KATCHY Insect Trap 8-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards

KATCHY Insect Trap 8-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards

Yakibest.com : KATCHY Insect Trap 8-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are katchy insect trap 8-pack of refillable glue boards features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Pack of 8 glue boards – specifically customized for katchy’s bug killer. Fruit flies, gnats and mosquitoes will be glued to the pad unable to fly back out. Hassle free solution for mastering the art of insect control.
  • Only for katchy’s insect trap – works only together with katchy’s insect trap.
  • Super sticky – rest assured that even the smallest insects will be stuck on the board. You will be guaranteed visible results during one week.
  • Easy to use – just place one gluey pad on the bottom of katchy’s insect trap and remove the protective layer. Take out the board if it is fully covered with bugs and replace it with a new one.
  • Long lasting glue – the long lasting effect of the glue gives you the possibility to use the board for up to 4 weeks. Need to order more? Make your life easier and add one or more sets to your cart today!
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KATCHY Insect Trap 8-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards AMAZON

Yakibest.com : KATCHY Insect Trap 8-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

These are out of stock are more on the way or is there an alternative sticky pad i can use ?

I use the generic ones from here. 10 pack like 10$.

Is this made in the us or elsewhere? Worried about safety.

Thank you for the question! 🙂

our traps are manufactured in china in a factory that is registered with the us environmental protection agency (epa). On all of our packages, there is the epa establishment number and the address of our manufacturer. Our traps comply with us safety standards in environmental and electronic safety categories.

If you have any further questions, we’ll gladly answer them on amazon or on the e-mail sandra@katchysupport.com.

Happy easter weekend! 🙂
support manager

Is it a set of 8 or 4? Says set of 8 on main page then when you open the page for more detail, it says set of 4.

It looks like you have the option to choose 4 or 8. A good discount on the latter.

How do you use the glue board coupon code ‘glueboard20’

Click the ‘coupon’ box in the description before adding item to cart

Is this particular trap for outdoor use only?

No, it’s an indoor trap. Don’t think it’d last long in the weather.

Does it trap house flies?

I have caught 1 house fly and 2 spiders in my traps but i do not think this is the norm. This product is designed for gnats. They are attracted to the light.

How often do i need to replace the boards?

We replace the boards as needed, when the bugs have filled up the sticky surface.

When will this be available


Can you use the glue boards with the new katchy fly trap?

Yes, glue boards are compatible with all of our katchy’s insect trap

Can this product trap ghosts?

Hi lorne,

thanks for your inquiry! Unfortunately, no matter how sticky, these glue boards can only trap fruit flies, gnats and mosquitoes.

We greatly appreciate your business and i hope this helps! Do let us know if you have further questions and/or inquiries and we’ll be sure to answer them for you.

Keep safe, and you have a good one!


customer obsession representative
katchy customer support

How big are the glue pads?

The hard-to-find specs say they are 4.3 inches in diameter. But they are unavailable at this time. So you can buy larger round pads and cut them down to fit.

Would this work for carpet beetles?

Hello there,

i hope you and your family are well and safe!

The uv light in the katchy insect traps attracts fruit flies, gnats, moths, and mosquitos. The traps do not catch large house flies or insects of the same size.

Should you need any additional assistance, just let us know. We’re here for you. Have an excellent day ahead!

All the best,
customer obsession representative
katchy customer support

The device works great, but it and the pads have become unavailable. Anyone have an alternate here on amazon for the pads?

I believe any kind of sticky board will do. Gnats are attracted to the light and get sucked into the base where the stickly board is located.

Where can i buy the cord for this?

Don’t know. Mine came with one.

Any difference between this ans the fenun ones?

I am not familiar with ‘fenun’ ones. I am so sorry i cannot help.

I live in az and need something like this for my patio outdoors. Will the extreme heat destroy it? There’s no rain, and i need it only in the summer.

Hello cynthia,

i hope today finds you well.

Katchy insect trap/ glue boards are meant to be used in the home and not the outdoors.

If you have any inquiries or concerns, please let us know.

Warm regards,
customer obsession champion

Hi, i tried all the coupons (notably the 99 one) for the glue boards set of 8 in addition to the device but none of them worked so i gave up

This thing is a waste of money. Didn’t work for me at all.

How often are you supposed to change the pads?

Depends on how bad your bug problem is. At first, we had to change ours out about once a week. Now, we change it out every 3 to 4 weeks. We only run our katchy at night though. It works great!

When will sticky pads be available?

The sticky pads are available. I received my order within a week.

Went to order more of these boards but katchy is saying not availablecand may not become available? You have a great product and now i cant get the bo

Maybe out of stock, order a lot of them at one time.

KATCHY Insect Trap 8-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards AMAZON

Yakibest.com : KATCHY Insect Trap 8-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It works

The katchy system with these filters works better than anythimg i have tried, and i tried everything. We got rid of a major moth infestation. We have pet birds and the moths are often inundating their seed. We tried regular moth traps and it would get a fair share, but not all. We tried every cleaner safe for birds, and nothing worked. I read about this in a bird group and ordered up 2 units and refill pads, and in 2 weeks all of them are gone. Not 1 left. I definately recommend this. It is worth its weight in gold. Fantastic product.

5Expert Score
Excellent way to eliminate tiny flying pests

I had a fruit fly infestation i, and i had tried everything to rectify the situation, but to no avail! I had no idea how to rid my home of these tiny pests. I stumbled across these katchy indoor fly traps. I ordered the fly trap and a separate order for glue pads; and within three days my infestation was gone!! Great product!!!

5Expert Score
Saved me from mosquitoes

I am one of those people that attract mosquitoes and get very severe reactions from bites. The katchy mosquito trap has been great and attracts both mosquitoes and knats. Very easy to use – great for indoors.

5Expert Score
Kills mosquitoes!

Buy it it worked great for me, just put sticky patch inside and turn on. Room needs to be dark cause katchy lights up purple which attracts mosquitoes or any any other flying insects inside where fan sucks them inside to sticky patch where they die. No smell no mess. When i first tried it the next morning i counted 4 mosquitoes inside dead, worth the price but get 2 for home that’s better. Get a zapper for outside.

5Expert Score
Huge improvement

I notice a significant difference in the amount of gnats that no longer haunt my home. I have tons of plants that bring them and it was overwhelming at one point, saw a tiktoker advertise it so i tried it and love it

5Expert Score
Saves my ankles!

Had a bit of a mosquito problem, got bit right on my eyelid and finally decided enough was enough. Found this product and wow, i am blown away by the difference. It is so satisfying to pull out the sticky circle

5Expert Score
This is a must!

The best bug catcher on the market. The pads are so sticky and stay sticky that i don’t have to purchase as often as i thought i would.

5Expert Score
Katchy is catching all my bugs.

So quiet you don’t know it’s working till you change the fly paper. I had an infestation and didn’t know it till i changed the collector.

5Expert Score
Must have for mosquitoes

Love love this product. Mosquitoes were always getting in our home and being a nuisance. Purchased this and it gets rid of them.

5Expert Score
Bye bye bugs

I’ve found fruit flies, regular flies, mosquitos, moths, and spiders stuck on the pad. Went through one sticky pad in about two weeks. Definitely works great, and yes it works best at night with all the lights off! The black light attracts the bugs easier.

4Expert Score
Pretty decent contraption

Pretty big n size and the fan doesn’t seem to be very powerful but it does the job as you see all them dumb lil bugs are in there. Best use is at night or in the dark.

4Expert Score
Fruit flies

Works wonders!

4Expert Score
Work great

Work great but sort of expensive … However … Since the machine works so well .. It is worth the cost …

4Expert Score
Traps well

This unit works well if you keep it plugged in all the time. The instructions say not to use it 24/7 but i do and have had no problem with it but the bugs sure do.

4Expert Score
They are way to big for my katchy

I ordered them with the unit because they said they would fit but they are way too big i will cut them down to make them work but i hope next order they are the right size.

4Expert Score
Great for fruit flies

If you have any bigger flies in your house it is not the best thing however it does work i don’t think that it is worth what it cost now maybe worth $30.00

4Expert Score
Bug trap

Works good – refill filters are expensive.

4Expert Score
Very good

But..needs longer cord to avoid light in my face ..in bed…great with nats.

4Expert Score
This actually works but the sticky pads could be priced better.

I love it. I put it by my plants because that’s where the gnats were hanging out at. I’ve gotten rid of hundreds of these annoying little things. Doesn’t get bigger flies though. The replacement sticky pads could be cheaper. Thinking i might get 2nd one just to cover more ground.

4Expert Score
Do not fit new style katchy duo

These glue pads are too large for the new style katchy duo. Otherwise they are fine.

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