JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple

JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple

Yakibest.com: JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple
JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple: Great sound, no-frills and no-wires? Simple: jbl vibe 100tws. Powered by jbl deep bass sound, these true wireless headphones color your day with up to 20 hours of playback. Total freedom from wires means hands-free calls and full comfort. Immediately paired and independent thanks to dual connect, music, calls and voice assistant can be controlled from the earbud, so you can keep the flow going. Enjoy daily!

What are jbl vibe 100 tws – true wireless in-ear headphones – purple features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Jbl deep base sound: the sound of your last concert, for your ears only. Enjoy deep bass powered by the 8mm drivers.
  • Either ear or both: left ear, right ear, both ears? The power of dual connect gives you the choice to seamlessly enjoy music or make calls with either one or bothbuds. And the battery life keeps up with you, as you can keep one earbud charging, while using the other one.
  • Hands free calls: calls and sound are easily managed from the earbuds, as is the access to your device’s voice assistant.
  • Comfort fit: ergonomically shaped, the jbl vibe 100tws fit gently in your ears even after hours of listening pleasure. The ear tips in 3 sizes ensure a perfect seal for extra comfort and sound clarity.
  • Pocket friendly: they go where you go. Small and lightweight in and out of the case, the jbl vibe 100tws easily fit in your pocket.
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Jbl vibe 100 tws – true wireless in-ear headphones – purple details:

Product dimensions

3.35 x 1.18 x 4.72 inches

Item weight

1.62 ounces

Item model number

Vibe 100 tws purple


1 lithium polymer batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer




Country of origin


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JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple AMAZON

Yakibest.com: JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple

Looking for specific info?

Can you wear these in the shower?

I do not recall anywhere that it states they are water proof. I wood not recommend using them in the shower.

I wear behind the ear hearing aids, are these loud enough for me to hear ?

I would say yes but there not way over the top loud

Hi, is the weight ok? 1.62 ounces seems too heavy for earpods

The weight of our jbl vibe 100 tws earpiece is 0.4 oz (oz). We’re always looking for ways to improve. We’ll make sure to submit your feedback to the appropriate department.

Is alexa available with these earbuds?

Our jbl vibe 100tws doesn’t have a voice assistant feature. You might want to check out our jbl vibe 200tws, which has this feature.

Is this work with google pixel 6?

Our jbl vibe 100tws will work with a google pixel 6 or any bluetooth-capable device.

Como conectar a la computadora

Por bt

Alguien me puede indicar como hago para que porfavor se conecte a mi cell. No logro parearlos y escuchar. Gracias

Thanks for reaching out. The jbl vibe 100tws left and right earbuds turn on and go on pairing mode once you’ve removed them from the charging case. Go into bt settings on your phone. Search or scan for available devices. A list of available or discoverable devices will appear on your phone. Choose ‘jbl vibe100tws’ to connect. Your phone and headphones are now connected so that you can listen to music. If you need further assistance, please reach out to jbl customer service for technical support and assistance. Https://support.jbl.com/us/en/#contact

I am deaf in right ear. Photos of buds look symetrical. Can right ear bud be used in left ear?

Our jbl vibe 100tws earbuds are meant to be worn in both the left and right ear. When wearing the left bud in your right ear, you may experience a loose fit.

Does this jbl have a specific app where i could change equalizer settings?

You may download any 3rd party app that has an equalizer setting to adjust the sound output of the earbuds as the jbl vibe 100 tws is not included in the list of devices compatible with the jbl headphones app.

I received the box but it was open and there was no product in it. I requested a refund but have not been notified of the status. Could you update me?

I never even received mine. Supposedly “the item was lost” i was able to process an error through the amazon app and got my refund the next day.

Can you connect these earbuds to more than one device at the same time?

Our jbl vibe 100 tws does not have a multi-point connection feature.

Can you use the right and left ear bud independently for calls? And how this the call quality for both you and the person you are talking with?

Our jbl vibe 100tws headphones with its dual connect feature gives you the choice to seamlessly enjoy music or make calls with either one or both buds. The headphone is powered by 8mm drivers giving you superb audio quality.

Buenas, el peso es correcto ? Dice 1,62 onzas pero me parece mucho.

El peso dice 1,62 onzas
pero es más portable y ligero
de lo que se ve
además tiene buen sonido y graves estupendo s para música
y si lo quieres para hablar
es el ideal
ya que no se sienten cuando
los tienes puestos
yo les doy
un 9 de 10

Can these pair with apple watch?

Thanks for reaching out. Our jbl vibe 100 tws is designed for smartphones and tablets. We can’t guarantee that it will work with an apple watch. We suggest contacting apple to get more information on the product.

Can you purchase just the charging case

For pricing and availability of the charging case, please reach out to our jbl customer support.

Can you pair this device to 2 different devices at the same time? Like to iphone and mac?

Our jbl vibe 100 tws true wireless in-ear headphones can only pair and to one device at a time.

How do they stay in the case?

Our jbl vibe 100 tws has magnetized earbuds that keeps the buds from falling from the case.

Are these compatible with apple iphones live listen feature ?

Our jbl vibe 100 tws doesn’t work with the live listen feature for iphones.

Are these compatible with iphone 13?

Our jbl vibe 100tws is compatible with both ios and android devices.

Se conecta con dispositivos ios ??

Cualquiera ios o android

JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple AMAZON

Yakibest.com: JBL VIBE 100 TWS – True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Purple

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Precio calidad, lo mejor que he probado

Tenía los airport primera generación, pero ya las baterías no daban para más, y quería comprar algo no tan caro, en la búsqueda por amazon me aparecieron estos jbl, buenos comentarios y a un precio más que baratos… Pues me atreví a probarlos. Señores… Los bajos son increíbles, el sonido uuufff… Los uso con applemusic, no sé si eso influye, pero aún le estoy buscando la forma más cómoda para ponérmelos porque los uso más para correr y siento que después de los 6 kilómetro molestan un poco, pero por el precio que pague jajjajaja creo que no pueden estar menos

5Expert Score
Simple effective for price

If you’re on a budget they are a great deal and perform very well. I rarely lose things but bluetooth headphones seem to get lost in my house and this is my third pair so i don’t like to spend very much when i replace them and they sound just as good as the ones that are 100 bucks. Bad news is my dog chewed them up and now i’m going to order another pair.

5Expert Score
Better than expected

Never had bluetooth ear buds, wasnt sure what to expect. But there are really nice! Definitely better than dealing with wires. Easy to pause and switch sounds. With it had volume buttons(unless i just don’t know about it yet). I’ve had them for about 10 minutes and i haven’t taken em out since, no complaints. Noise canceling is as expected for earbuds. Still no complaints

5Expert Score
Saves you about $100

I was very pleasantly surprised. First of all j wanted to replace my xiaomi airdots which i got for around $100 and they were pretty solid in terms of sound quality, very good bass so i was thinking i had to find something in the same price range… When i came across these for $30 i was shocked especially that they carried the name jbl. Ordered them and now i tested them out i’ll give them a solid 9.5/10, bass is very solid, sound not grainy at all… Maybe just at max volume it gets a little distorted but i never use these at max volume anyways. I can compare them easily to earbuds worth $150 or even $200. 100% would recommend. Only thing i wasn’t big on is the open top design. I gave it a hard shake and one of them dropped out which was not ideal.

Tl;dr: these are a much bigger bang for your buck than anything else on the market, if you told me they cost $150 i wouldn’t be surprised. Buy it!!

5Expert Score
Nice for the money

Stays in ear, unlike apple pods. Good sound and base. I replaced them for toso’s that i had previously purchased on 2 separate occasions. The toso’s stop working after 3-4 months. They couldn’t handle the sweat/water and the case wouldn’t charge. The jbls have an open case design which allows air to circulate so they can dry.

5Expert Score
Great bang for your buck

I actually really like these. The sound with these are crisp and clear. The buds fit nicely and don’t hurt after long use. Noise cancel is okay, but overall great headphones for a good price.

5Expert Score
Great sound, sleek look

I use my wireless ear buds while i’m at work. I do aircraft and it can get pretty loud. The noise cancelation is the best part. I can’t hear anything but my music!

5Expert Score
Overall quality

I really like these headphones. They work much better than my previous set by jbl. The case is great too. I was worried about it not having a top but it a been fine. My fat fingers sometimes struggle get the first headphone out but it’s not a big deal.

5Expert Score
Great for the money

I really liked these. The sound quality is great. The only complaint is the battery. I use them at work and if i use one at a time and switch out half way through my shift they last. But if i use both then they are dead before i am finished with my shift. Not a big deal as i only use one anyway so if someone says something i hear them but still. Still great for the cost.

5Expert Score
Incredibly sustainable

I dead ass left them in one of my pockets for my shorts, and put them in the wash by accident, didn’t know that they were there till it went through both the washer and dryer. They still work. Absolutely amazing. 11/10. Regardless. They are really good for the price.

4Expert Score
Come here for the value $- compared with bose nc 700 and apple airpods

This is a great product let me start my saying that. To provide a context i use bose nc 700 for my work, leisure listening and also apple airpods at gym. This product stands out for below reasons
1. Its value for money and not expensive
2. Work with no issues with android as well as apple
3. Battery life is good
4. Sound quality is bang on the buck
final verdict -i would only take a star back because of noise cancelling. But, again its still a overall great deal to own this jbl headphones at this price point!!
Hope this is helpful !

4Expert Score
Great sound quality

The sound quality is what i expected from jbl, however, it would be great if they installed a cover for the case to prevent anything from getting into the earbuds while they are charging. A cover would be great protection for them.

4Expert Score
They are okay

Buy them on sale and they are probably a top witless earbud option work well for running but have slight issues with my garmin watch. Overall much better than a 20$ set from walmart.

4Expert Score
You get what you pay for

They aren’t as loud as i’d like but siri still says i have to turn my music down. Bummer. But they work well. They’re clear. So it’s a good buy for the price.

4Expert Score
Great sound for a reasonable cost

I was very happy with the sound quality of these ear buds. I have bose bluetooth noise cancelling headphones and they are phenomenal. I wanted ear buds for working out and yard work. I had a pair of samsung galaxy ear buds that came with my phone. They were fantastic, but my son absconded with them and he really likes them. I wanted a bargain pair of replacements and had tried 2 other bluetooth ear buds from amazon. They were crap – no bass, no battery life, hard to pair. The jbl were the last ones i was going to try prior to just buying the samsung galaxy buds. I am immensely pleased with the jbl so far.

The only negative is the charging case. It is difficult to get the buds out of the case, the high sides makes removing them a challenge. It is also larger than any of the others i have tried.

4Expert Score
It’s perfect! But it has a flaw…

You’re going to get a good quality product for its price. The color is good. The materials are good, and the sound quality and noise isolation are excellent. Its only downside is its microphone. These earbuds are a very bad choice for voice calls. It’ll be like torture to your callers…

4Expert Score
Good price for decent quality

Fairly cheap, and surprisingly good quality for what i paid. They are no airpods. But job always lives up to its true wireless bluetooth headphones name.

4Expert Score
No noise canceling

No noise canceling, good battery and sound. Fits my ear nicely.

4Expert Score
Un poco grande para mi gusto

Sólo no me gusta lo grande que es, en lo demás me encanta.

4Expert Score
Prefer this to airpods

These stay in my ears just fine, even while running. Unlike the airpods which i would accidentally pause or hang up when ever i adjust them, these have a clear button click. Sound seems fine- i’m not particularly paying attention to hifi sound, just appreciate clear audio and mic

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