Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, Crispy Marshmallow Squares, Original, School Lunch Snack, 0.78 Oz each, 54 Count (Pack of 1)

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, Crispy Marshmallow Squares, Original, School Lunch Snack, 0.78 Oz each, 54 Count (Pack of 1)

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What are kellogg’s rice krispies treats features?

  • An irresistible dessert snack for any occasion; great for gift baskets, school lunches, afternoon snacks, and late-night bites
  • Puffed, oven-toasted rice cereal plus the sweet flavor of soft marshmallows in every delicious bite
  • Family-favorite, on-the-go snacks that are perfect for both kids and adults; no high fructose corn syrup
  • Individually wrapped and ready to travel; pop a bar in your kid’s backpack and lunch box; stow some in your tote bag and pantry for anytime snacking
  • Includes 54, 0.78oz kellogg’s rice krispies treats; packaged for freshness and great taste
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Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, Crispy Marshmallow Squares, Original, School Lunch Snack, 0.78 Oz each, 54 Count (Pack of 1) AMAZON

Shop RICE KRISPIES TREATS at Free shipping and up to 15% off with Subscribe & Save.

Looking for specific info?

Once removed from the wrapper, what are the dimensions of the rice krispie treat alone? Thanks!

The unwrapped treats are 2.25′ long x 1.75′ wide and 1′ thick.

Are the original size bars?

They are the snack size

Are these gluten free?

Rice krispies treats are made with malt flavoring, a potential source of gluten so are not certified as gluten-free.

I did not receive my last order

Check order status order returns or was the order completed i’m sure it will be rectified enjoy they’re good i road trip to

What are the benefits of using this product?


Is it worth ?


Is there a nutritional label somewhere for this item? Normally included by seller in description, strangely absent here

Please note that our recipes may change and we encourage you to always review the label on the package you receive to be sure it meets your needs. To view the entire nutrition label on-line click on the following link:

Are these dairy free?

No, these treats are not dairy free.

Are they peanut free?

These treats do not contain peanuts.

Can you still get a big box of plain rice krispies?

I had to buy a box of small rice krispie bowls. I could not find the big box. The rice cereal shortage is real.

Does it contain pig gelatin?

Does not show pig gelatin in the ingredient list, does show gelatin.

If i listened to all the reviews i wouldn’t order these. What seems to be the problem. Stale torn packages not worth the money. What would you do?

Report the problem

What is the expiration date on these bars?

The available stock of this product may include individual packages with different expiration dates. Amazon uses a “first-in, first-out” inventory management process and carefully monitors product expiration.

How to pay with snap ebt card

Instructions are simplified by reading them correctly and making sure your payment is ebt not your debit or credit card you can get a lot of good stuff with he ebt

Is it normal that rice krispies treats are made in mexico?

Cheaper labor in mexico , still made to rice krispies standards !!!

What is the gelatin source? Please be specific.

The gelatin in all flavors of kellogg’s® rice krispies treats® and kellogg’s® rice krispies treats® snap crackle popperstm may be from either beef or pork. We use both and cannot verify which was used.

Are these kosher?

The treats are not certified. All varieties of pop-tarts are not kosher.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, Crispy Marshmallow Squares, Original, School Lunch Snack, 0.78 Oz each, 54 Count (Pack of 1) AMAZON

Shop RICE KRISPIES TREATS at Free shipping and up to 15% off with Subscribe & Save.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Son loves them

Got them on a deal. Yea me.. Always looking for good price, since prices is going up on everything. They came in nice box, package nicely. The expiration date was 2023, so that was awesome.

5Expert Score
Perfect classroom snacksize

This was perfect for snack time in my classroom. Although we don’t usually don’t too many super sugary snacks, this was a great treat. The kids loved them and we had plenty left to allow them to have another portion again later.

5Expert Score
Love them!

I love rice krispies! This huge box is such a good deal compared to other retailers like walmart, costco etc
they’re the perfect size for a sweet treat without too many calories.
I repurchase every few months

5Expert Score
Addiction oncoming

I love a good rice krispy treat… This is a nice substitute when i just don’t feel like making my own. They can be addictive so be aware…. You don’t need 3 at a time..

5Expert Score
Great value

You can’t beat the value of getting 54 treats for 15 bucks. Love this product and have bought it a few times over the years. I send several with my son in his lunch, so that he can share. And they are a hit with him and his classmates. I personally love these as a treat for myself because i have stomach problems and i believe these are gluten free. Check for yourself before making the purchase, and don’t just take my word for it, if you have a gluten intolerance or special dietary need.

5Expert Score
Very healthy snack

Compared these to normal halloween candy & felt this was my best option. Ordered a 2nd box. Gonna give it to all my trick or treaters!

5Expert Score
Best halloween treat for the money

Every year these are a hit!

5Expert Score

3rd purchase & they are fresh every time!

5Expert Score
Very good loved them

Me and my family loved these they were so many and they were good

5Expert Score
What it describes exactly the same

Such good and fresh product

4Expert Score

Tastes great but i thought they would be packaged differently.

4Expert Score
Box could be packed better.

The product is fresh and tastes fine but since the box was not packaged carefully some of the bars became squished. This is no problem if the package will be used for personal snacks, but something to consider if you are sharing or gifting them to others.

4Expert Score
Moist chewy goodness.

Oh man these are great! I put them in lunches, keep some in the car for the kids, and they’re great for an anytime snack!

4Expert Score
Really good

It’s really worth the money it’s lats for weeks and a it’s really really good

4Expert Score
Good value just a little hard

Good value & little hard individually wrapped

bought these to treat contractors building my daughters house. Good value in bulk and a fresh product.

Everyone loves these…

They all went away and ordered again.

4Expert Score
Great price for your bundle

Shampoo & conditioner was open so i received half a bottle instead of a whole which is what i paid for. The variety pack chips with the nacho diritos were stale when the arribed & some were busted open upon arrival

4Expert Score
Only 50 not 54 in box

Teachers beware says 54 but there were only 50 in the box. Double check to make sure you have enough for all students.

4Expert Score
Pre- school class loved this snack

Individual wrapped, handing for young children for snack

4Expert Score
They won't be perfect, but they're still a good deal.

Out of my case, i had a few (4ish) that seemed to not have been heat-sealed at one end, so i didn’t eat those. The remaining 50 were almost all deformed in some manner, having been squashed or bent at some point, to the point that i suspect these may be ‘factory seconds’ – but do i regret purchasing them? No, actually, i’m fairly happy with the outcome. Being squashed doesn’t really affect their taste, and 4 failures in a case of 54 is an acceptable loss in my opinion when the case cost $13.

If you need to have perfect, rectangular bars, stick to buying them at the store. If not, this is a relatively good deal.

4Expert Score

I don’t care that they came ‘dumped in a box’, that’s how many bulk items come. And the box was a sturdy kelloggs box. I don’t care that they are ‘a product of mexico’, kelloggs has a factory there. They came in good condition, they taste great and they are really fresh and chewy! There is no expiration date on them, but they won’t be around long enough to worry about that. My only issue is there were not 54 treats, but only 50. This is not the seller’s doing, as it was packaged by kelloggs this way. I’ll buy them again if the price is right, with the shortage in mind. But, i just did the math and walmart is cheaper. I don’t know how i missed that, as i’m a dedicated walmart shopper.

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