KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01

KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01 KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01 : Beauty & Personal Care
KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive: An easy applicator strip allows for a mess-free, flawless application with specially formulated adhesive that delivers long-lasting lash wear.

What are kiss strip eyelash adhesive features?

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  • Formaldehyde and latex free
  • Super strong hold
  • Brush applicator for thin and precise glue line
  • With aloe

KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01 AMAZON KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01 : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

Does this glue dry clear or black?

This glue 100% clear when it is dry, when it is wet, it is white. I like it because it helps me know where i put the glue and where i may or may not need more.

The completely dried look is a bit shiny, but that can be covered up by applying eyeliner or mascara to bid the shine.

Is this waterproof?

Yes, it is. It actually really is. One of the best i’ve used. I’ve used and have several brands, and this is my go to. I even have a back up for my back up. My only concern is that it doesn’t come in black in a waterproof formula. At least i haven’t found it. If it does exist, someone let me know where to find the black waterproof version. But this one i love and it works on all varieties and brands of lashes and i’m new to strip lashes after extensions destroyed my lashes, this is easy to work with and great for beginners to experts.

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Does it last in humid weather? The brand i’m using is horrible in the heat.

I’m a sweaty person and this glue always lasts for me. I went to asia for a month and used this glue everyday. It keeps my lashes on all day and more. I recommend putting glue on the lash and your own eyelid for the ultimate fit

Could you use this instead of spirit gym to affix small jewels to your face?

Yes i used it before. Only thing the jewels doesn’t stay on long if you sweat.

Este producto es pega para pegar las sejas

Si y es muy bueno y cómo trae aloe protege tu piel

Do it have a strong ordor and do tne vlue burn your eyes?

This is my favorite glue! It’s easy to use, not gooey, no smell, and no burn whatsoever. I use every single day! A little goes a long way. Apply to lash, not eye lid, let it set for about 20 seconds, then adhere. Lasts all day until you remove!

Does the glue make your real lashes fall out or does it pull them off?

No. But you do have to apply a large amount to hold the lash. And it gets sticky. But does not damage the lashes

Has anyone with dry eyes tried this? Does it irritate?

I have severe dry eye and this is the only eyelash glue i will use i just love it and stays right there no problem a must have!

Can you use this glue for under eyelash application?

No, i would not recommend. This glue is for strip lashes

Can this glue be used for human hair eyebrows?

The use is 4 eye lashes.

How is the product quality?

Amazing quality

Is this a good lash glue for sensitive eyes ?

Yes i also have very sensitive eyes and dry eye and this stuff is amazing and i love it it’s all i buy now lol

Would this work for chunky glitter?

I believe it would work good! Just use a little glue at a time

How long do your lashes last with this glue?

I use this glue on my lashes every day. It’s been at least 20 wears so far. Just put a thin coat of glue. Don’t cake it on! It holds all day and night for me, with no lifting

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How long does your lashes hold with this glue ?

I wear this glue on my lashes every day! Put on in the am and still on strong late at night when i take them off. 15 hours later. Great glue! I use a thin coat! Let stand for about 10-12 seconds before applying. Works awesome!

What are good makeup removers to remove the lash glue from my lids? I’ve tried coconut oil and miceller water but still leaves reside on lids

‘ we recommend using regular oil-based eye makeup removers.”

Is this come as 3 pack for $9.83?

Not sure cause i ordered 2 but if the description says so then it probably does

I want to try false eyelashes; i bought some lashes by kiss, need to buy adhesive. Sounds like it works well. How do you remove the lashes?

Just pull them like you would with any other false eyelashes. It doesn’t hurt, nor does it rip off your own eyelashes.

Can this be applied to my lashline like some other products?

I typically apply it to the fake lashes first, because it is easier for me personally. I have sensitive skin and eyes and i haven’t had any issues, so i’m sure you could also apply it to your lash line without any kind of issues. It dries pretty fast, so keep that in mind! 🙂

KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01 AMAZON KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive, Clear 0.176 Oz KPLGL01 : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

I suck at putting on lashes. I wanted to practice so i was looking for a glue to make it easy for me. Not going to lie this glue is great but i fine that when i close it some product spills out. It does dry fairly quickly and it made it easier. My
application was nowhere near perfect but it was better than my previous attempts and i think it’s thanks to this adhesive.

5Expert Score
Great product!

I highly recommend this glue. The cost is cheap and it works great! I have taken showers with my lashes on and they never fell out. I went to an amusement park and was worried my lashes would fall out on the rides and it stayed on the whole time. This glue works wonders. Will definitely be buying more.

5Expert Score
My favorite

This is by far my favorite lash glue. It drys super quick and once it’s on i’ve never had issues with my lashes lifting or coming off. I remove it with oil on a cotton round and comes right off. This is a repurchase for me time and time again although i’ll admit a tube last forever.

5Expert Score
Upholds in all environments

Truly recommend this lash glue. 5/5.
I actually used this glue to glue rhinestones on my face for the bad bunny concert, not lashes. But what i can tell you is that this product really held up under some extreme conditions. Unfortunately, i was not feeling great at one point and lost consciousness hitting concrete steps. When i awoke, the rhinestones were still glued on my face. I then passed out again and my face was doused in water. Again rhinestones stayed thanks to this glue. Great product!

5Expert Score
Way better than duo

Duo can suck it. This stuff is way better. The only thing i don’t like about this is that it clumps up a little inside the bottle after a month or two, so i always have to buy a new bottle even if the old one isn’t finished. Luckily, it’s cheap. It’s worth it because the adhesion and quality is so good.

5Expert Score
My favorite brand of eyelash glue!

This is an excellent brand. It has an excellent price. The lash glue works great and doesn’t hurt my eyes. It never is visible after it dries. The concentrate is smooth and the time it takes to dry is slow enough to apply the lashes and quick enough to glue lashes on and hold. I would not go with any other brand.

5Expert Score
Amazing holding power

By far the best lash glue i’ve tried! I fell to sleep with my lashes on once and i woke up with them looking like i just freshly applied them. This will forever be my go to!

5Expert Score
A must have!

This is a product i always have on hand. It works great, keeps lashes firmly attached for a few days and is great to carry with you for touch up spots. I keep mine in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. Adhesives like this will become clumpy if left out in warmer temperatures, especially in the summer.

5Expert Score
Latex-free is the way to go !!

Best latex free eyelash glue , in my opinion! I love love love this glue it doesn’t leave residue behind and it certainly doesn’t pull any of my lashes out !

5Expert Score
Cheaper online than in store

I like this stuff but it has become so expensive in store. The adhesive keeps my lashes on all day, except it does start to separate towards the end of the day. If i get sweaty/teary-eyed, it’s game over—but the days i’m not crying, it’s great!

4Expert Score
Good glue

This glue is one of the best glues that i have ever used. It’s not perfect… But after searching for so long, i don’t think that there is a perfect glue. This one is definitely at the top. It has a firm hold and lasts for a few days before coming up in the corners.

4Expert Score

It’s so much easier with this glue and does not burn if you accidentally get it in your eyes. It dries up quickly so the lashes will attach strongly. The only thing is once taking off the lashes the white stuff stays on the eye lid and it’s hard to remove.

4Expert Score

Just sticky for me but it’s good

4Expert Score
Loved it

Great lash glue not too harsh

4Expert Score
Good but wouldn't call it waterproof

She didn’t hold up for my complete mental breakdown. Lashes came off in the first 30 minutes of uncontrollable sobbing. Tears don’t count as waterproof i guess. Good for the price!

4Expert Score
Not all day wear but good for price

Also dries white. Notices that it leaves a lot of tacky residue on eyelid that is difficult to remove.

4Expert Score
Love itt

This is the best eyelash glue ever. Sometimes the corners come off but i think thats more of a skill issue as the rest is perfect. It stays on so well and it lasts me an entire work day !! Best glue ever

4Expert Score
Good glue – great value

I have used many different eyelash glues over the past 3 years and i always come back to my tried and true kiss brand in clear. It’s easy to use, has a decent hold, and you cannot beat the price.

4Expert Score
I liked it

It’s honestly a really strong glue! I usually get the duo waterproof glue the one that turns clear and that stuff is super hard to get off but it’s what i like. This one is a bump down from that but it’s still very strong just easier to remove without ripping your lashes out i’ll be buying more

4Expert Score
I like it

This is the first time i have used this product. I like it

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