Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(EP40)

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(EP40)

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(EP40) – – Yakibest.com
Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug: Extend your smart home to the outdoors with the kasa smart outdoor plug ep40 with landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, or other appliances. Use the sunrise/sunset offsetting to better schedule your connected device. The kasa app contains not only all the feature you expect from tp-link kasa family include smart actions, but also guidance for you through each step of the installation to connect your smart plug with your home wi-fi, alexa or google assistant.

What are kasa outdoor smart plug features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Individual control of 2 in 1 outlets: 2 ac outlets are working and controlled independently.15a/1875w max for each. Waterproof cover is attached to protect it from dirt when not in use. Long wi-fi range up to 300 feet with ip64 weather resistance.
  • Voice & remote control: add voice control to any outdoor outlet. Enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling any outdoor electronic appliances with your voice via alexa or google home assistant. Turn electronics on and off from anywhere with your smartphone using the kasa app, whether you are at home, in the office or on vacation.
  • Easy set up and use: 2.4ghz wi-fi connection required. Plug in, open the kasa app, follow the simple instructions and enjoy the wifi smart plug. Ideal for landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, or other appliances.
  • Scheduling: use schedules or countdown timer to set your smart plug to automatically turn on and off at the time you want. Sunset/sunrise offset makes it even smarter to act according to the real daytime.
  • Trusted and reliable: kasa is trusted by over 6 million users and being the reader’s choice of pcmag 2020. 2-year warranty.

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(EP40) AMAZON

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(EP40) – – Yakibest.com

Looking for specific info?

Is each outlet an independent smart plug?

Yes. I have have tree lights plugged into the first outlet and deck lights plugged into the second outlet. I assigned each outlet a separate name via the alexa app and they are individually controlled. Has worked flawlessly so far.

Anyone using this on a snow melting heated walkway system? I need to control remotely in a mountain home when away.

I am using the kasa kp400 to control walkway mats. I use a hubitat hub to turn it on and off based on temperature. I just ordered one of these to control another set of walkway.

Can i use the app with the outdoor plug to dim my party lights, or will the plug work with a physical dimming accessory?

This is just a remote on and off switch, it doesn’t have the ability to adjust voltage or dim lights. It will only work with appliances and devices that have a physical on off switch that can be put in the on position permanently..

In other words if you turn the device on and unplug it from the wall, when you plug it back in it should still be on.

If the device you’re trying to control utilizes a logic switch for on-off control then the logic switch needs to default to the on position for this switch to work.

In other words if a device you’re trying to control defaults to the off position when power is cut then the switch won’t be able to turn it on

How is this different from the kasa kp400 outdoor plug?

Hi! The ep40 & kp400 have different physical housing designs, with the ep40 being a little bit smaller for more flexible deployment.

Does alexa integration require the kasa app, or can my echo directly control it?

Alexa integration first requires setting up a kasa account via the kasa app on your smartphone. The process is intuitive for your convenience.

Can you use alexa to schedule?

Yes, you can use alexa to set up a ‘routine’ rather then using the schedule in kasa.
Best regards,
tp-link support

What is its operating temperature range?

Operating temperature: -20°c~50°c (-4°f~122°f)

operating humidity: 10%~90% rh, non-condensing

If i am not on the same wifi as the device with my phone/app, can i add the smart plugs back to the app after doing a factory reset?

A factory reset of your phone/device will not delete your kasa smart app account.
Switches will be linked to your account. Just reinstall the app after reset, sign into your account, and you have access again.
But if your adding a plug, someone has to be signed into account, and be near enough to connect directly to device(s) with your phone for wifi password programming.

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If i have a guest at my house- is there a way to grant them temporary access to the kasa app?

Not at this time, however we appreciate your interest in this feature and we will share it with our kasa team for consideration.

Can this be programmed through the alexa app, or do i have to use the propriety app?

For initial setup, the kasa app is required, then you can quickly and conveniently integrate the smart plug with alexa.

Doesthis plug give the ability to go on at sunset and stay on for a fixed duration (say 6 hrs?) or are you stuck with a sunrise/sunset mode

I have mine set to come on 30 minutes before sunset and go off at 11:30 pm. You can only set it for a fixed duration of up to 59 minutes on the kasa app. For example, i also have it set to come on 30 min before sunrise and go off 30 minutes after sunrise. If you have it set up through an alexa device as well you may have more options.

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Does ‘anywhere’ mean anywhere in the world or just when your device and your phone are within your wi-fi reach?

Anywhere that you have internet access. I can control mine from my car on the road or even if i have internet access on a plane.

Will this work with veraedge?

The kasa kp400 is designed for use with the kasa app and supported integrations such as alexa, google assistant, cortana, etc. We cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party products or services that are not officially listed as compatible partners. Please contact veraedge support for more information.

What network speed does it require?

The kp400 connects via 2.4ghz wifi.

Can i use this to plug in my motorhome to an outdoor outlet?

I would not recommend that type of load on this device. Although it works great for most smaller things i don’t believe the wattage would support that type of large draw on the amps on that connection.

Can two cellphones withthe kasa smart app control this device? I was not able to do so with my phone and my wife’s phone.

I am the only owner so i don’t know if the app works on multiple phones. Since it is compatible with alexa, i usually have her turn my kasa devices on and off.

Can i use this with just the remote control ? …

If by ‘remote control’ you are referring to the kasa app on your smartphone, then yes – you can strictly control it from the app once it is properly installed – if desired.

15′ led rope: want to leave dimmer plugged into porch attic ‘wall switched’ outlet in ‘on’ pos @75%. When wall switch put on/off/on will 75% dim show?

Yes. The kasa smart outdoor dimmer plug will resume the previous setting (75% dim in your case).

If there is a power outage. While smart plug is off. When the power is restored do the smart plugs automatically go to ‘on’ position?

Mine just resume whatever position they were in when the power went out just like a regular light switch unless it’s on a timer.

I just installed this plug. Now my network connection says i have “weak security”. Any tips on how to remedy this?

Look to the device indicating weak security. They should have since suggestions. If you think it’s the kasa device, then contact them about your options, after researching what “weak security “ means in this context.

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(EP40) AMAZON

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(EP40) – – Yakibest.com

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Another good kasa product

I used this to power up string lights in the pool area. We already had a couple of the wall plugs and they’ve worked well.

The kasa app is simple and easy to use. Wifi setup is about as painless as it gets with your phone app. Setting schedules is much easier than the lifx app, and overall kasa is better at making it simple. I don’t have any color lights, so can’t comment there. I’ve got this plug and an interior wall plug on schedules. Both come on at sunset and are timed to go off at different times. The sunset/sunrise adjusts on it’s own with internet data and is accurate. You can set this to come on with a delay, or just set it to a specific time.

This is also dimmable. I didn’t know if the string lights were, but this plug handles it no problem. You set your percentage of brightness and it stays that way. If you schedule, setting them up to fade in and out is also available. It can be a fast or slow fade, too.

The plug itself isn’t much different than any heavy duty extension. The cable and housing are rugged.

This would be perfect for christmas lights, yard lights, or anything else you want on a timer or just the ability to power on/off with your phone. Also works with google home / assistant. Tell it to shut off the lights and everything is out.

Nice product.

5Expert Score
Ease of setup

I ordered 2 plugs which i received and installed yesterday. This review is on the setup process. I may add more later after some experience in use.

The plugs had little documentation other than to download the app and follow instructions. That was enough though. With the app running, you plug in the device, connect to the wifi network the device has started, find your wifi network and log in. I had to type in my wifi password to the app for the first setup but the app remembered it for the 2nd. My plugs control lights in 2 sections of my garden, and i needed to program on/off times. The app interface was so much easier than the boxes i have used in the past. There are settings for dimming levels that i have not yet explored.

I was pleased that i was able to plug each one in in my home, program it, unplug it, take it outside and plug it in, and the programming was not lost. Much easier to program in the comfort of my home rather than standing in the flower bed swatting off the mosquitoes.

5Expert Score
Easy to control w/ app

Using this plug for my pool pump and love it. I scheduled on/off times and am able to also turn on or off at any time right from my phone. The option to use a timer to control how long it stays on or in how long to turn on is also a great feature. When it reaches scheduled on/off time it goes back on that schedule. So far i only used one side/one plug but in the app each plug is controlled separately which makes it super convenient. Once i add lights to my back yard i will use the second plug for those.
I plan to use it for outdoor christmas decorations in the cold months instead of the old non-wi-fi timer i have (which is a pain to program.). Love this and highly recommend it.
Ps: could not rate tech support because i didn’t use it. App is free and super easy/user friendly to operate.

5Expert Score
This is what you'd call a bargoon

We don’t have an outdoor house light. In fact most of the houses in our neighborhood don’t have them…. Odd. I’m using this for our outdoor lights. We’ve got cafe lights set up in our front porch and i’m using this smart outlet to control them.

We’ve got it set to turn on at sundown and off later in the evening. If someone is coming home after they lights turn off… No need to walk up to a spooky, dark house. The app allows you to turn the lights on remotely.

5Expert Score
Works great, super happy w this!

This products works great and i’m super happy with it so far. I wanted a smart plug for the lights i’ve strung on my patio. I’m tired of having to manually go plug in or out when i want them on. This solves it! Added plus that i snagged it during a treasure truck day. I would have bought 2 if they didn’t limit it to 1.

5Expert Score
Solid unit with plenty of features

The unit was easy to set up and join to my wi-fi
the app is well designed and has a feature to turn on the plugs relative to sundown and sunrise. I really like this feature to control my bug zappers. I turn them on at dusk and don’t need to keep changing the time to deal with time shifts. I also have a couple of shutoff times if someone turns them back on later.
Alexa is buddies with kasa so adding the plugs to alexa is also simple.
Liked it so much i ordered 2 more units like this one and then ordered a whole set of smart plugs and wall switches by kasa because the app was good and i didn’t want to have yet another app on my phone.
I have not subjected them to wet weather yet, but plenty of heat.
No issues

5Expert Score
Three cheers for hanson chan!

We had to replace our wifi router, which forced me to reconnect all our various household devices to the network.

I was a little bit lost trying to do this for our kasa smartplugs, so i called their tech support. A gentleman named hanson p. Chan took the call and proceeded to patiently guide me through the connection process.

With mr. Chan’s expert guidance, humor and general good-natured demeanor, reconnecting my two kasa plugs was simple, painless and even entertaining.

In this age of automation and ai, it felt like mr. Chan was here with me, providing direction and encouragement. Sooooo many companies could learn from tp link’s team!

Thank you, mr. Chan and tp link!

5Expert Score
Great smart plug for a great price

This item is a great smart plug. It is designed for outdoor use but i’m using it inside. It’s works with the kasa home system and is the first plug i’ve found that will fully turn off an led light. It was easy to install and setup and workes well with alexa, smartthings and of course the tp-link kasa app.

5Expert Score
This device is genius!

So easy to use…finally able to ditch our confusing analog timer for our garden lights. Set up was a breeze and scheduling on/off is so easy. This is my 3rd kasa smart plug. I’m getting them for everything lol. The app is easy, reliable and so darn handy.

5Expert Score
Excellent outdoor plug with alexa compatibility and easy setup!

I bought this plug because we have a number of tp-link smart switches, bulbs, and plugs inside our house already, and i needed something to turn our bug zapper by the pool on and off at night. This plug was as easy to connect to wifi as the other tp-link devices in our house and works flawlessly. You can control each outlet individually in the app, or by pressing the on/off button for that outlet on the plug. I went in and created a schedule in the kasa app to automatically turn the bug zapper outlet on 30 minutes before sunset, and turn off 30 minutes after sunrise, and it’s done. Everything is handled automatically, and has worked perfectly since i installed it.

The kasa app can be linked to alexa as well, which is very handy – our dog is scared of the bug zapper, so at night when we take her out, whoever happens to take her out can tell alexa to turn off the bug zapper before taking her out, and it shuts off in seconds.

Having two outlets is nice – the second one doesn’t have anything plugged into it full-time, so we just have a second outlet out back that we can plug a phone charger, pool cleaner, etc into, and have juice whenever we need it.

4Expert Score
Password protected wifi required

I’m sure this is a fine product and will work as designed. However, it requires a password protected wifi network. Yes, that’s the norm and is always best practice. But if you have a special requirement for an open network, this device will not allow you to connect it. I wish they had provided a choice instead of forcing the issue.

4Expert Score
Ep40 – would not connect to wi-fi initially until i turned on the phone gps

A week before purchasing this plug, i had purchased the older version kp400. I couldn’t get that to connect to my wi-fi (using a samsung galaxy a20), and so i returned it and purchased this newer version, ep40. Initially i couldn’t get that to connect either. I initiated a live chat with technical support. They had me reset the ep40 plug, reset the app, confirm the firmware version (1.8), and nothing worked. They suggested i try connecting using another phone, which wasn’t a practical solution because i only have one cell phone. I thought it odd that i would have two defective plugs, so i continued researching and trying things. In one of the kasa notes for connecting the device it mentions turning on the phone gps to allow the device to sync to a location, date, and time. I usually don’t turn my phone gps on. So i turned the gps on and was then also able to enable the phone feature ‘nearby device scanning’. After i did that i restarted the kasa app and tried adding the device and it connected immediately. After connecting and adding the device to my wi-fi network, i could turn off the phone gps which disabled the ‘nearby device scanning’, and the plug continues to work. Reflecting on the problem, it makes sense that to initially connect a device one would need local gps to be turned on. Too bad there is not a more direct and explicit statement about needing the gps to be turned on to initially connect a device, or that the ‘chat’ technician didn’t mention it either. ~m

4Expert Score
Good outdoor plug

I have used this all summer and it has worked well. It has worked through heat and storms and never failed. It is not covered nor protected. I’m not so sure about the winter weather and the snow though.
It would have been great to be able to operate the plugs independently. Maybe that can be an upgrade model.

4Expert Score
Much better than the timer

This is one kaso product that works as advertised. It will dim your aquarium lights. Easy to use remotely. Doesn’t need to be reprogrammed after being turned off and on. A small miracle in digital/wifi world.

4Expert Score

Took several attempts to setup in network

4Expert Score
Good product

Set up is simple works with google home without any issues. Somewhat bulky with a short cord so mounting can be an issue.

4Expert Score
Fully working with smartthings, alexa, and google home

Update: bought 2 of these about a week or so apart. 2nd unit failed within 6 weeks. Kept outdoors underneath a deck. It wasn’t in any direct water contact. Re-ordered it. Lets see if my original lasts longer. I’ve had the original kasa plugs left outdoors that aren’t even rated for outdoor use last me several years in an enclosed electrical box. Hopefully it was just a fluke.

When i came across this product’s page. I immediately got intrigued due to it’s ability to natively control dimming of dumb lights. I wanted it specifically for my outdoor string lights in the backyard. Well, i went immediately to kasa’s product page and started a chat with support. Kasa support gave me false information. They stated it does support dimming in smartthings, alexa, or google home. Only controllable via kasa app.

Well that agent was completely wrong. The plug controls dimming natively in all 3 platforms including the kasa app. I was able to setup routines in smartthings (webcore) and alexa that controls dimming functionality.

All in all, this is a fantastic smart-plug to control outdoor lighting. And it’s outdoor rated.

4Expert Score
Easy to setup. Good range. Plug caps don't stay in.

I bought two of these when they were on sale to add to my setup of 6 indoor kasa smart plugs and 20+ feit smart bulbs, 5 kasa wall switches, 6 other smart devices.. In all i have about 45 smart devices in the house. The devices are split between pretty evenly between two wifi routers. I had no issues connecting and configuring both plugs using the kasa android app. Alexa immediately picked them up afterwards and i was able to incorporate them into several ‘routines’. They have worked flawlessly for several weeks.

There are manual on/off buttons on the side of the case, with green led indicators to show when the plug is on. Each plug can be individually controlled through the kasa app and alexa.

Two complains. When you plug these into an outdoor receptacle with a cover, it is extremely difficult to close the cover over the plug and cord because the cord and plug are in line (straight). A 90 degree style plug would have made the installation much easier. Also, rubber caps that cover the unused plugs are poorly designed and don’t stay in place. These plugs are supposed to maintain the weather resistance when you don’t use both plugs. Unfortunately, the covers don’t stay in the plugs well and easily come loose and open up. If the plugs are located near sprinklers, or any water source that could splash water up from the bottom, you risk getting moisture inside, which obviously isn’t a good thing.

4Expert Score
Works great for outdoor fountain

Easy setup. App very intuitive

4Expert Score
Works great!

Works great!

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