Kndko Countertop Ice Maker,High-Efficient Square Ice Maker Machine,2 Way Add Water,45 lbs Cubes Daily,Self-Cleaning,Ice Size Control,24H Timer,Compact for Home Party Bar RV,Black

Kndko Countertop Ice Maker,High-Efficient Square Ice Maker Machine,2 Way Add Water,45 lbs Cubes Daily,Self-Cleaning,Ice Size Control,24H Timer,Compact for Home Party Bar RV,Black

Buy Kndko Countertop Ice Maker,High-Efficient Square Ice Maker Machine,2 Way Add Water,45 lbs Cubes Daily,Self-Cleaning,Ice Size Control,24H Timer,Compact for Home Party Bar RV,Black: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are kndko countertop ice maker features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Never run out of ice! : -high efficient kndko ice maker produces 24 cubes in 13~18 min and 2,000 pcs/45 lbs per day with cube’s size 20*20*22mm.the ice is solid ,clear and melts slowly with beverages and cool them quickly.they are useful for drinks, bulk cooling and bagging applications. Most popular in the home party,office,bar,outdoor,rv .
  • Simple to use: -just adding water or use a water bucket(less 5l,not included) which help to avoid frequent water filling,to get consistent size cubes and takes longer to melt then ”bullet” or ”nugget” ice. The ice comes with ice sheet and breaked up to separated cubes with scoop.when the 2.6lbs basket gets full, transfer to an ice bag and place it in freezer so that get 45lbs per day. If paired with pure water, then come out nice,clear ice cubes.
  • Convenient solution for daily cleaning & 24h timer & size control: one press on ‘clean’ for 5 seconds to start self-cleaning program and wait for 20 min and drain the dirty water to complete.the modern led display is able to increase the ice-making cycle time(6 gears) to make‘bigger’cubes and can be set to stop before midnight and restart next morning by the 24 timer function.
  • Easy to move for rv outdoor parties: – easily moving the ice maker as needed with size 13.8*9.8*15.0in,weight 22lb.whether it’s summer or winter,the ice maker helps keep food fresh, creat cold drinks, cool beers, and is the foundation of smoothies,drinks,cold food.
  • Why can you get it by the ‘good’ money: -we sell directly from the factory and there is no middleman to earn the difference, ensuring that you can get it by the optimal cost.
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Kndko Countertop Ice Maker,High-Efficient Square Ice Maker Machine,2 Way Add Water,45 lbs Cubes Daily,Self-Cleaning,Ice Size Control,24H Timer,Compact for Home Party Bar RV,Black AMAZON

Buy Kndko Countertop Ice Maker,High-Efficient Square Ice Maker Machine,2 Way Add Water,45 lbs Cubes Daily,Self-Cleaning,Ice Size Control,24H Timer,Compact for Home Party Bar RV,Black: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can this sit on a stone countertop without damaging it ?

Yes it can. Does not leak.

Do you leave it plugged in when not making ice ?

It shuts itself off when the basket is full.

Can you use distilled water in this machine?

Yes you can. You can also use bottle water but i live at 9000 feet in the mountains and i just my well water. Really like the set up.

Kndko Countertop Ice Maker,High-Efficient Square Ice Maker Machine,2 Way Add Water,45 lbs Cubes Daily,Self-Cleaning,Ice Size Control,24H Timer,Compact for Home Party Bar RV,Black AMAZON

Buy Kndko Countertop Ice Maker,High-Efficient Square Ice Maker Machine,2 Way Add Water,45 lbs Cubes Daily,Self-Cleaning,Ice Size Control,24H Timer,Compact for Home Party Bar RV,Black: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great addition to home bar and keeps up great!

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I was pleasantly surprised by how well this bad boy produced ice! We are very picky about the type of ice in our cocktails and i have to say if you are looking for a machine that can keep up with your party and also giving you the kind of ice you want in your drinks, this is it!

The cube ice shape is a perfect size and melts much slower than nugget/pellet ice which is what we wanted! This is far better than the bullet ice those cheap machines make.

The only downfall to the machine is that you need to smash up the ice after each dump to break it apart. I highly recommend buying a metal ice scoop because the cheap plastic one the machine comes with is a bit of a joke. This downfall is not an issue overall as you get used to smashing your ice every once in a while and becomes a conversation piece. Lol.

The machine is quiet over all. The only noise is from the fan to keep the coolant from overheating when creating the ice. And then about every 18 min, you’ll hear the ice drop.

If you’re having a party, fill up the water reservoir with 3l water and power on the machine at least an hour prior to your guests arriving. It will keep up all night if you occasionally break up the ice and migrate it to an ice bucket every once in a while.

We should’ve bought this sooner! Saves us money and freezer space trying to buy ice and then keep it stored for a party.

5Expert Score
Good ice maker for the price

The only negative i have is that the cubes are bonded together. I have taken to drop them into a ziplock bag and break them apart. I am pleased with the amount of ice and other featherers of the ice maker. I don’t find it too loud although the first drop of ice makes a good sound. The cubes are about 1/2 inch squares and can be very solid. At the max setting it takes about 15-16 minutes for the first batch to drop at normal room temperatures, but you can get satisfying ice quicker at the less solid settings. It also holds a decent amount of water even without the optional water bottle (not included) . Overall, i would recommend this ice maker.

5Expert Score
Quiet, easy to use

The regular size ice cubes are too big for drinks and wines. This makes small bullet ice. It can produce either thin or thick ice cubes by choosing the level. Level 6 can thicken it up nicely. We’ve used this ice-maker this summer frequently. We also brought it to the camping trips. It has been working like charm. The nice thing is it provides the option to direct connect to the pressurized water supply that automatically keeps it filled with water.

It’s very quiet that i barely hear the noises when it’s working. It automatically shuts off after done or out of water. It also has the self-cleaning function. Just press and hold the clean to start. The drain pipe is located under the bottom which drains the water completely. I do the clean cycle and drain the water and air dry the machine when i don’t use it. I should say this product is well designed and manufactured. I am very pleased with this product.

5Expert Score
Exelente producto ami me pareció sensacional es lo que buscaba

Me agrado su desempeño por la manera de hacer los hielos es lo que estaba buscando y más por su depósito de agua que le cabe más sin preocuparme de ponerle más agua por un tiempo en lo personal me gustó el producto yo si lo recomiendo y además si debe llevar su galón que lleva de su capacidad.

5Expert Score
It can be a little loud when filling the tray

The ice is great. I empty the ice into a bucket in the freezer when it is filled.

5Expert Score
Great little machine!

Love this ice maker, very satisfied with the noise level. Good ice. Definitely worth the money.

5Expert Score
Great ice

I love that compared to the frigidaire that broke on me this machine is seamlessly quite it only makes an obvious sound when the ice drops into the tray. I love this machine

5Expert Score
Excelente producto

Muy rápido

5Expert Score
Me encantó, la recomiendo 100%

No tiene nivel de ruido alto, súper eficiente y elegante.

5Expert Score
Ice maker

Works well so far!

4Expert Score
Great tabletop icemaker

I had an icemaker from a couple years ago that was having some issues where it would stop making ice when it had water and room to do so. Before it quit completely, i went looking for a replacement. We go through a lot of ice especially in the summer, since we live in the desert.
I settled on this being the best replacement. I love that it’s square ice, rather than the bullet-shaped ones of my former icemaker. I also love that we can specify how ‘tough’ the ice is-from the softer, crunchable ice to the rock hard ice that will stand up best in whatever water bottle we currently are using. Another feature i love is that it will take a small bottle on the top to feed water into the machine as it’s used. There is a problem however-finding a bottle to use in it. The bottle that is recommended as ‘frequently bought together’ is the besportble bottle. I purchased it, but found that the neck on it is far too wide to use with the icemaker. I feel that the bottle should be included with the icemaker.
That said, this is a bit noisy. When it’s making ice, it’s running water over the cubes like a waterfall, and this can be quite noisy. I tune it out, but the husband complains about it.
I would recommend that if you are looking for an icemaker, this is a great choice. I don’t relocate the ice to the freezer in part because the kids go through ice quickly, and because it stays cold enough to keep them for an extended period after being made in the machine. And if they melt, it recycles into new cubes.

4Expert Score
Ice maker

Love it. Easy to use, very good size and quick to make ice cubs

4Expert Score
Love it, but could be better!

I love having actual cubed ice. I was hoping the cubes would be a little smaller. I do like that you can control the density of the ice cubes!! I hate how loud it is. The listing said 35 decibels of sound but it is actually about 65. Almost double.

4Expert Score
Thank you

Large sizes

4Expert Score
Ice ice baby

Let me start by saying the product worked great but i couldn’t give it 5 stars because the instruction manual was missing the most important section – using your ice maker. Supposed to be on page 8 but my instruction manual skipped from page 5 to page 10. I got on amazon and found a couple videos from others that provided some help. Ultimately, the videos plus a revisit to the product page helped explain the buttons.

First tip – make sure you wipe it out first. The water tank on my unit had several dead bugs – small bugs but still they were bugs. I didn’t do that. Lesson learned. I’m sure it was covered in the manual but i pitched that aside because of the missing pages.

Being a male i didn’t read the instructions that i did and didn’t have. I put some water in the small opening on top (later found out that you can remove the top and fill it manually or put a 5 gallon bottle of water on top). I turned it on and thought it was malfunctioning because water was flowing out the cube holes. Turns out that’s how it works. I never knew. Of course, i learned that from watching another video online of a similar style ice maker but different brand.

So now that i know it was working correctly i made some ice cubes. In one of the videos i watched they had the number setting at -3 or -2. Not knowing what that meant i set mine to that to see what happened. The cubes came out fairly fast (10-12 minutes/batch) and i noticed they were somewhat hallow and more wet than i imagined. Wondering what the numbers represented i went to the product page on amazon and figured out that the higher the number the thicker the cube. So i put my machine to +6 and now it was taking longer to make the cubes but they were solid and it also used more of the water in the tank.

I still haven’t figured out the timer setting but i don’ know that i would use that feature. To be honest, we will use the ice maker for the short comings of our refrigerator ice maker that takes about an hour to make a batch of 12 cubes. Plus, while the machine runs quietly, when the ice dumps into the bucket you know it. First couple batches it scared the dog making her run out of the kitchen.

Overall – very happy with the way it makes ice, the speed and the quality of the cube. Would have been 5 stars if the instructions were included in their entirety.

4Expert Score
Great ice maker

Works great, keeps up consistently. No disappointments. I put it in our house bar. I like the options it has for density of the ice cubes.

4Expert Score
Makes ice like a champ, but scratches easily

I got this ice maker because i have a samsung fridge, and the ice makers in those can be, well, finicky and expensive to work on/replace, so i got this as a stop-gap.


it makes ice extremely well, it drops a tray (24 cubes) for me consistently every 18 minutes.

Small footprint, it takes-up barely any space on my countertop compared to other things i use normally like my ninja foodi.

The drain for the unit is in a convenient place close to the front of the unit for when you’re not going to use it for an extended period of time.

While making ice i noticed a maximum of just 2.3 amps of power being used, so this device can be used in many places outside of just a home if you’re on-the-go.

It’s also not loud, i think my decibel meter recorded only about 65 db or so (please reference the video) and that was when close to the vent fan.


the unit makes ‘wet ice’ – it’s still below freezing temperature of course, but only just. I wouldn’t necessarily just let it sit making tray after tray of ice and building up in the collection tray as the collection part of the icemaker doesn’t maintain an ambient temp below freezing. Use it soon or throw the ice into a proper freezer for later use.

I’m not entirely sold on the self cleaning function. It runs a lot of water through the unit, but doesn’t specify to use any sort of mild detergents, and the water doesn’t even get warm, so i’m not really quite sure what’s it’s doing for those 20 minutes aside of running water through it.

The manual has a bit of broken english in it, but it’s not hard to figure out


the ice scoop is pretty cheap quality, fairly brittle feeling plastic. Your best option is to just remove the collection tray as a whole and place the ice to its intended destination.

The paint scratches easily! You can see a couple of scratches down to the pure steel in one my pictures, which isn’t difficult to do since there’s just a thin layer of paint. I have zero idea where they even came from as i didn’t scratch the unit myself to my recollection.

Update for a new negative point: i’ve noticed three times now after making ice, i approximate after about 6 trays or so, the unit tries to freeze up. Despite being absolutely nowhere close to being low on water, the compressor starts to make a whining sound and the displayed ambient temperature shoots up. Be mindful of this if you’re running a marathon ice making session and listen for it. Perhaps this is isolated to my unit, or i might have found a design flaw.

4Expert Score
Not a bad ice maker for the price

We have an opal 2.0 that we use everyday, but wanted a secondary ice maker in another room. We decided to give this one a try. This unit is quite a bit louder than our opal(manly due to the type of ice it produces and dumps). But i will tell you that it does produce plenty of ice. The cubes do drop out in sheets and require some help breaking apart, but overall it’s a nice unit for the money. I’d recommend if you have a bar area away from your main kitchen, or perhaps for an rv this would be a great unit to have.

4Expert Score
Noisy but works as described

This was so noisy! It reminded me of a seedy motel’s fluorescent lights or vending machines you hear running in scary movies. Besides this, it made ice relatively fast. Seemed easy to operate and is small enough to fit on kitchen counter. Can be brought in camper for making ice on camping trips. I don’t like the noise but it works well so 4/5 stars.

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