Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer Kitchen Drawer Tray, Small, Gray

Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer Kitchen Drawer Tray, Small, Gray

Shop Joseph Joseph at the Yakibest Storage & Organization store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are joseph joseph drawerstore compact cutlery organizer kitchen drawer tray features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Unique design creates more space in your drawer
  • Utensil organizer comes with stacked compartments for different silverware
  • Cutlery icons for easy identification. Fits up to 24 pieces of cutlery
  • Suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 3.25 inches. Dimensions: 15.6 x 4.33 x 2.25 inches.
  • Five angled compartments. Wash and dry by hand. Bpa free
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Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer Kitchen Drawer Tray, Small, Gray AMAZON

Shop Joseph Joseph at the Yakibest Storage & Organization store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

How deep does the drawer need to be in order for it to open and close easily?

I have it in a drawer that is 3” with a slightly taller opening (maybe 3.75-4”) and it fits fine. I even have a service of 8 of oneida’s extra heavy duty knives, forks, salad forks, tablespoon and teaspoons. It’s completely full, but what used to take most of the drawer now takes less than half!

How many of each utensil can fit?

I have 12 5-piece place settings and they really don’t fit. I wish i’d paid more attention and seen that the photos show 6 place settings. It only takes about 8 of my hollow handle knives and the others are crammed in so it’s not very useful. I like the looks of it and may buy another and split up into 6 in each, but that kind of defeats the space-saving aspect 😉 and the ‘labels’ are hidden by the utensils, so once you’ve loaded them, you have to remember which slot is which since all you see are handles. Cute idea and i wish it had worked for me.

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Can i fit 12 spoons in one slot?, 12 forks, 12 knives?

I fit 12 little spoons in the top slots, 12 big spoons in the next slot, 12 big forks in the next slot, and 12 little forks in the front slot. I put my table knives in a separate basket.

How long do utensils have to be to work with this – thinking about it for kids forks/spoons/knifes which are shorter than standard?

The smaller version works great for kids utensils!

Is the product safe for health?

Not sure what you’re meaning, but i’m assuming yes. It’s for utensils.

Do you carry dish dryers?


I have very small drawers measuring 17′ deep, 11.5′ wide and clearance of 2.5′ height. Will the small cutlery organizer work?

I would not get it. If you have any cutlery that sticks up it will hang on your drawer top. I experienced that and it really made me mad. I don’t recommend this product. Probably great if you have a deep drawer.

Is this a hard plastic?

Yes, it is a hard, molded plastic.

Will serving pieces fit

I’m not sure. Depends on how settings you have. I have a set with 22 settings and everything but the serving pieces fit. But i have 2 of these in the same drawer and my serving pieces are in the middle. My husband likes think silverware, my mom likes thin

Can this be trimmed so it fits in drawer? I would need to cut the end (different) slots off

The product would not be effective if it was cut shorter. It’s made of a very hard molded plastic.
I would recommend getting a wood organizer if you need to cut one to a specific size.

Would this also work for eye/lip liners and mascara? Or are the openings more flat

Eh, it would work. But you wouldn’t fit a whole lot in there. They are slanted down. But with as thick as mascara and lipsticks are, it would only hold a few.

Can this be cleaned in the top shelf of the dishwasher?

Yes. This is a heavy duty plastic & can be put in the top shelf of a dishwasher

What is the difference between items 85141 and 85119?

The difference is the color.

How tall does my drawer need to be to fit this? It’s 3 1/4 inches tall, but i’m worried that *with the silverware in the holder* it won’t fit?

My drawer is also 3 1/4 in tall. It fits perfect with the silverware in it! There is no problem opening or closing the drawer at all.

Is the small cutlery item suitable for my knives (large and small)? The knife organizer is too wide for drawer i use

There is room in the front for smaller items. The other utensils such as regular knives are easily put in please. I really love this thing.

When you go to select the color, the configuration of the item is larger than the one in the main picture. Which one will be shipped?

I ordered the gray cutlery tray for silverware and st that time there was only one color and other joseph items were not linked together as they are now. When you add it to your cart a picture of the item is shown so that may help insure it’s the correct one.

Bpa free? Why not bamboo. Better

I’m not sure if this is bpa free. However, they make a bamboo one. You can find it on amazon.

Is this product a patent?

No it’s a silverware holder!

Can you put the silverware in handle first so that you can see what is in each slot?

Hello. That would up to your discretion. If your silverware handles would be small enough to fit in first, i don’t see why not.

Why are there only four slots when most cutlery comes with five pieces – knife, fork, salad fork, soup spoon, teaspoon…?

You are right, it would be better with 5 slots.

Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer Kitchen Drawer Tray, Small, Gray AMAZON

Shop Joseph Joseph at the Yakibest Storage & Organization store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great space saver

I used a fine point sharpie to make the little icons more visible, which i think really elevates the usefulness of the whole thing. It takes up less than half the space of my old organizer to hold the same amount of silverware (minus like, 5 spoons i don’t need anyway). Definitely worth it

5Expert Score
So easy, so worth it. Don’t hesitate

File under “why didn’t i think of this”. The price is great and literally takes up 1/3 of the space of the “classic” kind. There’s even little images of what cutlery goes where (as i didn’t want to have to grab them eating part first). Genius. And now i don’t have to get creative with where i store other utensils!

5Expert Score
Great for those with limited drawer space

I like this compact utensil organizer. The only downside is it won’t hold all my silverware. I have 2 sets and i dont believe it was designed for more than 1. It did condense space and give me more room, which was the goal.

5Expert Score
Flatware organizer

These are fantastic for small kitchen drawers. I bought 2 compact size because i have a variety of flatware pieces (regular in addition to salad forks, soup spoons, steak knives, ice tea spoons, etc.) i was able to put 12 of each variety into separate slots. Two of the compact size equal the same size as the large organizer and this worked perfect for my storage. A friend had the large, so glad i saw it at her home. Great purchase.

5Expert Score
Still loving it after 2 years!

I have a ridiculously tiny kitchen with ridiculously tiny drawers. This holds enough for 6 people to eat a full meal, stir their tea, and have a folding spork ready to eat the leftovers. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

5Expert Score
Perfect for small apartments

In my apt. I have small narrow draws and this does the trick. Still enough room to store a box of ziplock bags or long cooking utensils. Cramped for space….this silverware organizer is it!

5Expert Score
Perfect for my small apartment kitchen

This is exactly what i needed to organize the utensil drawer in my small kitchen. It’s just the right size for the amount of flatware i have; might be too small for larger sets.

5Expert Score
Help remove clutter

I bought this to clear a bit the clutter on the drawer as all silverware and cooking tools were sort of mixed up. The tray i had was also very old. This is compact, sturdy and stored all my silverware nicely. Now i can find things easier.

5Expert Score

I had no place for silverware this made it so my silverware could fit the only small drawer i have. Good product

5Expert Score
Perfect for an rv

I put this in my 5th wheel because the drawers were so small and i wanted a full silverware set for 8. This works great. It was a little too long for my drawer, so i cut the front end off to make it fit. It still holds all the silverware.

4Expert Score
Great product

I had this product in my wedding registry so it was something that i was interested in but i had to get it sooner because we moved into an apartment with very little storage. None of the drawers in the kitchen were able to hold a basic utensil tray. They weren’t wide enough. I was a little nervous that the product wouldn’t fit because of how tall it was but it fit just fine in the 3” deep drawers. We have since moved from that apartment and now we have a lot of space for the product.

I really like how compact it is, the only issue i have is the top layer seems to be useless. It’s not long enough for the silver wear to sit upright, but if it did it would be too tall and catch onto the lip inside of the drawer when trying to open it. But the silverware lays flat which makes it difficult to grab the silverware below it. (picture provided) so i just put all the knives with the butter knives and it fits fine. It wouldn’t if i bought a second set of silverware though.

Love this product, it’s really great for anyone who has very little storage space in their kitchens or elsewhere. Or it’s really great for those who love to organize and utilize space.

4Expert Score
Gives you space again.

It gives you space back but the cutlery sticks out enough to get hung up on the inside of the counter. Not a deal breaker but something to consider.

4Expert Score
Fits my tiny drawers

I have only four drawers in the kitchen in my new home and they are very small. They are 9′ wide which did not allow any of my normal organization items to fit. The josephjoseph compact cutlery drawer tray fits and holds a service for 8. I did have to turn the forks and spoons upside down because my drawers also have little depth. My only dislike is that the knives are in the first section, then forks, then spoons. I was surprised because i use spoons and forks much more often than the knives – just seems counter-intuitive to me. All-in-all, i can recommend these drawer trays if you are working with small spaces.

4Expert Score
Just as advertised, but beware: can only sort 4 types of flatware

I waited years to get this for myself and then finally did. It works exactly as advertised but i didn’t notice that it only has 4 compartments, but we have the traditional set-up of 2 sizes of forks + 2 sizes of spoons + knives. So i couldn’t use it and had to return it. It held a *lot* though. I have about 10 of each thing and it was going great until i realized my problem.

4Expert Score
Not quite what i expected

I purchased the drawer store companion to hold my new set of stainless steel silverware. Things fit but there is definitely a limited capacity. I am still glad to have it in my silverware drawer in spite of the limiting factor.

4Expert Score
Good but wouldn't buy it again

This is very narrow and created a lot more storage room in the drawer by it’s design vs a side by side cutlery organizer. The small spoons aren’t covered, just rested in top so every time i pull the drawer out, a few of them fall away from their spot. Overall i’m using it but i wouldn’t recommend this one.

4Expert Score
Really helps organize!

I love how much room it cleared up instantly. Plenty of room for a lot of cutlery.

4Expert Score
It works

Not a huge storage capacity but overall pretty good.

4Expert Score
Very narrow

Doesn’t hold my 4 place setting. Silverware falls out, needs to be longer.good for small places, and not oversized placesettings. Very well-made. Just too small for my needs

4Expert Score

I wanted to love this design since it’s different from standard silverware holders but overall it’s just so tall and you can only put so many pieces of silverware in each cubby slot… It lost its charm.
I had to start flipping my forks face down because they would catch on the top of the drawer when i was pulling it open. Just a lil too tall.

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