Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 200 Count Milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 200 Count Milk Storage Bags Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 200 Count Milk Storage Bags
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags: With our milk storage bags breastmilk can safely be stored in the fridge or freezer to be feed baby later. The updated design on our milk bags for breastmilk helps provide clear instructions on how to fill, freeze, store, thaw, and transfer breastmilk. This set of breastmilk bags contains 2 boxes of 100 bags. Lansinoh has been helping moms and babies get a good start to their new lives for over 35 years. We offer a variety of breastfeeding essentials including lansinoh lanolin nipple cream, organic nipple cream, lansinoh disposable nursing pads, washable nursing pads, lansinoh breast milk storage bags, manual and double electric breast pumps, nipple shields, plastic and glass baby bottles, biberones para bebes, and other therapy products.

What are lansinoh breastmilk storage bags features?

  • Value size – our 200-count breastmilk storage bags are the perfect pack size to support a new mama’s first few months of pumping and storing!
  • Super strong- store, protect, and freeze precious breastmilk with these breast milk storing bags
  • Presterilized- our milk storage bags are presterilized, bpa/bps free, and have a double zipper seal to prevent leaks
  • Reinforced seam- double sealed side seams for super strong breast milk collecting bags
  • Pump directly- breast milk storage bags can be pumped directly into with lansinoh pumps or used with our pump-into-bag adapter on most major pump brands
  • Most recommended – lansinoh is a leading seller of breastfeeding supplies in the us, as well as the top-selling breast milk bags
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Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 200 Count Milk Storage Bags AMAZON Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 200 Count Milk Storage Bags

Looking for specific info?

Do these bags connect directly to the medela freestyle pump, or do i have to pump into a bottle first?

No, they don’t connect to any kind of pump. There are medela bags you can purchase for pumping directly into, but the are so stiff and not user friendly at all. You have to use a special adapter to get the bag onto the pump and it’s difficult. I love the lansinoh bags the best.

Can i reuse these bags or must throw away after use?

These bags are single use and are supposed to be thrown away. There’s no way to ‘re-sanitize’ them, so to speak.

Can i pump directly into these bags from a ameda pump?

I do it that way. I use tape to attach the tops of the bags onto the pump. I pump both sides at the same time.the 4 reasons i pump directly into the bag is 1-less waste, i dont waste/spill a single drop transferring from bottle to bag2-less work bc no bottle to wash out3-saves time bc i dont have to pour from bottle to bag or wash out the bottle4-less bacterial contamination because there’s no transferring step

Can use with spectra

I have the spectra breast pump and pump directly into these bags with the maymom pump adapter.

Does it come with adapters to pump directly into them?

No it does not come with adapters.
For that , you can look for : medela pump & save breastmilk bags with easy-connect adapter – 50 ct.

Can i connect to a spectra 1 or 2 pump?

These bags won’t connect to any pump. You’ll need to pump into a bottle that connects to your specific pump, but you can store in these, and lansinoh brand bags are some of the best on the market for secure sealing and longer storage. If we can help you with any other questions, please let us know.thank you,breakout bras customer service866-870-8911

Do i need to wash or even steam-cleaned before using?

The bag says ‘pre-sterilized medical grade’ so you don’t have to do anything before using it, once used it has to be disposed off

Are the bags recyclable? There would be a recycling symbol with a number 1-6.

Flexible bags should not be put into curbside recycling bins. Any flexible bag that is polyethylene (#2 or #4) goes with plastic bags back to the grocery store, like a ziploc (if clean and dry). Check out

Will these bags work to pump directly to a spectra s2 pump?

Hi jodie ewing. Thank you for your question. Our bags only work with our pumps if you want to pump directly into the bag. If you were to use another pump, you will have to buy a pump adapter. However, our adapters are not compatible with spectra s2 pumps.
The lansinoh team

Can i use the bags directly when using a lansinoh smart pump?

Hi camilla. Thank you for your question. That is correct! You can pump directly into our breastmilk storage bags using our lansinoh smartpump. If you want to see a video on how to attach it, please click this link:

Do these bags connect to a spectra baby breast pump?

I bought the maymom pump adapters on amazon that connect the spectra flanges directly to these bags. The adapters and the lansinoh bags are a super easy to use combo. Been using both for 6 weeks now and had no issues.

Has anyone noticed that the quality in these bags has changed recently? I just got a new order and side seams are crinkled & plastic seems thinner.

I agree they are different than my last batch, they no longer have the middle opening in the storage bag to pull out the milk bags and i don’t like having to pull of the extra tab. They don’t open as easily either. Not sure why but now i put the bag over my milk container and then flip it because i don’t want it to pour out when the bag refuses to open all the way. My side seams are ok though.

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Can someone share a link to the medela adaptor needed to be able to use these storage bags?

A medela adapter is not *needed* to use these storage bags. But if you have a medela pump, you can use the medela adapter that comes with their storage bags (

Can these baga be used in a steamer?

Idk if they can be used in a steamer. I used them under hot water out of the faucet. Now if you put them in a plastic bag unsealed and put that in a container and let the water run on it then the bag won’t leak

Can they be used with medela pump/bottles?

Yes. They can be used with any pump/bottles. Please note that these bags do not have any grooves or do not come with a filling cup (which generally comes with medela bags). So, these bags are like simple zip-lock bags that can be filled from any bottle. These bags cannot be directly attached with the output of the pump. So, you have to attach a medela bottle to the pump and then once the pumping is complete, then you can transfer the breastmilk from the bottle to these bags. They are very convenient for storage though. Hope my answer helps you !

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Note: all goods sold by prime medical store don’t have box

No, they don’t come with the box. They come in the package of 25 bags each.

I have some bags from my first child 5 years ago, do they have any expiry date?


How much breast milk does each bag hold?

The bag has markings up to 6 ounces, but i often out more in there. (just be careful not to put too much if you are planning on freezing the milk in the bag)

Can you close both zipper at the same time or do you have to close one at a time?

You can close them both at the same time or one at a time, but keep in mind that you want to get all air out of the bag so i’ve found its best to close the bottom one most of the way, squeeze the air out, finish closing the bottom one, then close the top one. It’s easier than it sounds. 🙂

Can they be reused

No, i wouldn’t. They are a thin plastic, and once you use them, they’re done. Quite a few leak after freezing, when the milk crystallizes and pierces the plastic. I definitely would not reuse these.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 200 Count Milk Storage Bags AMAZON Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 200 Count Milk Storage Bags

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great value for the count!! Amazing bags

This is a way better value than buying one box of 100 ct. At target for 17.99. I really had no need to buy this because im breastfeeding more than i am pumping at the moment but its great for the price and ct. They’re amazing bags and they’re easy to warm up in under a minute under running water. The ounces on these are not accurate at all, stick with your pumps bottle.

5Expert Score
Fantastic bags

This is a must have if you are planning to store milk. I bought target brand and they were much thinner than this brand. I feel more comfortable that this brand bags will not leak. It’s really easy to use and the seal is tight. I already went through half the box. Planning on buying more.

5Expert Score
Just as described

Love the brand haven’t had any issues with leaking, easy to use and i like that it has a designated area to label date and amount for easy tracking while in the freezer. Bag holds up after freezing and i even washed and reused one without issue.

5Expert Score
Great value

These are a great value and work great for milk storage. I haven’t had any leaks with these. They’re easy to pour into a bottle too.

5Expert Score
Son buenas aunque hay mejores

Son buenas aunque algunas a la hora de descongelar la leche están rotas las medela son de mejor calidad

5Expert Score

These bags felt much thicker than the same lansinoh baggies i previously purchased from the store, just different quantity.

5Expert Score
Great bags

These bags are good quality! Haven’t used them attached to a pump but i always dump what i do pump into them and have had no problems!

5Expert Score
Great storage bags

Great storage bags, easy to use.

5Expert Score
So handy!

These bags were bought as a gift for my daughter.
She is able to pump and store milk in freezer. They are so easy to use! Easy to thaw and pour in the bottle!

5Expert Score
Easy to use

It’s easy to use. Keep closed very well. I only refrigerate the bag. It stands over there well. It’s softer than medela’s bag. Not so easy to fall down.

4Expert Score
Get the job done

These bags seem to get the job done. A bit floppy but they do stand to fill them with support. Haven’t tried to pump directly into them so can’t speak to that. Very annoyed with the inaccurate measurements on the bags. Didn’t notice that at first so now i’m unsure how much milk i actually have stored. The bags seem to overestimate the milk even when i’ve taken care to open them all the way.

4Expert Score
Good seal & heat fast

I don’t like how flimsy the top is, but i’m only using mine for storage (pump, then pour my milk into these bags), my pump doesn’t fit in the top of these brand of bags. If you’re using storage bags the same way i am, i suggest using a different brand. They do have a good seal and are leak proof.

4Expert Score
The new version is not as good as the older ones

I love the lansinoh bags but these newest ones are thinner, and the seal feels weaker than the older ones i had. Maybe it’s a cost saving thing to use less materials? And they switched the time and volume lines so i needed to adjust.

4Expert Score
Storage bags

These bags are ideal for storage. They lay flat better than other bags which is perfect for storage in the freezer. They do have a flimsy feel though, so i removed a star. I haven’t had to defrost any of my bags yet so i am not sure how they hold up in terms of leakage or bursting but overall i like these bags.

4Expert Score
Easy to seal, however measurements on the bag do not reflect amount poured in accurately

Previously i’d measure using the bag, but when pouring into the bottle it was less than what the bag said. I now measure using a bottle, then poured into the bag to have the appropriate measurements.

Overall we haven’t had any issues with leaking or damages to the bags & would continue to buy them in the future

4Expert Score
Good storage

Easy to fill. Easy to write contents on label. Seals and stores well in freezer. However some difficult poring out of bags into bottles.

4Expert Score
Does the trick but don’t trust measurements

Only had one that had a leak and caught it before i attempted to store the bag. Otherwise they lay flat, seal tightly, and stack nicely. Haven’t really tried pumping into them because it was hard to get a good enough seal and i didn’t want to use up my time figuring it out.
My one gripe is that the measurements are grossly inaccurate. I could pump 3 oz and when i put it in the bag it measures to 4.5 or more. This is even after opening the base of the bag and keeping it narrow- doesn’t matter, it always measured wrong. I tested this against other measurements in the lansinoh hard plastic bottle and the como tomo bottle we use. The bottles measure like one another while the bag is consistently off. For this reason i won’t ever attempt to pump straight into the bag since i couldn’t get an accurate measurement.

4Expert Score
My go-to breastmilk bags

The only reason i am giving these bags a 4 star instead of a 5 is because the measurement is off, so i don’t feel comfortable pumping right into the bag, as the ounces are not accurate as when pumping into a bottle. When i pour 5 ounces from a pumped bottle, the bag reads almost 6 oz, so i always pump into a bottle first. Otherwise i really like these bags, and i have had no issues. The other bag i have tried is the medela brand, and i prefer the lansinoh bag. The best thing about the lansinoh is that they lay really flat when putting them in the freezer, where the medela does not disperse the milk as evenly to lay super flat in the freezer and ends up taking up more space, which is inconvenient.

4Expert Score
Worked but had some issues

These bags work but i did have a few leak. A trick i find to help them not leak was to only fill each bag with about 3 to 4 ounces and not up to the max. When i froze up to the max, that is when i had leaks when the bags defrosted. If i wasn’t freezing and just transporting from work, the bags worked great, no problems.

4Expert Score
Just okay

When i pump and i put my breast milk into these to freeze, they are great however when you go to unfreeze them, they sometimes leak. I only put 4 oz of milk in so i am not over filling them by any means. I lost an ounce of milk the other day from it unthawing and leaking. (not a big deal about the milk being lost, but it sucked having to clean it up). Pouring the milk out of the bag into a bottle is a hassle and i always end up making a mess and feel like a lot of the milk doesn’t come fully out of the bags. I don’t know of many other alternatives though. Just be careful i guess.

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