Judit Mateu Cochs: The body and happiness

The Armor Liberation Method adopts a mind-body and energetic approach. It is a particular way of approaching our body through movement to achieve greater well-being, gently and deeply, and fully respecting our individuality. The movements are simple and with them, a relaxation of muscular and psychic tensions and an awareness of our entire body is gradually achieved.

Armor is created in our body due to muscle tension and joint stiffness, altering the fluidity of the body’s natural movements and hindering breathing and the circulation of the vital energy and love that inhabits us. They hide in our body to survive, installed as defensive layers that react to external aggression and the different crises or tests that are part of life. They are linked to our deepest personal history and we are often not aware of them. We talked about this topic with Judit Mateu Cochs, Multidisciplinary Therapist and member of the MLC-IT Association.

Does the body feel pain or happiness?

 Our body carries the memory of our life, including intrauterine life, it has memory of all our happy experiences and all our painful experiences, it is like a “black box” where everything has been recorded, what we remember (the conscious) and what we do not remember (the unconscious). The painful moments that we have not been able to process and the emotions experienced in these difficult moments, which we have not been able to look at or express, have been physically retained in it and psychically in our unconscious.

We can turn to our body to recover our personal history and to reconnect with those experiences and emotions that we put aside in the past, that we did not dare to look at, that we repress for some reason, but that as adults we are surely prepared. It’s to look at them, make them aware, feel them, accept them, hold them, live them without judging and release them.

The Armor Liberation Method (MLC©) , works from very simple but at the same time very profound movements, accompanied by a specific type of material that helps to awaken the body so that it can express itself and tell the story it has. pending to tell, which can be manifested through physical pain or emotions that are emerging. It is a psycho-corporeal method developed and created by Marie Lise Labonté based on her personal experience with Thérèse Bertherat’s anti-gymnastics®, Ida Rolf’s Rolfing method, fasciatherapy, as well as her knowledge of Wilhelm Reich’s research on breastplates. , among others.

At what point do we disconnect from our emotions and our body?

In childhood we live all kinds of experiences, some more painful than others. These most painful experiences generate emotional states that we do not know how to manage because we are small; we do not have enough tools to face, often “alone”, these situations. We feel these painful emotions precisely in the body, so the solution to not feel them is to disconnect from it and thus get out of the experience that causes us discomfort. This disconnection solution is the most common because as children we can hardly run away from the experiences that generate discomfort (we are dependent) and we cannot defend ourselves (we are vulnerable).

This disconnection from our emotions is a protection mechanism to avoid suffering, which we learn very early and in a very instinctive way like any mammal. At the time, this disunity of the body as a protection mechanism allowed us to survive and reach adulthood, for which we must honor and thank it. However, what served us in childhood to “survive” prevents us from “living” in a full, healthy and satisfactory way when we are adults.

How does being disconnected from our emotions and our bodies affect us as adults?

As adults we continue to disconnect from our emotions and our body very often, if not permanently. When we have painful experiences, we perpetuate a way of doing things from childhood, we don’t know how to do it any other way and/or we believe that we can’t do it any other way. After working for so many years protecting ourselves from pain, we no longer remember that we can act in another way, so we continue to live behind the “shell” (protection) even in situations where there is no longer danger or pain. Symbolically, “the fable of the chained elephant” tells it very well, that when he grows up he does not escape from the stake to which he is tied, although he could – he is very big and very strong!

So, as adults, it happens to us like the chained elephant, we perpetuate this way of “surviving” when in reality we have enough strength and tools to be able to face these most painful situations in another way, keeping in touch with our emotions and trusting in which our body will be a good place and a safe place where we can hold on.

The Method of Liberation of the Shells (MLC©)facilitates dialogue and listening to the language of the body through simple exercises, which allow us, with the help of conscious breathing, to release these retained emotions and feel that the body is a place where we can also find well-being and we can feel safe, a place where it is not necessary to escape, on the contrary! where we can recover those painful memories lost and forgotten by our mind (but not by our body) to look at them again accompanied by the person who guides the session and ourselves (without running away from the experience) to be able to reprocess and heal them, to rediscover our own balance and life force. In short, to fully inhabit our body and from our body to be able to sustain any vital experience, however difficult it may be.

What are the advantages of not escaping from our body and being able to live in it?

Learning to live inhabiting the body, without running away or disconnecting from it, allows us to be more in touch with ourselves, more attentive to what happens in our body and through our body, we can pay more attention to the emotions that are showing and to the physical tensions that are emerging. If we are more aware of what happens to us and we are closer to our hearts, we will have more possibilities to give ourselves what we need and to treat ourselves with more compassion, with more love.

The Armor Liberation Method (MLC©) allows us to gradually release the protections (“armours”) that we have been building so as not to feel the pain, and also to do so in a very harmonious and ecological way with our body; It is a psycho-corporal work that little by little helps us to go deeper, to meet the heart of our body, our essence. It helps us trust our body and feel safe in it. Being able to rest in our body and discover the beauty of our heart, allows us to live more relaxed, without having to be in a permanent state of alert, and thus be able to spend our time loving ourselves more. @ and love others with more compassion, love, benevolence and gratitude.

How can our body help us to be happier?

If we understand happiness, not as a final goal but as an enjoyment along the way, it will be easier to have moments of happiness if our whole being is inhabiting our body in order to be fully available to live (and not to “survive”) the experience of present moment, whatever it may be, from the most everyday (washing the dishes) to the most spectacular and special.

The Armor Liberation Method (MLC©) allows us, thanks to paying attention to the breath, to live the movements as a permanent meditation, which helps to calm our mind and be more present in each moment. Transferring the work we do in the sessions to everyday life allows us to be more present in our vital experiences, to be more relaxed, to trust our body more and feel that this is a safe place from where we can “live” and be “happier”.

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