Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 22.5 Inches, Grey/Black, 1500W, 751320

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 22.5 Inches, Grey/Black, 1500W, 751320 Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 22.5 Inches, Grey/Black, 1500W, 751320 : Home & Kitchen

What are lasko oscillating ceramic tower space heater for home with adjustable thermostat features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Self-regulating ceramic element
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Maximum heat power: 1.50 kw
  • Area heated (sq. Ft.):300
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Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 22.5 Inches, Grey/Black, 1500W, 751320 AMAZON Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 22.5 Inches, Grey/Black, 1500W, 751320 : Home & Kitchen

Looking for specific info?

How many watts does it use?

900 watts on low and 1500 watts on high

What size of room will this heat?

Have a 12×20 bedroom with high ceilings (railroad apartment), have used this for the past 3 years and it works well with door closed. Set it at 70 degrees. After about an hour i lower the heat or it shuts off. Probably getting another this year for the other end of the apartment.

Is there an auto tip over off switch if it gets knocked over?

I have this model, which i bought in 2015 or 2016. I just now tested it for an auto shut off by tipping it over on purpose (using cushions). It does not have an auto shut off, but because the outer plastic shell does not get very hot, it may be that it really does not need one. But since i do not have children or pets, it really does not matter with me.

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Does it stay cool to touch?

The back, top, and sides stay cool but the hot air coming out of the front is quite hot. Once you shut it off the plastic grills on the front stay hot for a while.

Does this cycle off when temp is met?

Give or take a few degrees, yes. It is rather consistent and will usually overshoot the selected temp by a few degrees before cycling off and waits until a few degrees below temp before cycling back on.

How noisy is it?

It has a fan to move the heat, but it is very quiet compared to a smaller black & decker ceramic heater i bought two years ago. The fan allows you to position the heater farther away which also makes it seem quieter.

Does anyone know of a heater that you can program to come on at a certain time?

You can program some of these heaters to run a certain amount of hours but to come on at a certain time, no. But click on this amazon product and you can program it. I have 3 of them and they work great. Lux win100 heating & cooling programmable outlet thermostat – programmable household thermostats – a.webarchive

Does this heater have a safety switch to shut off if tipped over? I’ve seen conflicting responses.

If you read the product description it say that it does have an auto shut off when tipped over.

Energy efficient? Did this product raise the electric bill that put a shock on anyone when your power bill came? Thanks in advance.

Thus far no significant increase. We have all electric heat anyway so not likely to cause power bill shock.

How long is the cord?

6 feet

Is it quiet

It’s not super quiet but you get used to it after a while. Just imagine a small fan running in the background and the noise you would expect from that..

Is energy saver


How much does this raise up your electric bill? I know the older models are energy suckers

We live about 20 miles off the gulf of mexico and our weather is usually warm. We also use propane to heat our home, however, there will be an increase in electricity usage, maybe 10 to 20% rise in cost.

Can fan be used without heat

No, i don’t believe so. There’s only a high and low setting for heat

Is this item fully functional or do i need to buy something else with this item ?

It is fully functional a good buy.

How long did it last?

Purchased this unit in 2007. Have used it to supplement the furnace (live in wisconsin) since then. It’s still going strong. Highly recommended.

Does the fan run the whole time?

No. When temp is met heater and fan shuts down

How noisy is it?

Definitely not as noisy and obnoxious as other heaters. I keep mine on almost all night and it doesn’t disturb me.

What size batteries and are they included?

Aaa batteries not included for the remote

What is the length of the cord?

6 foot cord

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 22.5 Inches, Grey/Black, 1500W, 751320 AMAZON Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 22.5 Inches, Grey/Black, 1500W, 751320 : Home & Kitchen

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fantastic – bought 2!

I loved this heater so much, i bought a second one for home. Now i have one in my home and office for work. It provides a decent amount of heat, has a remote, and turns as well.

5Expert Score
Love it

Bought this for my rv. Great supplement to my propane heater to lower frequency of filling tank in winter. The remote control is awesome.

5Expert Score
It heats very well and shuts off when it reaches the temperature you set it.

Heating for newborn kittens. I have had one of these heaters for years and still going strong.

5Expert Score
Great heater for the money !

This heater blows hot ! The remote is a plus, it heats my small dining room at the 70 degree setting to the point i have to turn it off ! Great heater !

5Expert Score
Stay warm!!

Love my new ceramic tower heater. I never had one like this and i was impressed with the heat out put and the variation in temp control

5Expert Score
All that i expected from my tower heater

My tower heater is used in my restroom on cool mornings. It is all that i expected and more. I would recommend that you buy one for your convenience.

5Expert Score

Have had the unit for a couple weeks and have used it every day. Puts out a lot of heat, the remote works well. So far, a good unit. I will come back and add to this revue if something happens to it. Thank you and have a nice day .

5Expert Score
Great space heater

Does just what it says. Heats up spaces which is perfect for this cool fall weather. Love that it has a remote. Comfort at the touch of a button.

5Expert Score
Easy on the top controls

I really don’t need the remote because the controls are on top and easy to do.

5Expert Score
Just got this.

Was cold the day after it arrived and it made my living room and kitchen toasty warm quick. Love the heat out put.

4Expert Score
Good for larger rooms

I bought this for my bedroom which has cathedral ceilings (20 ft) and is 18×20. It does a good job of warming the room up quickly. For the price, i am happy with the purchase.
I do not care for the functioning of the temperature controls, but that is more of a preference than a defect of the product.

4Expert Score
Nice heater – should come with batteries for remote

Update: after using this heater for a few days in my work office, i really like it but i have to say that not having at least one setting between 70 and 75 is an issue for me. It may not be for other people but i’m still a little chilly when it’s set to 70, but at 75 it’s just too much heat for the size of my office unless i leave my door open. Just fyi in case this might be an issue for you too. You might want to find a heater with more incremental temperature settings. It works well though, and heats quickly. I have no other complaints.
i had a small ceramic heater for my work office. I didn’t like having to press a button over and over to raise the temp all the way up to 86 before it would finally start over at a lower temp. If i accidentally passed the temp i wanted, i had to loop around again. So i ordered this lasko and it has a remote which means i don’t have to get up from my desk to adjust it. I’m not being lazy but when i’m working, it’s an interruption so the remote is essential. I was disappointed though that lasko doesn’t include at least some cheapo aaa batteries with it. I wanted to try the remote immediately but didn’t have any batteries. Set some out at home last night to bring and but forget them this morning. So here i am still having to pop up and turn the heater on/off or adjust the temperature. But…i’ll bring batteries next week and all will be well.

If you buy this and the remote matters, have your own aaa batteries ready. Takes two.

The heat output is fast, warms up immediately. There are limited temperatures to choose from (60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 and max) but so far it seems to be fine. I wouldn’t want hotter temps but would be nice to have a bit more range between 70 and 75 where i might want a little warmer than 70 but 75 is too much). That’s just my personal preference. This heater would probably do a nice job in a large bedroom or living room because it can get pretty hot. My office is roughly 12’x14′ and i close the door against noise in the outer office, so this heater can get the room a bit hot for me on 75 but at 70 i’m sometimes still a little cool because it shuts off when the temp is reached. That’s where 72 would be useful.

It does have a low and high setting and i’m not sure how those work relative to the individual temps yet, need to read the instructions. It also oscillates (turns left to right) as an option, and there is a timer. The time works well, i set it to one hour yesterday because it arrived in the afternoon just about an hour before i leave and i didn’t want to accidentally leave it running. It shut off when it should.

Overall this seems to be a really nice heater, and my issues with the temperature settings are just my observations, not complaints.

One thing i’m not sure about yet (will read the instructions at home over the weekend) is the red light which is on as soon as i plug it in even though i have not pressed the power button yet. Since it’s on all the time i didn’t feel safe leaving it plugged in while i was gone so that might be a bit of a pain, remembering to unplug it each day before i leave, then plugging it in when i arrive in the morning. I left my other one always plugged in to a surge protector but it had an off button so i thought it was safe that way. In any case, i like this heater a lot so far and once i remember my batteries for the remote, i’m sure i’ll really like it!

4Expert Score
Works well

I live in an older mobile home with no central heating. This heater works well and i have had no issues with it.

4Expert Score
Works well, until it doesn't.

I have purchased 3 of these heaters. They are good reliable heaters that don’t seem to use as much electricity as many of the others we’ve purchased. The first one worked well, so i bought a second one the following year because one of the other types of heaters quit working. We discovered that this room stays warmer and more comfortable with a heater at each end (it’s a long room) and a fan in between.

Last year, the first of these heaters started making a funny noise in the fan, no big deal, it just makes a little noise and still heats just fine. Probably just some dust or something that got in the fan or the motor, we tried blowing and vacuuming it out, but it still makes noise. So i bought another one, so i could move the noisy one to a different room.

This year, i wanted to buy another one, but they are no longer available. Today, the one i bought last year, the nice quiet one that still kinda smells new, started losing it’s marbles. It started beeping, turning itself on and of and changing the temperature settings randomly. I hope they have a full year warranty, i really do like these heaters.

4Expert Score
Runs quietly and puts out good heat.

I bought a lasko 755320 tower heater in 2014. I have another small heater also. The 751320 i just bought. I arrived in the manufacturers box and was securely packed for shipment. This heater is an improvement over the older one. The top of the heater where the ‘handle’ is located, is configured differently that older models of this heater, making it easier to carry. However, a different design would be more helpful toward being able to carry the heater from room to room. The new i bought 751320 puts out considerably more heat than the older one. I wonder if that is because of a stronger fan motor or because of a buildup of dirt and dust on the 755320. I bought the new one because i needed an additional heater. After trying other brands, i came back to lasko because of better heat output, and other features that are not found on other brands. I wish there was a way to get the grill off so the internal parts could be cleaned when dust and dirt collect on them. A vacumn cleaner does not do the trick from outside the grill.

4Expert Score
Remote is trash

I like the heater itself fine and would probably purchase it again, however the remote leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve replaced the batteries to be sure, but still the buttons only work about 20% of the time. It’s easier to just get up and go shut it off or change the temperature than to fiddle with the nearly worthless remote. So if you are purchasing it because it has a remote control, you may want to look further.

4Expert Score
Love it but…

Perfect for a bedroom. Everything about this heater is great, except the fact that after a while it turns off by itself and then i have to physically go unplug the heater for a minute or so, and then plug it back in… Anybody having this problem? I would like it if just turns off and then i can just turn it back on, but the fact that everything dies then i have to go unplug/plug it in is alot.

4Expert Score
No heat

No heat

4Expert Score
Very nice heater

I was concerned about this unit because of some of the reviews that i read. I use this heater in my basement and in my 24×24 garage, depending on where i’m working. This unit has a nice heat output. It really takes the edge-off on a cold day. I have had no issues with it overheating the wiring.
When you first turn this unit on it immediately goes into its highest heating mode. If you press the power button again it goes into its low heating mode. You must press the power button again to turn it off. It’s a little annoying and perhaps people are unplugging the unit while it’s still on.

4Expert Score
Heaters or fans, lasko is the only brand i buy.

This heater is worth every penny in my experience. I purchased an abandoned house that i was unable to fix the duct work before winter arrived. I went through about 8 heaters prior to this one; ranging from $20 mini space heaters, $50 radiator heaters, to $200 infrared quartz heaters. It was so cold in my room that i couldn’t get the radiators to activate, and the quartz heaters are nearly useless. This heater can pump out tons of heat and can easily heat a bed room within 15-30 minutes. At one point, my bed room was about 20 degrees, with the outside temp being about 3 degrees with the wind chill making it feel around -15. This heater got my room up to 60 degrees within an hour. I was blown away. The only downside is how flimsy the base is; it’s prone to tipping over at the slightest provocation. I have an annoyingly curious doberman pup that’s 11 months old and already over 100 lbs, he hasn’t realized how gigantic he is yet, so he still pokes and prods everything in sight. This heater has withstood a hefty beat down from my dog and still remains relentless in it’s fanaticism to serve it’s intended purpose. Lasko remains king of heating and cooling.

Some people complain that the heater begins to weaken and heat less and less for long term heating. This problem can be easily alleviated by cleaning the unit. This might not be the top choice for some people but it worked flawlessly for me. 1. Unplug the unit and wait for it to cool down. 2. Put the unit in the shower and completely flush it out with luke warm water. 3. Wait for the unit to dry completely. If you own a lasko blower fan (which is awesome by the way), you can expedite the process significantly. Once it’s dry, plug it back in, wait a few minutes before turning it on, and boom, good as new.

Remember, ceramic heaters suck in cold air, and circulate the air over hot ceramic plates. This means it sucks in all the dust and debris floating in the air with it, which can pose as a potential fire hazard and also keep the air from being fully heated when the ceramic plates are covered in grime. Try it out for yourself, you will be amazed and probably disgusted at what falls out of your heater. On the plus side, the heater is good as new once it’s cleaned.

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