Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs

Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs : Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs (Pink, S) : Pet Supplies

What are jecikelon pet dog clothes dog sweater soft thickening warm pup dogs shirt winter puppy sweater for dogs features?

  • Material: woolen
  • Keeps your pet dog warmer and more cute
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • The sweaters are small in size and are not suitable for large dogs
  • Please refer to size chart in product description as below
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Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs AMAZON : Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs (Pink, S) : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

My dog is 13.80 lbs what size do i need

My dogs are cockapoos and currently wearing it at 12lbs. They have a large. It fits them comfortable, not snug and not loose. I would say large.

What size for a 17 pound jack russell

I bought a small for my 9 pound baby, it is just perfect. He loves it, and it’s the first article of clothing and he’s 11.

11.5 pd cat what size would she wear?

6-8 pound xxl, try 3x

I have a small poodle who weighs 8lbs and from neck to base of tail is 12 inches long….looks like a med which sounds odd for a toy poodle

I also have a small poodle that weighs 8lbs and got a size large for him. It fits perfect! I was so close to getting him size small but saw reviews that kept saying it runs small and it’s true it does run very small. Definitely get size large for a small 8lbs poodle.

Hudson weighs in at 10 lbs, he looks just like the dog pictured…he is 3 yr old yorkipoo, a size medium or or large?

Based on how the medium fit my 20lb dog, would go with medium – it was small but likely perfect for your 10 pounder

I have a 6 month old “ jorkie” ( yorkie jack russell mix) she measures 9.5” neck 15” chest 13” back i’m not sure what size to get her

My small ausseydoodle is a little bigger than you pup, but was about her size at 6 months. I bought a size large when my dog was about 6 months so she would have some room to grow. The sweater fit her perfectly then, is a bit tight on her now but it stretches some and she still likes it. When she sees it she wants me to put it on her. If you expect your yorkie to grow to jack russell size, or close to it, i wouldn’t get anything smaller than the large. My dog’s father was a toy puddle, her mom was a miniture austrailan shepherd, and my dog is now 15 pounds.

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Does anyone know what size to get for a shih tzu?

Depends on the size of the shih tzu. I have one 6 lb and on 15 lbs. They wear different sizes.

I have a 7lb chihuahua and dachshund mix, what size should i abut?

My sister has a 9 pound chihuahua and the medium fits perfect, but if you’re unsure about size and are able too, i’d recommend buying a medium and small, and returning whichever doesn’t fit .

I have pekingese poodle peekpoo what size should i get her she

Depends on her weight. If she is between 9-12 pounds, i’d get a large. If she’s between 6-8 pounds i’d get a medium.

What size for a 10-12 lb chiweenie?

Dear friend, size large will be suitable for your pet.

My dog has a 17-in girth and 12-in length along the back. Med may be too small. Would a large be too loose?

No i think you should go large

Can’t understand the sizing, can anyone help

What size sweater for an 18 lb. Cavalier king charles spaniel

I have two dogs one is scooby and 16.5 x 12 length 8” neck and wally in 12 length x 17 chest and 10” neck . What sizes do we need please help

I’m not sure if the names of your dogs matter in this question (lol), but just so you know, i’ve bought two of these and they do shrink a bit after washing in warm and drying them. Which should be ok, since the material is supple after wash. These have stretch too, but they’re short — doesn’t cover the tummy area. The length of the dogs doesn’t play into the measurement. I had to sew mine in the chest area to fit my dog. The sleeves are too far apart for my dog, and in my opinion, most dogs. If you can sew, you can buy the medium size and fit it into your dogs.

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Have a 21 pound lhasa apso and a 14 pound shih tsu what sizes would i need. Thank you

Dear friend, the size x-large will be suitable for the 14 pound, and not small for the 21 pound . Thanks

What size for a 5 pound mini dachshund puppy?

I would get the small if he or she is only 5 lbs

I have a 15 lb “deer” chihuahua, what size? Xl or xxl?

That’s what my boy is and about the same weight. I just received the xl i bought but it was a little too big for him so i just ordered another in l which should be perfect.

Can you remove the big brown tag on the outside of the sweater?

Yes i think you would be able to. It’s just sewn on like a back pocket label on a pair of jeans. I don’t really care for the patch either but i haven’t tried to remove it.

My doxie is 16lbs, what size would you recommend? Many thanks.

I would probably go with large. My two bishops are 10 and 11 lbs and they wear medium.

I have 3lb yorkie what size do i need

I have a 5lb yorkie and i got him a small in a shirt but i would get a xs for 3lb the sweater i got was for a 7-8lb poodle and i don’t like them to fit tight i like them a little loose.

How do you find out your dogs size?

If you scroll down on the product site, you’ll see their size chart.

Size table
size ——– chest — length — recommend weight
xx-small — 9.78′ — 5.91′ —- 1.3-2.4 lb / 0.6-1.1kg
x-small —- 11.32′ — 7.09′ —- 2.4-4.0 lb / 1.1-1.8kg
small —— 13.01′ — 9.01′ —- 4.0-6.1 lb / 1.8-2.8kg
medium — 15.36′ — 11.02′ — 6.1-8.8 lb / 2.8-4.0kg
large —– 17.73′ —- 12.99′ — 8.8-12.6lb / 4.0-5.75kg
x-large — 19.70′ — 14.96′ — 12.6-16.3lb / 5.75-7.45kg

chest: measure your dog’s circumference around the body from the top and around just behind the front legs
length: measure from the base of the neck on the back (where the collar sits) to the base of the tail and subtract 2 inches.

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Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs AMAZON : Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs (Pink, S) : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fits and warm

Cute little sweat shirt to keep this tropical pup warm in cooler weather while on vacation. She is a chihuahua daschund mix. Weighs 9 lbs with chest 13.5 inches and neck 9 inches. Got the medium and a fits perfect. A little room to grow and not too loose.

5Expert Score
Super comfy and cute

I bought a med for both my 6 month old mini pincher and my 12lbs chihuahua. The pinchers fit perfect the other one was a little big but i know the size down would have been to snug

5Expert Score
Great buy!

My frenchie is 28.2 pounds. He would normally be a m/l i ordered him the xl & it fits him pretty well. My maltipoo is usually a xs/s & i ordered her a medium. They are a nice fabric & soft on the inside. We’ve only had them about 20 minutes so i’m hoping these hold up through the winter.

5Expert Score

The sweater is great and fits! But the wine red is pink. It’s still pretty and functional. And it’s a ok for boys to wear pink 🙂

5Expert Score

This is just perfect for my bella! These do run small as i had to get a medium. Look/read the measurement picture and you should have no problems with size. Very soft inside!

5Expert Score
Great product for the price

Fits just right on our little girl. I got a medium, didn’t realize she’s a little thicker around the middle, but the length is perfect, a large would have fit but been to long.

5Expert Score
Very cute

It is very cute! It does stretch but not a whole, whole lot. I love the colors, it goes great with my puppy! And it looks comfy!

5Expert Score
Nice quality. Read the reviews.

Glad i read the reviews and sized up. My pup is 12.5lbs and i ordered him a large that fit perfectly. He’s loving it!

5Expert Score
Exactly what i needed

We just adopted an 8 lb chug recently and purchased the medium and it fit her perfectly! Warm enough to be comfortable out going potty outside but light weight enough that she won’t get too hot. The hem is the perfect length so that it doesn’t get in the way of her going potty. I will be buying more colors!

5Expert Score
Good quality

My dog has not worn a sweater in the winter and decided it’s time. It fits her good i like the stretch and softness of the sweater. I’m sure we will get good use out of it. She looks cute in it too.

4Expert Score
Bought puppy xs & s

Bought the xs for my 8wk old dachshund puppy as the fall weather hit. It fits pretty well! Like any pup she isn’t thrilled to wear clothing. I also bought size s so she’ll have a warm sweater until she grows into her coat.

4Expert Score
Nice fit

Fabric is a bit thin for a sweater, but it works. The sleeves are a nice touch for warmth. Neck also isn’t so stretchy that a cat can wiggle out.

4Expert Score
Cute little sweater, but sizing?

My bay girl chihuahua is 2.1 lbs so i ordered the 2-4 pound size. I figured she could wear it for a few months. Clearly it’s a little big for a 2 pound puppy! I will keep it since she will eventually grow into it. I am going to order the small one too.

4Expert Score
To small

It’s to small it doesn’t syreatch enough and i can’t exchange i don’t know we’re to send it

4Expert Score
Runs small

Really liked this product but it runs small. Ordered medium for my mini. Poodle. Great quality no doubt but will re- order a size up.

4Expert Score
Loved this

Sizing was on point and so cozy!

4Expert Score
Perfect fit for my tiny dog

He weights about 3 pound so it’s hard to find clothes that fit him but this sweater fits him perfectly.

4Expert Score
Runs short

I have a jack russel terrior and i liked everything except the length is short.

4Expert Score
Soft and cute !

– looks like photo, color and pattern matches
– sizing slightly off, i ordered a m (size up from your pups normal size)
– inside is a nice plush material to keep dog warm, but not ‘thick’, so your dog doesn’t get hot while inside.
– i removed the brown classic label on it, just felt it was unnecessary lol
– came shrink wrapped, not important but i liked it

*see more essentials for you dog! : *

4Expert Score
Cute sweater

Looks great on my new little friend.

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