Laplink PCmover Ultimate 11 | Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC | Includes Optional Ethernet Cable | 1 Use

Laplink PCmover Ultimate 11 | Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC | Includes Optional Ethernet Cable | 1 Use Laplink PCmover Ultimate 11 | Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC | Includes Optional Ethernet Cable | 1 Use : Everything Else

What are laplink pcmover ultimate 11 | moves your applications features?

  • Includes an optional laplink ethernet cable
  • Easy-to-use: install pcmover on both of your computers and follow the simple wizard to transfer everything you select to your new pc
  • Optimized for fastest transfer – provides maximum performance and time savings. You will quickly be using your new pc with everything ready to go.
  • Complete selectivity: automatically transfers all selected applications, files, folders, settings, and user profiles to your new pc
  • Undo feature: quickly reverse changes made to your new pc if you change your mind or want to re-do the transfer with different selections
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Laplink PCmover Ultimate 11 | Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC | Includes Optional Ethernet Cable | 1 Use AMAZON Laplink PCmover Ultimate 11 | Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC | Includes Optional Ethernet Cable | 1 Use : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

On laplink pcmover, what does ‘1 use’ mean?

Licensing works as follows, 1 license is good for one source pc to one target pc or if you’re transferring from a hard drive directly then it would be per 1 target pc. You can transfer as many times as needed to make sure your data is moved over completely and if something you didn’t want is transferred then you can use the undo feature to remove whatever was transferred in the most recent attempt.
Note: licenses cannot be deactivated for use on other computers. For multiple licenses or serial number resets due to errors please contact laplink customer service at

Nick d.
Laplink cs

Will it move files and programs from a win10 computer to another win 10 computer with a ssd hard drive?

Yes it did goo00d. From windows 7 to windows 10

Does this move programs?

It does move programs and all files; except, things like some printer programs, super anti-spyware, etc. It did copy system mechanic, webroot, and all programs – except: if there is a trial version of a program on the new computer and you are trying to copy a version of the same program from the old computer. You had to delete any trial version on the new computer first; before trying to copy a version of the same program from the old computer. If you buy the program make sure you print the 22 page users’ manual from the disk menu before trying anything. The small short instructions inside the box doesn’t describe all the steps that are necessary.

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After the transfer, will the old desktop / laptop still functional for a period of time?

The old/source desktop/laptop will not be changed by the transfer to the new/destination pc with pcmover.

Will it work to transfer from windows 10 to windows 10.

Yes. I recently did this between two dell laptops both running windows 10.

When transferring to a new computer will microsoft office pro 2010 work on both computers?

Generally it will move office, though you may find you have to play with some settings on the new machine after the transfer. — particularly on outlook.

How does it work with a hybrid hard drive + ssd?

Absolutely, you can have as many drives of any type with pcmover. Just make sure to view the path’s of your largest folders (you will see this in the customize screen), you want to send as many files (not programs) to the larger drive whenever possible. If you have 1 ssd and 1 hybrid in the new pc, prioritize applications to the ssd and files like music, documents, photos, and videos to the hybrid drive.

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Is this a one time license for the transfer or does it refer to one time continuous transfer? My old computer overheats quickly and is shut down by wi

I refer you to the laplink tech support line at 1-866-624-0834. Tech support is in the phillipines so make sure the call doesn’t cost too much; otherwise, you can refer your question to the laplink website.

Does the software need to be loaded on both laptops to begin the transfer?

Yes it has to be loaded on both laptops but it never worked for me so who knows. I wound up doing it manually and it was much faster and it worked

Will it work with an old laptop with windows 7 to a new laptop with windows 10?

Thank you for your interest with pcmover pro. Yes, it will work on moving the data and programs. Please note that some programs will not be moved due to compatibility issues nor the software can make it compatible. This normally happens when moving from a 32 bit to 64 bit machine. Some applications may require re-entry of a license code or re-activating on the new pc. The transfer summary page will show the list of programs that can be moved or not.

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‘you also need to make sure both computers are running the same version of windows’.is this correct?

This product was difficult to run had a hard time with it but you do not need both versions of windows to run this job.. Study the process carefully before moving forward, like i said i had problems with it but that does not mean you will, good luck.

How quickly (in minutes) does it take to transfer the full contents of the old drive to the new drive?

This will vary based on a few factors, the main being the write speed of your slowest hard drive. Your new pc might be $10,000, but it’s only going to move data as fast as your old pc will let it. You then also have the different connection types, ranging from wi-fi, ethernet, external storage or our laplink usb 3 cable. When transferring over wi-fi you now have even more ways to slow down your transfer speed. From the quality of your network cards (per pc), your router, distance from router, line of sight and over all network load. All of the wired options are reliable, easy to use and will more often be able to max out your hard drives transfer speed.

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Can your usb 3 cable work if one of the pc’s has only a usb 2 jack?

Hi. Yes, but the speed will be usb 2.0. Not for usb 3.0. Thank you

Will this transfer my entire itunes library, playlists and all of my photos ?

Hi dezi,
thank you for your interest in pcmover pro! Files with digital rights management (drm), such as music files and programs that require keys or serial numbers with a hardware fingerprint, may require deactivation on the old pc and reactivation on the new pc. Itunes is aggressive when it comes to licensing. Some music files maybe limited to be moved with a number of devices.

Please join us thru chat should you need further assistance with the migration setup.

Thank you,
john erwin dg

Can you only use it one time ? Or can you use it again later.

You can only use it to transfer from one pc to one other pc. I know some people say it doesn’t work, but it always works for me and i’ve used it many times over the years. I never accept the laplink defaults, because it will sometimes try to transfer stuff that it shouldn’t, which can mess things up. Also, i only use it to move apps, which is relatively quick. Laplink moves most apps ok, but not all. If it suggests that a particular app won’t transfer, follow its advice. If both computers are networked, windows can move all the data files, which can take a long time if you have a lot of data.

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Can you pick and choose which programs or files you want to transfer?

Yes, and you’re probably much better off if you do. Take laplink’s advice if it tells you a particular app may not work. A new pc is a good time to shed old stuff you don’t need, so only transfer the stuff you want. And use laplink only to transfer applications; if you use it to transfer data, it can take many hours if you have a lot of data. Let windows copy files from one computer to another.

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Is easeus pc transfer the same as pc mover?

Hi chazy man,
thank you for your interest in pcmover pro! I am not sure what easus is capable of doing. However if the idea is to migrate data, pictures, music and compatible programs from old to new machine then pcmover will the right choice.

Pcmover is a microsoft recommended solution for migration. Please do join us thru chat should you need further assistance with the migration setup.

Thank you,
john erwin dg

Will version 3.00.609 work with windows 10 home?

I don’t know about win 10. I tried it on win 7 but i could not move the files from 64 to 32 bit. So…it may have it’s uses but they seem to be limited.

Cable included?

Laplink pcmover ultimate 11 with ethernet cable (1 use)

Will this work between hard drives located on the same system? Left my failing hd inside in case i could to transfer a few programs. Thanks

Yes, this is the image and drive assistant feature under ‘advanced options’ in pcmover. All you need is an intact ‘windows’ folder, and pcmover will be able to migrate everything that you’ve read thus far. This transfer type is the fastest way to move data, and will transfer as fast as your hard drives will let it! Here’s how to do it! Http://;

Laplink PCmover Ultimate 11 | Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC | Includes Optional Ethernet Cable | 1 Use AMAZON Laplink PCmover Ultimate 11 | Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC | Includes Optional Ethernet Cable | 1 Use : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Easy to use. Quickly transferred files.

Easy to use and transferred files quickly. Disappointed that it did not transfer my email contacts. I had to do that manually.

5Expert Score
Did what it advertised

Thought i was going to have major problems because some of the reviews but actually it was very simple and straight forward. And it took a fraction of the time that a lot of reviewers were saying it took with them. It actually saved us a lot of time and headaches.
I would order it again in a heartbeat

5Expert Score
You must read and follow all the instructions.

The box included everything i needed to transition from a ten-year-old pc to a new one. I’m 67 so have had to transition multiple times over the years and this was the easiest and best experience i’ve had. I followed the instructions, made the connection, did updates on both machines, downloaded and ran the software and everything transferred. The only annoyance was that i did have to manually setup e-mail accounts on the new machine. It does seem pricey but i consider it worthwhile and would recommend it. I didn’t rate the tech support feature because i didn’t have a need to use it.

5Expert Score
Does the job – but carefully follow the instructions

If you’ve had a pc for 5 or more years, and bought a new one, you’ll need this software package to transfer your apps, data and settings from the old unit to the new unit. I bought it to move my windows 10 laptop to a new windows 11 laptop. The software worked perfectly, but there’s a couple of things you need to be aware of:

check the cables and connectors. The package i bought came with an ethernet cable. Some (maybe most) pcs made in the last couple years don’t support ethernet. You’ll need a proper high-speed usb cable. Amazon sells one: search for laplink 6′ usb 3.0 superspeed transfer cable for pcmover. It will add 40 bucks or so to the cost of your new pc. Woo-hoo.

Follow the software’s installation instructions carefully. You have to install it on both your old pc and the new pc. With that done, and the proper cable between your old and new pc, you’re good to go. How long it takes to complete the transfer varies widely, depending upon the age and model of your old pc. I’ve had the transfer complete as quick as six hours, and as long as 20 hours. Be patient. I’ve used it for 4 different transfers, and they all worked well. There was always one or three apps that didn’t transfer; i had to reinstall them on the new pc from original sources, and manually transfer the data.

Pc mover ultimate 11 works well, but take your time: get the right cable, and follow the instructions scrupulously.

5Expert Score
Great for setting up a new pc

So easy to install and copied over all the files from my old pc including all programs, documents and shortcuts. Best solution i have used in a long time.

5Expert Score
Pleasantly surprised how well worked! Win10 -> win 11

Needed to migrate from a 12 year-old windows 10 dell tower to a new win 11 dell tower. Source had a single 1tb drive (which i’d upgraded from original several years prior) and destination had both 250 ssd and 1tb hard drive. Install ran without issue on both boxes. I used the ‘custom migration’ option and had to change a few things, such as destination of user director from c drive to d on new as i wanted it on the larger drive. Several apps were flagged as questionable, and some were ‘hidden’ unless i forced visibility to them. Not sure how that choice is made, but the key is you do have the ability to turn a lot of knobs.

Migration ran about an hour, and after a reboot it had to run again but only about 15 minutes. Have been using new system for a couple weeks and haven’t found any significant issues.

5Expert Score
It works

Well, i have used this software on every new computer i purchased. It is easy to use just a couple of clicks and you are good to go. I like it because most of my applications came over without reinstalling. I’m not very good at saving those disks so very pleased with that. Recommend this software to anyone that is transferring file, app, and setting.

5Expert Score
Easy to use

Did my wife’s win 10 to a new win 11 with no problems. On line chat was quick and informative. I will soon move my win 10 computer to a new win 11 computer. Many more programs, apps and data to move. Willbe a real test of the software.

5Expert Score
Pcmover, a must for transferring computer programs and files.

It was time to update my old 5-1/2-year-old laptop with a new one but dread the idea of transferring files. Thinking it over a couple weeks, i decide to go ahead with having one build to my satisfaction. During the interim of waiting for delivery, i thought of the labor intensified work of transferring all my files, not thinking of all the programs of all those files, drawings, passwords, and photos. I thought of using external drives and usb flash drives, but that would not solve the problem of my programs. Searching amazon, i soon learned of a software called “pcmover ultimate 11.” i read reviews, some negative, some positive. What i gathered of the positive reviews, indicated a must of following directions to be successful. That certainly seem easy enough and for $39.95, i had to try it. I ordered it and received it two days later. Read and reread the directions. Three weeks later i received my new laptop. I made sure both operating systems, (windows) were updated. I made sure i disconnected anything that would interrupt the transfer. I went into settings and turned off sleep modes, antivirus firewalls, email addresses and scheduled updates. I elected to use the ethernet cable rather than wi-fi. I downloaded the link and admit i had some trouble doing so, i should have ordered the disc and recommend you do also. I read the on-screen instructions and selected at least one program i did not want transferred because of duplication. It took about 9-1/2 hours to transfer 204 gb of programs and files from a hard drive to a solid-state drive. I had one program that i had to reconfigure with the serial number. I also had a group of data that did not transfer because of its built-in security system. I opened it up with my two-layer password; merely copied it with a usb flash drive and bingo it worked. It transferred both of my printers, but i had to reconfigure them into my home network. All icons, pictures, drawings and files with passwords were successfully transferred all in about 9 plus hours. The system gives you an estimated time of completion so i decided to run some chores during the transfer. I highly recommend the pcmover, follow the instructions and save yourself a lot of headaches. Robt.

5Expert Score

Worked every time

4Expert Score
It works, but…

The product worked by transferring all files, software and apps from the old laptop to the new laptop. The product comes with an ethernet cable which is worthless for the newer laptops. You can use a wifi wireless transfer mode but for me it was estimated it would take 36 hours to transfer everything. I ended up order their usb transfer cable to make the system work. I highly recommend ordering the optional usb cable.

4Expert Score
It works –if you use with care

1. It works, and can save several hours of set-up time when migrating from one windows pc to another.

1. It won’t move everything
2. It requires care in making decisions about what to transfer.
3. It’s pricey for a piece of software that can be used only once.
4. If you’re not moving a lot of applications and settings, you may not need it.

Some users have had bad experiences, but i’ve used pcmover many times over the years, and it always worked for me.

You probably don’t need pcmover just to move data, and may not need it to transfer settings or data if windows on your current machine has been saving them in the cloud (on onedrive or elsewhere). Your ms application settings may be available in your online microsoft account (in win 10: settings/accounts, click on “manage my microsoft account).

Where pcmover does its magic is moving and installing applications along with associated settings. That saves time tracking down installation disks or downloads, installing each app individually, and getting it configured the way you want it.

What has worked for me:

1. Install pcmover first on the old pc and then on the new. Establish a connection between the two using your home network (preferably), or an ethernet cable (some versions of pcmover come with a cable).

2. Starting from the old pc, follow the prompts, but don’t just accept defaults!

3. Say no! Any time it offers you additional free software.

4. After you’ve clicked through a few screens, pcmover will do an analysis of the old pc, and transfer that analysis to the new one. (this step doesn’t migrate anything – it just puts the information you need to control the process on the new machine.)

5. Control of the process now moves to the new pc.

6. Look carefully at everything pcmover is offering to transfer. Don’t move everything. Migration is a good time to shed stuff that you don’t need and may have been bogging down your machine.

7. Carefully examine the list of applications. Don’t try to move apps that pcmover doesn’t recommend moving – that’s asking for trouble.

8. Pcmover will wrap up faster if you don’t ask it to transfer all your data. Transferring apps and settings probably won’t take more than an hour or so, but moving all the data can take much longer. If both computers are on the same network, it’s easy to use the windows copy function to move the data after pcmover has done its work. And, of course, you don’t need pcmover to transfer data if you can download it from the cloud.

9. Examine the data to be transferred, and make sure you’re transferring the right stuff to the right place on the new machine. This is probably not an issue if you’re moving everything from the c drive on one machine to the c drive on another and using windows default locations, but it’s important if you have a more complicated setup. [if you had partitioned your disk drives on the old machine and want a similar set-up on the new one, you’ll have to set up the new partitions manually before you transfer data. It’s easy: in win10 settings, search for create and format hard disk partitions, or control panel/system and security/create and format hard disk partitions. Then select a drive. To partition a drive, you’ll first need to right click on it and shrink it to create space for a new partition.]

4Expert Score
Good product but need 'auto-update' feature

I bought this product to save time and hassle to transfer my old, paid for programs from my old computer to my new one. Maybe too high of expectations.

The product came in very fast and i loaded it to both machines and went through the full checklist.

I got the first of many error messages that said my old computer had more space than my new computer which is not true. I went to the advanced menu and picked a lot of stuff ‘not to transfer’ and deselected my external drives.

I only have one monitor so i had to keep switching from old to new but that’s on me.

Finally i was ready so i started the transfer. The estimated time was 2 hours (not bad). The next morning it said it was finished and to restart my computer. It would not restart. :(.
I had to reset it to factory. Not a good start.

The next night i contacted the laplink support. The first thing ‘john’ asked was if i was going to try again. Of course. He reset my registry and said i had an old version of pcmover. Really? I just bought it. Anyway he told me it would only work if i downloaded version 11 and it would only work if i used explorer. That was an issue for me since my internet provider software won’t work on explorer but works great on chrome. I hooked up a hotspot on my new computer and downloaded it, but needed to copy it to my old computer. I could not find the location. John told me it was in ‘my downloads’. No, it was not. So he showed me how to search for it but it did not find it.

After hours, we were getting frustrated with each other and then the connection dropped. I was going to try to find him again but decided to download it again to my external drive and use it to put it on my old computer.

I got everything ready to go again but it still said my old computer had more space than my new computer. Nope still not true.

This time when i went into the advanced settings the version 11 did seem to work better and the estimated time was 5 hours (made more sense).

I hit the transfer and went to bed. The next morning i rebooted with not a lot of hope. I worked perfect! Yes! Success. How sad is it that these are the highlights of my days. 🙂

anyway, here is my suggestions:

be sure you have version 11. The program does not automatically look for the latest version like most every other program in the world. If i had it to do over again i would contact support first but i didn’t know what i didn’t know……ya know?

Be sure you have all your sleep modes and updates set to ‘never’ before you start.
Disable your anti-virus software.

I used the supplied ethernet cable and it worked perfectly.

Be sure you ether disconnect any external hard drives or go into advanced settings and tell it not to transfer them. Even though it is supposed to be transferring computer to computer it finds everything.

All in all it was worth the 40 bucks but it is not plug n play by any means.

4Expert Score
Worked surprisingly well

Had used their software probably 25 years ago with good results and decided to try it again. Have had most of my difficult stuff done by my pro guru for over a decade now. Laplink pro, actually worked pretty well on a transfer from win7 pro to win10 pro with years worth of older programs i still use.

Did an initial test run on a couple of important programs, office pro etc. Worked perfectly. Then did firefox and thunderbird and other primary programs. Everything came in except thunderbird. For some reason my primary profile didn’t make it cleanly and kept asking for email address builds @¿@. Mozilla recommends a copy of the roaming profile directory and dump it over the top of the current one. Didn’t work. After several hours of trying different things i called laplink cs. Bottom line he couldn’t help and recommended rebuild everything…which meant i’d loose years worth of important email and calendar settings. Another half day of dinking i finally found the 2 ini files were different. Rewrote the the new box one to point to the appropriate profile and boom…all there! Yay, relief!

Then did a transfer of my sound and video software…pretty much failed on all but a couple of older ones…surprising. Ended up blowing all that off the old box, cleaning, then reinstalled with from the original files, including licenses. 3+ hours because of the complex add-ons i own!! Disappointing but ok because i upgraded to a slightly newer version for a few bucks…and it’s a clean install with proper drivers!

The best thing i did was to get it with the direct connect ethernet cable. This allow me to not interfere with our home network traffic which is busy at times with my wife’s business. Worked a treat and very fast 1gig. The other good thing is that the stuff is copied rather than moved so i could ferret out the thunderbird issue and still receive my email on the old box until it was resolved.

Overall it works pretty good except as noted and has a pretty good interface for specificity. Simple to use and takes some of the fear of loss and change, but still a lengthy process…probably 3 days start to finish for all my stuff mainly because my old box had about 2tb worth and was dying a slow painful death. I’d probably buy it again but be buckled up for a vigil on some things.

4Expert Score
Probably should have read the manual first . . .

My situation was relatively simple.

I had a 17 inch hp laptop, relatively new, that dropped off the arm of my sofa onto a carpeted floor, cracking a corner of the plastic case. After awhile, the hinge became loose, and i knew from previous experience that it would be irreparable if the wire to the display broke. (a proprietary wire, impossible to splice.) so i purchased a 5 year old used asus 15.6 laptop with a similar 1 terabyte hd (and metal case) and used pcmover to transfer my files from a windows 10 hd to a windows 10 hd. I updated both laptop os, then used both ccleaner and glary utilities to clean both laptops before making the transfer. Deleted applications i did not want transferred. For some reason, possibly my error in transcribing the activation code, getting the laptops to connect wasn’t easy. I called the number on the screen for tech support, and instead of tech support got another ten digit telephone number to call with no pen in hand. Worked the problem out by myself, deducted one half star. They should have given me the right number to begin with.

Once hard wired connected, the transfer began. I was surprised and pleased to see that pcmover detected programs such as those used for the video card on my old computer and marked them for non transfer automatically. I had purchased the program with a connecting wire to facilitate the transfer but pcmover automatically made the transfer via wifi. In my case, with my internet service, it only took a few hours to transfer about 250 gb of files and during that time i could still use my computer for simple tasks. However, streaming via the internet was discouraged by pcmover and virtually all of my entertainment is through roku. That meant no tv for me during the transfer process. Deducted another half point for that. There is an option you can choose on the old computer page to select which method you want, but the transfer had already begun when i saw it, and i didn’t want to change horses in mid-stream. I had expected that the software would at least ask me before it chose a transfer method.

Also my printer files did not transfer so i had to reload them. Not a deal breaker, no stars deducted, but unexpected. If you check to make sure your pinter is turned on, you might not have that problem.

If you like me have a relatively simple transfer situation, have updated the os on both computers, have thoroughly cleaned the old computer using free online utilities like ccleaner and glary, and manually deleted programs from the old computer you don’t want on the new one, i would recommend this product

4Expert Score
Persistence pays

After printing out the installation guide, i proceeded to work the transfer on my own. However, my new pc’s c: drive was too small to accommodate all the stuff from the old pc, so i sent the damn thing back. (i did move everything possible to the other drive, but it wasn’t even close to working.) during this first attempt i did chat with an agent who proved to me close to useless. When asked to provide feedback to laplink, i wrote a less than positive review. To my surprise, i received an email indicating that a technician would be contacting me to help with the install. Within minutes i received the second email, asking for my phone number and a good time to make contact. We set up a mutual time to set up the transfer. I even moved up the date when my new pc arrived earlier than expected. Like others have indicated, the tech took control of both pcs and talked me through exactly what he was doing, step by step. He even had to do some rigging to get the faster transfer to work. (while we were on the phone, id discovered the fine print that additional free assistance was available. Should be much more obvious to find and a better description of how it works.) once it was all set up, the indicator said the transfer would take about 3.5 hours. At that point, the tech disconnected and i appeared to be on my way to a speedy transfer. Not so fast! After an hour or so, the transfer somehow flipped by to the wi-fi connection and now required 17 hours. I contacted support again, started working with another tech who got things set up again. This time, even with the cable connection, the transfer took over 16 hours. Am i happy about that? No, but i am very happy with the results. All the critical programs and files transferred and i was in business. Without the technical help, this would be a one star review. I knocked off a star because neither tech could get the cable transfer to work. That’s a real bummer, but at least the end results were what i had hoped for. Will i use the software again? Only if i have a tech holding my hand and doing the actual work.

4Expert Score
Worked effectively but had some hiccups

I was able to use this software to copy files from an old pc to a new laptop. Overall, i am pleased and would recommend it. It took a few hours and in copying to the laptop, it retained the file folder structure and desktop shortcuts and programs on my old pc, as promised. The one feature that didn’t work for me was the deletion of old files on my old pc. I opted for the medium/high security option that wipes the old pc several times. The process just got stuck after about an hour with no progress. The pcmover tech support person said it just needed more time and to let it run overnight. They would not acknowledge that sometimes the deletion process doesn’t work/doesn’t finish. I let it run for three days during which there was no progress and then i got a black screen. I could tell my old pc wasn’t even performing any activities – it was silent and still. Finally i shut it down and could not confirm from the pc mover app whether the files had in fact been deleted or not – there was no information shown regarding my old pc even though earlier it had shown as deletion being in process. There was no info. On the pc mover site or under faq addressing this type of situation.

4Expert Score
Simple, fairly easy to use, fast

Would recommend this software to others as it does its job.

Product works like it is supposed to, was fairly easy to use, relatively quick (3 hours), and seems (after 1 day) to have done its job correctly. Only minor issue was that it cam with ethernet cables and new laptop did not have an ethernet port. Went on line and looked up using an ethernet to usb c adapter. Chat bot(?)/person(?) said it should work. So got an ethernet to usb c adapter (took a day), then computers linked via wifi any way.

4Expert Score
Worked well and accomplished most of what was required for my migration

Worked well and accomplished most of what was required to move the applications and content from my old windows 10 professional notebook to my new windows 10 home notebook.

The wizard made the setup very straightforward using the default choice. It created a report on the old system showing the applications and files that were to be transferred, which apps would definitely move, likely move, would not move because they were incompatible, or were security software that needed to be reinstalled. Since my old and new units were from different manufacturers, there were a number of hardware specific tools and apps that i opted to delete from the transfer through the advanced configuration section, which allowed my to simply uncheck the boxes for those apps that i didn’t want to move. It successfully moved my office 2016 pro though i needed to deactivate the single machine license on my old machine and reactivate it on the new machine after install. For some reason, the analysis didn’t pick up itunes though it moved all of the library and other information, so i had to download and reinstall it, along with my mcafee security software as expected, but this was straightforward. I have a couple of apps that required java, which also didn’t transfer, but once again this was an easy post transfer download, and all my old software is currently working on my new system. My office settings and desktop wallpaper successfully moved, but not my homepage tabs in my chrome browser. All of my plugins did move, though i had to enable them after the transfer. Other minor windows settings like my start menu and task bar layouts, trackpad scroll direction, cursor choice, and network backup configuration for file history also needed to be done manually. Again, these were all easy to handle.

The only other issue was i had asked it to move one user account and merge my old admin account with my new one. This didn’t happen. When i created my initial user account on the new unit, it was created as an admin, and everything from my old user acount was transferred to that account. Nothing was done with the old admin account. I created a new admin account on the new unit, then changed the first to a local account for security.

One of the reasons that i needed to replace my old unit is that it was having some reliability issues, which of course caused it to crash during the transfer. After restarting the old unit and restarting the application on both units, a second transfer was initiated that completed what wasn’t transferred before the crash. This was a very positive outcome!

All in all, a much easier migration than i experienced when i got my old unit. The pcmover transfer took around three hours including the restart utilizing the supplied cable, and i spent perhaps another 2-3 hours doing the reinstalls, activations, finalizing the settings, and then verifying that all of my software worked. I would recommend this product.

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Moving stuff to your new computer?

I loved the concept of moving my stuff from my old laptop to my new laptop. However, there were some issues that caused me to spend a lot of time trying to get it to work as advertised. I found a bug in the software. The software was telling me that i was using wi-fi to transfer my files when i wanted to use a wired connection to do the transfer. Wi-fi takes an ungodly amount of time to make the transfer (if you have a lot of stuff to move). Tech support told me exactly what to do and to ignore the message the software was giving me. It worked and only took about 1 to 2 hours to complete the transfer. There were some things i had to transfer manually but in general, i was glad to have used this package to get the job done.

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