LAMIGA Hand Warmers Rechargeable,Electric Hand Warmer Reusable,5200mAh Portable Powerbank,Hot Hand Pocket Heater for Outdoor Camping and Hunting,The Best Gift for Winter.

LAMIGA Hand Warmers Rechargeable,Electric Hand Warmer Reusable,5200mAh Portable Powerbank,Hot Hand Pocket Heater for Outdoor Camping and Hunting,The Best Gift for Winter. LAMIGA Hand Warmers Rechargeable,Electric Hand Warmer Reusable,5200mAh Portable Powerbank,Hot Hand Pocket Heater for Outdoor Camping and Hunting,The Best Gift for Winter : Sports & Outdoors

What are lamiga hand warmers rechargeable features?

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  • When the cold wind is biting, how do you resist the winter torment? The warm solution is a rechargeable hand warmer. Choose lamiga hand warmer, it is an excellent creative gift gadget with small and exquisite appearance and unique function for various scenarios, a suitable gift for men, women elderly and children.
  • Built-in safety intelligent chip, providing over-discharge, over-charge, overheat and short-circuit protection system, high-capacity high-quality battery, the shell is made of high-tech aviation-grade aluminum and abs plastic, good thermal conductivity, fall-proof, shock-proof, anti-scaling and explosion-proof. While bringing you warmth, protect your safety.
  • Double-sided heating, press and hold the switch 3s to quickly release warmth for you, and click the switch button during heating to switch between 3 temperature levels (low temperature 104-113°f, medium temperature 113-122°f, high temperature 122-131°f).
  • This 2-in-1 hand warmer and portable charger, with a simple one-button operation, has a type-c input port for charging the hand warmer and a usb output port for charging compatible devices (5v/2a ).
  • I think this would be the perfect winter gift. It could be given to someone with raynaud’s arthritis who needs heat therapy and a warming experience. It is portable and can also be given to those who enjoy hunting, hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, traveling, and other outdoor activities.
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LAMIGA Hand Warmers Rechargeable,Electric Hand Warmer Reusable,5200mAh Portable Powerbank,Hot Hand Pocket Heater for Outdoor Camping and Hunting,The Best Gift for Winter. AMAZON LAMIGA Hand Warmers Rechargeable,Electric Hand Warmer Reusable,5200mAh Portable Powerbank,Hot Hand Pocket Heater for Outdoor Camping and Hunting,The Best Gift for Winter : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

‘they drain out when not in use, so we just keep them on the charger at all times. ‘. Was that true?

Not true for us.

How do you attach the lanyard?

I use a pin and pulled it through the part with the hoop at the side

What type charger cord does it take

It has a usb charger but i wouldn’t bother to waste your money, the thing never even worked i threw it out, it was total junk! I got the hot hands disposals and they’re great and they fit inside my gloves.

When i push and hold the button i get three blue lights. No matter how i push the button after that i never get the red lights for heat. What’s wrong?

Possibly needs charging.

How do i charge the handwarmer. It seems to be missing an extra adapter

There should be a usb/micro adapter under the plastic tray that held the warmer. I charge my warmer via a usb port on my computer.

How to adjust the heat to the lowest. When i press the button it only adjusts one level down( the first orange light turns red???)

The amount of time you hold the button in you look at the amount of red lights come on

How can it be used on any phone since phones have different jacks ?

I use it as a hand warmer rather than as a charger but it has a standard usb port that you can use to plug in the appropriate cord to charge your phone.

How cold can this be used it? Would it work for a person who works in freezers?

Yes, they would work fine in a freezer. I’ve used them while splitting wood in -10 degree wheather chopping wood.

How do i know which heat setting it is on?

There are three tiny lights on the edge that light up red. If two lights are on, the heat level is set to two. Some light bleads over between the lights, so after turning on the heat, try pressing the main button few times to see the difference in the 1-2-3 lights.

How do i turn it off? 3 seconds don’t do anything

Try a little longer

My husband works construction and is outside most of the time. Is this durable? Can he charge it in his car?

My husband loves his. You can charge it in your car if you have a usb port. I think it’s very durable. It’s nice for your pockets.

How long does it take to heat up fully?

About 15 minutes to full heat on 3rd level. I bought three of these one is dead. Won’t charge after a about a dozen cycles.

Is this purchase for one or two warmers?

This is for one hand warmer. I bought two, one for each pocket. The battery is supposed to last 8 hours after a charge of 2.5 hours.

Can it be used to charge an iphone ? The cable looks like one for android only.

When mine arrived it wouldn’t work so we had to send it back. If it hadn’t been defective it would have charged an iphone.

How do you turn it off? Or change the heat settings?

Basically it is a matter of holding down the button until something happens. I say until something happens because our unit will sometimes go directly to heat (red lights) or sometimes turn on first (blue lights) once the red lights are on you step through them with a quick button push. To turn the unit off, hold the button down.

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LAMIGA Hand Warmers Rechargeable,Electric Hand Warmer Reusable,5200mAh Portable Powerbank,Hot Hand Pocket Heater for Outdoor Camping and Hunting,The Best Gift for Winter. AMAZON LAMIGA Hand Warmers Rechargeable,Electric Hand Warmer Reusable,5200mAh Portable Powerbank,Hot Hand Pocket Heater for Outdoor Camping and Hunting,The Best Gift for Winter : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A winter must-have!

Great product. Always on me on my commute to work during the colder months. Handy on the golf course during the fall.

5Expert Score
Keeps hands warm at all heat levels

I bought this so that i could stop wasting money on single-use hand warmers. I now use it every morning when i get into my cold car. I love it and the battery lasts for a long time. I also like the different heat levels. It is simple and easy to use and i’d recommend getting two- one for each hand. Unless you’re driving like me…then you can only do one hand at a time because the other hand needs to be on the wheel.

5Expert Score
Works great

I have used other handwarmers over the years including fuel sticks and hotties and just got tired of the mess and inconsistency. Bought two of these for my wife and i and i have to say that they just plain work. I use mine hunting and fishing and it has lasted all day and kept my hands toasty at level 1. Can’t even imagine going higher. My wife works at a horse rescue and she turns it on and off as needs arise and does a quick warm up. Like the option of charging my phone in a pinch too. Have only had them for a couple of months but like any powercell i expect they will eventually wear out but so far, so good.

5Expert Score
Gadget because when my hands get cold

So i decided to get this little gadget because when my hands get cold they don’t want to work. I really didn’t have that high of expectations as i’ve never had anything like this. First off, it’s the perfect size even for my small hands and super easy to use. It has 3 different heat settings and starts warming up immediately when it is turned on, like within seconds. The lowest heat setting is as warm if not warmer than the little disposable hand warmers you buy at the store. So that was already impressive. It just gets better. The other heat settings are just as good but the cool part is it can also be a power bank! How clever! It recharges pretty quickly on a regular micro usb charger. Lasts a good while for me on one charge and fits well in my small hands. It also feels really great on aching muscles or bones(don’t get old,kids). This is one of the coolest little gadgets i’ve found and i may be gifting some for christmas! This one is my precious though.

5Expert Score
I love the fact that this product really works.

I ordered this product because i have arthritis in my hands and when it flares up heat is my source of comfort no matter where i am i can use it. It fits in my pocket at work and it fits in my hand when i need it. I recommend it if you suffer this kind of pain.

5Expert Score
Wonderful for winter

These get really really warm (3 settings) and are so nice when walking the dog or waiting for a bus or at a sports event. I got these for everyone at christmas and they all love them. Their favorite gift. Nice feel to it, easy to recharge, holds a charge well, and also works as a power bank which i didn’t know at first.

5Expert Score
Favorite fit & price

This is my favorite (i have several). Size and design fit small to medium hands best. The smaller white strip seems warm, too, unlike the ones with larger unheated connector between the two sides. This good size is apparently achieved by minimizing display details, which is really worth the difference in making it a totally more user friendly when it comes to utilizing the reliability and warming optimization. So far, the battery power has outlasted my need every time. I use it on the medium settings, two red lights, and it lasts throughout the morning, at least four hours, until it warms up outside at about noon. One at a time is all i ever need, since one hand always seems to have some task to be doing. So the share, one at a time, or together sometimes. And the price of this one is best, too!!!!!!!

5Expert Score
It gets really warm

I work outside when it gets cold and wet and having this as a backup makes my hands comfortable . I can put it in a shirt pocket put a coat on and it warms you up that way.
The battery life is excellent.

5Expert Score
So far so good

Picked this up to get through the next cold snap while working outdoors. Heats up quickly, doesnt get too hot, and has temp control. I didnt realize it was also a power bank, so thats a definite bonus.

5Expert Score
Great concept just need to modify some exterior qualities in order to be the product it should be.

Battery lasted a long time at first, but by the 3rd recharge it doesn’t last 10 minutes for warming. I’ve tried to use it as a backup phone charger and after about 15 minutes it only charged it 2%. I wanted this to be better than it was initially i had trouble holding on to it, was very slick and it’s a small size and although it has a little hole on the side to put a lanyard through it and i did, it should have came with something. I also added a somewhat rubber stencil onto the back so i could have something to grip it with. It kept flying out of my hands, it was like trying to hold a wet bar of soap.

4Expert Score
Best value so far

This is my first lithium pocket warmer. I really don’t know what the difference is between models. They look exactly the same on the exterior. Some cost 25 bucks. This one was 12.99. I bought one from lamia, and one from another company.

The boxes are identical. The instructions, identical. The instructions are worded differently but mostly the same.
Unfortunately the one from the other company was previously used. Luckily amazon took care of that for me.

This comes with a short usb to micro usb cable, a very fleece like biggie and the device itself. The fleece protects the unit from scratches and banging around as well as a bit of heat burn protection.

Build quality is… Ok. The led lights need work. It’s got a three light indicator, but level one looks like 2, level 2 looks like 3, and level 3 is behind the white plastic trim. Hence the 4 stars.

As far as heat goes, the advertised temp range is spot on… In the spot. There is a bit of variety as far as exactly where on the surface your measuring, but every spot is within the setting range. So one spot may be a few degrees lower than another spot.
I do not consider this a flaw at all, as pretty much everything that is heated or cooled will have this effect.

Overall, i am pleased with this item. It worked as described, and was a great value. I’ve ordered another one. It’s a good size to put in your hands, and even kids can hold it. While the larger ones may last longer, it’s heavier and bigger, and i don’t need that capacity.

4Expert Score
Nice warmer

Ok, i have had numerous of these that my wife and i both use, especially during the snowy winters at our mountain cabin. This one fits the bill, however we prefer the units that have a ‘domed’ shape as opposed to the flat heating surfaces as this one has. It is easier to get good contact and wrap your hand around the domed heating surface. This type works great if you put it into a pocket as hand warmer, but for just holding in your hands to warm up, the domed heaters (to us) are better!

4Expert Score
Not bad

It works well as a battery bank. For heater is a bit off coz low doesn’t get warm but second level is scorchingly hot

4Expert Score
Gets hot!

This is an easily held hand warmer – just that it gets very hot, quickly! It has three settings and from the first to the second is a big jump temperature wise, while holding this. I don’t even use the third setting!

4Expert Score
Save your money

The only thing i would change is to make
it easier to set the heat modes. Takes me
to figure out the right light and number of clicks which makes me want to return it but i do t have the box it came in.

4Expert Score
Battery lasts about an hour

I was hoping these would last an entire high school football game but i was sadly disappointed. I made it to half time and realized they were getting cold.

4Expert Score
Figure out directions by yourself

The item is made in china. The directions were written by someone with a limited command of the english language. The directions are barely comprehensible, and you basically have to figure out the directions by experimenting yourself.

4Expert Score
It helps cold hands

The battery life isn’t as long as i had hoped for but it does help keep my hands warm. It also warms up fast but doesn’t get as hot as the reviews stated.

4Expert Score
This gets hot

Recieved this today. I go outside on smoke breaks and for lunch at work, and needed something to quickly warm my hands back up since i have to use my hands strenuously for my job.

It works! I have used it to re charge my e cigarette, but not my phone. And now on to the handwarmer function..
It gets hot! I put it on 3, and grabbed it without the included pouch, and i said ow! This thing gets hot! I cant comment on how long it lasts, because i only use it for a few seconds at a time.

I gave it 4 stars because the led’s are hard to see, and the plastic seems really cheap. But hopefully itll hold up.

4Expert Score
Great little gadget for when you are outside in the cold

Battery life is good. Could be longer.

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