Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google Assistant Compatible(KC420WS)

Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google Assistant Compatible(KC420WS)

Yakibest.com: Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google Assistant Compatible(KC420WS) : Everything Else
Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired: Designed and built for your family’s safety and your convenience, the kasa smart outdoor security wi-fi camera with 24/7 recording kc420ws will keep ai-enhanced watch over your outdoors. Featuring ultra-clear 2k hd and 4mp resolution video rest assured that no details of faces or objects will be missed. Even at night, the dual-integrated spotlights and starlight night sensor work together to provide high-resolution and full color night vision so nothing can hide in the dark. Crisp 2-way talk quality is accessible anytime at the push of a button, and you can also trigger the built-in speaker to play a siren to ward off intruders. Using advanced ai algorithms, get notifications that matter with person detection, or create custom activity zones near vulnerable areas like windows to get immediately notified someone is there. Deploy the outdoor security with peace of mind because camera is truly weatherproof with its ip65 rating, protected from harsh rains and particles. Compatible with amazon alexa and google assistant, you can stream using echo show or google chromecast. (2 year warranty).

What are kasa 4mp 2k security camera outdoor wired features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Ip65 & 2k hd: deploy your outdoor security camera with a true to its name weatherproof ip65. Pristine 4mp 2k video will capture every detail of what goes on outside your home, see every object someone is holding, recognize every face that passes by, no important details will be missed.
  • Starlight sensor & night vision: with starlight sensor, images in low-light conditions will still appear crisp and high resolution. Determine if it’s just an animal rustling behind a bush or who that shady figure is across the street. Dual-integrated spotlights for colored night vision, to 98 ft.
  • Detection & notification: receive notifications that matter instantly thanks to the ai-powered algorithms. If there is motion or a person detected in the security camera’s field of view, you’ll but notified as soon as it happens. No more wondering when or if the package was delivered.
  • 2-way audio w/ built in siren with high-quality microphone and speakers, 2-way talk quality is better than ever before. Activate push-to-talk anytime via the kasa app. Additionally, ward off intruders with the built-in siren to protect your home from unwanted visitors.
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Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google Assistant Compatible(KC420WS) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google Assistant Compatible(KC420WS) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

If i have an sd card added and the wi-fi goes out, does it continue recording into the sd card or would it stop working until the wi-fi comes back on?

It should record to the sd card even if the wi-fi is out.

However, be aware, there is no way to download videos from the application unless you pay for service, unless you pull the sd card out and insert it into a computer.
This is the main problem with the camera, the manufacturer is trying to force you into the paid service

Video stored on the cloud won’t play back. Every time i try to view a stored video a message says ‘something went wrong. Wait a moment and try again’?

I battled it out for over a month with kasa support last year over a similar issue. Long story short, the cloud storage is, at least they act like, completely out of their hands. They use amazon for their cloud services. They were unwilling to engage amazon to assist resolve my issue.

That all said… Besides that one major issue, and they almost lost me over it, kasa has been a fantastic brand. Thankfully i have not needed their support more than once or twice. Once they were fantastic. The second time, see above, was the worst customer service i have ever received and i felt like i was being deliberately toyed with. Honestly, had i not already had some many kasa devices, i would have left them.

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Hoe long (in feet) is the power cable and what connecters are being used?

It is a physically connected 10-foot cord with a usb-a connector. A 2-prong u.s.-based power block, like what you would find with a cellular phone is also provided.

I’ll need to use a longer power cord. Will any usb-type a power cord suffice ?

Yes, as long as it utilizes the same connection type.

Can someone tell me how to project this camera onto my 2021 sony smart tv without using screen mirroring (iphone)? I have tried alexa, doesn’t work.

Your tv will need to have alexa integration already (e.g. Fire tv/fire stick), and you will need to integrate your kasa and alexa accounts.

Has anyone tried extending the power wire like rougly 75 feet and seeing if it still works?

I used a 40′ outdoor rated extension cord to run it from the outlet, along a patio fence and up a post that supports my entryway overhang. Secured the end of the extension cord to the top of the post and plugged in the cord/adapter that came with the camera. The way my home is built, one can’t see the extension cord, just the camera and a bit of white wire.

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Do i need to pay additional cloud fee for this camera?

No, the kc420ws is part of our 24/7 line of kasa cameras. The 24/7 cameras feature both local and cloud storage. Cloud storage does have a fee; $3 per month or $30 annually per camera or $10 per month or $100 annually for an account of up to 10 cameras. Local storage uses an micro-sd memory card. The camera supports micro-sd cards up to 256 gb of storage.

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Is the camera durable?

The kc420ws is ip65 weatherproof rated. This means it is dust tight so no ingress of dust can get inside the camera and is protected from water jets from all angles. Because of this you can rest assured that the camera is protected from the elements and is ideal for outdoor use. On top of that the camera also has a 2-year limited manufacture warranty that ensure the product is free from manufacture defects.

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Is this camera capable of zooming in on an object?

Yes it can zoom in real good. It covers my whole front yard and my neighbor’s yards. I’ve got it outside of my garage and you can sit and just watch it for as long as you want to. So if you’re waiting on somebody to arrive you can see when they get there stuff like that it’s pretty cool

Once mounted, can the camera head be manually adjusted or swiveled to adjust sight lines ?

Yes, you can easily losen the “screw” and adjust as desired.

Do you have to add a sd card or can you just use the cloud alone?

I’m not 100% sure, but i would certainly insert an sd card (micro 64g) as well. If your camera loses connection to the cloud, the sd card will keep recording.

Is it possible to disable the integrated spotlights so that they never come on?

Hi mr. Robert, sadly i wouldn’t recommend these cameras at all when it comes to the spotlights i bought two of them and the spotlights did not work in both cameras. Tp-link couldn’t help with the problem either. If they turn on you can’t shut them off either. At the end tp link did not know if it was the hardware or the kasa app firmware but i had to return them both.

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Cuántos grados bajo cero resiste?

• operating temperature: -20 oc-43 oc (-4°f-109°f)
• operating humidity: 10%-95%rh, non-condensing

Can it be plugged in outside? Is the usb connection waterproof?

The usb connection is not water/weatherproof. Please ensure the connection to the power source is protected from the elements.

Time now posting 1 hr behind on recordings. I tried power off, reset time and location, reformatted sd card. Nothing works. Anyone else having this?

I had the problem playing back the video from beginning tp suport had me do all kinds of testing nothing works don’t really on suport if you have problems return it before your 30 days expire. They make you pay shipping for replacement the worst part they want you to ship it to them before they ship you replacement terrible company.
I have arlo for over 5 years with out any issues.

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Se puede usar con targeta sd cualquiera ?

Hi! The micro sd card should be a class 10 card, with a capacity of up to 256 gb maximum.

What is the maximum resolution of 2k 4mp and is it significantly better than 1080p?


How clear is the audio

Hi! The kasa kc420ws is designed with crisp 2-way audio performance, so you can experience clear, 2-way talk without muffled voices or poor audio. Push-to-talk anytime on kasa app.

Does this have 240 volt capability for international use?

It works like an iphone/usb charger. You could use any 5v-1a. Most work on 110 or 220.

Will live stream show in the google home app?

Hi! The live view can be streamed in the kasa app, or via supported integrated streaming interfaces such as fire tv, google chromecast, echo show.

Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google Assistant Compatible(KC420WS) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Kasa 4MP 2K Security Camera Outdoor Wired, IP65, Starlight Sensor & 98 Ft Night Vision, Motion/Person Detection, 2-Way Audio w/Siren, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Alexa &Google Assistant Compatible(KC420WS) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
So far so good and better than my ring cams

After both of my ring outdoor stick up cams failed me, i ditched them and looked elsewhere. Ring really should be functioning better being that it is a high-quality brand-name and i paid a lot of money for them. First of all, it always had trouble connecting to my google wi-fi outside despite being close to it and having a good signal. Secondly, it started not picking up motion. And lastly, my second ring stick up cam lost connection and no matter what i did would not connect back to wi-fi despite having a strong fast signal. I am already using the kasa app, my kasa plugs work seamlessly so i decided to go with the cameras.

First of all, like everybody else said the outdoor camera was very easy to set up, very basic. But as others here have stated, i also cannot get the sd card slot unscrewed even when i tried two different screws that were small enough to fit. I knew i was going to strip the screws so i gave up. Was not a huge deal for me since i planned to purchase their cloud service anyway. I only want the camera to record motion, i do not need 24 hour recording.

The camera now has the option to turn off the spotlight completely in the day/night mode. It’s nice to see customer support listen to customer complaints and take action. The spotlight is great by the way, brightens everything up at night like my porch light is on. This is an option the ring outdoor stickup cam does not have. You can also leave the spotlight on or activate it with motion.

This camera seems to connect better with my google wifi than ring did. Wifi is actually pretty good on it….so far. It picks up motion well even when i left it on a sensitivity level of 6. You can go up to 10. It was picking up too much so i lowered it down to 5. I turned off sound because i didn’t want to pick up on birds and wind. One thing it does do that ring didn’t do is pick up on flying moths. You also have the option of recording motion that lasts .1 seconds to 5 seconds.

It is wired, idk why some people were surprised when it says it right in the description. I was tired of grabbing the ladder to charge the ring batteries so i was looking for a wired camera to try this time anyway. The cord is long enough for my needs. It’s supposed to be 10 feet long.

The camera is also fully rotatable. You can screw in the base and angle the camera to your needs by just loosening the grip, you don’t needs tools to do this, you can do this easily by hand.

Update: july 15, 2022

the camera was sending notifications all night with cars driving by. I set the “activity zone” to exclude the street view and it worked perfectly. Problem solved. Also, this camera records motion a couple seconds beforehand unlike ring which recorded a couple seconds after motion was detected. Also i got rid of the moth problem by turning off the spotlight at night. This camera is fantastic so far! Way more reliable for me than ring.

Update: august 08, 2022

i get frequent “person detected” notifications when there is nobody there and there doesn’t seem to be any movement. Kasa really needs to fix that. Still loving this camera though. Connects great to my google wifi.

5Expert Score
Finally, a security camera that works!

I’ve been using a nest camera for over 10 years in my home. When somebody was at my door at 3am i realized i needed a camera watching the front door. The new nest cameras outdoor have issues with going offline. I even upgraded my internet to blazing speeds and a new wifi mesh full signal to the camera and they still go offline intermittently and it’s not just me. I’ve been on the forums and many others have the same issues. I’ve tried most every other camera out there also. Most only start to record when there is motion and you end up getting a clip of somebody walking away by the time the camera actually turns on. This new kasa camera has a crystal clear picture day and night. What i like about it, is that you can set it to record 24/7 to a huge sd card and view the alerts without a subscription. If you want to download the videos you would need the cloud subscription, but if i really needed to save one, i could just take the card out of the camera. I have it just up high enough where it can’t be reached on my garage and it covers my whole driveway. It’s side by side with the nest outdoor cam that is by the way 4 times more expensive and it’s out performing the nest camera every day. It gives me quicker alerts to motion, better quality video, and it’s much easier to access than having to log into the nest app. The app they use for this kasa camera works well and keeps me up to date about who’s at my front door and it does it immediately. I’ll be buying more at this price and performance for sure.

5Expert Score
Tp-link service matches high product quality

I have been using tp-link devices for a few years now and have found all to be of top quality. This time i am using an outdoor camera and had some questions about how to best implement my application. I contacted the support folks and heard back the next day. Though i couldn’t implement my application as i had envisioned lily explained what i could and couldn’t do plus offered a very satisfactory alternative to achieve my goal. This level of service is outstanding.

5Expert Score
Works well especially at night.

I’m very impressed with this camera. It works well at night and is very reliable.

5Expert Score
Better than blink

We originally had net view, the memory card would never format and we couldn’t see past recordings, then we replaced it with blink outdoor cameras. They worked great with live views and saved videos and the best part about blink was the span in which the lens captured was awesome, more coverage area, however it never recorded anything of significance. I saw bugs and spiders but when someone pulled up it wouldn’t record. Crazy! Plus always having to replace the batteries got to be expensive. Meh.

We purchased 2 of these to replace the blink outdoor cameras and while the coverage area isn’t as good as blink, they record everything, we don’t pay for the cloud we use the 128gb microchip and it works super good. These cameras detect motion, sound and even a person and will distinguish between each one on my notifications, which helps weed out having to search through all the recordings. The best thing about these cameras is that it also continuously records so if you want to see a certain time frame without any notifications you can just scan through the time blocks.

We have also started using these to replace our indoor cameras and they’re amazing too. All in all great cameras, definitely worth the money to us.

5Expert Score
Great outdoor camera-works well with alexa

Camera is very well made. The fit and finish is precise and properly sealed for exterior applications. The night vision in color is superb, especially when the embedded extra bright led lights are turned on.

The adjustment controls are very comprehensive both in terms of image management as well as motion detection and alarm sensitivity. You can activate alarm notifications using both motion and or sound detection. And the motion sensitivity is adjustable.

I installed three cameras under the eaves of our home. I had to run usb extension cords from the adapter to the cameras but that was a small price to pay not to have battery replacement duties on an ongoing basis.

The ability to store videos on an sd card (not included) is a real bonus. This avoids having to subscribe to a ‘pricey’ monthly plan in order to see past events. They do offer a plan if you want to easily download videos of events. However, you can download snapshots of events for free from camera to your phone pix library. A rough edge work around for downloading videos is to record a video during playback using one phone to playback and another phone to record from the screen of phone 1. I have found that for most needs, a picture of an event and a person/vehicle is all i need.

The cameras are white so i decided to paint them a darker color to reduce obviousness. If you do, be sure and properly mask (i used blue painter’s tape) both the front camera glass and the small hole that is used for the microphone on the bottom of the camera.

5Expert Score
Love kasa product

Works great for what i needed to monitor outside. Wish there power cord was a bit longer and maybe a heavier gauge wire. Overall, fairly quick response, great at motion detection and clear images. I’d buy again for the price

5Expert Score
Very good

Love kasa camera, have tried the other products yet, but am heading there, all cameras are excellent

5Expert Score
It's nice

Easy to install and work great plan to buy another one!

5Expert Score
Amazing camera… Of course made by tp-link!!

It is really an amazing camera, easy to instal and set up. The night vision is the greatest thing this camera has. And plus, if you need help with the product you can count on the excellent customer service provided by tp-limk! I got von i. On the phone and he was the best! Thank you von for sharing your knowledge and professional skills with me today!

4Expert Score
Missing a valuable feature.

First, i like and have a lot of tp-link products: their technology is very good to excellent and the products are well made and their tech support it excellent.
This camera will allow you to zoom in and out only in the ‘live’ mode. If you record an event, it will only playback in full screen mode. A deal breaker for me. And yes, i did call tech support to find out zooming in a recorded event cannot be done.

4Expert Score
Easy to setup

Night vision, motion detection, easy-to-setup

just two bad poing
1. Power cable length short
2. Connect type usb a (at least micro usb)

4Expert Score
Great picture quality.

I used to protect myself from people coming to front door unknowingly.

4Expert Score
Great camera at a great price

Picture and detection qualities are good. I’ve been very pleased with the results.

4Expert Score
Can’t beat the price

We bought one of the indoor for a baby cam. Tried the other major brand amazon sells and it was awful so we decided to try this for an outdoor camera. It is slightly laggy. But with an sd card it suits our needs.

4Expert Score
Great image and display

Great quality recorded and live images. Holds about a week of recording on a 32 gb micro card. Could have a better angle or wider angle . App has plenty of options, especially allowing to attach a another kasa product.
I.e. Plug to turn on light when camera see motion.

4Expert Score
Video clips are almost non-existent. Other cameras from kasa are easier to use.

I didn’t realize this doesn’t work unless you put a micro-sd card in it and even then, you cannot easily find a video clip.

4Expert Score
Very good quality

I like that it picks up motion very well. I just wish it came with a longer cord than 10ft. Especially when you cant detach the cord from the camera to add a longer cord.

4Expert Score
Excellent camera, i'm happy.

But the detection of movement and recognition of people is bad, it alerts at all times without having people in front of it. The app does not allow real-time video capture in case you are interested in something in particular. And the app is slow.

4Expert Score
Kasa is wonderful in delivering a clear picture but the ai picking out people is way off

I set an automation through ifttt just to see how many ‘people’ kasa sees at night. This was based off of the notification that it sent me. Three invisible men on average visit my yard lol. Other than that great streaming camera i just wosh the light and the motion tracking could trigger other routines without going through the cloud.

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