Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black : Grocery & Gourmet Food
Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker: The keurig k-mini single serve coffee maker features a sleek design with matte finish, and at less than 5 inches wide is the perfect size for any space or occasion. The k-mini brewer is effortlessly simple to use – just add fresh water to the reservoir, pop in your favorite k-cup pod, press the brew button and enjoy fresh brewed, delicious coffee in minutes. Choose from hundreds of delicious k-cup pod varieties to enjoy 6-12oz of your favorite coffee, tea, cocoa, and iced beverages. With a single cup reservoir and cord storage, the k-mini coffee maker is the portable brewer that makes anywhere perfect for great coffee. The k-mini coffee maker is available in a variety of matte-finish colors.

What are keurig k-mini coffee maker features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Fits anywhere: less than 5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces
  • Your perfect amount: brew any cup size between 6-12oz with keurig k-cup pods
  • One cup reservoir: just add fresh water for each brew
  • Fast & fresh brewed: coffee made in minutes
  • Cord storage: for easy transport and tidy countertops
  • Travel mug friendly: removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs up to 7.0 inches tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup
  • Energy efficient: auto off feature turns off your coffee maker 90 seconds after your last brew, helping to save energy
  • Compatible with the my k-cup universal reusable coffee filter: brew your own ground coffee (sold separately)
  • Included in the box: keurig k-mini single serve coffee maker
  • Matte finish: sleek simplicity meets modern style the k-mini coffee maker is available in a variety of matte-finish colors
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Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black AMAZON Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

The description says it will make 6-12 oz of coffee. How can that be if it only holds 8 oz of water, as indicated in some reviews?

I never knew it was 6 to 12, i use a 16z styro and i bet i’m putting in a solid 14z, and it brews it all

Does the pod have to say keurig on it?

Thanks for your question! Consumers are not limited to brewing only keurig owned and licensed brand pods in the k-mini coffee maker. However, we recommend brewing with our keurig k-cup pods for the best beverage experience. Hope this helps!

I purchased mine january 30 and it has stopped working. I am beyond the return date. What should i do?

Mine quit working after 2 months. Call this number 1-213-9100, called just had to tell them about it not working, tell them s/n found on bottom of machine, send them a photo of machine and of s/n, they will ‘process it’ in 3-4 days and send a replacement. Mine was a gift from my son for christmas so didn’t need receipt only photos. Won’t hurt to try it, good luck!

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What’s the big difference between the mini and the mini plus?

Thank you for your question. In addition to the features of the k-mini coffee maker, the k-mini plus coffee maker has pod storage, a removable water reservoir, a strong feature, and a premium metallic finish. We hope this helps!

Can i use any coffee pods for this machine? Example starbucks pods, etc?

Yes! All k-cup pods are compatible with the k-mini coffee maker.

To everyone who left a review saying this coffee maker stopped working, which single cup coffee maker do you recommend instead?

I recommend this one. Mine ‘quit working’ as well. I got it working again and found the trouble (at least mine) was caused by well meaning users poking the power button during cycling. I stopped using the power button all together and instead just used the automatic on feature of using the lid where one places the k cup. 90 seconds after brewing it shuts itself off…i have done this for 348 cups and had no further issues.

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Can i use my refillable pods in the k mini coffee maker?

Thank you for your question. Yes! If you are using the my k-cup universal reusable coffee filter, it is compatible with all keurig home coffee makers, including the k-mini.

Did i purchase this coffee maker saturday

Well, that’s an interesting question. There are a number of questions i would have to ask myself in order to answer your own question. Or i can tell you that in this universe i live in i can not go backward and forward in time.

Does it brew cold?

Thanks for your question. Our keurig coffee makers brew hot and do not dispense cold beverages.

Will the 9-pod holder from the mini plus fit this machine, also?

Hi, and thanks for your question! The pod holder that comes with the k-mini plus does fit on the k-mini brewer. We hope this information is helpful!

Since keurig coffee is so weak, i like to use just 4 oz of water. Is this possible with this machine?

No, the k-mini coffee maker does not brew 4ounces of water. The minimum it will brew is 6 ounces. Thanks for your question!

Dose it come with something where i can put coffee grounds in?

Thank you for your question. Our my k-cup universal reusable coffee filter is compatible with the k-mini coffee maker, however, it is sold separately. Hope this is helpful!

Does it have three prongs?

Thanks for your question. The k-mini coffee maker is manufactured with a 3 prong plug. We hope this helps!

Filter? I don’t see in the description that you need one. Please clarify

The filter is built in to the k cup. You would only need one if you were using the adapter to use your own coffee. (

Can it brew regular coffee

Yes, but you have to purchase a my k cup reusable coffee filter.

Will a 32 oz tumbler fit under this?

No. My wife has a really fat coffee mug that holds 24oz that fits. But the tall skinny ones that fit in your cup holders will not.

I purchased mine in april, it just doesn’t work anymore. The power button comes on when i pressed the “k” to brew nothing happens. Help?

We certainly wouldn’t expect this from one of our brewers. Our customer care team will be happy to look into this further for you. Can you give them a call please? The number is 866-901-2739.

Will 7 1/4” travel mug fit?

Don’t think so… The available space is about 6 3/4 inches. You might remove the perforated overflow base and eeek out enough room for your travel mug, but at best it will be tight

Is there a piece that holds k pod?? I put my kpod in and look like i’m missing something and it didn’t make a cup.

I did manage to get a ‘shop bought’ pod in but the refill pods were a tight fit. Can’t tell you much more as i foolishly thought it was dual votage and it was not.
Plug 120 v into a 240 house voltage and you just get a band and the the coffee maker becomes
dead and gone !!

I’ve had my mini for about 14 months. It will no longer brew. I get about an ounce maybe! Tried vinegar descaling several times. Is it just done for?

You’re lucky — mine only lasted 3-4 months. Mine started having weird glitches where it would turn itself off, it would leak water, it would brew sometimes w/o pressing the brew button, then it just started making odd sounds but not brewing. I too tried descaling with vinegar. Based on other reviews, it appears this model does not last very long. Sorry!

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Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black AMAZON Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
What a gem

I used to have an older version of the single serve keurig maker. I really liked it but for some reason decided i needed a much more expensive machine that costs a lot of money from switzerland. Not sure if i can say the name of that machine. Anyway, i came to the realization that i did not like my new expensive machine so i got rid of it and i ordered this keurig to replace it. This thing is great. Easy to operate, small and doesn’t take up much space at all on my counter. As some other reviews have mentioned, you really need to read the instructions. It’s not hard but there is a sequence you must follow. I’m really happy with it.

5Expert Score
One of the best

Love the slimness and the small carbon footprint. I live in a small apartment and it fits beautifully on the counter.

So easy to use. Makes a perfect cup of coffee. It comes with quick instructions that are very self-explanatory.

The negative reviews have to be from people who just didn’t get a good machine, or just expected more as if they had a very large machine.

This is a one cup machine. It makes a simple cup of coffee. It doesn’t claim to do anything else and it does exactly what it claims to do.

I had a cup of coffee literally in 30 seconds. I brought in the box, opened it and took the machine out, plugged it in, added water, put in a k cup and made my 1st cup of coffee in two days.

I had another keurig machine two days ago and literally picked it up to move it and dropped it on the floor to pieces and could not afford to buy the same machine so i went for the single so i could have my coffee. I was so desperate.

As they say, things happen for a reason. This machine is just as good as the keurig machine i dropped.

I love the size of it and it’s small enough to put in a suitcase or a bag and bring with me if i should go overnight somewhere and i can have my coffee anytime i want.

I love this machine. I have been a keurig customer since the very first machine and i will say that this one is just as good as all the rest.

Please don’t be hesitant in purchasing this because of some negative reviews.

I’m a firm believer that it can be hit and miss with any product. Sometimes you get a bad lot and sometimes you hit it right and you get a perfect product.

I guess this is my way of winning the lottery. Thank you keurig for making a machine that is affordable in these very hard times.

5Expert Score
Makes great , hot coffee no matter if u brew 6,10 or 12 oz size

Honestly great brewer – coffee comes out piping hot – do not have to gulp it down because it’s warm or luke warm when comes out ️
it’s wonderful to be able to sit & relax & just sip your cup of coffee & not hurry so you do not have to reheat it half way through the cup.
My only problem with brewer is really with me & not the brewer- i have poor eyesight & cannot see blk on blk- can’t tell you how many times i’ve poor the water into the water trough on my mini keurig only realized i had forgotten to open the lid on the water shoot- i solved this inconvenient & annoying problem by putting a couple brightly colored smiley stickers on the lid to the water shoot ️
i purchased my mini keurig end of july & must say i really like it – i use it daily —

5Expert Score
Great buy

There’s really not much to say about this. It does what it’s supposed to. Works just fine, doesn’t take up much space, nice and simple, not too expensive and regularly is on sale. Just a very straight forward machine. Put water in, clothes the machine, and push brew. That’s it.

5Expert Score
Perfect size

Perfect size to fit the limited counter space we have in our travel trailer. Works great too whether you want coffee or hot water. You get the right amount of water in your cup too since you’re putting in the water for each cup you want.

5Expert Score
My favorite keurig product

This is my third keurig purchase. The first two were purchased from different vendors. This review is for the one purchased on amazon.

That said, my first one died as i think something went wrong with slamming the closure. It’s best to press the k-cup in first, then gently close the lid.

What i like about this model is that there is little to no water sitting in the reservoir. It’s a pour-and-go.

So my keurig count is:
one died due to operator error .. Lol
one is at my home.
One is at my mom’s home.

I like it .. Worth the purchase.

5Expert Score
Simple coffee machine and great for college student!

I bought this for my friend to celebrate her return to college for grads school and so far it work perfect for her! It is simple to use without the manual!

She loves it and i thought this would be a great buy for whom might going back to school or small space home 🙂

5Expert Score
Perfect for me!

I am the only coffee drinker in our family. When the time came to replace my coffee pot i just wanted something simple. This is perfect for me it was affordable and it’s easy to use and clean. This would be ideal for a dorm room as well as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I absolutely recommend!

5Expert Score
Works great

I like this keurig because it does not have a water tank that stores more water than what you need for one cup. This maker is small and does not take up much room on the counter.

5Expert Score
Don't buy

Used for 1 cup aday since 6-19-22.. Today 10-4-22 it no longer heats or brews–now i have to waste time trying to get it fixed or replaced. Really annoying!!!

4Expert Score
Read the instructions

Okay. So late last night i decided to order this smaller version of the keurig coffee maker, because i’m short on counter space and i only make one cup of coffee a day anyhow. My new machine was on my front porch this afternoon. (shop, select, pay, receive. The good, the bad, and the ugly.) anyhow, i’ve decided to post a few photos and try to write an informative, helpful review, as i see there are some pretty negative, frustrated buyers of this product, and several questions listed that indicate those buyers did not do the very first thing they should have: read the little instruction booklet. Now, i must say, these few instructions could have been written a bit more clearly—but that’s par for the course these days, as practically nothing is made by english speaking people, so the instructions are someone else’s idea of the english language. So, i’ve posted some photos to aid in my attempt to make these instructions more “user friendly.”

before i forget, i do have two negative comments on this product (aside from the less-than-clear instruction booklet): the first is that i feel it’s overpriced for what it is. I paid $83+ (including tax) for a little plastic gizmo that should sell for about half that. If it lasts as long as my “big boy” keurig, which is at least five, maybe six years old, i suppose it’ll be worth it. The second issue is the cord. I do love the idea of the cord compartment … However, the cord that comes with this machine is only about 18” long. (the cord compartment would have been a lot more useful with the big boy machine, which has a considerably longer cord.) as i don’t even need the full 18”, i stuffed some of the cord back in the compartment, then found that i’d shortened it more than i wanted, but when i tried to pull out a bit longer cord, i could only get another inch or so. Now i have about a 14” cord … Which i can work with, but some people might find that they’ll need a longer cord, so i thought i’d mention it.

As you can see from my first photo, the big boy keurig is considerably larger than this new one (which measures 4.5” wide by 10 3/4” deep, the same depth as the big boy). Another photo shows a closeup of the side of the little clear plastic compartment (referred to in the instruction booklet as the “water reservoir”), which shows the amount of water—how many ounces—is being put into the water reservoir. You must put at least the minimum of 6 oz, or up to the maximum of 12 oz. This question of how much water to put in seems to have befuddled many purchasers: i cannot understand why. So long as it’s between the low water mark (6 oz) and the max water mark (12 oz), you’re good to go. However much water you put in, is the same amount of coffee that will pour into your cup. Maybe it’s more easily understood this way: use your coffee cup—whether it holds 6 oz or anywhere in between six and a maximum of 12 oz (my red and white cup that you see in one of my photos holds 8 oz, allowing about 1/2” to the very rim) to fill the water reservoir—and you’ll get that same amount of coffee in your cup. An 8 oz cup of coffee, using a coffee pod, makes (for me—i drink it black) a perfect, medium-strong cup of coffee.

Now, how to use your new machine: first, as i said, read the instructions. The very first words printed in the booklet are, “before you brew.” you’re first going to make a cup of boiling water only—then your machine is “prepped” and ready to go. So, plug it in, then push the “power button.” (see my 2nd photo—the power button is that tiny dot at about the 1 o’clock position from the big, round, silver-colored circle with the big k in the center of it. That silver-colored circle is what is called the “brew button.”) when you press the power button (the little dot), after you’ve plugged in the machine, that dot will illuminate. Next, you lift the cover of the water reservoir, fill your coffee cup/mug with water and pour that water into the reservoir. (check the measure on the side, to be sure you have somewhere between 6 oz and 12 oz in the reservoir.) then lower the water reservoir lid and place your coffee cup on the drip tray.

Now, you’re going to lift and lower the handle where you would put a coffee pod—except this first time you’re not going to put in a pod, because you’re only going to make a cup of hot water, just to run some water through the machine to prep it.

Now that you have your water in the water reservoir, and your cup on the drip tray, and the “coffee pod compartment” handle has been lifted and lowered, you’re ready to “push the brew button.” remember, the brew button is the big silver-colored circle. It depresses. I finally figured out that i had to hold it down with three fingers (i have small hands) for 2 or 3 seconds … And then the “brew indicator light” (a rainbow shape just above the brew button—see photo four) will “illuminate solid, then begin to pulse while the water is heating.” it will take a minute or so for the water to heat … During which time the “rainbow-shaped” light will come on and fade, come on and fade, several times (what the booklet calls “pulsing”). Eventually, that brew indicator light will stay solidly lit, and then the hot water will begin to pour into your cup. When that’s done, toss that water out, and you’re ready to make your first cup of coffee. Repeat all the steps, except this time, of course, insert a coffee pod before lowering the handle.

In summation, i don’t think it takes any longer to make one cup of coffee in this new single serve keurig than it did in my larger water capacity model. Yes, you do have to put water in it each time and you do have to wait for that water to heat up … But i had to wait a longer time for more water to heat up in my big keurig. And the amount of time it takes for the coffee to pour into your cup is the same as in the larger model machine—also, the sound is about the same, not loud enough to wake anyone up in another room.

I like the extra space on my counter, and if this machine holds up as well as the other one, i think i’ll be happy with it. I do see some reviews that state their machines didn’t work after a short while … If that’s the case with this one, i’ll be writing an update on my review.

4Expert Score
Works well, short power cord though

I bought this keurig machine so that i could make myself coffee at work. I typically bring in a couple insulated mugs full of coffee, but unexpected long hours can having me craving a fresh cup. I work in a pottery studio, where dust is a major concern for anything that i bring in. This system is completely closed when not in use, so nothing can get inside. I just need to periodically keep it wiped down. While i’m not a big fan of the pod system and the waste it generates, it is a good option for my situation. I wouldn’t buy this for home, but for work, it convenient and clean. I fill my mug with water, dump it in the reservoir and that exact amount of coffee brews from the single cup. A 12 oz mug is an acceptable strength for my liking, not too watered down. The coffee is sufficiently hot for my liking. I haven’t measured the temperature of the water, but i don’t think it would be hot enough to make tea how i like. Probably fine temperature for a cup of ramen. The only thing that i find inconvenient about this machine is its extremely short power cord, only about 2 1/2 feet. I have to set this on a chair near an outlet to be able to reach it. Perhaps it is fine on a counter, where outlets are more close and accessible. One last note, i bought this from the warehouse at a discount and the machine is like new, just not in the original packaging.

4Expert Score
How i chose the right keurig for me. Hoping to help choose the right keurig for you!

With so many different keurig models on the open market these days, i completely understand how difficult deciding which one is right for you! I have only had my k-mini for about a week now, but so far, so great! I love the look of this space saving model and i was able to get it in my favorite color, but looks only get one so far, right? Fortunately, this keurig can boast about more than its aesthetic appeals. Set up was a breeze, the quick start instructions are easy to understand and have photos accompanying each of the 7 easy steps. The instructions also include important safeguards, relevant brewer features, and simple guidelines on caring for your brewer. My personal favorite features of the k-mini are: •love having a water reservoir that i refill with each brew, as it is nice to have fresh water with each new cup of coffee i make.
•great flavor with every brew, so far, and i believe that with proper cleaning and care of any keurig brewer, that great flavor can be maintained.
•speaking of proper maintenance, this k-mini couldn’t be easier to keep clean! Keurig offers a variety of options to help with maintaining your brewer, as well. The website link is included in the instructions to reach that info.
•i know there are a lot more models of single pod offer makers out there today and reading hundreds of reviews gets overwhelming. I just decided to narrow it down to my personal brewing needs, looked for a large number of 4 star + amazon reviews attached to each model as i searched, and factored in my budget to find what i hoped would be the best keurig for me. This strategy has paid off in spades, so far. The single cup at a time fits my 1-2 cup a morning, single (happily lifestyle, it is my favorite color, brews delicious full-flavor coffee, saves on space and time keeping it clean, and best of all, the k-mini is super affordable! You definitely get a great value in the appliance for your money here! Enjoy!

4Expert Score
Makes great coffee

This coffee maker makes the best tasting kurig i’ve ever had and i’ve had many models. The more expensive models don’t seem to last long, i found this unit on sale for 60.00 so i gave it try. The maker is flimsy but it work like a charm, (so far).

4Expert Score

We used to have the bigger keurig and when it was time for a new one, we decided to give the smaller one a try. We like that it takes up less space but still has the attractive color options. I personally like pouring water in for each cup to your liking and thinks it prevents the tank from getting buildup, keeping it cleaner. The only thing is it does take a few minutes to brew, where as the bigger one was a lot quicker (probably because of the water reservoir). Great price point though and definitely no regrets with our purchase.

4Expert Score
Good spare coffee machine

Only con i can say is it is slow! But good little machine

4Expert Score
Giving keurig another chance

My second keurig. The first, more than ten years ago, was a reservoir model that was a mold farm. Impossible to keep clean because of the complicated plumbing. I gave up on it about four years ago. I’ve had two single cup off brands since that both failed. The most interesting fact about this one is that the flavor of the k cups i use never tasted quite right……..too strong. This pot makes better tasting brews using the same k cups. Truly, this makes me very happy. I’m convinced that it’s a water temperature thing, and keurig is getting it right.
The only issue left is durability, and that will take time, but i expect it to last.

4Expert Score
Works pretty good

I wonder how long this brewer was sitting on shelves, there was a coupon in the package that was expired at the beginning of last year, now i wonder if i bought a good model.

4Expert Score
I love it it's very easy 2 use, marvelous

Everything,all of the above, an my coffee dispenses quickly. Thank u.

4Expert Score
Great space saver.

Needs to have the instruction book totally re-written. I learned to use it from a review a purchaser wrote!

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