KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black

KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black : Home & Kitchen
KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener: The kitchenaid can opener is an essential gadget for any kitchen. The can opener’s large, easy-to-turn knob makes opening cans an easy task. The can opener features a sharp, 420 j2 stainless steel cutting wheel and an integrated bottle opener built into the head. This can opener is durable and comes with ergonomic handles to provide a sure grip when in use. It has glossy abs handles, abs satin chrome plated bolsters and endcaps, as well as an abs satin chrome plated badge. Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent, rinse and dry immediately. One year hassle-free replacement and lifetime limited.

What are kitchenaid classic multifunction can opener / bottle opener features?

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  • Stainless steel blade: the kitchenaid can opener is made from strong 420 j2 stainless steel that is designed to easily puncture and open all types of cans and bottles
  • Integrated bottle opener: an integrated bottle opener is built into the head of the can opener
  • Easy to turn knob: the can opener’s large, easy-to-turn knob makes opening cans an easy task
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort: this can opener is durable and designed with ergonomic handles to provide a sure grip
  • Hand wash only: hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse and dry immediately.
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KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black AMAZON KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black : Home & Kitchen

Looking for specific info?

Is it cruelty free ?

The cruelty is that the wheels will rust shortly after your return window closes and then you have to toss it in the trash.

Where is it made / manufactured? Made in the usa? Not made in china?

Made in china

Where is it manufactured?

I don’t know, but it is a piece of junk. It lasted only 3 months.

Does it leave sharp edges on the lid or does it cut on the side?

It cuts on the lid. I suppose the edges are sharp. Never checked it.

Can you recommend some similar products?

Xoxo makes good products as well , price point is a little lower but not by much , amazon products work well also and are usually less expensive

How long can it be used?

People might not like this but if i’m not opening anything too crazy i usually will wipe clean and store. Other than that i sometimes wash it place the metal side down to let the water run from the handle and let it dry the whole day before storing. I think it should last a long time if not constantly used and handled with care. At first it wouldn’t turn easily when turning it like a normal opener so i was turning the handle towards myself instead of away but then it just started working normal i think because my bf just cranked it hard enough. It’s beautiful and worth the shot if u make sure to care that it not rust but rust can also be cleaned if you care to do it.

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How is the product quality?

The quality is excellent. It’s strong but very easy to use. The turn handle is big enough to turn easily and it’s small enough to stash in a drawer. And it’s dishwasher safe. I highly recommend it. (i had the same one for aprox 9 years, but it did eventually break but lasted forever in my opinion)

Is this product still available?

At the time i ordered it was

Are all metal parts stainless steel?

All i can say is there are no plastic parts in the mechanism but whether allnparts are stainless, i don’t know.

Bought in april. Knob stripped off. Is it warrantied? Thank you

I really don’t know about a warranty, but it is the most difficult manual can opener ai have ever used, if it is the opening handle you are referring to, i can fully understand it stripping off.

Is the product harmful to children’s health?

Don’t let children under 12 eat it

How come this manual can opener isn’t designed to open as those like hamilton beach safety can opener opening on the side? Makes this more kid safe.

It grabs the can under the lid on the outside as it came from the store. The cutting wheel cuts the lid very close to the inside of the wall of the can leaving the factory seal on top of the wall intact which is not sharp.

I did not run a finger inside the wall which could have been left sharp but the lid cut was depressed.

All cans are different and some openers work on some, some on others, and and my previous best & expensive one no longer always works.

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Is the product safe for health?

I don’t know if it’s safe – mine broke within a week so i didn’t use it long enough to find out.

Is this product as good as what it advertises?

Magic 8 ball says yes

How long can the product be used?

Until your arm gets tired

Why are companies making manual safe can openers that are not safe like the electric ones that are safer? Don’t leave any sharp edges. Period!!!!!

Answer 2 considering can designs are always changing and i have a hand one that ‘lifts off’ the top, but no longer works usually, i would not invest in an electric that goes out of date and takes up counter space.

Is this product good for health?

This product is not likely to impact your health.

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

It depends on what can you are using it on. If the can is rusted you may damage the cutting wheel as study as it is because of the extra grit. If the can is in good condition and you clean the cutting wheel right after it shouldn’t have any effect on it.

Fast delivery?


Can my baby use this product a lot?

Ten months, tops.

KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black AMAZON KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black : Home & Kitchen

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
(one of my) favorite mid-cost kitchen brand(s)

Anytime i’m staring at an amazon query of 20+ pages of comparable kitchen items, my preferred mid-cost brands are kitchenaid and cuisinart. By midcost, i am referring to the general set of affordable kitchen utensils that would need to be replaced within 3-5 years, but usually no sooner. For a can opener that at most will see use a few times a day, i am not interested in spending more than how much kitchenaid charges for this one. The handles are grippy enough while being durable to withstand wear. The metal/gears look as clean and strong as the day i bought it. The red accents are machined well. I like the inclusion of a bottle opener, and its location is optimal for leverage given how you would naturally hold the opener. For this price, i usually set my expectation that it will need to be replaced by the time i need to move apartments/to a new city. While i can’t personally claim mine has lasted longer than this, the fact i can’t tell just from looking at mine that i’ve had it for over two years testifies you probably won’t need anything more expensive except in industrial kitchens.

5Expert Score
The best

My favorite can opener so far, it’s beautiful! I love the color, size of handle and turning knob. It feels sturdy, i’ve had too many break on me. I notice i do have to tilt the opener a little to keep it opening but it’s my favorite yet. Would definitely buy again and the variety of colors is awesome. I personally loooved the color i got

5Expert Score
Should have bought the first time

My old can opener broke after 5 years of usage. So, i bought a new one, but didn’t want to spend much money on it. Now two months later, i’m forced into once again buy a new can opener. Kitchenaid is kitchenaid, they don’t get that well-known by producing junk. This one has the feel as if it will last decades. It opens even gallon sized cans with ease.

5Expert Score
Best can opener in 50yrs!

Smooth, effortless, perfect! I’ve had 4 electric spinning openers, tons of manual openers, & 1 countertop electric opener, but this kitchen aid manual can opener is by far the best opener ever! Woww!!! Where has this opemer been all my life?! Easier & smoother to use than even the electric openers that are supposed to do it for you; this opener does it for you!! Honestly, effortless!!

5Expert Score
Broke after one year, but it looks like they will replace it

I bought this because i thought it had a lifetime warranty. Now i returned and it only gives a 1 year warranty so i’m not happy. Going to look for a lifetime real warranty.

Kitchenaid is going to warranty it, but i need to pay to send it in. If they end up paying for me to send it in i will probably give 5 stars. Wanted to let you know that and raise it from 2 to 4 stars and maybe 5 if they replace it. The fact still stands that it broke after 1.3 years. I really want more ‘intentional’ items that won’t fill the landfill. But maybe their replacement will be better. Updating to say: they are sending me a new can opener and i will let you know how long that lasts so i have updated to 5 stars because of good lifetime warranty and customer service. Thank you.

5Expert Score

This can opener is way better than the ollie’s one i bought a few years ago. You could not pay me to switch back. It’s easy to use and doesn’t hurt your hand! If you have this you’re winning!

5Expert Score
The best

My parents had a phase where they would buy a lot of things from the dollar store and i believed if i broke it that it’s my fault that it broke but i realize it’s the qualities fault of why it broke.

This is high to your quality. I can feel it every time i open up a can and i’m loving it.

5Expert Score
Actually works

This one has gears that drive two wheels, not just one. We have a drawer full from old cheap ones of unknown origin to newish expensive ones that do not work. This is a little pricy, but you get what you pay for.

5Expert Score
Works beautifully with very little effort

I love kitchen aid. This can opener is one more example of the quality kitchen aid provides. Very easy to use. I bought this as a back up to my tornado hand free can opener. Sometimes it doesn’t work on some cans but the kitchen aid always does!! Faster than the tornado!

5Expert Score
If you have issues with dexterity, you need this tool in your kitchen

Bought one for me a few years ago as i have arthritis. I went to my mother’s house and used an old school opener and realized what i had. These things are stocking staffers for all my family now. They are great

4Expert Score
Sturdy, but the handles are not comfortable

They are just hard plastic cylinders. Not ergonomic at all.

4Expert Score
It does the job.

It opens cans pretty easily, especially since i have arthritis. So i feel i made the right purchase. The only drawback is how long is it going to last. It does seem well made though.

4Expert Score
Classic staple in a kitchen

Basic can opener nothing fancy
can always count on kitchen aid products
works great
wish the handles weren’t so bulky

4Expert Score
I prefer a manual can opener and this is it

My old manual can opener stopped opening everything and drove me up a wall. I found this one and was thrilled when it arrived. I wanted to open every can in my house. It is so easy to use and seems great so far.

4Expert Score
Works great

Its a can open so its easy to you and works perfectly.

4Expert Score
Works good

Opens cans without much effort. I would recommend it.

4Expert Score
Best can opener

Always happy with kitchenaid gadgets. Never fail. No rust. Perfect buy.

4Expert Score
Make sure you turn in the right direction and be careful with the handle

The plastic handle makes me nervous, feels flimsy but so far it’s been working fine.

4Expert Score
Pretty decent, but does have a tendency to rust

It’s hard to find a good can opener. A lot of them break… The rotating function stops working, etc. This one is pretty strong and sturdy.. And it looks good. However, it does have a tendency to rust, so you’ll need to maintain it. Not much to say, except there are a lot of can openers and this one is pretty decent all things considered.

4Expert Score
A little big

They are a significant jump in quality from the 1 or 2 dollar can openers, but they’re a bit large for my hands. Tbf, my hands are on the smaller side, so they may work for many people, but it’s not exactly what i was hoping for.

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