Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone, Black

Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone, Black

Buy Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone, Black: On-Ear Headphones – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are koss kph7 lightweight portable headphone features?

  • Adjustable headband for comfort and secure fit
  • 3.5mm plug and 4 ft. Cord
  • Deep base response
  • Frequency response 80-18,000 hz, 91db spl sensitivity
  • 32 ohms
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Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone, Black AMAZON

Buy Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone, Black: On-Ear Headphones – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

How long do they last if you use them almost everyday? Should i get two pairs or stick with one?

Mine lasted 9 months with near everyday use. The plastic just above the ear snapped when i was putting then on. Still, i have no complaints. The sound quality was okay for tv, and they were comfortable enough. They are decent, serviceable, cheap headphones.

What type of male connection do these have? A straight stick or one that’s angled at 90 degrees?

Angled at 90 degrees

Does it work with an iphone 11? And is it adjustable?

It is adjustable. I don’t have an iphone but it has the usual headphone jack. I believe you would need an adapter as iphones don’t have a dedicated headphone port.

Are these kid friendly and will they fit a child snuggly?

They would fit a kid over about 5 probably pretty well.
The adjustment mechanism is a little wobbly. It has come undone on me a couple of times. The would stand up to very much abuse.
Hope that helps.

Will these headphones work with my desktop?

Don’t know about a desktop, haven’t tried. Does your desktop have an audio jack that’s the same size as the standard phone and tablet audio jack?

Will they fit my hd 10 inch (11th generation) tablet with physical attached keyboard?

These will connect to any device with a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

What is the size of the earphone jack?

Hello, size is a standard 1/8′.
The only flaw i found was that the wires are on both head pieces. I prefer the wire being only on one single earpiece. And, they actually sound decent, depending what you have powering them.

Does these headphones have bass

Yes, maybe a hair too much,when at full volume they do vibrate. I noticed they have a lifetime warranty,which i thought was pretty cool.

I am looking for replacement ear cushions for the kph7 headphone. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately i can’t help you with that one…the koss website doesn’t even sell ones which fit these…might need to try ebay.

How do you tell left from right?

There is no left or right. Symetrical design.

Can other people hear audio while headphones plugged in?

I have not had an issue with others hearing audio while headphones are plugged in.

Is the cord the slippery or the new rubbery material?

Slippery, and not well built

We are having problems with our current headphones plugging into the jack completely with a case on our ipads. Would these solve that problem?

Buying these will not solve a problem you’re having with your current headphones.
The may not have the same problem. If they do, you should be able to return them.

What is the country of origin for the koss kph7 headphones? It should say on the packaging…

Need you ask? A $6 set of head phones, obviously ……

Cable length?

Cable is about 2 meters long.

Will these work with my cellphone? Verizon lg with slide.

The headphones have a standard stereo mini-plug. If your phone has a standard stereo mini-jack, they will work.

Will they work with an i pad mini?

It works just fine with my ipad as the earphones have a standard stereo jack (which also works with a mono female receptacle.) but my mini is a car, not an ipad, so i have no first hand knowledge, but it should work w/o a problem.

Are these safe with pacemaker

I do not know, i do not have that issue. I suggest you call your cardiologist or the pacemaker company rep.

Can these be used on airline tv screens?


Will this block out noise if no music is playing?

No. These are cheap simple headphones with no ability to block or cancel noise from the surroundings.

Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone, Black AMAZON

Buy Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone, Black: On-Ear Headphones – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
These $6 headphones kick my $100 headphones to the curb

Maybe i’m old, but the bass in most headphones these days kill any other sounds. The unbalanced bass makes movie watching, let alone music listening a frustrating experience. These koss kph7 are well balanced and makes all sounds hearable. For the $6 price tag, you can’t go wrong.

5Expert Score
Great inexpensive headphones

I use these almost every day while working on my computer. They work well for listening to radio, music, podcasts, and for zoom calls. For the price, they are an excellent value.

5Expert Score
Good headphones

These headphones are very comfortable. You’re able to adjust it that way it fits perfectly on your head. It has good volume and cancels out the noise if it’s all the way up. Sometimes if the wire is twisted it delays on the sound but other than that it’s great.

5Expert Score
A quality product

A quality product that can be used with hearing aids.

5Expert Score
Shut out the outside world

Nice fit. The sound is great to pick up more subtle sounds in my music. Comfortable for long term use.

5Expert Score
Amazing cheap headphones with good flexibility. 🙂

I bought a pair of headphones before because i like to listen to music while i sleep. Normally, headphones hurt my ears, but if i use earbuds in my sleep they make my ear sore and hurt. So i decided to search for a good, cheap light-weighted pair of headphones. These are the types of headphones you’d mostly find on an airplane, but i find these are slightly better. I found the sound to be quite pleasant. It never cut out or bugged unlike other more expensive headphones do from time to time. Obviously, there is no bass, or noise cancellation, i mean, what do you expect from a pair of 5.99 headphones? My biggest concern was if they would break since i am a side-sleeper, but i figured since they were so cheap i could buy another pair.. Nope! Just like the bio says, they are very flexible, and do not break as easy as i thought (for what they are at least, it is still plastic after all!) it is even comfortable when i have my head on one side, i hardly even feel them, and the cord isn’t as long, either. Overall, great headphones if you’re looking for a cheap, easy pair to bring with you to sleep, in your car, or airplane! I only bought the black one to see how they do, but after being so satisfied i might buy a pair in red, too!

5Expert Score
Works great

Good quality

5Expert Score
Works good with my hearing aids

Good product

5Expert Score
Has that classic look with a very, very good fit, finish, and feel, without being over stated.

I had some original sony mdr110lp from back in the 90’s-00’s that are now discontinued and over priced. Got them originally with my walkmans and i love the classic look, feel, and sound.

This koss kph7 are very very close. The sound is a little more treble than warm, and the sony’s were nice and warm sounding, but still light and open, but this koss is in no way tinny sounding. Both basically work like open back headphones because the drivers are so small (they dont cover the whole ear, like larger over ear headphones), so some sound is able to travel out through the foam pads.

They are not loud, even with sound on my flac player turned up to 80-85%, but i rarely need to go past that. Any more than that and you get distortion.

If you are used to larger over the ear studio monitors or high end open backed headphones, this will be a step down. And in general, sound quality is average, maybe even a little less than your average sony, philips, or apple in-ear phones.

But i bought it because i still prefer headphones over in-ear phones and i do prefer the comfort and open sound these give compared to any in-ear phones, whether high end or consumer – and i do have multiple pairs of in-ears from consumer bose, philips, sony, apple, to high end sennheiser.

For general, casual listening, outdoors or indoors, i have a use for these, and i really like them. They are light weight, comfortable, more durable than in-ear phones, and i’m okay with sacrificing some sound quality to get more airy, open-ness.

The value is amazing for the price. And if you’re looking to replicate that vintage 80-90’s sounding tech of portable cd players, walkman, and hand-held television/gameboys, this completely reminds me of that analog sound, maybe not the best warm, and full analog sound, but still -these are very nicely made, the materials are better than average for on-ear heaphones. They have nice clamp pressure, which can be forced looser if needed, and the pads are very very comfy.

I would recommend these for what they offer, and for their price. If you just need some very comfortable on-ear phones that you can wear all day and don’t want to look flashy with your over-sized over ear headphones, and know that sound will just be decent, for 7$ i’d pick these up while they are still being made.

On-ear headphone of this style and size are limited, but this one has that classic look, with a very very good fit, finish, and feel, without being over stated -just a 90’s kid in the modern world, rockin headband style phones and comfy foam pads.

5Expert Score
You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for. Good for school use

4Expert Score
The cheapest headphones on amazon

I bought this looking for a cheap set of headsets that i could replace easily if broken. As long as you’re not expecting quality sound, these will do the trick.

4Expert Score
I can't complain.

Might not be the best choice for those with large heads. At the price point, i’m satisfied.

4Expert Score
Great value, but they don't last

Have bought these three times and am about to order more. Have also tried other brand cheap headphones, which were all worse. Overall the koss are my choice. But in honesty must report that, in every single set, one channel would drop out within 6 to 9 months of daily use. I think the fault is in the plug, not the headphones themselves. In any case, just consider these semi-disposable, and live with it.

4Expert Score
Cheaply made

Sound was ok but no volume control /wires are thin easly broken

4Expert Score
Good for the money

Good for the money

4Expert Score
Good deal for the money

To be clear these are very low end head phones that do not offer any sound cancellation but, otherwise, have some pretty decent sound quality. Great for listening to shows or music while also being able to hear if the kiddies are throttling each other or if the dog is going to eat the cat.. . Or visa versa.

They are a good deal for the money.

4Expert Score
You'll know if this is what you're looking for.

These are what they are. For better and for worse, these are the old style 80s/90s style walkman-esque headphones, but with somewhat less solid construction. The walkman headphones of the time all had a metal band construction that the plastic was fit onto, and in fact you can still buy this style from koss in the form of the porta pros, albeit with a greater cost and far, far better sound quality.

These don’t sound particularly great, but they are so inexpensive as to be essentially disposable. Why buy these? Nostalgia, curiosity, cosplay. Maybe you don’t like in-ear models and don’t want to spend more for higher sound quality models. They wouldn’t be at all bad for podcast listening, for example… However if you want light and portable on ear headphones that actually sound good with music i would point you toward the koss porta pros or koss kph30i. They cost more, but you get a much better experience.

4Expert Score
Great, cheap, & won't destroy your ears

Great price. Comfortable. Flimsy & cheaply constructed, but able to take a beating. Most importantly for me is that you can actually reduce the volume to a comfortable level, unlike a lot of headphones that seem bent on causing hearing damage.

4Expert Score
It works

It works for the price. The design could have been better without having a line from each speaker meet in a y at your chect. Much better if they was a single cable from one specker to the output source.

4Expert Score
Inexpensive headphones!

Not much bass (as expected), but good value for the price!

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