

Update: i’ve been using this daily for six months or so and it is a workhorse! Still running on the same batteries i purchased when i received it and blocking diaper odor just as effectively!

Update: so, after working perfectly since last november, a couple weeks ago the lid decided to give up on me suddenly and completely! I figured the batteries had finally died, so i swapped in a fresh set and nothing happened. No light, no movement, nothing at all. I almost decided to just write it off, but figured i might as well try customer care. I sent them an email with a screen shot of my original order and description of the problem. To my pleasant surprise i got an email back within 24 hours with an incident number and instructions to call in for service. I called in thinking they were going to want me to send in the lid, but they surprised me by saying their policy had changed and i just had to pay a $9.95 service/shipping and handling fee and a new lid would be sent out. They didn’t want the old one back at all. Since it would cost more than that to just ship the original lid in to them i had no issue paying the fee. About a week later i received my brand new lid! I really can’take say enough about the quality customer service i received from itouchless. It was all very simple and because of that i’m leaving my review at five stars!

If you found this review to be helpful please indicate so. If there’s something missing, or you’d like additional info, don’t hesitate to ask. I write these in the hope that it will help other buyers make a decision with so many similar products available for purchase.

5Expert Score
Love the touchless design – fabulous customer support

I purchased this about 1.5 years ago so this review is after it’s been well used.

I love the touchless design. Super handy and sanitary! In the end, it’s a garbage can so there’s just so much i can say about that.

In the time i’ve had it, i’ve only had to replace the batteries twice so it does run off of a single battery for a long time. If that doesn’t sound like a long time to any of you, it opens and closes frequently; partly because of where we have it in the kitchen – we walk past it so closely that it opens and closes pretty much every time we have to walk past it – that’s on us and solely because of where it ‘lives’.

We did recently have an issue with the lid not working as it should. The support team was extremely fast in responding and doing everything necessary to help me get things working again. I appreciate service like that and it makes me recommend this even more.

5Expert Score

Well, i’ve only had it for 2 days. But, if it keeps working (and there’s no reason to think it won’t) it will be worth every penny. I love this trash can! It’s solid. It’s beautiful. It’s super easy. It opens with a tiny wave. I chose this one because it was the most narrow, streamlined and contemporary looking. But it would fit in any decor. We had a high-end one (you know the one) that you stepped on to open. This one is a 100x better. I gotta say i never thought that having one that opened for you would make me smile soooo much. Every single time i use it i’m smiling and i’m sorry i didn’t have one years ago. Just buy it.

5Expert Score
Surprisingly great

I was originally looking for a ‘step’ lid 13 gallon trash can made by simple human that was highly rated by the ‘wirecutter’ section of the new york times. But that model was discontinued. And as i recall it was expensive at over $100. I stumbled on this handsome baby while searching amazon for a substitute.

Please note, i was extremely reluctant to purchase a can that depended on battery power to open. But as i read many positive reviews i warmed up to the idea. Then one day i saw that it had been discounted to $58 (amazon made note that there was a newer model.)

i scooped the deal and i couldn’t be happier.

A good trash can does a few things well: it will seal well to contain odors, it will operate easily, and it will not scare your guests when they look at it. This can checks all the boxes.

I was worried that the automatic opening door would be too slow and frustrate me. Not! It’s excellent. And the automatic closing is pretty cool. Fact is, i just love this thing.

I’ve had it about a month and it’s operating flawlessly. It’s well designed, well, built, and good looking.

I could go on, but hell, it’s just a trash can. Highly recommended.

5Expert Score
Wireless opening intermittent.

Several things about this can i have had problems with. The 1st is that wrapping the bag around the bag holding bracket and back into the can (every new bag) is way too complicated and cumbersome. The 2nd is that regularly the lid will not open. The green light indicator comes on but the can lid is stuck underneath a lip preventing it from freely lifting. You then have to lift the lid by hand to free lid at lip. Other than these two issues all else has worked well. Batteries last a long time (slow drain). Size fits well underneath a countertop overhang. I am back online considering an alternative touchless or even to go back to foot lift cans.

5Expert Score
Works great and silent

This is my second itouchless tall kitchen trash can. My last one i had about 20 years and replaced the lid once in that time. They do not make the same lid anymore so i decided to just get a new one.

I really like the design, it’s got a big opening and the sensor works great. It opens and closes more silently than my older one. I’m hoping it lasts as long.

Mine has a lock for pets but i do not feel the need to use that. It just came with it. I think if you have to lock it to keep pets out, you might be better off with a different can.

Very nice looking has a ring on top to tuck the ends of the bag inside the can so it’s not hanging over the edge. I found it easy to manage.

Easy to put the batteries in. I like it better than my old one that was hard to get the battery door to close securely. This one has a basket for a charcoal filter that slides in over the battery door which makes it even more secure. Not sure if this charcoal thing will work. I guess time will tell.

Came with a coupon to get some free bags or an extra charcoal filter so i ordered an extra filter.

Overall very happy with my new trash can.

Thanks for reading my review

5Expert Score
Excellent value!

I purchased two of the 13 gallon trash cans (one for trash, one for recycling) about 3.5 years ago and i have yet to replace the batteries a single time. They fit next to one another well, hold quite a bit, and don’t take up too much space. They have been abused in multiple moves and still work perfectly! 10/10 would repurchase if ever necessary.

5Expert Score
Life changing trash can!!!!!

I never thought i would use the phrase “life changing” over a trash can but here we are. Welcome to middle age. Our elderly dog rosie had the frustrating habit of knocking our trash can over to look for any morsel of food to enjoy and spread across the kitchen. Multiple times per day. We were at the point of not using a kitchen trash can and taking everything outside to the larger can but then i found this trash can here on amazon. Rosie has met her match. She can’t get into this trash can and the top is too heavy for her to knock over. Now to find a new hobby to take the place of mopping my kitchen floors three times a day. My only suggestion for improvement would be latches that attach the lid to the can for those with stronger dogs.

5Expert Score
Great purchase!

I love my trash can! It is by far one of the best purchases i have made. I did get the plug in for it but also left batteries in it in case the power goes out. It holds as much if not more than my plastic one did and keeps the smell in way better! I will update if i have any issues but so far it is great!

5Expert Score
Works great

Works as intended and definetly worth the price. Not sure how well the odor thing works but my kitchen doesn’t stink much. My favorite part is that the bag is easy to put on and remove and stays in place no matter how heavy the trash is.

4Expert Score
Would be perfect if…

This trash bin caught my eye at first due to its size. It was going to work perfectly for my space. That space being an under counter slide out. The auto openning lid was a bonus.

This item arrived quickly and packaged very well. It’s simple to assemble. I am using batteries since i have no available outlet. After installing the batteries, i tested it out and everything functioned fine. Sensor seemed reliable and fairly sensitive from a good distance. This is perfect if using in an open area as suggested by the manufacturer.

However, i am not using it in an open space. So, my first issue with this item is that it doesn’t seem to have a sensor disable feature. Would have been nice to turn off the sensor and just use the open and close buttons. I could turn it off all together and manually open and close which i would have been fine with just to have a bin this size but i was determined to make it less sensitive. The top of the counter when the tray slid in, trigerred the lid to reopen each time.

So, i came up with an idea. I had some vinyl tint around that i use for tinting head and tail lights. I took a small piece, placed over the sensor and tested the sensitivity. It did lessen it. I continued to place another piece over the first one, tested again and so on until i got it where i needed it. 5 pieces was too much, 4 was the sweet spot. I had to wave my hand much closer but the counter no longer triggered the sensor. Problem solved.

Overall, quality seems good. Hopefully functionality will remain solid as well, only time will tell.

4Expert Score
Nice touchless trash can

Nice touchless trash can for use in the kitchen. Standard 13-gal size.
What i like:
it is touchless.
The lid stays open for a little bit to give you time to throw stuff away.
It is easy to set up.
It is easy to change out the trash bags.
What i don’t like so much:
it is a little too sensitive. All i have to do is walk by it and it opens.
It is a little too noisy. I’d prefer something a little quieter.
It does not come in white to match my other items in my kitchen.

4Expert Score
Good basic trashcan and customer service!

I bought this trashcan for my parents a year ago and it has been working great. When the lid stopped working a year into it, i was able to get a replacement lid for just shipping cost ($9) and now its back to new again. For the price, it does what it needs to do. I just hope this new lid doesn’t stop working less than a year in as well.

4Expert Score
Not hound proof

Loved the knob to lock the lid shut. Unfortunately my dog watched us take the trash out and figured out all he had to do was get the lid off completely.. So he did just that. Would be great for a small or medium breed. We ended up returning as we needed something that was a little harder to tip over and didn’t require the lid coming off in order to replace the trash. Super easy to clean though and nice slim size.

4Expert Score
Good enough

Was looking for something that would keep the dogs out of the garbage. This product does a wonderful job of that. The top fits on snug enough to keep it in place in the event of it getting tipped over. And the lid locks closed to keep the animals out. The sensor can be a bit to sensitive making it frustrating to get it to close when in close proximity but it’s not a deal breaker. Wish it was a bit larger, but i knew the dimensions when i ordered it. I would recommend this to a friend.

4Expert Score
Milo and maxx proof!

My cats are barbarians. They have killed two trash cans now-including a plastic one that had a pet lock on it. This trash can has been a tank. I got the version with the cord for a substantial discount (yay for waiting on it for over a week!). It came super quickly and worked straight out of the box. There’s a way to sort of ‘hide’ the trash bag so my jerks don’t just shred the bag to pieces.

I’m about three weeks in and there have been a couple of times where i can’t get the motion sensor to register. I ended up just opening it manually and when i came back again a few minutes later, it was working again. I’ll keep this updated in case it continues to act up. But for now – 4 stars for the ability to keep the trash inside the trash can.

4Expert Score
Lid stopped working!!!

Lid doesn’t lift up anymore even though the light turns on. This product is not durable at all. It’s a gimmick that lasts maybe a year max. A replacement lid costs almost as much as a whole new trash can. Awful purchase. Would not recommend to anyone.

4Expert Score
Works great!

I like having a trash can for the kitchen that is covered. Automatic lid is a plus, it can also be turned off to either keep the lid open or closed. It is sturdy and well made. Accepts a electrical cord but did not come with one. We’ve been using it for about 2 months with batteries and it still works great. The stainless exterior looks nice and is fairly easy to keep clean. As for the odor control, it does a decent job with the odor absorbing packet (that is included) as long as the lid is closed. Would definitely purchase again.

4Expert Score
Modern trash can at a great price

Modern trash can that works exactly as expected . The motion activation is great for messy clean ups, and the appearance adds that little extra to your kitchen. It even comes with a deodorizer to help keep excess smell down. The only flaw i have experienced was when replacing trash cam linings. The plastic piece that goes in first is apparently supposed to go in a certain way otherwise the top gets flimsy. It’s hard to tell , but otherwise a flawless product.

4Expert Score
Problems out the gate…ended well

First off let me say that compared to other similar trash cans, this one has a nice price. I received the can but unfortunately the lid it came with was defective and would not work. This is the only reason i only gave four stars. I called the number inside the can and explained what was wrong. Customer service asked a few simple questions, then informed me they would send a new lid the next day. They did not want me to send the other lid back.

While i was disappointed that my first shipment was defective, i was extremely happy with their customer service. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. I know they will stand behind thier products.

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